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Complications We Didn't See Coming


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Story Title: Complications We Didn't See Coming

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters:Charlie, Brax, Bianca, April, Nicole and Ruby.

Other Characters: Heath, Casey and Kyle.

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC, V, L.

Summary: When Charlie and Brax started seeing each other it never occurred to them that they had met before, now what was just a secret relationship suddenly leads to a shocking revelation one that Charlie and Bianca had planned together years ago.


It wasn't like she had ever felt before. His touch was gentle and electrifying, sending shock waves through her body. It was a perfect combination. His hands settled on her hips pulling her flush against his body, kissing her forcefully and claiming what was rightfully his. Not because she was weak but because she allowed it.

She was now resigned to the fate that this was her ending. It thrilled her to think that he was her love. He was hers and she was his. It excited her to think that a daring one night stand had turned into something unforgettable.


He held her tightly against his body, looking down at her brown eyes. He was soaking in her appearance, dreading the moment that he would have to let her go but it was their game, it was how she wanted it to be and even though it seemed as though he was the one in control it was actually her, she held the power. He wouldn't change it. He liked being hers. He liked the way she could change the moment she walked through the door, when it was just the two of them, no children, she could be free and he could be in control.

He loved her. Every inch of her. All he wanted was for her to see that he could be a part of her reality.


Chapter One: Lovers.

Charlie pulled back from the kiss, grinning as she felt his arms encircling her waist tightly holding her to him. His breathing was rapid against her neck, his warm breath blowing against her golden skin.

"Did I say stop?" His voice was deep, low.

It made her stomach do backflips; it made her want to stay bed bound with him beside her. "You have to let go. I have to go home" Charlie squealed as she felt his fingers lightly tickle her sides. "Stop! Stop! I have to go"

His voice was gruff as he spoke. "Can't you stay?" He rolled them over and pinned her to the bed.

Charlie smiled up at him. "No"

He smirked as he moved her arms up, pinning her wrists to the top of the bed with his right hand. "Why can't you just tell your girls?"

"We've been through this" Charlie sighed. "I'm not ready to tell anyone, especially not my girls"

"Are you ashamed?" He asked his voice husky as he leaned down and traced a pattern of kisses along her collar bone, her breathing hitched and his lips spread into a smirk. "Well"

"No. No, I am not ashamed" Charlie murmured as she tried to lean up and kiss him.

He glanced down, clicking his tongue in frustration. "Uh, uh" He tutted.

Charlie fell back against the pillows with a hiss of disappointment. "Why?"

He cocked an eyebrow. "Why do you leave me?"

"Because I have to" Charlie huffed.

"You chose to" His words hung in the air, her lips twisted into a pout. He just smiled as he leaned down, his full lips hovering just above hers. "Don't pout, babe. You know how this works. You control every aspect of our relationship down to the time and days we meet. But this...this is my domain" He leaned in fully and crashed his lips to hers in a bruising forceful kiss before pulling back.

Charlie wriggled beneath him. "Is that it?"

He gave a lazy smirk. "I thought you had to go"

Charlie rolled her head to the side, checking the time. "I have five minutes"

"Five minutes? Is that what it's come to?" He sighed, dropped his head to her chest. "I could do a lot with you in five minutes but I won't"

Charlie blew air onto his forehead unable to move her hands as he still had them pinned. "Pretty please?"

He chuckled. "What happened to loosening up a little? I'm the one in control" He said with a grin as he raised his head, pecking her lips lightly. "Is that what you want?"

Charlie huffed. "Are you serious?"

He leaned down and crashed his lips to her, slipping his tongue into her mouth. The kiss itself was heavy, his tongue battling against hers before she gave in letting him take control in the game they played. Charlie couldn't help the whine that escaped her lips as he pulled away

"I love you" He whispered as he rolled onto his back releasing her wrists.

Charlie brought her hand down to cup her mouth, her fingers brushing lightly against her lips. The blush fell over her cheeks, not from embarrassment but want, she wanted him on top, she want to be pinned by his gentle hands as he trailed light kisses over her body though she didn't have time.

Smiling breathlessly she sat up and grabbed her blue cotton dress, holding it over her breasts modestly as she glanced over her left shoulder, her dark chocolate brown hair framing her face as she gave him a cheeky smile. "You don't know what love is, but I do" Getting up she swept up her underwear as she headed in the direction of the bathroom. "But" She whispered with a cheeky grin as she glanced back in his direction. "I kinda love you too, Darryl Braxton"


Brax walked over to the hotel door and gripped her waist just as her right hand touched the door handle, pulling her slightly toward him so her back was just rested against his stomach. He smiled at the giggle that escaped her lips; he leaned down and placed a light kiss on her neck.

"How long til I see you again?"

Charlie leaned against him, exhaling. "You'll probably see us tonight"

Brax growled in frustration, it wasn't what he had meant. He often saw her during the week since she barely cooked and Angelo's served a decent priced meal, he was always there eating alone just in the hopes of seeing her. "Charlie" He warned as his lips spread into a smirk.

Charlie giggled. "Tomorrow, maybe, I'll text you" A moment passed before she reached for the door once again. "I have to go"

"I wish I could demand that you stay" Brax reluctantly let her go, huffing as he did.

Charlie smiled sweetly. "Sorry babe, your control ends once our fun is done" Kissing him on the cheek lightly, she grinned. "Nice try though"

Brax shrugged. "I had to try. Uh, go on before I do decide you look better in my bed naked" Charlie giggled as she opened the door feeling the light slap of Brax's hand on her bottom as he sent her on her way.

It would have bothered other girls to have a man touch them in that way but not Charlie, because she knew Brax. She knew the real him and that meant knowing and trusting that he would never hurt her.


