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I Only Wanted to be Popular


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Story Title: I Only Wanted to be Popular
Type of story: Long Fic
Main Characters: Sally Fletcher, Pippa Fletcher, Finlay Roberts, Gloria James, Craig Bentley, Kym Stevens and a few others.
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Friendship
Does story include spoilers: Yes
Any warnings: Violence and language
Summary: Sally Fletcher is left to pick up the pieces after the fallout of losing her best friend Gloria and being used by the "popular" crowd at school. (Set in August 1993)



Episode 1


Sally was in an emotional state all afternoon since her now former best friend, Gloria James wanted nothing to do with her. She was regretting her selfishness and her desire to join the popular crowd at school, led by Kym Stevens. All Sally wanted was to be popular at school and date surfing champion, Craig Bentley. Well, her relationship with Craig came to an end and her dreams to be popular resulted in the loss of Gloria, who had been Sally's best friend since primary school.

*Sally is laying on her bed sobbing into her pillow when her foster sister, Finlay walks in*

Finlay: Oh, Sally. It's going to be okay.

Sally: I stuffed it up, Fin. Gloria wants nothing to do with me anymore and it's all my fault.

Finlay: Like I said Sal, you have no one to blame but yourself. You wanted to hang out with Kym and Craig than with your own best friend.

*Sally sobs harder*

Finlay: Sally, I know it hurts now but in the end you'll get over it and so will Gloria.

Sally: I thought Kym and the gang were my friends.

Finlay: Kym used you.

Sally: I know that now. I no longer have a best friend anymore.

*Finlay puts her arm around Sally*

Finlay: If it makes you feel any better Sal, I lost my best friend once.

Sally: When?

Finlay: Back in the city, I was really close with this girl named Melissa Baxter. We did everything together. One day, Melissa asked me to help her break into a chemist shop. I refused and she called me a "wimp". Well, the next day she threatened to beat me up so I told Melissa that I wanted nothing to do with her anymore and she basically told me to go find another best friend and called me a loser. Melissa used me, Sal. She wanted me to do something stupid and I refused to go along with it.

Sally: Well Gloria is never going to be my best friend again that's for sure.

Finlay: Do you need anything?

Sally: I want to be on my own for a while.

Finlay: Okay.

*Once Finlay leaves the room, Sally breaks down crying again*


At the surf club, Gloria is talking to Julia Gilmour, a girl in the same year as her and Sally.

Julia: You and Sally Fletcher aren't friends anymore?

Gloria: That's right.

Julia: But why?

Gloria: I'm over her deception and selfishness. She can go hang out with Kym and date Craig for all I care.

Julia: I'm really sorry to hear that, Gloria.

Gloria: Anyway, I'm leaving Summer Bay soon.

Julia: Because of Sally?

*Gloria gives Julia a strange look*

Gloria: No, of course not. Mum's being transferred to a hospital in the city. She's going to be the head nurse.

Julia: That's good news. When do you leave?

Gloria: During the Christmas break.

Julia: Well, it's only August now.

Gloria: I know that. *laughs*

Julia: I'm sure you and Sally will work things out.

Gloria: I want nothing to do with Sally Fletcher. She's a lying, deceitful cow!

*Kym walks in*

Kym: Well, well, well. I see you've made a new friend, Gloria the Dag!

*Julia storms over to Kym*

Julia: Got a problem, Stevens?!

Kym: Defending the dag are we, Julia?

Julia: Gloria isn't a dag! The only dag around here is you, LITTLE GIRL!

*Kym scoffs angrily before storming off*

Julia: Bitch!

Gloria: Thanks for that.

Julia: No worries.

Gloria: Would you like to be my best friend?

Julia: Sure. *smiles*

*Gloria smiles back*


That night, Pippa and her foster kids are having dinner when they notice that Sally isn't at the table.

Pippa: Sally, your dinner is getting cold.

Finlay: I don't think she's hungry, Pippa. She's still upset about Gloria.

Damian: She brought it on herself for ditching her for that Craig Bentley jerk and those losers at school!

Pippa: You're right, Damian.

Finlay: Could you two be a little bit more sympathetic?

Pippa: Fin, I understand you're concerned about Sally but she needs to realise the consequences for her actions. Gloria was her best friend and Sally betrayed her.

Damian: All because she wanted to be popular.

Sally: You can stop talking about me now!

*Everyone looks at Sally standing near the hallway door with an angry expression on her face*

Pippa: Sal...

Sally: I suppose you all think I'm the biggest cow in Summer Bay for ditching Gloria for Kym and her friends? Well, I tried apologising to Gloria this afternoon and she refused to accept my apology! She never wants to give me another chance because of what I did!

Damian: Well, it's your own fault!

Sally: Think what you like, I'm going to bed!

Pippa: Sally, hold on.

*Sally storms back upstairs*

Pippa: Sally!

*Pippa sighs as Damian and Finlay look down at the table*

(In her bedroom, Sally looks at a photo of her and Gloria and starts crying hysterically)



- Sally faces the music at school, while Damian has a heart to heart with her.

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Episode 2

The next morning, Sally was getting ready to go school when Damian knocked on the door.

Damian: Mind if I come in?

Sally: *curtly* Of course.

*Damian enters the bedroom*
Damian: I thought you'd be chucking a sickie.

Sally: Pippa wouldn't let me have the day off. She told me that I had to face the music. Besides, I have to sooner or later.

