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Tuesday 8th Feb 2005

Guest Di

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Summarise for todays ep

I couldnt watch part one as it didnt work


Alf was on the radio the others over heard him say thats good news he come off and told them the storm that was comming has changed .Peter comes in and said sorry i come as soon as I could Irene said in a sarcatsic tone if you want possitve words Im sure they are comming through that door any minute .


Leah needing help walking as they tried looking for a signal on her moblie phone you can clearly see the pain on her face Dan said to her were going back no were not I can walk all day if i have to .


Meanwhile the search team was in the bush with scott and Robbie Robbie was walking one way and scott the other hey Scott tells him were you going Trust me They still were shouting look I can feel it when you trust someone you just know what to do said Rob


Lunch is served said Kim To hayley handing her something chewwing gum I think she says sugar free well what can I say Iam a cheap date Hayley replys "WHAT" he says nothing thats the first time you have smiled in ages you havn't worked it out yet have you the reason you are here you and me "NOWAY" he was shocked you don't have to sound so horrifid (unlike some of us Guys right)

He replys we plunged 1000 feet today she says like i wouldn't be prepared to go out with someone who hasn' t plunged 1000m feet. Suddenly Colleen came runnig(phew thank god for the colleens in the world as they where gona kiss ew)She is burly breathing gota do something .


where Josie is still sat on her own sulking about the hush money she might have waisted on Marc Beth came up to her You don't need to sit on your own I know its hard to stay positive right now Josie replys with you think you paid the price it's never enough(I would have asked for at least 5 grand )Sorry Beth had a puzzled look on her face Josie then says your mistakes they will alway's come back and haunt (the best thing you have said you little hussy ) the people you love.Beth was still puzzled Josie I don't know what your talking about saved by the rescue chopper .Right guys are you ready to go aAlf asks them good luck.


Kim and Hayley tried to calm Tash and breath but it is very clear she is struggling with each passing second Kim finds this very upsetting and makes an excuse that he is going for fire wood.

He tells Colleen to sit her up to help her breathing. As he walks away Hayley could see how hard it is for him to keep things together she goes over to him and puts her hand in a very careing way on his chest how you hangging in there she says Yeah well he says you are allowed to say if your not copeing . his voice is so emotinally charged (iam even welling up)You are allowed to say if your not copeing you know Hayley says.Kimsvoice still shaking You don't have to be a genius to work out Tash is in serious trouble.

Just feel so useless I keep waiting for this breath to be her last Hayley says Its not gona happen Kim okay you have to beleive . kim then says Its a miricle we survived I don't think we could expect much more than that can we . (it was a realy touching bit as there was silence and he wiped a tear from his face )

KIM said Iam sorry hayley said for what Well Iam a tough macho man ment to hold it all together Hayley touches his face in a romantic kinda way and says There is no rule you have to then they kiss Colleen interups them again have you got that fire wood yet



Dan and Leah, keep moving leah she is struggling so much until he spots a caravan then they run as if its the last bus Hello anyone there as they both bang on it hello (what they didnt realise the stalker had just got out in time as it was there hide out).

They both sit down on the van steps and have a drink .Dan then pulls out a box from his pocket as she is telling him it was supost to be a special day i ment to give you this on the plane

Thanks as she puts it on (the box must have set him back$20 neary as much as the ring I say)He tells her Its not insured yet .She talks about been cursed then she says I hvae been thinking what has happened to us the last few weeks and no matter how hard things get in our marrage we will get through it


Scott and Robbie at that momment Alf comes on the radio as we see Robbie rush off Scott asks about the other search party they found nothing how about you well we are a bit distracted at the moment .

right were heading back THERE IS NOWAY IAM TURNING BACK My girls out there shes in trouble I have to find her there is so many things I have to tell her.I love her so there is no way Im turning back now no way

you have no idea how I feel.


Come on pet Colleen speaks softly to Tash but she is fading fast. Then Hayley is sure she hears somthing TASHA TASHA ITS ROBBIE listen they hear it again then they see the rescue team over here over here as they wave .Tash robbie shout as he runs across the water .

But as Robbie reaches her he can see that she cant breath you can see the shock on his face Scott comes up to Hayleywhere is Leah and Dan .she says they went to find help.Scott asks about the pilot

kim comes up and tells him he died you could see the sorrow on his face then he tells Alf we found them.

Robbie shouts we need a doctor (ow I had visions off Flynn been lowered down in a orange rescue suit well orange isn't his colour anyway)


Beth rushes up to Scott as they arrive back she is soo pleased wheres Robbie has he gone to the hospital to be with Tasha Alf asks how bad is she well its hard to say but it doesnt look good .


Cut to an over the top shot of some swing doors as they wheel Tash in Flynn shouts left side hemothorax something on the right Robbie is so distrought

you see what Tash can see out of her eyes it is all blurred and her breathing is very hard she sees Robbie as the camera goes in slow motion to Robbie .

Tasha its Flynn can you here me as he listened to her chest

cut back to slow motion mode Tasha passes out get her to resus says Flynn Irene says is she gona be okay Tasha is still stuggling to breath stay with it.

Flynn shouts orders x- rays for chest, left and right ,tib,fib abdomen ultra sound and head CT get the trauma team down here now .

Robbie panics whats happening whats wrong you can also hear Flynn giving more test orders as he walks across to Kim and asks him about his head wound are you alright Yeah.

Then you see Colleen walking in with a foil and a normal blanket on you can see she is in shock in slow motion Robbie turns around to see Tasha s eyes opening and closing then she goes unconsous.

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