Bianca sat on the couch cuddled up under a blanket with ten year old April squished into her side. The tv was playing in front of them on low volume but neither seemed particularly interested in the show about apes, they were too concerned with the yelling that was echoing from the kitchen as Liam argued on the phone.

"I'm scared" April's voice broke the silence.

Bianca glanced down. "Don't be. I'm here. Everything is okay" Bianca promised as she rubbed April's back soothingly.

April peeked up through her eyelashes. "Is he mad at us?"

"No" Bianca was quick to reassure as she tightened her grasp on April. "No, he's just grumpy from being on tour" Bianca exhaled knowing the excuse was weak. Liam had become increasingly grumpy since the moment they committed to each other. It wasn't the tours, it was his personality. Bianca had vowed the moment April was born that she would do anything to protect her daughter from the evils of the world; she didn't want her baby to have to face any of what she had been through as a child. But the moment her path had crossed with Liam any dreams that had ceased to exist.

Bianca went to pull the blanket off her legs as the doorbell rang but April was faster. "I'll get it"

Bianca nodded; April wanted to be the helpful young girl because she knew Liam wouldn't get angry if she was quiet and helpful. "Thanks, sweetie" April flung the door open only to be met with the face of her two best friends and Aunt. The dread that seeped within the ten year olds body was covered by a nervous grin. "Hi"

"Hi Ap" Ruby grinned as she pulled April into a hug.

Nicole smiled as she stood up on her tippy toes peering into the house. "Is your mum home? We want you to come to dinner at Angelo's"

April nodded. "She's inside. Hi Auntie"

Charlie glanced down at April with a soft smile. She remembered the moment Bianca found out she was pregnant; the years had flown by incredibly fast. "Hi sweetheart, go get your mum"

"Mum!" April shouted as she glanced over her shoulder into the house. The fear in her welling once she realized what she had done.

"April Scott, what have I told you about yelling" Liam's words were sharp as he rounded the doorway to see Charlie standing with a raised eyebrow, it was clear she wasn't liking the tone in his voice. "Uh. Hi Charlie, sorry about that I have a headache but you know kids, have to tell them twenty times to keep the noise down"

"Sorry" April whispered.

Liam chuckled as glanced down at April ruffling her hair. "Don't worry kiddo; just don't yell in the house"

April nodded as she tried to remember not to flinch at his touch.

Bianca walked into the room just as Liam dropped his hand. "What going on, sweetie, you called"

"Charlie and the girls are here, babe, I'm just going to lie down. My headache is getting worse"

Charlie couldn't help but watch her best friend closely as Liam kissed Bianca on the cheek. It was clear something wasn't right but Charlie didn't want to read too much into it, it was no secret that she disliked Liam and that alone had nearly cost her the friendship with Bianca.

"See ya around, Charlie, girls"

Charlie pulled herself from her thoughts but didn't even acknowledge Liam as he turned around, her eyes instead finding Bianca.

Bianca blushed slightly as she looked towards Charlie. "What are you doing here? I didn't know we had plans for today"

April exhaled as she looked up. "We don't. But can we go to Angelo's for dinner, pleassssseee?!" April asked sweetly.

Bianca glanced down at her daughter, Ruby and Nicole standing in the doorway wide eye and innocent. Bianca knew even if she wanted to say no that she wouldn't be able to, not to those faces. "Okay. Okay. I don't see why not"

"Yes. Come on Ruby. Nicole" April took over for her bedroom, running through the house, only to creep past Liam and Bianca's bedroom knowing he was in there.

Charlie turned to Bianca with a raised eyebrow once the girls were gone. "Liam's back"

Bianca nodded. "Yup. I was thinking"


"Don't" Bianca spoke, her voice firm. "Just leave it"

Charlie sighed as she leaned against the doorframe with her arms crossed. "Alright. Fine"

"Thank-you" Bianca breathed. "He's just stressed. His headache isn't helping" Bianca made excuses for him even though her heart was screaming for the truth to be spoken.

Charlie nodded although the look on her face showed that she wasn't convinced, they had been best friends since 2nd grade and Charlie knew Bianca inside and out, well enough to know that the blonde was hiding something.

"Mum, can we walk along the beach?" Nicole pipped up as the girls returned.

Charlie glanced down, trying to forget the thoughts of Liam. "Sure"


Brax glanced up from behind the bar as he heard the sound of giggling girls, he was met with the faces of two girls, he knew they were Charlie's daughters but he hadn't had the pleasure of meeting them. He knew she kept them away from him on purpose. Looking over the tops of their head he couldn't help but let a lazy smirk cross his lips, Charlie was walking up to the bar behind him chatting to Bianca, a young brunette following them closely.

"Excuse me! Are you listening?"

Brax glanced down to directly in front of the bar to see the brunette of Charlie's daughters looking at him with a raised eyebrow. "Sorry. What can I do for you young ladies?"

"Menus for five, please"

Brax leaned over and grabbed a couple of menus for them. "Here you go"

"Thanks! Can I have lemonade?"

"Sure. Is there anything I can get you" He looked at the blonde, trailing off as he wanted to know their names, Charlie always referred to them as 'girls'.

"I'm Nicole, that's Ruby" Nicole said nudging her sister who was looking through the menu already. "She's rude. Can I have a coke?"

"Hey! I am not rude" Ruby protested.

Nicole just rolled her eyes causing Brax to chuckle. "What about the others at your table?"

"April will have lemonade" Ruby added as she turned around. "Mum! Auntie Bi! What do you want to drink?"