Damian: You have a lot of guts going to school today.

Sally: I know.

Damian: I hope you have a good day.

Sally: Thanks, Damian.

Damian: Oh and Sal?

Sally: Yes?

*Damian hugs her*

Damian: You might need that.

Sally: Thanks.

When Sally arrives at school however, Craig Bentley and Kym start on her.

Kym: Look who it is!

Craig: My boring ex-girlfriend!

*Craig and Kym's mob start laughing at her*

Sally: Leave me alone, Craig!

Kym: Did you really think that we wanted you in our group, Sally? How pathetic! You're even more of a dag than Gloria James!

*Gloria and Julia happen to walk in at this point*

Julia: Haven't you got anything better to do than pick on people, Kym?!

Kym: Come on, gang. We're out.

*Craig, Kym and the rest of the popular crowd giggle as they walk away*

Sally: Thanks, Julia.

Julia: Oh, don't thank me. I'd stand up for anyone even though they betrayed their best friend! *glares at Sally*

Sally: Gloria, I'm sor--

Gloria: *cutting Sally off* Save it, Sally. I'm not going to be your best friend anymore. I'm through giving you chances.

Sally: But, I really am sorry.

Gloria: Get lost, loser!

*Gloria and Julia glare at Sally before walking off, leaving her to sigh sadly in the hallway*

(Later that morning, Sally tries to sit next to Gloria in Maths class.)

Sally: Mind if I sit next to you?

*Gloria sighs before moving up to the front*

Julia: You know what, Gloria? I'll sit next to you.

*Julia moves to the front and sits next to Gloria. Sally is sitting in the back row all by herself*

Teacher: Okay, I want everyone to work on their division today.

*Sally holds back tears as the teacher hands out the worksheet*

Teacher: Sally, is something wrong?

*Sally ends up running out of the room in tears*

Julia: Such an attention seeker, aye Gloria?

Gloria: I'm not her best friend anymore, so not my problem.

*Gloria and Julia resume their work*

Sally runs into the girl's bathroom and starts to cry.

Voice: Starting to get to you, is it?

*Sally looks up to find Kym smirking at her*

Sally: Leave me alone.

Kym: I'm afraid I can't do that. See, I love watching you suffer. You really thought Craig would go out with a dag like you and we wanted you in our group? Such a desperate little bitch!

*Sally leaves the bathroom*

Kym: What's the matter, Sally? Can't hack the truth?

*Kym laughs as she smokes a cigarette*

(At the caravan park, Pippa is bringing out the clean laundry when a tearful Sally races in.)

Pippa: Hey. What are you doing home from school?

*Sally just races upstairs*

Pippa: Sally?

*Finlay walks in at this moment*

Finlay: Is Sal here? I saw her running out the building.

Pippa: She raced upstairs. Fin, could you try talking to her sweetheart?

Finlay: I will. *heads upstairs*

*Sally is laying on her bed crying as Finlay walks in*

Finlay: Sal, come here.

*Finlay hugs Sally as she continues to cry*


- Sally makes a new friend, while Finlay tells Kym where to go!

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Episode 3

That night, Sally doesn't come down for dinner. This concerns Pippa.

Pippa: I hope Sal comes down soon. Her dinner is getting cold.

Jodi: If it were up to me, she'd starve!

Finlay: *shocked* Jodi!

Jodi: I'm sorry, but Sally doesn't have my sympathy. She brought everything on herself for being a bitch!

Pippa: That's quite enough, Jodi.

Damian: Yeah.

*Jodi sighs*

Jodi: Doesn't my opinion count?!

Finlay: No! *to Pippa* Can I check up on her, Pippa?

Pippa: Yes.

*Finlay heads upstairs*

Damian: I really hope she's okay.

Jodi: She just wants sympathy, that's all!

Damian: Shut up, Jodi! *walks off*

Jodi: *sarcastically* Was it something I said?

*Pippa looks unimpressed*

Pippa: Just for that Jodi, you'll be doing the dishes tonight.

Jodi: Fine. *heads to the kitchen*

*Pippa sighs*

In their bedroom, Finlay is talking to Sally.

Finlay: Sal, are you okay?

Sally: No. Gloria hates me and now Julia does too.

Finlay: Don't worry about them.

Sally: But it was my fault for ruining my friendship with Gloria.

Finlay: Yes, it was. However, Julia is just being a cow.

Sally: You think so?

Finlay: Julia is just bullying you because she's taking advantage of what Gloria told her. Did you tell her your version of events?

Sally: Yes, but she doesn't want to listen.

Finlay: I'd forget Julia and concentrate on being best friends with Gloria again.

Sally: That's impossible.

Finlay: Why?

Sally: Because Gloria is now best friends with Julia.

Finlay: You able to go to school on Monday?

*Sally nods while crying*

Finlay: Come here, Sal.

*Sally and Finlay hug*

Sally: Kym called me a desperate loser in the toilet block at school today. That's why I left school in such a hurry.

Finlay: That Kym Stevens is such a bitch!

Sally: She used me.

Finlay: She'll get hers.

*Finlay continues to hug Sally*

On Monday morning, Sally arrives at school to find a tall girl with long brown hair standing next to her locker.

Sally: Hi.

Kate: Oh, hey. *smiles*

Sally: Are you new?

Kate: Yeah, I am. I'm in Year 8.

Sally: Me too.

Kate: At least I've made one friend so far. I'm Kate Desmond.

