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Sweet Child O Mine

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Title: sweet child o mine

Type of story: long fic

Genre: drama

Rating: A

Characters: Brax, Kyle, OC'S

Spoilers: no

Warnings: adult themes

Plot: An old girlfriend of Brax shows up with a bombshell


"Darryl Braxton" a soft female voice said, Brax turned to find a woman his age standing in his doorway

"Do I know you?" He asked

She smiled, shook her head and took off her sunglasses

"Didn't think you'd remember me" she said

"Brandy" Brax said surprised to see her

"Wow if it isn't the girl that broke my heart" Brax said

"Bit hard to break your heart, Darryl, when you don't have one" she replied

"I guess I deserved that" Brax smiled remembering how feisty she can be.

"You guess" she she tilting her heard

"Look, brandy, it's been what 20 years, what do want from me?" Brax asked her

"23, actually" she corrected

Brax folded his arms and said 23 sarcastically under his breath.

"I need to talk to your dad, I was wondering if you could help me" she asked

"Sorry can't help you there" Brax told her

"Why not?" She asked

"Because he's dead"

"Sorry" she said after a while

"What did you want with him?" Brax asked

"Information on our child" she told him

"What child" Brax asked angrily

"23 years ago I discovered I was pregnant, you had just cheated on me. I ask your dad if he could help me he found a lady in Melbourne who wanted a child so I sold him" Brandy said


"It was a boy, Brax" she told him

"Well dad never mentioned anything to me" Brax said looking down he was upset and angry at the same time. Somewhere in Melbourne he had a son

He looked up

"Kyle" he said


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"So you're saying the guy you've known as your brother for the past two years is really our son" Brandy said

"That's my dad for ya" Brax replied looking at a photo of Kyle

"This makes no sense" she said taking the photo off Brax and looking at it

"I makes perfect sense, dad tricked Kyle into helping frame Casey telling him he was the father he longed for for years knowing that It was possible for it to lead to me killing my own son, that was he's revenge for me standing up to him. Only it didn't exactly play out how he thought it would" Brax put all the pieces together as he punched the wall

"That's messed up" Brandy said "I guess he does look like us" she added

"What do you want with him?" Brax asked

"I carry a disease that he most likely carries and he'll pass on to his children. Thought he might like to know" she told him

"What's so urgent" Kyle said standing in the doorway

"Mate, sit down" Brax said to him

"What's going on?" Kyle asked

"Kyle, mate, this is Brandy we had kid together years ago, mate were pretty sure that kid was you" Brax told him

"Pretty sure" Kyle replied

"Fine, very sure" Brax told him

Kyle said nothing

"Hey can I understand if your upset or angry I know I am"

Kyle still said nothing

"Mate, can you tell what you're thinking" Brax said grabbing Kyle's arm but he shook himself free.

Kyle looked at the woman who was suppost to be his mother

"I gotta get some air" Kyle said walking out


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Brax sat on the arm of the couch watching Kyle sleeping

"How you holding up?" Ricky asked Brax

"Ssshh" Brax said

"How you holding up?" Ricky asked again in a lower voice

"It's not me you should be worried about, he hasn't spoken a word since I told him"

"He will" she reassured him

"I should've know, a father is suppost to know their own kid" Brax told her

She could see Brax was running his fingers through his hair.

"How could you know, Brax? You were told he was your brother" Ricky said

"You know, there's a lot I actually have never bothered to ask about him"

"Brax, he's not going anywhere. There's plenty of time for that" Brax said

Brax was looking down at him

"He looks so innocent" Brax said just a Kyle let out a snort

"You were saying?" Ricky smiled

"He must get that from his mother" Brax told her


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"Hey, can we talk" Brax asked Kyle who was getting ready for work

"Can it wait til after work" Kyle replied

"Nah, not really" Brax said

"What do you want from me, Bra... I don't even know what to call you" Kyle said

"Look mate, I know how hard this is for you, it is for me too" Brax

"Just give me time til I work out how I'm meant to act or what I'm meant to say around you" Kyle told him

"Nothing has to change" Brax said

"It already has" Kyle replied walking towards the door.

He stopped in the doorway

"Am I just gonna be a cheap replacement for Casey, I know he was like a son to you" Kyle asked Brax

Brax said nothing and Kyle walked out the door


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