Brax smirked as he watched Charlie carefully, her movements as she looked over at the bar, her eyes going wide. It was clear that she hadn't expected to see him there, yet he'd caught her looking for him at what would be his usual table.

"Ruby. Nicole. Go and sit at the table"

Ruby looked at her mother weirdly as she approached the bar. "But I"

"Go" Charlie ordered them.

Nicole shrugged as she pulled on Ruby's right arm, forcing her towards the table, the brunette clearly sensing something wasn't right and not wanting to leave her mother's side willingly.

Charlie looked at Brax with a raised eyebrow. "What are you doing here?"

Brax smirked. "I'm always here when you are"

"No behind the bar!" Charlie retorted in a hushed voice.

Brax exhaled as he leaned against the bar. "I work here, actually invested in Angelo's, always wanted to be a businessman"

Charlie glared. "Brax!"

"Relax, Charlie, it's not like I've told the world our secret. I just work at Angelo's" Charlie just glared at him as she went to walk away; Brax chuckled under his breath as he caught her hand. "Nice girls. Take after their mum"

Charlie reefed her hand from his grasp. "Asshole"

Brax smirked as he looked at her. "Try calling me that tomorrow when we are bed bound" It was said no louder than a whisper and despite the anger she was feeling, Brax noticed the visible blush seep over her cheeks. "Later babe"


Well, what are your thoughts? Read & Review?! Please.

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Chapter Two: Truth.

"We are going to be late, mum!" Ruby whined as she stood impatiently by the door, her backpack jiggling as she bounced up and down. "I have to see, April. Please hurry"

Charlie went to lift her head, banging it on the shelf of the coffee table. "Oww"

Nicole turned around from her spot on the kitchen bench which she was standing on, Ruby was giggling madly as their mother rubbed her head furiously. "I found them" Nicole announced as she stretched up on her tippy toes and grabbed the keys off the shelf by the cookie jar.

"How did theynever mind. Let's go or we'll be late" Charlie muttered as she reached out her hand to help Nicole down.

Ruby rolled her eyes as she looked up at her mother who was locking the front door. "That's what I've been saying!"

"Well maybe if you helped look then we wouldn't be running late, Miss Impatient. Come on into the car"

Nicole glanced across the backseat at her sister. "Yeah! You didn't even attempt to look"

"Did too"

"Did not"

"Did too"

Charlie glanced into the backseat. "Stop it. Did you finish your homework?"

Nicole nodded proudly. "I did"

"Oh oops! I forgot"

"Ruby" Charlie exhaled as she banged her head against the steering wheel. "It's going to be a long day"

"Mum, can we go to Angelo's tonight again for dinner?"


Brax walked out of the bathroom pulling on his black shirt, his back still slightly damp from the shower not that it bothered him. He grabbed the keys to his ute as he looked over at the couch where his younger brother, Casey, sat with a box of cereal.

"Case, you ready?"

Casey looked up, his dark fringe flicking across his forehead. "Do I have to go, Brax?"

Brax exhaled, he really didn't want to have another argument, he was meant to meet up with Charlie in half an hour. "Yes"

Casey groaned as he chucked the box of cereal on the table. "I don't want to go to a new school"

"You'll like Summerbay Primary"

"No I won't, all the kids will be stuck up" Casey muttered.

Brax shook his head as he picked up the ten year olds backpack. "Come on. Let's go"


Brax turned around, glaring. "Casey, I will no argue with you. Get in the car"

Casey stared up at Brax defiantly. "I am not going to school"

"Yes, you are" Brax told him sternly, he pointed in the direction of the front door. "If you don't get in the car then I am cancelling your trip to see, Heath"

Casey's jaw dropped. "You can't do that! He's my brother too!"

Brax sighed, he knew deep down that he wouldn't cancel the trip, it had been ten months since Heath and Casey had last seen each other but he'd had the same argument last night with a lot of screaming. Brax was tired, sending Casey to a new school was meant to get him away from the bad influences of Mangrove River and provide him with an environment that would help him excel. "Come on, Case, do this for me"

Casey stood up, his glare defiant as he walked over to Brax snatching the backpack from his hand. "I hate you"

"I love ya too, mate"


Brax hurried along the balcony towards the hotel room he rented on a permanent basis, smirking when he noticed Charlie was rushing towards him from the right end of the balcony tapping on her phone furiously. "Well. Well. Well. Fancy meeting you here"

Charlie came to a holt as she heard his voice, glaring intensely. "You and I need to talk"

Brax inclined his head. "Is that a demand?"

"It's a fact" Charlie stuck her key in the door and unlocked it; grabbing him by the wrist she dragged him into the room. "You invested in Angelo's ?"

Brax couldn't help the chuckle that escaped his lips as he shut the door and turned to see Charlie standing in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips. He recognised her demeanour, it was cop Charlie. "Does it bother you?"

"Yes. Yes it bothers me!"

Brax leaned against the back of the door with his arms crossed. "Why?"

"Why? Because you know the rules. No talking to my girls. No meeting them" Charlie glared as he stared at her with a smug grin. "You broke the rules"

Brax exhaled as he pulled off the door and walked towards her, taking the bag from her shoulder and chucking it to the side. He smirked at her defiant look as she clearly knew what he was about to do. "Charlie. Charlie. Charlie. You never told me I couldn't meet them, talk to them. You only told me they couldn't know about our secret" Brax whispered against her skin, he stood behind her, his lips grazing over her bare shoulder as he moved the straps of her bra and dress with his left hand.

Charlie stood ridged, not wanting to give into him. "It's the same thing" Charlie didn't want him to meet her girls, she wasn't ready.

Brax would no doubt love them because they were adorable but she wouldn't risk the outcome, her daughters were too precious. They'd been through too much in their short years for her to risk letting them in on a relationship that she wasn't sure would last.