Sally: Sally Fletcher.

*they shake hands*

Sally: So where are you from, Kate?

Kate: I'm from Port Macquarie, so I've pretty much lived the coastal scene my entire life.

Sally: Nice.

*Gloria and Julia arrive at this point*

Sally: Hi, Gloria.

*Gloria just grunts*

Kate: What a rude bitch!

*Gloria turns around and glares at Kate*

Gloria: Excuse me?!

Kate: You heard me! You're a rude bitch for not acknowledging my new friend!

Julia: If only you knew what STUPID SALLY did, then you would hate her too!

*Sally runs off*

Kate: You keep out of my way or you two will be in the hospital!

Julia: Threatening me, are you?!

Kate: Oh, that wasn't a threat.

Gloria: What was it then?

Kate: A promise! *goes after Sally*

*Gloria and Julia look at each other*

(Kate finds Sally sitting near a tree)

Kate: Are you okay, Sally?

Sally: I'm okay.

Kate: Who were those two girls?

Sally: One of them used to be my best friend. Her name is Gloria James, while the other girl is Julia Gilmour.

Kate: Why aren't you best friends with Gloria anymore?

*Sally tells Kate the whole story about Craig and Kym*

Kate: I know what you did was wrong, but I do feel sorry for you. I had a similar problem back at my old high school.

Sally: That sucks.

Kate: At least you're my friend now.

*the bell rings*

Sally: Let's go to class.

Kate: Sounds good.

*Sally and Kate head inside for roll call*

At the surf club, Finlay is working at the kiosk when Kym walks in.

Kym: Mind if I have a can of Pepsi?

Finlay: *in an unimpressed tone* Sure.

*Finlay gets a can of Pepsi from the fridge and slams it on the counter*

Kym: You didn't have to slam it!

Finlay: *loudly* $1.50!

Kym: Do you have a problem with me or something?

Finlay: As a matter of fact, I do. I don't like the way you and that sleazebag Craig treated Sally. Not only did you use her, but you also ended her friendship with Gloria James.

*Kym scoffs*

Kym: Gloria's a dag anyway!

Finlay: That is beside the point!

Kym: Look, I don't really see how this has anything to do with you anyway!

*Finlay storms over to Kym*

Finlay: Sally happens to be my foster sister, you troublemaking bitch!

*Kym looks aghast*

Finlay: Do me a favour and get the hell out of here!

Kym: B-b-but...

Finlay: GET OUT!

*Kym storms out as Jodi approaches Finlay*

Jodi: I see we've been taking lessons from Mr Stewart. It's about time that bitch was put in her place!

Finlay: I don't think she'll be coming to the surf club for a while.

*Finlay lets out a huge smile*


- Sally's new friendship with Kate makes Gloria jealous

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Episode 4

That afternoon, Sally and Kate's final class of the day is Maths.

Sally: Enjoying your day so far?

Kate: Yes, I am. I'm just glad I made a friend.

Sally: So am I. You and I will be friends forever. I just know it.

*Kate smiles as she sits next to Sally*

Kate: I think so too.

*Gloria enters the classroom with Julia*

Kate: Let's see if they say anything now?

*Gloria glares at Sally and Kate before sitting with Julia in the front row*

Kate: She's bitchy that one. *points at Gloria*

Sally: Gloria?

Kate: Yeah.

Sally: She's my former best friend.

Kate: I wouldn't worry about her. *loudly* She's not worth it.

*Gloria glares at Kate*

Gloria: Shut up!

Kate: You shut up!

Teacher: Ladies, be nice please.

*Gloria whispers in Julia's ear before they laugh*

Kate: How childish!

Sally: You don't say.

*Sally and Kate begin their work*

(When school is over, Sally and Kate begin to walk home.)

Sally: Would you like to come over to my house?

Kate: Sure. I'll have to ask my mother first.

Sally: Okay. I would like to meet your mother.

Kate: It's just me and her.

Sally: May I ask about your Dad?

Kate: He died of cancer six months ago.

Sally: I'm sorry to hear that.

Kate: It's okay. *starts to get teary*

*Sally hugs Kate*

Sally: Now, introduce me to your mother.

Kate: Good idea. *sniffs*

*As Sally and Kate walk away, Gloria looks on with sadness and jealousy*

Gloria decides to talk to Finlay about it when she arrives at the surf club.

Gloria: I know I said I didn't want to give Sal another chance, but I do miss her.

Finlay: This is all Kym's fault, you know.

Gloria: I understand. What Sal did really hurt me. She had no right to treat me like that.

Finlay: I agree.

Gloria: It's just hard.

Finlay: Hey, at least you've got Julia as your new best friend.

Gloria: It's not the same. Sal and I have been best friends since primary school.

Finlay: You and Sally should sit down and work things out.

Gloria: But she's found herself a new best friend. Some new girl named Kate. I think she's moved on.

Finlay: Be positive, Gloria. You and Sally should still work things out.

Gloria: I don't know. *starts to cry*

Finlay: Come here.

*Gloria hugs Finlay*

Gloria: I really miss Sally.

Finlay: I know.

*Finlay continues hugging Gloria as she cries*


- Sally introduces Kate to the family, while Finlay has a heart to heart with her about Gloria

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Episode 5

Later that afternoon, Sally brings Kate over to the caravan park.

Sally: Pippa, I'm home.

Pippa: Oh, hello sweetheart. *comes out the kitchen and sees Kate* Is this a new friend?

