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The Best Part Of Me

Guest Koebe

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Story Title: Best Part Of Me

Type of story: Medium/Long Fic

Main Characters: Kyle, Phoebe, Casey, Heath, Brax

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Romance, Drama, Heartbreak, Romance, Comedy (If I can think of any)

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: SC, L, VD

Summary: Phoebe came to the bay to find Kyle, she never did. Instead he found a Kyle who had changed. A lot. They tried to make it work but it didn't. So she left. Leaving her heartbroken and Kyle destroyed.

Hey everybody! I've ben working on this on/off since Phoebe left so I thought I'd upload it. Hope you all enjoy and that it inspires you all to write some Koebe fics because they're amazing. Also sorry for the short chapter they will get longer as time goes on.

Phoebe is 23 (November 17 1990)

Kyle is 24 (January 13 1990)

Heath is 29 (March 4 1985)

Brax is 32 (March 1 1982)

Ricky is 30 (January 28 1984)

Bianca is 28 (September 22 1985)

Casey is 21 (September 30 1992)

Denny is 21 (December 12 1992)

6 weeks after Phoebe left.

"What are you doing? Kyle? Kyle." Casey tried to get the older boys attention.

Kyle seemingly ignoring him continued shoving objects into a bag and rustle through papers.

"Yo! Kyle!" Casey yelled, snapping him back to reality.

"I'm leaving. Going to back to Melbourne." Kyle threw his words towards Casey before rushing out of the living room, returning a few seconds later with another bag in hand.


Kyle finally stopped and nodded, "I love her Case."

Casey grinned, "Well then I guess this is goodbye then?"


2 Weeks Later

"What the hell are you doing here?" Casey rubbed sleep from his eye as he stared at Kyle sitting on the couch.

"I live here" Kyle grumbled staring intently at his hands.

Casey, sensing not to push him just sat down on the other free chair.

After a few moments of silence Kyle gave in, "I couldn't find her. I looked everywhere and I srill couldn't find her."

Casey seeing his brother so down, felt his stomach turn - Any idiot could tell how much Kyle loved Phoebe. The girl was crazy but Kyle was so much crazier for her, they had a connection that whenever you were with the two you could feel surrounding you.

"Mate..." Casey was cut off by Kyle shaking his head.

Casey watched as Kyle shut his eyes, leaning his head against the back of the sofa and letting out a heavy sigh before drifting off into sleep. The guilt of letting Phoebe go evidently eating him up.

Casey frowned, he and Kyle hadn't always seen eye-to-eye but in recent months they'd gotten closer and he'd never seen Kyle smile as much as he did when Phoebe was around. Spotting Kyle's phone in his front pocket Casey leant forward and carefully removed it, praying Kyle didn't wake up to see the two in such an awkward position. Beginning to scroll through Kyle's contacts he pulled out his own phone preparing to type Phoebe number into it.

Wandering into the kitchen Casey listened as the ring tone finally stopped and Phoebe's voice could be heard, "Hello?"

"Phoebe, its Casey. Please do..."


Casey nodded, forgetting she couldn't see him. "I mean. Braxton, Casey. Kyle's brother."

"How'd you get my number?" Casey heard Phoebe's voice crack mid-sentence.

"Kyle's phone. Look please don't hang up but he needs you and I don't know where you were when he went to Melbourne but he looked everywhere he could think of and..."

"He came to Melbourne? Why?" Casey was beginning to notice this girl had a habit of cutting people off.

"Because he loves you. You didn't know he was in town?"

Phoebe sighed, "No. I've been busy."

Her short answer had Casey worried she was preparing to end their phone call, "Phoebe please come back. I'll book you a plane ticket now for tomorrow if you agree."


"Phoebe please. Kyle needs you."

"No, don't bother about the ticket. I'm already coming back, I'm about 2 hours away." Casey smiled at her words.

"What? You are? Why? I mean that's great. Where are you staying?"

"I'll figure it out when I get there."

Casey wasn't going to have his brothers girlfriend/ex-girlfriend/friend/girl he was in love with sleep at a random hotel, "No come here. Brax's gone away for the week, I'll take his bed and you can have my room. Kyle'd have my head if I let you stay anywhere but here."

Phoebe paused for minute before giving a sincere, "Thanks Casey."

"Its alright. I'll see you when you get here."

Casey hung up the phone before moving onto his next mission, getting Kyle out of the living room.

"Kyle, Kylie wake up!" Casey lifted his leg and gave his brother a kick.

"What? Ow Case." Kyle rubbed his leg where where Casey's foot had previously been.

Casey watched his brother carefully, internally debating whether or not he should tell him about Phoebe retuning.

"Do you want to talk about what happened in Melbourne?" Casey asked, already knowing the answer.

"Nope. I'm going to bed." Kyle grumbled before leaving the living room.