Charlie could feel herself melting as Brax trailed kisses down the back of her neck. "Brax, this is serious"

Brax chuckled. "Relax. My domain remember? Let's get you naked and bed bound, babe. I do believe you called me an 'asshole' last night, am I correct?"

Charlie couldn't contain the small giggle that escaped her lips. "You are. I won't deny it"

Brax shook his head at her honesty as he gently pushed her in the direction of the bed. "How shall we play this? I suppose you deserved to be punished for calling me such a foul name" Brax teased.

"Oh please, my language turns you on" Charlie glanced down at Brax's rather large bulge as he guided her onto her back. "Shall we bring our friend out to play?"

Brax leaned down over her and captured her lips with his, he lightly nipped her bottom lip with his teeth in order for her open her mouth, their tongues moving together passionately as he pulled at the bottom of her dress.

Charlie pulled back from the kiss, smirking at Brax's disgruntled look, he was clearly unhappy about the loss of contact. "Sohow exactly do you plan on punishing me, Mr Braxton?" Charlie mumbled with a naughty glint in her eye.

Brax grinned cheekily. "We'll Miss Buckton; I believe these will come in handy" Brax pulled two silk ties off the bedside table.

Charlie bit her bottom lip, blushing intensely. "Oh I do believe I'll enjoy this"


Leaning back on the sand Charlie couldn't help the grin that was playing on her lips, she was satisfied yet yearning to be in Brax's arms, she wanted him to hold her like he would after every encounter. She wanted to be with him yet it was her that had run away.

Charlie felt like hitting herself in her head, she loved him but didn't want a public relationship, she knew it didn't make sense.

"Geez, Charlz" Charlie glanced up at the sound of Bianca's voice; her blonde best friend was standing over her with a raised eyebrow. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing" Charlie lied as she stood up to join Bianca on her walk.

Bianca clearly didn't look like she believed her. "Seriously, you are trying to lie"

"You lied to me yesterday" Charlie retorted as she brushed the remaining sand from her dress.

Bianca exhaled, she knew she couldn't lie to Charlie but telling the truth bared its own troubles. "I..." Bianca paused as she took a deep breath. "Charlie, what's wrong?"

Charlie glanced out at the ocean as she came to a stop, how could she accuse her best friend of lying when that's what she'd been doing for six months. If the truth was ever going to be told then it needed to start somewhere. "God. Bi. I am seeing someone"

Bianca looked stunned. "Say what?! Charlie, are you serious?"

Charlie nodded slowly. "Yeah. I think I love him"

"Charlie! Who is it? How long have you been seeing him?"

Charlie shook her head. "I can't tell you. Bianca, it will never work between us. I seriously screwed up"

Bianca sighed. "Charlie, how do you know it will never work unless you give it a proper chance? Love is complicated to say the least but you have to be willing to give it a shot. You deserve to be happy, I know that better than anyone" Bianca wrapped an arm around Charlie's waist as she leaned on her best friends shoulder. "You gave up so much for me. You literally did something unimaginable. I need you to be happy, Charlie and I don't care who he is, if he can give you everything you have ever wanted then I will make him my new brother"

Charlie leaned heavily against Bianca as she let the words sink in. What she had done all those years ago had cost her a lot of happiness, a lot of family but it had also brought so much joy and love to her life that it hadn't mattered at the time. But looking at Brax, feeling the emotions sparking through her, she was being to wonder if Brax was the real deal, if it was time to just let herself fall.


Well, what are your thoughts? Read & Review?! Please.

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Thanks for the reviews! :)

Chapter Three: Discovered.

Bianca rolled over whimpering softly as her tender stomach came into contact with the mattress. Looking at the alarm clock on the bedside table she could see it read six am.

The shower was turning off which meant Liam was already up, a sigh of relief escaped her lips knowing he wasn't beside her but it meant that she would have to listen to his apologies over what occurred last night.


Bianca winced as April jumped onto the bed and crawled under the covers, facing her mother with a look of concern. "Good morning, sweetheart"

April smiled shyly. "Are you hurt?"

"No" Bianca lied; she didn't want April to know about what had happened last night. It wasn't a burden she wanted the young girl to carry. "I'm fine"

April scrunched up her nose. "Liar"

"What did you just call your mother?"

April flinched at the sound of Liam's voice, turning her head slightly but refusing to meet his eye. "Nothing, Sir"

Liam glared. "That's what I thought. What are you doing in our bed? Get ready for school" Liam demanded.

April pecked her mother on the cheek before scrambling off the bed and dashing out the door before she could endure a scolding from Liam.

The tears flowed down her cheeks once she was in the safety of her own room. Liam had come into their lives when she was five, at first he had seemed loving and April had thought that he would potentially be her new father but now it was different. April wished for the day that Liam would leave for tour and never return.


Charlie picked up her phone, smiling when she noticed Brax's name flashing on the screen indicating she had a text message from him.

Morning Baby! Ugh, you filled my dreams with that delicious body of yours. We meeting up today? – D

Charlie giggled as she furiously tapped her screen. Oh handsome. Delicious body, please be more original. I can't do today, I am hanging with Bianca. Tomorrow? – C

Sorry baby, I miss that gorgeous body of yours. Seriously? I miss your booty! ;) – D

Charlie leaned back against her pillows grinning; the nickname baby was all it took for her to break out in an infectious smile. My booty? Is that all I'm good for? – C

Your smile is pretty awesome – D

Aren't you just adorable! – C

Charlie laughed quietly to herself knowingly; Brax didn't think he was adorable. According to him a man should never be called anything other than handsome or sexy; it simply worked in his favour considering he was both.