Sally: Yes, it is. Pippa, I'd like you to meet Kate Desmond. She's the new girl in my year at school.

Kate: It's nice to meet you, Mrs Fletcher. *shakes Pippa's hand*

Pippa: Likewise, Kate. Um, sweetheart, Fin was looking for you.

Sally: Where is she?

Pippa: She's upstairs.

Sally: Thanks.

*Sally and Kate head upstairs and enter the bedroom to find Finlay reading a magazine*

Sally: Pippa said you wanted to see me.

Finlay: Yes, I did. *looks at Kate* You must be Kate.

Kate: That's right. Who are you?

Finlay: I'm Finlay Roberts - Sally's foster sister.

Kate: Nice to meet you. *smiles*

Sally: What did you want to talk about?

Finlay: Kate, would you excuse us?

Kate: Okay.

*Kate leaves the room, but listens behind the closed door*

Finlay: I spoke to Gloria today.

Sally: So?

Finlay: So, I had to comfort the poor girl while she was crying her heart out.

Sally: She's the one that said she wouldn't give me another chance. It's her loss.

*Kate smirks at this*

Finlay: Sally, that's cold-hearted! She was your best friend since primary school and now you're unsympathetic towards her?

Sally: I did the wrong thing, I know. The least Gloria could do was accept my apology.

Finlay: She was angry and hurt because you ditched her for Craig and Kym's mob!

Sally: I don't need her anymore, Finlay! Kate's my best friend now.

*Kate opens the door*

Kate: Sally, I'm just going to the store to get a bag of chips. I'll be back.

Sally: Okay.

*Kate leaves*

Finlay: You're making a big mistake, Sally.

Sally: I don't think so. *leaves*

*Finlay sighs*

Kate doesn't really go to the general store. She instead decides to poke fun at Gloria, who is still at the surf club.

Kate: Just the person I wanted to see!

*Gloria glares at Kate*

Gloria: What do you want?!

Kate: To deliver an important message from your former best friend, Sally Fletcher. She says that she doesn't need you anymore and that you were always a horrible friend!

Gloria: LIAR!

*Kate smirks at her*

Kate: Oh, am I? You are pathetic, Gloria! You deserve to have no friends at all!

Gloria: You are such a cow!


*Gloria runs out of the surf club in tears*

Kate: Try not to trip, bimbo!

*Kate laughs arrogantly*


- Kym and Craig plot to humiliate Sally, while Kate and Gloria get into a catfight at school

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Episode 6

When Kate returns to the caravan park, she immediately goes over to Sally.

Kate: Seen your ex-best friend while I was at the store.

Sally: You saw Gloria?

Kate: Yep. I was SO angry at what she was saying about you!

Sally: What did she say about me?

Kate: You really want to know?

Sally: Yes.

Kate: She said that you were always a dag and that she will never forgive you for stabbing her in the back.

*Sally looks shocked*

Kate: And that's not all! She also said that her and Julia are going to beat you up and put you in hospital!

Sally: How dare she?!

Kate: Don't worry. I told her that if they do anything to hurt you, I'd fix them up myself.

Sally: Thanks, Kate.

*Kate hugs Sally. As she does, she lets out a smirk*

That night, Kym and Craig are at the surf club.

Kym: Have you seen that new girl Kate Desmond? She is such a dag!

Craig: And she's been hanging out with the daggiest girl at Summer Bay High! I can't believe I went out with Sally!

Kym: She's such a loser. Hey, I just thought of something.

Craig: What is it?

Kym: We could humiliate Sally at school tomorrow.

Craig: What do you think we should do?

Kym: I have an excellent idea. *whispers to Craig*

Craig: That's good.

*Kym goes over to the kiosk where Jodi is working*

Kym: Can I have a Pepsi?

Jodi: No.

Kym: Excuse me?!

Jodi: I said NO! I'm about to close up!

Kym: I'm a paying customer and I DEMAND a can of Pepsi!

Jodi: After how you treated Sally, I'm NOT serving you!

Kym: Whatever! *rolls her eyes before dragging Craig by the arm* Come on, Craig. We're outta here!

(Jodi informs Finlay and Sally when she arrives home)

Jodi: That little slag Kym! *growls* I just wanted to throttle her!

Finlay: I'm sure everyone does.

Jodi: If I wasn't still on my shift, I'd have backhanded the little trollop!

*Sally giggles*

Sally: That's quite funny.

Finlay: I still think you should make peace with Gloria.

Sally: Not happening.

Jodi: You're the one that ruined the friendship, Sal.

Sally: I know. But after what Kate told me this afternoon, Gloria can go jump!

Finlay: I have a feeling Kate is lying.

Sally: She wouldn't lie to me. She's my best friend.

Jodi: What did this Kate girl say?

Sally: Kate told me that Gloria reckons that her and Julia Gilmour are going to beat me up and put me in hospital.

*Jodi looks shocked*

Jodi: Wow!

Finlay: I don't believe it.

Sally: Well, that's your opinion. Anyway, I'm off to bed. Good night. *goes upstairs*

Jodi: Night, Sal.

Finlay: I think Sally is making a huge mistake being friends with Kate.

Jodi: You know what, Fin? You're absolutely right.

*Finlay and Jodi look at each other*

Kate and Sally arrive at school the next morning to find Gloria standing near her locker looking angry and sad.

Gloria: How could you be so hateful, Sally?

