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Hungry Like The Wolf

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Title: hungry like like wolf

Type of story: long Fic

Genre: drama

Rating: A

Cast: Belle, OC'S

Spoilers: yes for non Aussie viewers

Warnings: language, violence, adult themes

Plot: after Casey's death Brax enlists the Jake's wayward sister Belle to help find him but can he trust her.


Brax sat on the couch in the flat thinking about Casey when he was a kid. He listened to Kyle, Phoebe, Denny and Ricky's voices in the lounge he heard footsteps

"Brax around?" A tall blonde slim girl said standing in the doorway

"He's not seeing anyone right now" Ricky told her

"You came" Brax said opening the door behind her

"You called" she replied

"Come in" Brax her

She stood awkwardly once she entered the flat.

"Do you know the reason I asked you here?" Brax asked her

"Am I going to die tonight?" She asked him

"Nah" he said shaking his head "I thought about it, but something told me Jake wouldn't care if you died" Brax told her

"Then why am I here?" She asked

"I need you to help me find him" Brax told her

"I have no idea where he could be" she said with a laugh

"Do you know any of his connections?"

"None that'll talk to me" she told him

"Well that's more that I got I know one and I don't have his last name?" Brax stressed

"What's his name?" She asked


She looked up

"Cody Dalton?" She asked

"I dunno he was short with brown hair" Brax told her

"Yeah, that's him. Do you know where he is now?" She asked him

"No idea" he told her

"Well maybe start with the guy Andy bloke then" she said

Kyle knocked on the door and entered the flat.

Brax your mum is on the phone

Belle got up and walked towards the door

"You must be Danny's little devil spawn that Cheryl's told all of Mangrove River about, you're cuter than she I thought you'd be" she said


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