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Monday 28th Feb 2005

Guest Di

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Peter was in the diner, with a newspaper great more damage for me to control at the meeting,I told Arthur not to wrtie anymore,of that rubbish,Leah point's out a crash.What's this all about, there was one a few day's ago,but we havn't found the truck driver who did it.

So you think he could be the stalker, look there is no stalker,(phew that was close peter said to himself they nearly found out i was the stalker).What sort of truck was it ,look colleen it doesn't matter, add's Irene you heard Peter it's all a load of hollow bblue.Well no you see it on the new's all the time what Colleen,.A fellow gets the sack and the next thing you now he has turned up with a gun.Looking for revenge,and there mainly ex postal worker's.(got something against postal worker's?)

Yeah look that only alway's happen's in America(And Summer Bay it tis a dangerous place to live you now insurance premums'must be sky high).Dont they give postis the sack over here , there look the postie did it adds Dan case solved.

Look you all just turn up at the meeting tomorrow, and we will put this to rest. Look i said i would help Hussy oop's i ment Angie opps Josie , with her wedding dress, as leah goes off.Yeah we need to do the surf club Dan said to peter, as they leave the diner.


Hayley is at the sink as Kim whisttle's as he come's and Kissess Hayley,(not a pretty sight at tea time)this wasn't the response i was hoping for, (well you see she has been going out with you for far to long,she getting wooden aswell)you caught me by surprise thats all.yaeh and can't getit out of me head what Tasha and Robbie said last week, that we look like mate's and not lovers.

Look we have spoken about it load's (glad we didnt' have to haer it)Yeah but it is still a problem,last week i felt more like Tasha and Robbies' big sister than a friend.But i don't think that about you (he think's). Is this your way of saying i'm dumped(yes). Well we havn't spend time alone since we got together.But we have .No we have been with Tasha and Robbie or Scott and Zoe.

Look we wil do something tonight , what about the meeting someone can fill us in ,look 6pm pick you up then yaeh as Kim kisses Halyey.

Josie's Flat

Josie and Tasha are stood up on little tables, while Beth and Leah are pinning there dressess, Leah and Beth are talking about a couple who got married on a roller coster.Yeah the bride had to say i do ,just as they were going down the hill.(Josie and Tash are very uncomfortable been in the same room.)IIIIIIIIIIDOOOOOOOOOO.

Just then Jesse come's in and Leah doing her best monkey impression,on shoo you can't see the bride, were am i suspost to go , the beach i don't know but not here.What is he trying to do put an curse on your marrage before it has started.(if look's could kill Josie and Tash would be dead).

Hey why is it us women have to make sure the wedding goes okay,I ment to ask is scott comming back for the wedding, well i think he is says Beth to leahWhere is he .He just went off with some mates last minute thingy. Hey you two are a bit quiet up there is everything okay.Us yeah it must be nerve's getting to us.


Irene and Barry are going back to the beach houes for coffee as they have had dinner, we could have had it here you know, said Irene,but i want to have it at your place and they kiss, just as Kim come's in.They say hi to each other.Colleen can you make me up a picnic hamper please Kim ask's her. She is miles awayColleen can i have an hamper for two ,eh o who is it for , Oh silly me i forgot you two where together,(tee hee).

Robbie come's a walking in, what do you reccon Irene and your old man next to get wed.Well as long as i don't have to you now?(now what Kim).

Corse , medium, or fine Colleen ask's Kim, what doh! the pate ermmm Medium,Me and Hayley are going on a picnic as we havn't spent enough time you know together.oh good ,what do you mean oh good, No i ment fantasic no you did not said Kim. Its just a surprise that's all you have been keep for age's, but she wasn't available then was she .

Well i'm happy for you both said Robbie, well just cause it hasn't been bell, flowers, firework's does not meen it is not gona work.we just need time that's all okay. Just one quick question what is pate said Robbie.


Tasha wait as Josie runs' after her ,we should not argue,about this ,well you should tell Jesse then .It is not as simple as that and you know it, yes it is I now couples should be honest with each other. Then tell Jesse about Marc. When are you gona get it not all situation's are black and white.

I'm not gona hurt him, you are hurting him by lying to him said Tasha.For gods sake what is it gona take to get it through to you i love Jesse,i did make an misstake and i will sort it out in my own time and in my own way.

All i'm asking is that you don't interfear is that understood, Tasha just pull a face, Fine if your gona be like a bitching little school girl, im not gona give into your manarrisms'.If you spoil this for us you have got to live with your self.


I will see you at the meeting then as she let'sBarry out ,Who would have guessed it me and Barry Hyde. Yaeh said Hayley did youget all your stuff moved in to the down stairs' room okay(gawd she don't waste any time does she, there bed is still warm) , yeah so whats' the matter . Nothing come on you don't fool me one bit.

Me and Kim should be like you and Barry but we are not,you do like Kim don't you yeah he is a realy nice guy but, he is just nice eh said Irene yeah there is something missing .

A sparke well somtime's it takes a little time for that to happen, yaeh i know it is the way we got together, sometime's when it comes' to love the line's are sometime's blurry.Sometimes you got to go with your gut feeling.May be thats' the problem ive been waitng to get somenoe else's feeling.

I always assumed Noah would give me the right sign for when i met the right guy,stupid hey no no it's not stupid at all. it's just that i don't feel it , well the longer you leave it the harder it gets'. I know ,.i know(well he is right on time is our Noah your not gona know what hit you to when you go on the picnic. the signs are comming just hang on in there)

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