Sally: Don't even go there, Gloria! I tried apologising to you, but you've become a real bitch!



Gloria: What are you talking about?!

Sally: It's true, isn't it? You and Julia plan to beat me up?

Gloria: That's not true!

Sally: You're pathetic, Gloria! *to Kate* I'm going to the bathroom! *storms off*

Kate: Okay, Sal.

*As Kate goes to walk off, Gloria jerks her wrist*

Gloria: You're a lying cow, you know that?!

Kate: I'll take that as a compliment. *smirks*

Gloria: I don't know what lies you've been telling Sal, but I will not let you ruin my life and hers!

Kate: Who said I was ruining her life? I'm just telling her a few home truths that her ex-best friend said!

Gloria: More like telling her lies!

Kate: So what if I am? She's better off having me as her best friend than a pathetic loser like you!

*Gloria shoves Kate into the lockers and starts pulling her hair. Kate fights back and they end up wrestling on the floor as other students watch on*


*The principal Donald Fisher breaks them up*


*Gloria and Kate glare at each other*


- Kym and Craig's plan to humiliate Sally backfires, while Kate manipulates her way out of trouble

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Episode 7

In his office, Fisher is lecturing Gloria and Kate.

Fisher: I will not tolerate such behaviour on school grounds! Now, what is the meaning of you girls fighting like wild animals?!

Kate: SHE started it!

Gloria: No, you did!

Fisher: Quiet! I don't care who started it. You will both report to me for detention after school. Now, go!

*Gloria leaves*

Fisher: Desmond?

Kate: Yes, Mr Fisher?

Fisher: What happened?

Kate: Sal and I were standing near the lockers when Gloria started hassling us. When I told her to go away, she shoved me into the lockers and started pulling my hair.

Fisher: Are you sure?

Kate: Yes, of course.

Fisher: All right, I'll cancel your detention. But if you get into anymore fights, then you will be put on detention. Do I make myself clear?

Kate: Yes, sir.

Fisher: You may go now.

*Kate leaves with a huge smirk on her face*

Meanwhile, Craig and Kym are placing a bucket filled with milk on top of the girls bathroom door to prank Sally.

Kym: I can't wait for Sally to feel even more humiliated than she already is.

Craig: The loser is gonna get what's coming to her.

*They hear footsteps approaching*

Kym: Here she comes!

*Craig and Kym hide inside separate toilet stalls*

(However, Sally has since left the girls bathroom and is talking to Roxy)

Sally: Miss Miller?

Roxanne: What can I do for you, Sal?

Sally: It's about my Food Tech assessment.

Roxanne: What is it?

Sally: I forgot the due date.

Roxanne: It's next Wednesday.

Sally: Okay, thanks.

*Kate goes over to Sally*

Kate: That Gloria is such a pain!

Sally: Did she try and get you in trouble?

Kate: Yes!
*the bell rings*

Roxanne: All right. You better head into class, girls. I'll be there shortly.

*Roxanne goes to open the girls bathroom door and ends up being the one drenched in milk!*

Kym: Oh crap!

*Several students laugh as Roxanne gasps in shock*

Roxanne: W-who did t-this?!

*Kym and Craig try to sneak away, but Roxanne catches them!*


Boy: Hey Miss! Craig was in the ladies room!

Roxanne: I can see that! *to Craig and Kym* You BOTH have some explaining to do especially you, Craig!

*A milk covered Roxanne drags Kym and Craig away*

In Fisher's office, he blows his top at both Kym and Craig.


Kym: We didn't intend to get Miss Miller. Honest.


Kym: But...

Craig: You've got nothing on us!


Craig: I wasn't harming anyone!

*the door knocks*

Fisher: Who is it?!

*Luke Cunningham enters with Sally and Kate*

Fisher: Mr Cunningham, now is not a good time.

Luke: Mr Fisher, Sally and Kate have something that they want to say.

Fisher: Can't it wait? I'm rather busy.

Luke: It concerns the milk bucket prank.

Fisher: Oh, alright! *to Sally and Kate* Shoot.

Kate: Craig and Kym intended on humiliating Sally sir. Miss Miller was not the target.

Fisher: Is that true, Sally?

Sally: Yes. It's all because I dumped Craig and stopped hanging out with Kym's crowd after my friendship with Gloria suffered.

*Fisher gets even angrier*

Fisher: I see! Thank you, girls. Mr Cunningham.

*Luke takes Sally and Kate back to their class*

Fisher: Well, you've just made my job a whole lot easier! Stevens, you're suspended for two weeks!

*Kym looks aghast*

Kym: But...but...


*Kym leaves*


Craig: But, sir. Where am I supposed to go to school?


*Craig looks upset*

(Outside, a crying Kym is lashing out at Sally and Kate)

Kym: I hope you're happy!

Sally: You brought everything on yourself, Kym.

Kate: That's right. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.

Kym: When I come back in two weeks, I'll make life at school hell for both of you!

Kate: Oh look at that, Sal? Empty threats from a wannabe!

Kym: You'll get yours, Fletcher!

Sally: Cry to someone who cares!

*Kym storms off*

Sally: I don't think she'll be bothering me for a long time.

Kate: You don't say.

*Kate puts her arm around Sally*


- Sally receives some devastating news about a family member, while Kate continues to poke the bear with Gloria

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Episode 8

After school that afternoon, Sally and Kate are at the surf club.

