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Thursday 7 April

Guest wanda

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Josie/Tash was unable to access the site so I am posting this for him.

Beach - Cassie is crying as Flynn rushes past her on his run. Flynn reaches the nearby wharf and stops ruining. When he sees that Cassie is crying flynn asks if Cassie wants to talk about anything - as it will prevent him from doing further exercise) amongst other things). Cassie insists that she is fine. Flynn doesn?t really believe her - but he continues his run.

Diner -Hyde, Beth & Irene are enjoying their lunch together when Beth insists that she have to be getting back to school. After Beth exits, Irene is keen to have some time alone with Hyde, but he insists that he should be heading back to school as well. After Hyde exits, Irene goes back into work mode. She approaches Kimmy and wonders if he wants anything. Kimmy says, "a g/f who arrives on time would be nice". Meanwhile, Flynn arrives, and sits with sally & alf. Flynn comments about Cassie crying. Alf mentions that Ric said that he?s been having issue with Cassie, but Ric never elaborated. Sally, Flynn & alf concur that it?s probably just your "usual" teenage angst.

SBH - Cassie approaches Ric - and insists that she?s been a "total girl" about recent events. Hyde enters the corridor, just after the bell has wrung. Hyde tell the various students that they better get to class - and hyde is in tyrannical mode (I?m guessing that it?s because he?s more interested in Beth now, than he is of Irene.

Diner - Irene hands hayley a picnic basket full of goodies (which is part of Hayley?s surprise for Scott). Hayley tells Irene that she is really looking forward to spending time with Scott today. As hayley exits, peter enters the diner. He talks to sally & the others about recent events, esp. the circumstances of the car crash which killed marc. When asked, peter says that he?ll have the autopsy report sometime today. All agree that they are pleased the stalker is (supposedly) dead

Elsewhere - the MUCHLY ALIVE stalker folds a new printed note - and places it into an envelope.

Diner - peter tells Irene & Co that he?s not expecting anyone from Marc?s family (from NZ) to ID the body anytime soon - as the slightly crazed marc was estranged from his family. When flynn enquires, peter says that he?s expecting the autopsy report this afternoon/ hyde enters - and wonders if ppl are taking care of sally - her response "if any more ppl were keeping an eye on me, We could callit a play and sell tickets. Hyde enters that kitchen. Irene is glad that he has some time for time - and Hyde wishes that Irene told him that she was uncomfortable about Beth having lunch with them. Meanwhile, Zoe FINALLY arrives - for her date with Kimmy. Zoe sys an annoying patient held her up (but is this just a cover story - which merely adds to the theory that Zoe is stalker)

Beach - Scoot & h are enjoying their picnic when Zoe & Kimmy decide to join them - hayley is clearly NOT pleased that this has occurred.

Van park house - Ric enters, and sally & Flynn wonder why Cassie was crying. Ric insists that it?s probably just "girl?s stuff". Ric goes into the next room - and he texts a message to Cassie.

Beach - after Zoe & Kimmy appear to have eaten most of the picnic food, they go for a swim. Hayley & Scott are plaesed (that they may get some time to themselves now), but Zoe & Kimmy insist that hayley &Scott should join them swimming. Scott can see that hayley isn?t pleased - but hayley insists that she can?t say no to Kimmy & Zoe (that would be rude).

Van park house - sally wonders what?s REALLY going on between Ric & Cassie. Ric gets a text message - and tells sally that he has to bail.

Beach - Scott & hayley are kissing when Zoe & Kimmy annoy them further - by kicking water at tem. Zoe & Kimmy suggests that they should all go for ice cream, but scott puts his foot down and tells Kimmy that he & hayley want some alone time. Hayley then panics - she?s lost her wedding ring.

Beach house - Hyde enters, and he & Irene kiss. Irene gives him a present. When Hyde unwraps it, she really likes the expensive keying that Irene has given him. Hyde suggest that he better start packing his bags, but Irene insist she gave him new keying so he could have new key ring for a new place - as Irene wants hyde to move into her place PERMANENTLY. Hyde is concerned about taking this BIG step, but he agrees. Irene is V happy at Hyde?s decision.