Did you just call me adorable? *Angry face*- D

Angry face, really? Okay, I give. You're cute! – C

Oh no you didn't. I am a Riverboy! – D

Charlie smirked as she tapped her phone screen once again. My adorably cute Riverboy! – C

Enough! *Warning face* If you are intent on teasing me then how about this, my little vixen. If you were here in bed with me, lying beside me naked, I would lean down and taste your sweetness – D

Charlie smirked. Two can play at this game, baby. As I am lying here in my empty bed I am thinking about your hard manhood slipping into my wetness. Have a good day, handsome – C

Charlie dropped her phone down beside her even though she didn't want to admit it his text message bothered her a little more than it should have. Her mind escaping to an image where they would both be lying in bed entwined and naked, his hand caressing her body.


Charlie giggled madly to herself as the lady cook on tv was covered with flour; it wasn't because it was funny but more so because it was something that would likely happen to her. Bianca sat beside her with a rather large mug of coffee in her hands, the look on her face clearly stated that Charlie was insane.


Bianca shook her head, a small grin forming on her face. "You're crazy"

"Cray Cray"

Bianca raised an eyebrow. "What?"

Charlie shrugged. "Isn't that how the kids are saying it these days?"

Both ladies broke out giggling as Charlie tried to be hip, it simply didn't work. "Oh god, Charlie, don't even"

"Yeah mum, that was bad"

Charlie glanced over at the front door where eleven year old, Nicole and ten year old, Ruby stood. They were blushing red, clearly embarrassed as they had a friend standing behind them along with April who was simply trying to contain a giggle. "Oh come on, can't I say 'Cray Cray'?"

Ruby shook her head. "No. Just no. Never. Okay, mum?"

Charlie laughed. "Are my daughters embarrassed?"

"Yes. Yes, we are" Nicole confirmed as she dumped her bag on the floor. "You are not even cool, mum"

Charlie rolled her eyes dramatically. "Here I was thinking I was the coolest, mum"

"Auntie Bi, is cooler then you" Ruby teased.

Bianca laughed as she fist pumped the air. "Score!"

April giggled as she turned to face the boy standing beside her in the doorway. "Sorry we brought you here; they're like little kids"

"Hey!" Bianca exclaimed.

Charlie raised her eyebrow playfully as she glared at April. "I heard that, little bae"

Nicole groaned. "I'm going to my room before mum kills us all with embarrassment. Coming Ap?"

April nodded. "Yeah. Let's runaway"

"Don't forget your toothbrush if your running away" Bianca called down the hallway.

"Auntie Bi!"


Ruby giggled as she bumped knuckles with her Aunt. "Bad comeback but quick" Ruby told her as she motioned for her friend to come into the house. "This is my mum, Charlie and my Auntie Bianca" Ruby introduced. "Mum, Auntie, this is Casey"

Charlie smiled as she sat up on the couch, looking over the back of it as she turned to the young boy. "Nice to meet you, Casey. Do your parents know you're here?"

Casey nodded. "My brother does"

Charlie turned to Ruby. "You're ten, I let you walk home from school once and you bring home a friend. I don't mind but please remember to ask"

Ruby shrugged her shoulder as she dumped the backpack she was carrying onto the floor by the couch. "Casey has only been at our school for one week and we are working on a volcano together. Can you help?"

Charlie bit her bottom lip, she wasn't very artistic. "Woah. I got this. Volcanos are my thing, how could you forget me?" Bianca asked Ruby as though it wasn't logical to ask anyone but her.

Charlie snorted. "Oh you mean the disaster of a 2003?"

Bianca turned to her mocking offence. "We were fourteen! How was I supposed to know that it would explode in the car?"

Charlie rolled her eyes as she looked over at her daughter, Ruby was giggling madly at the sight of her Auntie trying to defend herself, Casey was beside her grinning widely.

"It exploded in the car?" Casey asked curiously as he swung on the heels of his feet, the backpack in his hands jiggling.

Charlie nodded. "Yup. Her mother was so angry"

"Only because it completely ruined her white dress, not like it mattered. That old thing looked like it was made in the early fifties" Bianca pointed out.

Casey laughed. "I love your family, Rubes"


Bianca clasped her hands together as she plopped down into the kitchen chair, looking down at her bag she noticed her phone sticking slightly out it was alight with yet another text message from Liam. Exhaling Bianca picked it up and looked down at the screen.

Where r u? - L

Still at Charlie's. Helping kids with science project – B

I'm goin' 2 the city 2nite – L

Have fun! - B

Bianca shook her head in relief that she wouldn't have to deal with Liam when she returned home. He'd been back for nine days and was already getting ready to head up the coast for a few weeks. It wasn't that Bianca minded because when he left it was like a rush of freedom.

"Who's that? You look like you've won the lottery in which case I expect you to share"

Bianca glanced up at the sound of Charlie's voice to see her standing at the kitchen counter chopping vegetables. Placing a hand over her heart, Bianca took a deep breath. "I didn't even know you were there"

Charlie smiled. "So…"

"I could ask you the same question. Is that mystery man?" Bianca indicated to the phone that was lighting up on the bench.

Charlie shrugged. "So what if it is. I am taking your advice"

"Good" Bianca agreed, placing her feet up on the chair to her left. "When do I get to meet him?"

"You don't"

Bianca looked appalled. "What? Why not?"

Charlie smiled as she placed the carrots into a small pot on the stove. "Because I want him to myself"

"Come on, Charlie. It's not like I am about to go out and steal your boyfriend"

"I should hope not. You have your own"

Bianca poked her tongue out childishly. "Can I at least know his name?"

