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Monday 21st Feb 2005

Guest Di

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Sally and Flynn's house

Flynn has got of the phone as Sally walk's in , That was the hospital hey asked me to do extra shift's, as we need the money. Sally is not impressed, well if you have to work don't worry, did you find Ric , no i did not wanted to talk to him.We should have not let Peter talk to him.

Makes; it look like we don't trust him,well its' peter's job to do this Sally he can't allway's fly of the handdle when somone has a go at him.He need's to stick to the ground rule's.Any way he said he is only staying here short term.

Well this is what i'm talking about he can't take off when there is a small bump in the road, well lets' hope we can make him realise that.

Noah's bar

Wazza walk's in and he see's Ric he ask's for an o.j. Ric shout's come and sit here , so your talking to me now said Wazza, look's like it doesn't it. Ric get's up and walks over to Wazza, i'm sorry about last year about not been your mate, me dad made me say it. Oh did he.Friend's as Ric put's he hand out to wazza he hesatate's but then agrees' and he say's he is sorry for what he said to Ric last week.

So what is going on any party's comming up, Yeah one next week said Wazza,cool yeah cool i wil pay for your juice.Matilda walks in what you doing here Ric , oh sorry you don't care you don't hang around me anymore.

The beach house

Kane walk's in to there bedroom where Kirsty is laying on tthe bed,she ask's Kane what's wrong, well i was just talking to Irene.Look i know you don't want to talk about this but as he sit's on the bed,we got to work out what's going to happen if i'm found guilty.

Look yuor not going to , look we cant' keep on saying this.Look your not going to go to jail Kane.Yeah but if i do Kirsty goes on one as she get's off the bed, your not going to jail yeah but if i do look i'm not wanting to talk about it as Kirsty raises her voice and walk's out the room


Kirst come on as he runs after her Babe come on, hey don't,look i know your scared look i'am too but we need to do this .Look i don't want to make plans for you not been here. Kirst we got to do this we got to make a plan, as he walks after her she walk's out side to.

Irene want's you to stay with her and i do to as he put's his hand's around her waist,they are both so emtional(so am i )Look i do to she can help you look after the baby. I need to know you guys are going to be okay choking back the tears 'but can't Kirsty is crying. I don't want , hey as Kane hold 's her in his arm's. Hey it's okay look no matter where i'am i love you no worrie'sas they hug.


Ric and wazza are playing pool as Matilida is watching them, thery play fight with the cue's.kirsty and Kane walk in , hey wazza an dRic talk to each other how did he get bail, Kirsty is smiling to Matilda . Then she over hear's Ric say he attacks' her sister and does armed robbery and still get's bail.

Kirsty is fumming she tell's ric to shut up.Kane walk's up to her and see's her upset, what's wrong nothing let's go ,Kane look's at Ric and walk's up to him .What did you say, he touches him what did you say,come on answer me as he grab's Ric and pushes him against the wall answer me.What did you say to my wife as he als ograb's wazza . Kane stop it let him go Matilda run's up to them Let him go. If you come near my wife again.

Kane walk away are you okay she ask's them Ric walk's of and punche's the punch bag in anger, Madilda walk's up to him, what do you want look if you just here to feel sorry for me then just go. I don't feel sorry for you she says'.

Then what you doing here just thoughrt you might want to talk, about your dad, thats' who your thinking about isn't it.With happened with Kane did your dad used to do that.He walk's away you want to here about my dad well he used his fist's and what ever he could get his hands' on realy.

Most of the time i didn't do anything he just started it,I'd wake up as i could feel my self been pulled down the hall way by my head.Matilda is shocked at what he is telling her,I 'd try talking him out of it .But he didn't.Im so sorry, what do you care.Well i never said i didn't care she spat, well it's just with Henry it just was different it scare's me.

I would never be like that with you,but if i made you angrey , i'd never hurt you.So how come you can be like this with me and so different with other people around.He get up i don't know but your different, your not like all the other lossers around here, your the only coolest thing here.Will you still hang out with me .But what about Henry and all the others', we don't tell them.


