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Monday 7th March 2005

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it should say ep3911


every one is turning up for Jesse and Josie's wedding ,Colleen is saying this is sooooo romantic.I hope you got something nice planed,Not putting any pressure on you two but the bar has been set don't you think.well we don't want to disapoint.

they meet up with Scott,Peter not with you, no he got caught up with work.

Colleen still yacking, and ask's Scott what about young Lisa, she is comming just sorting a few thing's at work.(Hayley is giving him a look.)you two make an hansome couple don't you think.It is nice with love in the air all around , well not quite I'm still swinging single since I had the dirty done to me.(Bloody hell colleen do you ever come up for breath).

Well i'm gonna be to busy organising the Miss Gropa pageant,(well there all trying not to **** them self's sillylaughing so was i ).Jesse come's past them good luck mate ,thank's Marc ask's why arn't you nervous, well i wasn't untill i got here.Well what happened about been not been nervous,as your doing the right thing I beleave that.

Do you now think me and Josie rushed in to it(nooooo you don't say).It was not that long ago Josie's phobia of comitment.(yeah of just sleeping with one man a day).It is al to fast, Trust me mate i know Josie(I know where her secert tattoo is).Well when she has made her mind up she's made her mind.You have nothing to worry about she loves you (and me)Just as much as you love her.She will not do anything to hurt you.


She is looking in the mirror(hate that dress but it suit's her down to a tee ),then you hear marc's voice sayig ,maybe I don't want to change your mind any more,make you pay, two grand,Josie Russel will you marry me ,i know what happened in 1989,will you marry me,it is all mixed up as the camera get closer to her face.Tash come in it's not to late to back out you now. No come on i've got a wedding to get to.I love Jesse


Sally come's in wow flynn answer's her you look nice a new dress, look don' t well were never gonna work it out .I need time Flynn.I have said sorry well i need space and you not to push me.Ric comes in , you sure your okay looking after Pippa , yeah she prob sleep there is a bottle in the fridge.Is everything okay with you two, yeah were fine . come on better get a wriggle on Flynn say's to Sally.


Sally and Flynn arrive how was the hen night , it was good sorry i could not be there. Colleen is at it again you miss the anousement,about the pagent(Scott could see Hayley looking over to the sea).He walks over to her ,you okay she nod's your allowed to miss Noah,especialy on a day like this.I can't get anything past you,well it is the first wedding you have been to since your own.(Scott is hugging her)Then Lisa come's.

Flynn rushes to Jesse sorry i'm late. Marc and Jesse shake hand's thank's for this , your a good make (you hear violin music, Funeral music more like it) you see the Limo is on it's way with Josie and Tasha)you see the wedding guests, and then the limo, wedding guest's. Tasha and Josie are stoned faced and silent in the limo.

Marc is smiling like a cheshire cat as Jesse is smiling back at him. You see Hayley looking at Scott and Lisa( poor Hayley)then Saly look's at Flynn their is awkward stare between them.Back to limo Tasha put's her hand on Josie and then they hold hand's.Back to Jesse and Flynn are you ready to get married mate,Jesse nod's yes.

The limo arrives, and Josie hesatate's, Tash say's to her are you sure you want to go through with this.I love Jesse and he loves me, this marrage is what we both want.Can you live a lie for the rest of your life,Living a lie and living with a lie are two different thing's.My feeling for Jesse are true are you ready then.

She walk's up the isle so to speak,and she reaches Jesse you look amazing you scrub up well . They hold hands as the registrar begin's the sevice(Hayley keep's looking at Scott and Lisa).as she say's is there anyone whom think's this wedding should not go ahead, (Marc shuffles in his chair as Josie is looking very guilty at him).

Jesse's vow's to Josie,Josie you are my life,i wake up every morning and i'm thankfull for your love (you see Tasha)your honesty and support and your comitment i know we have had our fare share of up's and down's,and it took me to jump of a cliff, thank's Rob to be sure about us.But here is the thing i will alway's love you.Every day for the rest of your life,Don't ever doubt that.

Josie's turn she hesitates are you okay,jess...jesse.. i..i..never thought this day would be something i live through, marrage, family,it was never part of my plan untill i met you.Your everything to me my whole life(you see Tash and Marc looking at each other on and off )No matter what happened in the past ,or what will happen in the future, the only thing that will never weather is my love for you.I make this vow with excitment and antisipation, and traveling through life with you be my side for ever.

The registrar continue's with the service, and when Jesse put's the ring on Josie's finger.( you see the camera go closer and closer to Tash, and you also see Tash and Marc keep looking at each other)When she pronousess them husband and .., Tasha shout's no and run's off, What's going off ask's Jesse.I'm so sorry and Josie run's off crying everyone gasps.

You see Josie sat on a rock, as Jesse come's up to her. Josie what happened , a long pause come on talk to me as Jesse walk's even closer. I never ment to hurt you, i love you, i do want to marry you this wasn't the way it is suppost to be.Just tell me what's going on we were living together, and working together.We were with each other all the time, i felt trapped,and then i nearly lost you. Then it made me realise what a fool i've been, I want to spend my whole life with you Jesse, i do,i do, but by the time i came to my senses it was to late.I could not change what had happened.

Change what Josie,it ,it was not something i was looking for, it was not something i planed i prommiss, we'd been drinking and.(Jesse click's on) it was one night a stupid misstake oh Jesse i'm sorry.I love you so much.Marc I don't want this to be the end,Jesse i love you so much.Josie goe's to touch him , don't then he walk's away.Jesse

Tasha and Robbie she is upset , she will never forgive me, yes she will.I couldn't do it couldn't go through with it.I don't want her to hate me. Tahsa whats going on as Hayley and Kim whats wrong I could not lie.the guests are talking , Colleen pipes up what ever it is it must be scandless.

jesse come's up to them all sorry the wedding off, seem's the bride has been screwing with someone behind me back.Isnt' that right mate as he look's at Marc.You was so thick you couldn't see what's right in front of you.Josie is crying as Tash stands in the background and then walk's away without going up to her.


Leah i can't be leave what happened,Well maybe she felt trapped, well she had plenty of time,If she had said,something before Jesse would not be so humilliated.They are clearing thing's away,why did she say those things if she did not mean then, Look it is hard sometimes to tell someone , how there feeling says Hayley.

Jesse will be nusing a broken heart, for a long time mark my word's, Flynn then goes up to Sally this puts thing's in perspective, it must have been hard for you watching it with what you went through.Marc come's you'd think you were at a wake,Get out , come on every body what happend to the summer bay charm., i've come to know and love.Hey i'm not the bad guy here she practically forced her self on me , Mind you if i had to sleep with Dim wit MCgregger every night.


Jesse is packing a bag as Josie come's in, please Jesse let me explain, it ment nothing to me, Marc ment nothing to me, i love you plese i ment what i said.I don't want this to be the end, give me a second chance .Go to hell then he walk's out, Josie break's down and cry's on the floor.

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