Sally: Today was so funny.

Kate: It sure was. That bitch Kym got suspended and your ugly ex got expelled! Double victory for us!

*Finlay looks at them as she is working at the kiosk*

Sally: Now I just hope Gloria leaves you alone.

Kate: Speaking of HER! Look!

*Sally sees Gloria enter the surf club*

Sally: I'm not going to worry about her.

Kate: Go get a drink, Sal. I'm going to the pool table.

*Sally goes over to the kiosk*

Sally: One Pepsi please.

Finlay: Sally, I need to talk to you.

Sally: What about?

Finlay: I don't like Kate.

Sally: Is that all you've got to say?

Finlay: Yes. I think you should make peace with Gloria.

Sally: Gloria wants nothing to do with me! At least Kate is there for me now!

*the phone rings*

Finlay: We'll talk later. *answers the phone* Hello?

*As Finlay is on the phone, Kate is teasing Gloria*

Kate: How was your detention? *smirks*

Gloria: Get lost, Kate!

Kate: What's the matter? Fisher doesn't see you as a good student anymore? You're pathetic!

*Gloria turns around and faces Kate angrily*


Kate: Clever girl. After the way you treated Sally, you deserve everything you get!

Gloria: What I wouldn't do to punch you in the face right now...

Kate: Go on, then! DO IT!

*Sally races over*

Sally: Kate, she's not worth it.

Gloria: You're the pits, Sal!

*As Gloria walks away, Kate sticks out her foot and trips her over*

Kate: How clumsy!

*Several people laugh as Gloria walks out*

Finlay: Sally?

Sally: Yes?

Finlay: Pippa wants you home.

Sally: Why?

*Finlay is crying*

Sally: Not Bobby! *runs off*

Kate: What's going on? *looks confused*

Finlay: Our foster sister died a while ago.

Kate: I am so sorry. *looks sad*

Sally runs home to find Pippa in the kitchen and Damian and Jodi sitting on the table.

Sally: *sobbing* Is it true?

Pippa: Yes it is, sweetheart. I'm so sorry.

*Sally cries as Jodi hugs her*

Jodi: Bobby is in God's hands now.

Sally: It's not fair! Why did she have to die?

Damian: She was such a good person.

Jodi: I don't know how poor Sam is going to cope.

Pippa: I'm sure Greg will be there for him, sweetheart.

*Kate and Finlay arrive*

Finlay: Pippa? I brought Kate along.

Pippa: That's fine. Kate, why don't you take Sally upstairs?

Kate: Sure.

*Once Kate and Sally go upstairs, Sally is inconsolable*

Kate: What happened?

Sally: She was in a boating accident last week. She's been a vegetable ever since.

Kate: If there's anything I can do...

Sally: Hold me, please.

*Kate hugs a crying Sally*

Meanwhile, Gloria is at her house watching TV.

Mrs James: Darling?

Gloria: *miserably* What?

Mrs James: I'm really worried about you.

Gloria: Why's that?

Mrs James: I think you're taking this whole Sally situation very hard.

Gloria: Mum, she was my best friend since Year 1! Of course I'm upset!

Mrs James: When I start this job in the city, I'm sure you'll be happier at a whole new school.

Gloria: Which school would I be going to?

Mrs James: Hartley High.

Gloria: I just hope I find a new best friend to replace Sally.

Mrs James: Gloria...

Gloria: No, Mum. Sally has made it perfectly clear that she wants nothing to do with me. The sooner we move, the better!

*Gloria looks sad*


- Consumed with grief, Sally lashes out at Julia. Meanwhile, Gloria checks out Hartley High

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Episode 9

The next morning (Wednesday), Sally is getting ready to go to school.

*Pippa enters Sally and Finlay's bedroom*

Pippa: Sweetheart, are you sure you want to go to school?

Sally: Yes. Kate will be there.

Pippa: Fin's going to be at the school later.

Sally: I take it she has no morning classes.

Pippa: Yes. Well have a good day at school, sweetheart.

Sally: I'll try to.

*Sally hugs Pippa*
(Sally meets Kate outside the school)

Kate: I was thinking you weren't going to make it today since your sister passed away.

Sally: I wanted to come here and be with my new best friend.

Kate: Aren't you sweet? *smiles*

*Sally and Kate enter to find Gloria not at her locker*

Kate: I wonder where the bimbo is?

Sally: I have no clue. Gloria is always here before me.

*Julia walks over and glares at Kate and Sally*

Kate: And what's your problem, Julia?!

Julia: You KNOW what, Desmond! You're as bad as Kym!

Kate: Don't compare me to that troublemaking little slag! I'm doing the right thing by my best friend!

Julia: I always knew you were weak as water, Sally!

Sally: SHUT UP, JULIA! *storms off*

Kate: Sal, wait! *goes after Sally*

*Julia looks shocked*

Meanwhile, Gloria and her mother are going to the city for the day. They are going to check out Hartley High, Gloria's soon-to-be new school.

Mrs James: Are you excited about our day out?

Gloria: We're only going to check out the new high school I'm going to. It's not like we're going shopping or anything.

*Mrs James winks at Gloria*

Gloria: Are we shopping too?

Mrs James: I know that you've been feeling down over Sally, so I've decided to cheer you up.

Gloria: Thanks, Mum. You're awesome.

*When they arrive in the city, Mrs James turns to Gloria as they stop at a red light*

Mrs James: Honey?

