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Tuesday 22nd Feb 2005

Guest Di

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ON THE BEACH (The sea is a bit rough the sky is grey and the wind is blowing)

I'm sorry I can't imagine not been here this time next summer Kane,yeah i guess you wasn't keen on the idea ,you just took me by surprise we are alway's talking about wanting to leave the bay.But we ,you allway's want to stay,this is our home we love it .Yeah it's just it is different this time and if i get off,there is a baby on the way and people on our back's.No more living with the bad memories.

But there is a lot of good one's too, there is Kirsty.All my memories are with you no matter where we are, look there is no pressure take as much time as you like.What ever we do you got to be happy with it tooallright ,Kirsty is so not sure what to do.

Sally and Flynn's( breakfast time.)

Flynn is having a drink and goes to his bag to get them pills , sally comes' in with Pippa you look tired, thank's for getting up to Pippa last night. Can't beleave your going to work ,Well we aim to please.

Did Ric allready go, Yeah he almost sprinted out the door, I guess i'm not his favorite person at the moment.At least someone's in his good book's,was he a bit cold with you.Artic he will get over it just need's some space.Okay got to go for my shift,see you later as he kissess Sally.

Beth's house

Beth is looking at the new Blaxboat leaflet Hayley did a good job with the art work, Yeah let's hope it drum's up more work.Yeah she did maybe you should take it round to her , Mum says' Scott while making some breakfast.ook can you not push this she is with Kim and she is happy.

And i'm happy for her can you not push it , infact I'm stoked for her.Sorry you dont' have to be sorry i'm off to work as take's his lunch as goe's off to work with the huff on .

As he walk's out Kirsty walk's in are you busy , well i was just of to work,okay i will come back later ,no.. no .. come on what's wrong.I just need some advice.


Super Flynn burst's through the doors in a hurry as he is late , sorry who have we got first. in room four he has had his x- ray's and blood's done.Well im looking forward to our rounds' this morning.said Hananh Flynn was shocked

Yeah but i assumed you was happy with my work and with the good result's with Tasha.Allright one operation does not reflect the standed's of your work,if you do your job you will be fine.

Why don't you take it as a challage and impress me,right who is up first, room four.Right i will be back in ten minute's. don't worry she 's just the dragon,and only hates' us nurese.

Beth's House

Follow your heart don't listen to others's you have to say , you make it sound so easy, no it's not but if you decide to leave i'm gona miss you .(so are we).sometime's a new start can give you a real lift. So you think we should go , i can't tell you that, But what i can tell you when thing's fellapart with Rhys.

I felt like leaveing a new start,so i wouldn't feel haunted everytime i went around the corner. Why didn't you.the kid's love it here and couldn' tdrag the kid's away, and make them un happy just for me.You and Kane don,t have that problem. when you get there your going to start your new family. so what it come's down to is what is going to give you the best hope of happyness,


Sally is looking at the report off the plane crash, it doesn't tell you much does it ,no it doesn'tshe telI's Irene,anymore from peter .wel the finger print's on the letter are mine , his and Beth's.Havn't found nothing else no kinda creepy isn't it .What is Collen comes' up behind them.the plane crash yeah i'm still shaking.And you have to be so carefull everytime you go out your fron't door.Look the only thing i'm worried about is the kitchen,I will be there in a tick said Irene.

That was close .god if she found out about the letter.She will have thre whole town living in bunkers before we knew it.Better get back to it she bump's into Morag any new's yes she is fine , i will get over there as soon as this Trial is over , Talking of it had better get over there. Laeh and Dan walk in the door.Must be something going on in the clty.

Sally is happy to see them back, look at you yeah must be the bright lights' of the city , Yeah Peter rang us and told us it was an employeer that messed with it ,. you feel much better and can sleep at night when you know someone isn't trying to kill you , so itis full steam ahead for the wedding do you wan't to come around tonight.

Yeah battle stations' over the wedding plans' lets hope no one get's hurt,So what's been going on here,nothing everything is fine as Irene and Sally just look at each other .


Flynn looks stressed and goes to his bag and get's them pill's out and he is such a rush to take one that he drop's them,. he cover's up and tell's nusre the there for a patient.Anything wrong here no, no just comming.


Moray is tellinkg Kane we have some good news' your brother is willing to testify, good , now what do you realy think my chances are the truth.Well it is 50/50 if you remain calm(we are talking about Kane here remember)

With Alfs testimony removed , that's even better, we Have Irene and Scot and Kirsty to rely on. you have a lot to be pleased about. Thanks' for beleving in me in the past. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. Any way i should be going see you at court in the morning.

Kane chin up all is not lost Kirsty enters' the house, hey how did it go, yeah it went good . where have you been just walking, thinking. AS long as your not stressing out . I've decided .


Sally and Beth So you heard yeah heard my finger print's are on the, yeah i heard try and not worry. Colleen jumps' in worried what about.that walls have ears.two flat white's please Colleen .

She ruhses back behind the counter, and tells' Leah there is someting going on here mark my word's. Colleen don't you Colleen me there was Sally and Irene now there is Sally and Beth.Stop been silly there is nothing going on.

I agree i see you still havn't heard of a private coversation then Colleen, that's like calling the kettle black isn't it and Colleen walked off.As if we havn't got enough worrie's with out her adding to them.