Beach - scoot, hayley, Zoe & Kimmy are looking for the wedding ring when alf approaches. He suggests that a metal detector might be a great idea, but a nonchalant hayley is resigned to the fact that the ring is REALLY lost this time (after she almost lost it at time of palace fire earlier this year).

Noah?s - Cassie enters. Btw, she?s wearing that multi colour top that she wore on the day she went skinning dipping - with her hot pink bikini top beneath it. When Ric enquires about Cassie?s recent behaviour, she gets REALLY defensive - and suggests that Ric should stop hassling her. As Cassie is exiting, Ric tries to stop her - but she MASSIVELLY takes offence at his touching her arm. Cassie exits - and Ric has NO idea what?s going with her.

Beach house - hayley, Scott & Kimmy arrive, and they tell Irene & Hyde about the lost ring. After hayley & Scott go to her room, Irene & Hyde inform Kimmy that they?ve got something to tell him. In Hayley?s room, hayley tells Scott that loosing the ring this time feels different - she isn?t in pain this time. Hayley thinks this is a sign that she is REALLY ready to move on. Back in the lounge, Kimmy (having been told off screen about hyde moving in permanently) is rather surprised, but he tells hyde & Irene that he?s totally OK with the idea (and Kimmy seems to really mean it.

Van park house - Ric returns home, and sally & Flynn wonder about Cassie. Ric tells them what happened when he tried to kiss her. Ric tells sally & Flynn that he?s clueless about why Cassie is acting this way.

Diner - Cassie is sitting at one of the tables, and she looks ABSOLUTELY PETRIFIED. Her piercing, painful stare tears right through your heart. Adding to the emotion of this scene is the song "playing" (I assume) in Cassie?s head. Its a little girl (perhaps a young Cassie) painfully singing part of the song with contains the lyrics "daddy?s going to buy you a mockingbird". (Note - this scene was AWESOMELY emotional, and it adds to the theory that Cassie is a victim of sexual abuse - as a child - by her father, a relative, family friend etc)

Beach house - Hayley answers a knock at back door - its alf - who rather surprises hayley when he tells her that he stambled across her lost wedding ring on the beach. Hayley thanks alf, and then he exits. Hayley thinks about putting the ring back on her finger but decides not to.

Hunter house - hayley enters, and tells Scot that alf found her wedding ring. When Scott notices that it?s not on her finger, hayley says it?s in a safe place, as she is moving on with her life.

Police station - a male uniform cop hands peter the autopsy report for marc, and peter is shocked to discover that marc was already DEAD - from a blow to the head - before the crash. Peter is astonished that the crash was staged - which mean the stalker is still on the loose. (end of ep)


Peter thinks Josie is the prime suspect for Marc?s murder, and, also, peter reads out another not from the stalker "you won?t be so lucky next time"

H&A Related News

Melissa George (ex-Angel parish/brooks) was interviewed on the late news last night. The piece was about her soon to be released film "The Amityville Horror".

I heard on the radio that Bec & Lleyton are buying a place (ironically enough) at Palm Beach. Also, tonight on "today tonight", there?s a story about Lleyton'sc guest appearance on H&A.

I could be wrong, but I thinks that Nicolas Bishop (Peter Baker) is doing to voice over fro the current series of NRMA insurance radio & TV ads.

I bought Tammin Sursok?s 2-nd single "whatever will be" recently. I quite like it, but I prefer her debut hit "pointless relationship"

Other News

"LOST" is back - and last night?s ep dealt with Sawyer?s back story. I loved it when Claire & Charlie enjoyed that imaginary jar of peanut butter. The Asian woman finding that eucalyptus to help the asthmatic Shannon with her breathing was cool - and after lat night?s ep, I REALLY can?t wait for Sayid?s back story next week.

On "Getaway", they had stories of Cambodia, Tasmania, Prague & an island near Nowra in NSW

Enjoy Life, Mark

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