A few hours later Casey jumped from the couch as a light knock came from the door.

"Phoebe! It's so good to see you." Casey pulled the woman into a hug.

Phoebe's eyes widened, the two of them hadn't been particularly close, "Umm yeah. You too."

Casey didn't seem to seeing his enthusiasm for her arrival as strange, "Come in."

Phoebe walked in slowly and took a seat on the sofa. The two sat side by side neither let any words escape.

Casey was the first to break the awkwardness, "I changed the sheets."

Phoebe stared at him blankly, "The sheets. On my bed, you can sleep there unless you and Kyle.." Casey left Kyle's name hanging in the air as he trailed off, not really knowing what to say to the girl.

"Does he know I'm here?" Phoebe asked quietly.

Casey shook his head and relief visibly washed over Phoebe.

"Phoebe, Kyle loves you. I've never seen him happier than when he's with you. Please don't let Brax, Heath and I ruin that for you."

Casey pulled her closer to him and wrapped an arm around her as she began crying.

"Hey, shhhh. It okay." Casey mumbled trying to console her.

Phoebe started to wipe away the fallen tears, embarrassed by her outburst.

Seeing that she had calmed down Casey decided to ask the question he really wanted the answer to, "Phoebe, on the phone you said you were already coming back. Why?"

Phoebe inhaled deeply, "Casey, I'm Pregnant."

Casey's eyes widened.

"You're pregnant?" The words that Casey had been thinking echoed around the room. Casey turned to face the source of the sound, shirtless Kyle standing in the doorway looking twice as shocked and confused as Casey was feeling.

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Thank you so much Jarliefanever and RomeoandIndi forever.

I know this one is super short but with two children, its kind of hard to find the time to breathe sometimes let alone write! I will write longer updates I promise! There should be one coming in about two days which should be at least 1000+ words.


"Kyle, I.." Phoebe's voice broke as she looked at Kyle.

He stood in the door way, not having yet moved.

"Is it..is it mine?" Kyle's voice was just above a whisper.

"Of course" Phoebe nodded.

"I'll leave you two to talk," Casey slowly got up and made his way towards the hallway, "Don't forget you love her" He whispered as he walked past Kyle.

The former couple sat side by side, neither knowing where to start. "How, how far along are you?"

"I'm 13 weeks," Kyle felt like the number pierced through his heart, she'd kept it from him for that long.

"Pheebs, why didn't you tell me?"

Phoebe shut her eyes tightly forcing her tears away, "I didn't know when I left. I promise I didn't, but then I started to feel sick and I went to the doctors and I'd just gone 5 weeks. Kyle I didn't know what to do. So I packed up and ran."

"Phoebe I need.." Kyle began only to be cut off by Phoebe, "No. Please Kyle let me talk. I drove up Queensland and back. But then I realised that even if you don't love me..."

"I do. I do love you though. I love you so much Phoebe." Kyle grabbed her hands, squeezing them tightly.

"Do you really thought Kyle? Or are you just telling me what I want to hear?"

"Phoebe, I love you and I'm so sorry that I hurt you but we can do this. We can be a family." Kyle whispered, looking deep into her eyes.

His words broke Phoebe, tearing her heart apart straight into two. She let out a loud wail before collapsing into a fit of tears. Kyle himself felt him heartbroken, knowing that part of the reason behind her tears was him and his actions. He wrapped her into his arms and held her tightly. Inhaling her scent, Kyle knew that no matter what obstacles faced him, he would not lose her.

She was it for him.

Kyle carefully tucked his arms around Phoebes sleeping body and carefully walked towards his bedroom. Laying her down onto his bed, he pulled the duvet up over her body. Brushing his thumb over her face he admired her beauty. He'd always appreciated how beautiful she was but seeing her here now, so vulnerable and precious, pregnant with his child. He'd never seen someone, something so gorgeous.

Preparing himself to leave her, he placed a light kiss on her forehead and made his way to the door.

"Kyle..stay please" he heard her mumble, wondering if he was hearing things he turned around. Phoebes eyes were glazed with sleep as she watched him walk slowly towards his bed.

"Are you sure?" He bent down so he was eye level with Phoebe.



Casey sat in kitchen spooning cereal into his mouth, watching carefully as Kyle silently entered the room.

"You can ask you know." Kyle muttered, not looking at Casey.

"She's really pregnant huh?"

Kyle nodded, "Yep."

Casey wasn't sure what to say, Kyle didn't seem to have much to say about the situation.

"Did you guys talk?"

Kyle shrugged, "I guess. Not really, she's 13 weeks. 13, Case. She kept it from me for so long."

"She didn't know what to do Kyle, just try to see it from her perceptive."

Kyle nodded, "I know it's a shock but I mean it could be worse right?"

Casey grinned, "You're a bit excited aren't you?"