It is a bit harsh Irene don't you think, no not if madam keep's tag hanging on to everyone's talking it is not no.Kane and Kirsty enter the Diner , We have been doing a lot of thinking and if the trial goes our way we are giong to leave Summer Bay.Irene is shocked.


that wasn't so bad was it, said Hannah who was with Flynn, tell's him he is no longer been baby sat while doing operation's. I wonder if you would do so much better, if you wasn't on drug's Zoe ask's Flynn.

Im not on any drug's,well with all the shift's your doing you need something,it is just a mild stimulante to keep ,me going thats all. Does Sally know,didn't think so you heard Hananh,Look i have a family to support.Look it is none of your buisnuss,i'm sorry Zoe,can we just leave this between ourself's she just walk's off.


Leah ask's where will they go, don't know yet, we gona deside after the trial ,yeah if i get off.babe you got to think positve your gona get off.Just wait till Morag get's hold of them.

I'm gona miss you like crazzy(omg *crying* )Beth said it is the best thing you can do, Irene tell's them i wish you didn't have to leave, with such a bad taste in your mouth( ? she get's worse with her saying's)thinking everyone want's you gone, no, no, it's not everyone but not enough for us to stay.

So see you both at home tonight for dinner,er no were going to the Yabbie Creek to talk thing's over.Okay we will be back at 8pm see you then.I can't beleave there going Irene is gob smacked.

Can't say i'm sorry to see them go Kirsty is a nice girl ,but i was right all along about that Kane,Colleen well i should have never should have not gone soft on. she was still going on as, Irene bellowed at her to keep her opioin's to her self.

Coleen was still going off on one, as she walk's away in disgust,Irene tells them no wonder they want to get away from here ,with people like her around.It is a horrible situation to walk into that court room tomorrow.

Thinking everyone is against them. Yeah your right Irene (is stressed out )you know what it doesn't have to be .

the camera cut's to a air veiw of the night sky with the moon shinning and you can see the beach.And the see with some birds' in the water.


Kane and Kirsty walk into the dark house, what about you going back to school,well we need some money to set up, it will have to wait.

Surprise everyone jump's out it's a party (it is there real leaving do, when the camera stop's rolling is every one ,from the H&A crew giong to come out,and join in yeah)It is to show our support for your trial and we gona miss you.

This is amazing thank you. So are you leaving if you get off, yeah we are.

We will do the whole good bye thing when we do leave,well if you go remember Aunty Tasha will be comming to see you, all the time, if the sun is hot and the surf is good we might come and visit.What is the sun not hot enough, here in summer Bay (only plank could have said that).

Guy's i just want to say thank you,yeah from the both of us we didn't excpect any of this. Itis so nice that your here right behind us for the trial.Flynn said I think this deserves a toast.

Good idea everyone get a drink,to Kirsty and Kane lots and lots of love and best wishes for tomorrow.Cheer's they all say(and so do we witha tear in her eye from Di cheer's)

the party is in full swing Morag come's up to them, sorry i have to leave so early,got to sort out something's for tomorrow .No thank's for comming we are going to have an early one too.You just go and spend time with your friend's.

Tasha and Hayley also Kim are messing around with some drink, Kim walk's away Tasha then goes up the Hayley, and tell's her when you muck around,you look like mate's more than you are going out.Just because we are going out doesn't stop us been friends'.

Sally is letting people know Flynn is no longer been baby sat,while he doe's his job at the hospital.So what doe's it meen Sally said no more night shift's, well less of Flynn pipes' up.The party is in full swing as Zoe comes, i will just get a drink Scott tell's them,'

Irene is everything okay yeah why,well it was just a funny vibe at the diner before that's Colleen been Colleen.No it was when you were whispering , oh when i over reacted.It is nothing me just worried about Kane that's all.

Hayley and Kim were talking about what Tasha had said, about then acting as if they were friend's,is there something wrong with that.No but Scott its watching them, as he see''s them kiss he storm's off in the huff.

Beth can see this and she ju,st look's at Scott as he look's at her, Kirsty start's to tidy up.Hey what you doing i need to do something Kirsty tell's Leah. I was so worried when Vinnie's trial came up, I know you are worried and it is all you think about is trial.

You know Leah i don't think i can do it,yeah you can.how did you cope.W ell it is such a blur, i don't thinkyou can do much, but love him,it will get you through.It did work for me.You will be okay you have us to look after you,as they hug each other.

Beth walk's up to Scot it's not easy seeing someone you love with some, one else is it,i can't fool you for a second, can i .Well no one said it was easy sweetie but the feeling will pass.they hug .

Sally is talking to Zoe as Flynn come's up near them, is it so nice he has all this energy.flynn hug's Sally do you want another beer yeah i do. So with her off the scene.

Flynn thank's Zoe for not saying anything , I don't like lying. I've stoped Well if you take them again.I will have to report you as it is'nt just. your job on the line it is mine to.

Kirsty walk's over to the stair's as Kane is sat on them, are you thinking what i i'm thinking, what that they care . They love you. as they huddled and kissed and cuddled Kirsty tell's Kane she love's him.

On the beach(next morning)

Kirsty wake's up and Kane Is not in bed she shout's his name as she jump's out of bed, looking in the bathroom, he isn't in the house she think's he has left her. then you see her run down to the beach in her p.j's. Kane is sat looking at the sea.

Kirsty run's down to him and hug's himand hug's back and sniffs him so she can remember what he smell's like if he is sent down.

I was looking at the sun rise just incase, you know i love you babe don't you.don't start me crying, Kirsty is hugging Kane from behind. you meen everything to me everything.Kane turn's around.And then have a long kiss...

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