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Sour Girl

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Title: Sour Girl
Type of story: Long Fic
Genre: Drama
Rating: A
Cast: Emily, the Braxtons, OC'S
Spoilers: Yes for non Aussie viewers
Warnings: language, violence, adult themes
Plot: A girl shows claiming to be Brax's daughter but can she be trusted and is she more trouble than she's worth


Kyle was taking rubbish at Angelo's when he saw a familiar face

"Emz, what are you doing here?" He asked

"Could ask the same thing about you" she replied

"Look, now's not a good time to be causing trouble for Brax" Kyle told her

"Brax?, I thought his name was Darryl" she replied

"Just leave it for a while until things die down" Kyle begged

"Why are you here" she asked

"I wanted to know my brothers" Kyle told her

"Well maybe I wanna meet my dad" she replied walking the stairs to Angelo's

"Emily, Emily" he called out following her

"Where is Darryl Braxton" she yelled walking into Angelo's

"Can I help ya" Brax asked

"Yeah you can tell me why three men barged their way into my house held a knife to my throat and threaten to to come back and rape and kill me if I didn't find out how much you knew about them" she said angrily

"Did you get any of their names or can you tell us what they look like?" Kyle asked

"Only one of them spoke, his name was Cody" she replied

"I'm sorry who are you?" Brax asked her

"Brax meet Emily Dennis" Kyle said

Brax raised his eyebrows in confusion

"Yeah, it's nice to meet you too" she grunted "dad" she added


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"So who ya mum, cause I don't remember anyone with the last Dennis" Brax asked

"No I guess you wouldn't, it's my adopted parents last name. My mum was Leona Phillips" Emily told her

"Do you a relationship with her" he asked

"No, I don't need her in my life, I only need you to make sure I don't end up dead" Emily snapped

"I'm sorry about all that, but I never wanted to get involved in that, if you want you can crash at my place until this blows over" Brax told her

"Cheers, but I don't so" Emily replied

"Listen you're my daughter and I look out for my own" Brax told her

"Hey, did you offer her a place to stay, I mean Case moved Josh in when he found out he was in danger" Kyle interrupted

"Thanks Kyle, I'm on top of it" Brax replied

"So how'd two know each other?" Brax asked

"We met in Melbourne through Danny a few years ago" Emily told him

"And you didn't think to tell me about her"

Kyle didn't answer

"Wait you knew nothing about me" she asked

Brax said nothing

She grabbed her keys and got up and walked out


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"Hey Emz" Kyle called out chasing after Emily

Emly stopped and looked at Kyle

"What?" She asked

"What do you want from him" Kyle asked

"How could he not know" she asked

"There could be plenty of of reason like your mum might not have even told him she was pregnant" Kyle told her

Emily stood with her arms folded looking at him

"Your as stubborn as Brax, you know trat" Kyle said

"We're having a barbecue tonight why don't you come" he asked

"I'll think about it" she replied

She turned and walked towards her ute and stopped when she saw Cody laying on the bonnet

"Scatch it and I'll hurt you" she said

"You promise" he said sitting up and putting his arms around her

"So how'd it go" Cody asked

"Ok, I said what you told me to, he believed me and said I could crash as his place and I got invited for a barbecue tonight" Emily told him

"What does he Know about me" he asked her

"Just your first name I think" she replied

He kissed her

"I better go before someone sees us and the boss kills you because I btrayed him" Cody said


He turned to walk away

"Emily" he said "I'm sorry I got you involved in this" Cody told her

"I'm not" she replied

"Not what" he asked

"Sorry you got me involved, I wouldn't have met you otherwise" she said


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