"I know its probably too soon but yeah. I mean me, a dad? Thats so weird."

"You'll be great. So this means you two are definitely keeping the baby?"

Kyle frowned, "Yeah, of course. I wouldn't give up the chance to be a dad."

Casey suddenly stood up, "I'll leave you guys to it."

Kyle frowned, turning around he saw Phoebe standing in the doorway. "Hey, ahm. How are you?"

Phoebe shook her head, "Kyle. I can't, I'm not a mother material."

Kyle frowned, "Phoebe, seriously so many people feel like that. It changes as soon as you're actually a parent."

"How do you know that?" Phoebe asked, still standing meters away.

"Heath's a living example Pheebs." Kyle took a step closer to her.

"No, Kyle. I'm not maternal and I'm gonna have a kid just as an experiment to see if your theory works out. Thats not fair on anyone."

"Phoebe, please just think out this." Kyle's voice was soaked with desperation, as he reached for hands.

"No. Kyle, I'm not ever having children. Including this baby, I'm sorry."

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Alright well it's looking like 800 is the number for this fic...I really didn't want to have this chapter be so short but it felt like I should end it here. Sorry for not updating, one of my sons was in hospital and its been a really stressful time.

Thanks for the reviews Jarliefanever and RomeoandIndi forever I appreicate the both of you taking the time to review!


Kyle's mind hurt as he paced back and forth. Words swam around, to fast to form a full sentence. How could Phoebe not want this baby? They'd created a life together. A human being created by their love.

"Kyle? What's going on?" Casey watched his brother pace, Kyle didn't pace. The usual Kyle simmered quietly before exploding with anger.

"She, she" Kyle muttered with frustration, "She doesn't want the baby!" He finally lashed out, punching out at the wall.

Casey hesitated, at loss for words, he knew Phoebe wasn't the most maternal woman in the world but to not even want to keep her own child?

"Case, what do I do?"

"Have you thought of raising the baby on your own?" Casey knew it might be a bit premature to be thinking of this already, Phoebe might change her mind but Kyle looked desperate for answers.

Answers thats truthfully, Casey didn't have.

"I love her Case and I want her but I want this baby. I want us and I want the three of us to be a family," Kyle finished quietly.

"Oi Case, Kyle! You home?" Brax's voice sounded from outside the door, the handle twisting and the door opening.

Neither of the boys said anything.

"Right-io, who slept with who's girlfriend this time?" Brax joked, almost sure that this couldn't possibly have occurred again as neither of his youngest brothers had girlfriends when he left a week ago.

Kyle remained silent as Casey looked towards him, seeking permission to tell the oldest Braxton brother about the situation.

"Kyle's got himself into a bit of a predicament," Casey was cut off by Brax snickering, "Oh yeah? What's Kylie gone and done?"

"Got himself a baby mama." Casey told his oldest brother.

"She's not my baby mama!" Kyle growled through gritted teeth.

Brax sighed, "She another barmaid?"

Kyle stood up, glaring at Brax before storming out of the house.

Casey groaned, "What the hell Brax? He's freaked out enough without your stupid jokes."

Brax gave a light shrug, "Who is she then?"


"Phoebe? The one who took off as soon as I got out?"

"That's the one."


"What are you planning on doing?" Brax asked, entering Angelo's.

"Same thing I do everyday Brax. Finish setting up here," Kyle motioned to the knives forks he was currently laying out, "take my break and come back for the dinner shift."

Brax signed, Kyle wasn't making this conversation easy. "You heard what I said, so are you gonna make me ask the question again?"

"I don't know what I'm gonna do Brax. I'll figure it out." Kyle didn't make eye contact, instead choosing to continue setting up the restaurant.

"Figure out what?"

Kyle slammed the fork he was holding, down onto the table. Turning to face his older brother, "Figure out what I want to do!"

Brax saw the desperation and confusion taking over Kyle's eyes. "It's not about what you want. It's about what you need."

Kyle didn't say a word in reply.

Brax, seeing he was no longer needed turned and left, leaving his brother with some food for thought.


"We need to talk," Kyle said into the phone as he looked out to the beach, the waves regularly tumbling onto one another.

"I know," She mumbled.

"Where are you? I'm outside the surf club near the.."

"I know," This time her voice didn't come from the phone but from behind him.

Neither said anything, both just stared into the other's eyes. Kyle knew what he had to do, he just wasn't sure how to say it.

"Phoebe. I love you. The only thing I've been sure of lately is that I love you and I'll do whatever it takes to be with you. I'll move to Melbourne with you, Malaysia if you want. China or Africia? We'll go." Kyle grabbed her hands, begging her to feel his love.

Phoebe's eyes watered with tears, this pregnancy was obviously making her especially emotional. "I love you too."

Kyle grinned, pulling her closer to him.