At the beach house

In the kitchen kane said i shouldn't have lost, yeah not the best thing to do two day's before the court case. Is hat enough Potatoes Irene, but she in busy locking up the door to see Kane is talking to her. Oh yeah it is enough.What are you doing Kirsty asks' her , the wind has been a bit strong over the last few day's just checking the lock's.

You okay yeah just just one of them long day's thats all, anyway you were talking about Ric what did he say , I don't want to you can tell her said Kane.Look don't listen to him, Well i'm a crim and an armed robber.No your not Gus is he isn,t even here Kirsty, that's what this town think's about me.I'm just sorry you have to go through this.

It 's not your fault,its' not people will see this,there right Dahl they will as Irene give him a rearsuring pat on the arm.


Ric is playing pool wtih Matilda , are you letting me win No so your just playing crap today then, look i will have this in the bag just give me five minutes. OH no as she look's at the clock , i have to go home i'm late fro dinner.Okay see you tomorrow , yeah we can meet up before school. yeah cool .I had better be going to dont' want sally and Flynn.

Henry walk's in Mum sent me to get you, yeah i was just comming,I was just hanging out with Hanna . Is he hasling you, no who was he talking to. Henry walks' up to Ric keep away from my sister she's told you to rack of once.

Sally and Flynn's

Sally it clearing the table after tea as Ric walk's in, hey glad your back I was starting to get worried. Look i.m not going ti be here much longer just giong to get dad's will sorted out,and get a place of my own. Look it dosn't have to be like that.Look this is the way i want it ,Ric wait can i show you something please.

Sall walk's over to the mantle and there is a photo of Ric , what's that doing there.Well it was started of by my foster mum Pippa anytime a new kid come's she would put there photo up here and it was like a welcome to the family.

Look i know you have not been here very long but i know you are feeling very unsure about us at the moment.But as far a were concerned you are part of this family, part of our family. He is gob smacked Thank you. Flynn and i are sorry about today but,we know you never wrote that letter.Hope your going to think about it and stay .Just then Flynn walk's in.

You back mate are you gona stick around he look's at Sally and say's well yeah, great Flynn answers' back as he is looking in his doctor's bag.While we are on the same page i think we need to set some ground rules'.Sally interupt's him we dont' need to do that now.

Look if we are going to live here we all need mutral respect,which mean's you don't lose your cool and it also mean's every time i speak to you, and you get home at an reasonable hour,Look you want to pin something on me. Sorry about today.But there is other way's to deal with your anger than flying of the handdle.

Look no of this wouln't have happened oif you had trusted me , just shut up and he walk's away.Did you have to do that now,look we can't let it go , yeah we could have just for one night.I finally get him talking to me and him staying here, then you blow it.nice work.

The beach

Kirsty and Kane are lieing on the beach, are you thinking about the about the trial, yeah and all the insult's and the whispering and the drop of in the boat. I thourght we were past all that, we are look what i said last night we have to remind people, well we are going to have to remind them.So what are you saying, well if the trial goes our way,we should get out of here.

What you want to leave summer Bay because of a few people can't get over there self's , it is just i don't see it any other way Kirst. I don't want our son to grow up in a were everyone think's I 'm a crimanal.


Irene is servinrg Beth Ric is not winnig himself any friend's that's for sure,he was lucky that Kane didn't do any real damage yesterday. I'm even more glad Maddy will not be spending time with him.Peter walk's in any new's ask's Irene he tells them there was only three set's of finger print's,found on it Beth said our's yeah.

But the invesigation team have charged an digrumpled employee.Well thats somthing.Irene then say's where does that leave us with the letter, well it leaves me still looking well that's great said Irene,so while you scrating around there could be some looney out there targeting all of us.

Then it goes to a wall of news papers with all that has happened in the bay over the last few weeks'

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