Charlie pulled her head out of the fridge she was digging through and shook her head. "Nope"

"Why not?!"

"Because you'd hunt down every guy in Summerbay with the same name until you found the one I'm dating. Not that you would"

Bianca raised her eyebrow. "I take that to mean he doesn't live in Summerbay. Where's he from, Yabbie Creek, Mangrove River?"

"Not telling" Charlie told her sternly as the doorbell rang. "That will be Casey's brother, think you can watch the vegies and stay out of trouble"

"God, you're so funny" Bianca muttered sarcastically as she hopped off the chair.

Charlie walked towards the door and gripped the door handle; she took a moment to compose herself knowing it was time to act like a parent instead of the bickering childishly like she had been with Bianca. Pulling the door open swiftly Charlie gaped at the sight in front of her, Brax was standing with his finger pointed as though he was going to ring the doorbell yet again.

Charlie glared as she snuck a look behind her to make sure no one was in the room. "What the hell are you doing here?" Charlie hissed.

She wouldn't deny the emotions of anger that had spread through her body, she'd never disclosed to Brax where she lived and made it clear that he was never to come to her home under any circumstances as her girls were usually home with her.

Brax smirked. "Is that how you greet all your guests?"

"Don't! I told you never to come here. How do you even know where I live?"

"I have your address"

Charlie used her right hand to push him outside; taking a step out into the warm night air she shut the door a fraction behind her. "Did you look at my driver's licence? Geez Brax!"

Brax looked at her; he was slightly confused by her accusation. "What? No, of course not"

Charlie arched her eyebrow. "Then how do you know where I live?"

"I was given the address"

"By who?" Charlie demanded to know, she was trying to keep her voice down but it was rising by the second in frustration.

Brax cocked his eyebrow in a challenging manor. "My brother. Is he here or what?"

Charlie stared at him slightly stunned. Brother? That didn't sound right; Charlie assumed Brax didn't have any family as he didn't talk about them. "Brother? Casey is your brother?" Charlie asked for confirmation.

Brax nodded slowly. "Yea. Charlie, what the hell has gotten into you? It's not like you opened your door and I jumped you"

Charlie exhaled. "My girls are instead and um, so is my best friend. Just be normal" Charlie muttered as she went to open the door.

Brax flexed out and grabbed her right hand, spinning her back in his direction and flush against his body. "How about a kiss?"

"How about no" Charlie pulled back. "My girls remember"

"Are behind a closed door" Brax retaliated. "How about a kiss?"

Charlie looked up; she recognised the look in his eye. Breathing deeply she leaned up and brushed her lips against his cheek before pulling away. "There you go"

"What was that?" Brax looked at her questionably; clearly he didn't like what she had done.

Charlie smirked. "You wanted a kiss. You got one" Charlie shrugged cheekily as she opened the door. "Come in. Casey, your brother is here"

"Don't you mean your boyfriend" Bianca grinned widely from the arm chair in the living room, her feet swinging over the arm of the chair. "You guys should have been quieter" Bianca joked as she looked at her best friend.

A blush covered Charlie's face as she looked back at Brax who was standing in the doorway grinning smugly. It annoyed her to know that he was happy as this was what he had been waiting for. He had been waiting months for someone to find out about them.

"A Riverboy. I never would have picked it" Bianca mused to herself as she looked at Brax. "So, did she kiss you or what?"


Well, what are your thoughts? Read & Review?! Please.

Couple of quick questions which I would appreciate if you answered:

- Is there any specific characters you would like to see?

Of course characters like, Heath and Kyle will appear.

- What do you think Bianca and Charlie planned in the past? What do you think Charlie did to help Bianca?

I am kind of curious as to your thoughts on this.

- And last of all: I am not going for your typical CHAX story, with straight up marriage and kids. Though marriage might be in their future ;) Would you like to see CHAX kids?

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Great chapter and to answer your questions i would like to see Tamara and well I'm not sure about question number 2 that's up to you and its a yes to question number 3 update again soon :)

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Thankyou for the review! :)

Chapter Four: Truth Out.

Bianca glanced up startled as the front door shut loudly, her eyes darted back to the piece of paper in front of her knowing that it was Liam who had returned home. Quickly she stuffed the paper back into the envelope and sealed it shut, placing it back with all the other mail as though it hadn't been touched.

What she had read terrified her; she already had enough to balance with April, work and keeping the house clean that she couldn't bear the thought of adding to that responsibility.

Liam dumped his bags down by the kitchen stools as he came into the kitchen. "Sup babe"

Bianca glanced up. "How was your night?" The words were expressed with such politeness, that Liam smiled at her for once.

"Ah, it was intriguing" He walked around the bench and advanced towards her taking the cup from her hand. "I don't think I apologized for the other night"

Bianca mustered up a small fake smile. "No need to. Accidents happen, right?"

Liam nodded. "Right. What's the time, it's still early isn't it?"

"It's six"

Liam's eyes darkened slightly. "Well you should get started on breakfast. I'll wake the kid"

Bianca eyes darted towards April's bedroom door as Liam turned around, thinking fast she picked up the letter she had held before. "Actually baby, let me do that. This was here when I got home last night"

Liam glanced back at the envelope in her hands. "Fan mail?"

Bianca swallowed, it was certainly wasn't a letter from a fan. "I'm unsure. I wouldn't open your mail"

Liam snatched the letter from her hands and planted a sloppy kiss on her cheek. "Good. You better not. I'll wake the kid. Get started on breakfast"

Bianca cringed as he walked in the direction of April's room. "Of course"

"Oi" Liam grunted as he opened the door, he was looking at April who sat up in bed with a book in her lap. "Get out and help your mother"

April jumped off the bed and hesitantly headed to the door, her whole body shook when he placed his arm across the doorframe to prevent her from exiting.