"Kyle don't," Phoebe mumbled pulling away from him, "I still can't have this baby."

Kyle felt his heart being torn, ripped apart by her words but he needed to stick to his decision not matter how much it hurt, "Pheebs. You said, you're never having kids. Ever. Did you mean that?"

Phoebe let a tear slide down her face before shoving it away. "I don't..I don't...I'm not sure."

Kyle watched as she broke down, falling to the grass. He wanted so badly to console her but he was not physically able to do anything but stare.

"I'm so...so..sorry Kyle...I can't..right...now..so sorry..." A jumble of words flew from her mouth and cried, hiccups cutting in between the words of the distraught woman.

"Hey, hey. Pheebs come on. Shhhh now..." Kyle soothed as he kneeled down, wrapping his arms tightly around her.

"What do I do Kyle?" She whispered.

Kyle moved a piece of her hair to behind her ear, softly caressing her face before placing a light but full of passion and heartache kiss onto her lips.

Pulling away, he let their foreheads keep contact as he whispered, "You're going to let me love you. And you're going to let me support you."



How will Kyle's family react to the couples decision?

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I'm so sorry! This update is so small! I promise I will update soon with a much bigger chapter, it's just my life is crazy at the moment. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


"I booked the procedure for this wednesday.." Phoebe whispered her voice almost being drowned out by the crashing waves.

"Can I..Can I..Ahm..Can I come?" Kyle's didn't look at her, instead focusing on the waves in front of them.

"Of course, if you want to."

"I do." Kyle nodded, trying to convince himself he was okay with the situation.

It was obvious to anyone that he wasn't. He was not okay with Phoebe having an abortion. He was not okay with his baby's life being cut short before it even began. But he loved Phoebe, he needed Phoebe. Brax asked him to figure out what he wanted and what he needed, he needed Phoebe.

He needed to breathe in her scent as if it was oxygen. He needed to have her impatient, impulsive self in his life. He needed to hear her voice everyday.

Phoebe shut her eyes tightly, willingly her guilt to go away. She knew what that Kyle wanted her to keep the baby, but she wasn't ready to be a mother.

"We should probably get home," Kyle said, his voice showing no emotion.

"I think I'm gonna take a walk," Phoebe mumbled, standing to her feet.


"Hey, Kyle. How are you?" Ricky asked seeing the him walk into Angelos.

"Fine. Can I have a bourbon on the rocks?" Kyle gave the blonde his request.

"No," Ricky said firmly with a shake if her head.

Kyle frowned, "Fine. I'll do it myself." Walking around to behind the bar and grabbed himself a glass and reached for the bottle.

"Not you won't." Ricky grabbed the bottle from him, "You're gonna sit there and tell me what's going on." Ricky pointed to the barstool on the other side of the bar.

Kyle sighed before doing as instructed, "You know don't you?"

"Yep. Brax might have mentioned something."

"She's not ready to mother apparently," Kyle pursed his lips as he finished.

"So what does that mean?" Ricky asked coming an taking a seat next to him.

"It means..um...it means that she's...ah..she's..um...she's going to...she's gonna," The right words escaped Kyle's mind as he struggled to tell Ricky of Phoebe's decision.

"She's going to have an abortion." It wasn't a question, more of a statement. Ricky quickly shut her eyes, hoping the memories of losing her own baby would go away.


Kyle turned to face his brother's girlfriend, "I'm sorry Rick. I know this might be hard on you."

"Nah. I'm good. But thanks." Ricky forced a smile.

"If your sure," Ricky nodded, "I'm gonna head home I guess."

"Yeah. See ya later Kyle." As Kyle made his way to Angelo's exit, Ricky's eyes told a different story. She was not fine. How could Phoebe be so selfish? She's been given the chance to be a mother and she was throwing it away.


"Kyle? What the hell is up with you? You were so excited not even 24 hours after finding out she was pregnant. You've suddenly changed your mind have you? You don't want the kid anymore?" Casey exclaimed.

"I don't have to explain myself to you Casey," Kyle snapped.

"Heath tell Kyle he's an idiot." Casey instructed his older brother who had just entered the house.

Wandering over to the table Heath grabbed a banana that had been sitting there, "Kyle you're an idiot."

Kyle rolled his eyes, "So what have you done?" Heath asked him.

Seeing as Kyle wasn't going to respond Casey took it upon himself to explain, "Short version? Phoebe's pregnant. Kyle wants the baby, she doesn't. He's letting her have an abortion."

"What's wrong with ya?" Heath asked, "Being a dad is the best thing that's ever happened to me, I'd probably have ended up in jail or dead if I didn't find out Darce was mine."

Kyle sighed, he'd made his decision and it was final, no backing out. He would not change his mind.

NEXT: More of Kyle's family's reactions, a few people are not happy with Kyle and Phoebe's decision.

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