Gloria: Yeah?

Mrs James: Are you okay living in a townhouse?

Gloria: Of course. I just want to get away from fake people.

*the light goes green*

Mrs James: I'm sure you'll like it at Hartley.

Gloria: I hope so.

(A few minutes later, Gloria and her mother arrive at Hartley High School.)

Gloria: It looks like a good school.

Mrs James: Is it mufti day or something because these students aren't wear uniforms.

Gloria: Beats me. Let's go in.

*Gloria and her mother enter the corridor and sit on the chairs outside the principal's office*

Gloria: Who's the principal again?
Mrs James: I think his name is Mr Deloraine.

Gloria: I hope I get in.

*A woman with long black hair full of braids comes out of the principal's office*

Ronnie: Hello. Do you both have an appointment?

Mrs James: Yes, we do. It's to enrol my daughter here for next year.

Ronnie: I see. What is your name?

Mrs James: I'm Karen James and this is my daughter Gloria.

Ronnie: I'm Rhonda Brooks, the acting principal of Hartley High. Mr Deloraine is currently on sick leave.

Mrs James: Oh okay.

Gloria: This looks like a good school.

Ronnie: Would you both like to come in?

Gloria: Sure.

*Ronnie leads Gloria and her mother into the office*

Ronnie: This morning has been really busy. I had to suspended three students.

Mrs James: Do these kids wear uniforms?

Ronnie: Unfortunately, no. Mr Deloraine tried to get these students to wear uniforms over a thousand times, but no luck.

Gloria: Are you teacher?

Ronnie: Yes. I teach English and History and I'm also a qualified special education teacher.

Gloria: That's nice.

*Ronnie gets out the enrolment form*

Ronnie: Okay, Gloria. Just sign this form and you'll be officially enrolled.

Gloria: Before I do that, I would like to ask one question.

Ronnie: What's that?

Gloria: I get a full tour of the school.

Ronnie: I guess that can be arranged. *smiles*
*Gloria smiles back*

Later that morning, Sally and Kate are in Science class. Julia is causing trouble once again.

Teacher: Okay. Who would like to use the Bunsen burner?

*no one raises their hand*

Teacher: Fine. I'll just volunteer someone. Sally, would you come up please?

Julia: Teacher's pet!

*some of the class laugh*

Teacher: That'll do, Gilmour. Sally, come up please.

*Sally goes over to the teacher's desk*

Julia: Sally's a teacher's pet! Sally's a teacher's pet!

Kate: If you don't SHUT UP...

Julia: What are you gonna do, Desmond? Protect your best friend who is nothing but a lying, selfish bitch!

*Consumed with grief, Sally completely snaps!*


*The class gasps in shock*

Julia: EXCUSE me?!

*Sally storms over to Julia and slaps her in the face*


*Sally storms out of the classroom*

Teacher: Gilmour, you're on detention at lunch.

Julia: *sobbing* But she's the one that hit me!

Kate: You deserved it, bitch!

*Julia continues to sob as Kate goes after Sally*

Kate: Sal?

*Kate finds Sally crying outside*

Kate: Hey. It's okay. *hugs Sally*

Sally: Of all days to pick on me, why did it have to be the day after Bobby's death?

Kate: Julia is so cruel and heartless!

Sally: I know.

Kate: It's going to be okay.

*As Kate continues to hug Sally, she lets out a smirk*

Kate: *thinking to herself* You'll be sorry, Julia.

At Hartley High, Ronnie is finishing up her tour with Gloria and her mother.

Ronnie: And this is the quad where all the students hang out during recess and lunch.

Gloria: Look at the students. It's like a social hub.

Ronnie: Would you like me to introduce some students to you?

Mrs James: You okay with that, Gloria?

Gloria: For sure. *smiles*

Ronnie: Follow me.

*Ronnie leads Gloria to a group of four Year 11 students*

Ronnie: Guys, I'd like you to meet Gloria James. She'll be starting Year 9 at Hartley next year.

Gloria: Hi.

Ronnie: That's Steve Wiley, Danielle Miller, Jodie Cooper and Con Bordino.

Steve: Nice to meet you, Gloria. *shakes Gloria's hand*

Jodie: Where are you from?

Gloria: Summer Bay.

Danielle: Oh, that's so cool!

Con: It's a shame you won't be in our year. Our year is the coolest group of people you'll meet.

Steve: Everyone here is cool, Con. *to Gloria* Want to know where our hang out spot is?

Gloria: Where?

Steve: The Shark Pool.

Gloria: An actual shark pool? *looks shocked*

Danielle: No, silly. It's a pool table place.

Gloria: Oh. *laughs*

Con: Your facial expression was priceless!

Jodie: It was like this. *pulls a face*

*Gloria laughs*

Steve: Well, it was great meeting you. Hope to see you next year.

Gloria: You will for sure.

Jodie: Bye.

*Gloria waves goodbye to Steve, Jodie, Danielle and Con*

(On their way to the Pitt Street Mall, Gloria and her mother talk about the tour.)

Mrs James: So, what did you think of Hartley High?

Gloria: I really think I'm going to enjoy it. *smiles*

Mrs James: You sad to be leaving Summer Bay?

Gloria: Yes and no.

Mrs James: Why?

Gloria: Yes, because I'll miss my home and no because I will be finally rid of fake people!

Mrs James: You ready to shop till we drop?