Liam glanced down, glaring at the ten year old. "What have I told you about shutting this door?"

"Not too" April squeaked fearfully.

Bianca glanced up from the eggs she was holding. "I told her too, I was watching tv last night and I wanted her in bed"

Liam didn't turn to acknowledge Bianca, his eyes focused solely on April. "I don't care about the tv. If you're told to go to bed then you go without shutting the door. Got that?" His words sharp.

April bounced her head up and down. "Yes Sir" She answered him timidly.

Liam dropped his arm but as April passed him, he whacked her across the back of her head. "Don't cry"

April blinked back her tears as she hurried over to her mother. "I'm sorry, mum"

Bianca embraced April in a tight hug aware Liam was now in their bedroom. "You did nothing wrong baby" Bianca murmured as she kissed her little girl on the top of her head. "How about scrambled eggs for breakfast? You're favourite"

April glanced up; her hands wringing nervously in front of her as she so deeply wanted to rub away the pain in her head but feared what Liam would do if he caught her. "Okay. Yummy"


Charlie groaned as she rolled over in her bed, her phone beeping loudly under her pillow. Reaching under she fumbled with it sleepily as she rubbed her eyes with her right hand. Propping herself up on her elbow she turned to adjust to the bright screen

"Better be bloody important" Charlie mumbled to herself as she looked down at the text message flashing on the screen.

New development in the case. Station: 9am – Joyce

Charlie exhaled as she let her head drop back into the pillows. Work wasn't even close to where she wanted to be. Looking at the time on the screen it read six thirty. Opening her messages she pulled up Bianca name, the blonde wasn't going to be happy.

Got called into work. Take the girls to school, ugh, and this massive volcano you built – C

The reply was almost instant and it made Charlie slightly curious as to what Bianca had been doing up so early. Really? I got work as well. Plus I ain't taking a volcano in my car – B

Charlie giggled to herself softly. Afraid it will explode? – C

You got to let that go, Charlz! ;) Alright, fine. I'll be at yours at eight. We on for dinner tonight? We need to talk about, Mr Riverboy – B

Charlie fingers flew across the screen furiously, tapping loudly. The last thing she wanted was to sit down with Bianca and discuss Brax. No we don't! – C

Yes we do! Dinner. 6. Tonight. Angelo's. Be there! – B

Charlie turned her head into her pillow to muffle the quiet scream that came from her lips. Bianca wasn't going to let it go. Not Angelo's! How about drinks at mine? Irene could have the girls – C

I'll ask her when I get my coffee. You can tell me why we can't go to Angelo's after ;) – B


Charlie glanced into the mirror, her eyes meeting Nicole's as she stood in the doorway brushing her blonde hair. Charlie couldn't help the small smile that graced her lips, Nicole was not biologically her daughter but the young girl didn't know that. She was too young to remember a time when Charlie wasn't in her life.

"Yes, honey?"

Nicole sighed as she stepping to the room. "Grandma and Granddad called last night. They want me to stay with them for the school holidays"

Charlie held the groan that was threatening to escape her lips. It wasn't that she hated Roman's parents; it was just that they had a problem with how she raised Nicole. They were firm believers in a strict upbringing. Nicole didn't like going there but as the court had ordered she was to spend one weekend with them every two months. "They did?"

Nicole nodded. "I'm not sure I want to go this time, mum"

Charlie exhaled as she tucked her shirt in at the front and turned around. "Nic, honey, you know that we don't really have a choice"

"Can't I just stay there for the weekend like normal?"

Charlie approached the eleven year old, smiling sadly. "You know they get one week at the end of year school holidays. I'm sorry. I can talk to them, try to make them understand"

Nicole looked up hopefully. "Please? I really want to stay with you and Rubes. I always miss out on the fun stuff when I go"

"That's not true, sweetheart" Charlie murmured as she motioned for Nicole to turn around, taking the brush from her hands. "Ruby and I miss you when you go and we always wait for you to come home before we do anything big"

Nicole fiddled with the bottom of her dress. "Last year you went to the Zoo and Aquarium without me. I didn't get to do anything like that. Grandma made me go to book club"

Charlie finished tying Nicole's hair up and placed her hands on the young girls' shoulders. "Well this year Ruby and I will have no fun until you get back"

"What?!" Ruby stood in the doorway with her mouth open.

Nicole pouted. "Please Ruby?"

Charlie smiled at her girls. "I'll call your grandparents and see if I can work something out. Are you both ready for school?"

Ruby nodded as she spun around in a circle to show her mother that she was ready. "I even did my homework!" Ruby announced proudly.

Charlie and Nicole looked at each other in disbelief before giggling.

"Hey! I did!" Ruby called out in mock offence but soon found herself joining in the laughter.


Brax was washing the dishes when he looked up upon hearing the sound of high heels clicking along the kitchen floor, his mother stood before him looking worn out from pulling an all nighter at the office.


Cheryl Braxton glanced up at her oldest sons greeting. "Hey mate, did Case get off to school okay?"

Brax nodded as he picked up the towel to dry his hands. "You got the day off?"

"No. Just here to refresh, I'll head back in an hour"

Brax shook his head. "I don't know why you keep doing this to yourself"

Cheryl sighed as she sat down on the stool and took her heels off, rubbing her feet to sooth the aching. "You know why. If I don't pay off the debts your father left then we will never be able to move out of Mangrove River"

"I invested in Angelo's. We can afford to move to Summerbay'

Cheryl raised her eyebrow. "On your money. What kind of mother am I if I can't provide a home for Casey? Another six months and I'll be able to afford it"

Brax chucked the towel down on the bench as he walked towards her. "What kind of mother will you be if you run yourself into the ground, you can't keep pulling all nighters"

"The work keeps piling up. I still have sixteen boxes to file away before next Friday"

Brax leaned down and kissed her cheek. "Just…Just try to be home for dinner. I'm heading out"

Cheryl rubbed her forehead. "Have you heard from Heath?"

