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Surfer Boy

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Title: surfer boy

Type of story: long Fic

Genre: drama

Rating: A

Cast: Ryan, OC'S

Spoilers: no

Warnings: violence, language, adult themes

Plot: an old face from Leah's past arrives in the bay bringing trouble


"Leah" A teenage surfer boy with long blonde curly hair tied back.

"Ryan, oh my god look how big you are" Leah said hugging him

"That happens" he said hugging back

"How's your mum?" She asked

"Surprised you care, I might have young but I remember how horrible she was to you" he replied

"And there was also the times when she was nice" Leah said

"Well she's ok I guess, her and uncle Pete are getting a divorce" Ryan told her

"Please tell me she didn't" Leah said

"Cheat?, no he did" Ryan replied

"Really? Peter" Leah was surprised

"Work colleague" Ryan told her

"And Lexie, how's she" Leah asked

"She's good, I don't think she understands what's going on" he said

"Got a place to stay?" Leah asked

"My car" he replied

"You can stay at my place, it'll have to be the couch though" she said

"Thanks" he said


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