Gloria: Of course, Mum. *laughs*

*Mrs James laughs too*

After school that afternoon, Julia confronts Sally once more.

Julia: I got detention because of you!

Sally: Kate, I'll meet you at your house.

Kate: Sure.

*Sally leaves*

Julia: Come back here! I haven't finished talking with you yet!

*As Julia goes to leave, Kate pushes her into a tree before pulling out a knife*

Kate: I will only say this once, Julia. If you bully Sally Fletcher again, this knife will be going through that cold heart of yours! Got it?!

Julia: You don't scare me, Desmond!

*Kate holds the knife against Julia's cheek*

Kate: I mean it, Julia. If you want to walk away unharmed, all you have to do is leave Sally alone. The choice is yours. *walks off*

*Julia looks scared*


- Sally meets Kate's parents, while she opens up to Pippa about Bobby. Meanwhile, Gloria comforts Julia after her confrontation with Kate.

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Episode 10

Kate arrives at her house to find Sally sitting on the front doorstep.

Sally: What took you so long?

Kate: I had a little chat with Julia. I don't think she'll be bothering you anymore.

Sally: You didn't hurt her, did you?

Kate: Of course not.

*Sally and Kate enter the house*

Kate: Mum? Dad?

Joy: In the living room, love.

*Kate and Sally go to the living room to find Joy watching TV*

Kate: Mum, I'd like you to meet Sally Fletcher.

Joy: Oh, hello Sally. Kate has told me so much about you.

Sally: Really?

Joy: Yes. She thinks you're awesome.

*Kate blushes*

Kate: Mum...

Sally: Thanks, Kate. I needed that after the day I had.

Kate: Where's Dad?

Joy: Out the back.

*Kate and Sally go outside*

Kate: Hi, Dad.

Peter: Hi, sweetheart. Who's the girl?

Kate: That's my best friend, Sally.

Peter: Hi there, Sally.

Kate: Let's go to my room and listen to music, Sal.

Sally: Good idea.

*Kate and Sally return inside*

At Gloria's house, Julia sees her getting out of the car.

Julia: Gloria!

Gloria: Hey Julia. *looks at Julia's face* What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Julia: Kate Desmond is a demented freak!

Gloria: What happened? Come inside and we can talk.

*Julia goes inside*

Gloria: What did that lying cow do to you?

Julia: She told me that if I didn't stop giving Sally a hard time, she would stab me to death.

*Gloria looks shocked*

Gloria: Oh dear god!

Julia: I was only sticking up for you, Gloria. I didn't mean any malice to Sally.

Gloria: I know, Julia. Man, Kate needs to grow up!

*Julia starts crying*

Gloria: Come here.

*Gloria and Julia hug*

Julia: Sally had every right to slap me.

Gloria: Sally slap someone? That's really strange.

Julia: She must have problems at home.

Gloria: Probably.

Julia: Anyway, where were you today?

Gloria: I had to go to the city and check out my new high school.

Julia: Nice. Did you meet anyone?

Gloria: Yes. They all seem friendly and nice.

Julia: It sucks that you have to move.

Gloria: I know.

Julia: I don't want to be left alone with that crazy bitch! I just hope Sally sees her for what she is and end the friendship.

Gloria: You know what, Julia? You're absolutely right. *looks determined*

*Julia sniffs*

That night, Sally hardly eats her dinner.

Pippa: Sal, you've barely touched your dinner.

Sally: I'm just not hungry.

Pippa: But it's your favourite food.

Sally: I know, but...

Finlay: Are you still thinking about Bobby?

Sally: Yes. *to Pippa* May I be excused?

Pippa: Sure, sweetheart.

*Sally heads upstairs*

Finlay: Did you want me to talk to her?

Pippa: No, I'll go up. You guys finish your dinner.

*Pippa heads upstairs as well*

Jodi: Poor Sally.

Damian: I know right. Her and Bobby were very close.

Finlay: We'll miss her.

(Sally is in her bedroom, sobbing into her pillow)

Pippa: Sally?

*Pippa enters the room to find Sally on her bed*

Pippa: Oh, sweetheart. I understand how close you and Bobby were.

Sally: It's just not fair, Pippa. Why did she have to die?

Pippa: I don't know, sweetheart.

Sally: When is the funeral?

Pippa: Next week.

Sally: I really don't want to go. It would upset me even more.

Pippa: That's okay, Sal. Just because Bobby died doesn't mean our memories of her have to as well.

*Sally sniffs*

Sally: I know.

Pippa: You need a hug?

Sally: Yes.

*Pippa hugs Sally*

At the surf club, Kate is at the pool table when Gloria storms over.

Gloria: You really are the pits, you know that?!

Kate: How did I know you were going to show up!

Gloria: I don't give a damn what you do with me, but leave Julia alone!

Kate: All I did was give her a friendly warning about teasing Sally.

Gloria: More like threatened her!

*Kate slams the pool cue down on the table and goes over to Gloria*

Kate: You're just jealous because Sally wants nothing to do with you anymore and that I'm her best friend now!

Gloria: You are so full of it, Kate! Sally will see for herself what a crazy, manipulative bitch you are!

*Kate goes to slap Gloria, but she grabs both her wrists*

Gloria: I don't think so! Because once Sally finds out you told lies about me and Julia to her, she'll never want to be your best friend again. Think about it. *leaves*

*Kate looks angry*


- Sally and Gloria slowly start talking again, while Kate has a run-in with Angel Brooks

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