Brax froze. "Uh, no"


Brax sighed at the warning tone in his mother's voice, turning back around to face her; he cringed internally at the sadness in her expression. "He called Monday night. He's fine. Teegs and Darce are doing well"

Cheryl nodded. "I wish he'd listen to me"

"He just needs time. I've always known about Case but he…" Brax took a deep breath. "Heath didn't know, mum. He just didn't expect it and now he's faced with having to lie. He moved so he wouldn't have to spend every day lying to Casey"

Cheryl stood up, blinking back the tears in her eyes. "I know. Have a good day, mate"

Brax smiled sadly. "I love ya, Ma"

"I love you too"


Charlie dragged her feet as she walked down the sandy path towards the diner; her thoughts were focused on Brax. The thought of going into work and dealing with the latest drug trafficking scheme was nowhere near as appealing as spending the day in bed with him, the things they could do with a whole day to themselves, the amount of positions they could try.

Feeling two large hands surrounding her waist caused Charlie to let out a loud shriek, spinning around she glared at Brax who was staring at her smugly. "You idiot!"

"Hi baby"

Charlie pulled away from him and crossed her arms over her chest. "What do you think you are doing? We are in a public place, not the hotel, Brax"

Brax inclined his head as he cocked an eyebrow. "Oh please, we are on a deserted path"

Charlie looked around noticing that he was correct. Turning back she saw his smug grin. "Shut up"

"I told you so" Brax muttered as he pulled her towards him, leaning down he rested his forehead against hers. "Lookin' hot today, Sarg"

Charlie reached up to place her arms around his neck. "Is that so?"

"Hmmm" Brax hummed as he tugged gently on the side of her shirt. "Pity I can't take these off and have my way with you"

Charlie giggled. "Having sex on a public path is illegal, Brax" Charlie rolled her eyes.

"Well who said I was a law abiding citizen?"

Charlie shook her head as Brax moved his hand up her back slowly until she was pressed firmly against him. "I can't. Not here"

"It's just a kiss" Brax breathed as he leaned down and captured her lips in a bruising kiss.

Charlie placed her hands on his shoulders, gripping tightly. Brax's full lips moved against hers as though he hadn't tasted her in weeks. "Brax" Charlie moaned as she felt his left hand brush the side of her breast through her shirt.

Brax chuckled as he pulled back, his right hand making its way to the back of her neck so he could pull her in for a deeper kiss. "I love it when you moan my name,


Charlie bit back her retort as she saw the movement out of the corner of her eye. "Oh my god! ****. ****" Charlie pulled out of Brax's arms forcefully as she started storming down the path.

Brax shook his head in a confused manor as he hurried after her. "Charlie. Baby. What are you doing?" Brax muttered as he noticed her looking frantically around the car park. "Charlie?" He exhaled as she started to head out into the car park. "Charlotte!"

Charlie froze in her spot momentarily before turning round to glare. "What?! Can't you see I am doing damage control?"

"What the **** are you talking about?" Brax asked while looking around as if he was meant to be seeing someone but wasn't.

"She saw us!"

Brax paused, his heart rate increasing as he looked at Charlie with a raised eyebrow. "Who saw us?"

Charlie sighed exasperated. "Colleen!"

"Ooh" Brax muttered as Charlie stormed off towards the diner, he followed after her quickly.

Charlie spotted Colleen the moment she entered the diner, she was giving her a disapprovingly look as she stood behind the counter beside Irene. Charlie almost had a heartattack, Irene had been so good to her since the birth of Ruby that she couldn't bare for the older woman to find out secondhand, if anyone was going to tell her about the relationship with Brax then Charlie wanted it to be her.

"Sergeant Buckton! How dare you, you are supposed to be upholding the law" Colleen waved her hands around as she stared at Brax. "You are fraternizing with criminals"

Brax smirked smugly. "I don't have a criminal record. Do I Sergeant Buckton?"

Charlie elbowed him in the ribs. "Not helping!" Charlie muttered as she turned back to Colleen. "I don't think it's anyones business who I associate myself with"

Colleen shook her head. "You are an officer of the law. It is a disgrace to your name and your fathers"

Charlie winced at the remark; she didn't speak to either of her parents anymore. She hadn't spoken to them in many years yet it still affected her when people brought them up.

"Oh for heaven's sake woman, would you leave the poor girl alone" Irene exhaled as she looked at her friend. "It's Charlie's business. Not yours. Butt out" Irene's voice was firm; it caused Colleen to fluster as she rushed back into the kitchen. '

Charlie smiled at Irene softly. "Thank-you"

"You're welcome, darl" Irene turned to look at Brax. "Listen here buddy, you can date her but you hurt her and you'll face my wrath"

Charlie suppressed a giggle as Brax nodded curtly. "Of course but I won't hurt her"

"She is going to spread that all around town isn't she?" Charlie bit her bottom lip as she glanced into the kitchen where Colleen stood on the phone.

Irene sighed. "I'll keep her quiet for as long as I can but I would suggest you tell Nicole and Ruby"

Charlie nodded, that wasn't something she wanted to do. As soon as the girls found out they would want to meet Brax properly. "Yeah. I better get to work. Thanks again, Irene"

"I'll see you tonight, darl"


Well, what are your thoughts? Read & Review?! Please

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