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Revenge Is Sweet

Guest Zetti

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Story Title: Revenge Is Sweet

Type of story: One Shot

Main Characters: Stu, Felix and Sssha

BTTB rating: Teen 16+

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Violence and Death, Language.

Summary: Someone returns to the bay to avange a death.

Revenge Is Sweet

Warning: Mild swearing

Summer Bay 2024

The windows begin to rattle. The door creaks open and my whole body is on edge. The power is out and this dilapidated house begins to make my skin crawl.

The whole house is deserted apart from the bed I have upstairs. I can feel the whole house speaking to me. I squeeze my hands and rub them against my jeans. I can feel that I shouldn’t be here but I have to know the truth.

I have to know the truth about what happened on Halloween ten years ago and this town has the answers, every single last one of them.

‘You’re going to tell me the truth.’ I state.

‘No I will never do that.’

I smile and he has the good grace to look scared, he’s tied up and cannot move, there are electrical probes attached to his skin, I have a switch in my hand. His hands begin to twitch but he says nothing.

My smile increases as I move the dial and allow more voltage to enter his body, enough to cause pain but not enough to knock him out. I wanted his to be conscious enough to tell me the truth. It took me so long to find out he was my sister’s murderer. I was going to get the answers I wanted even if I had to kill him in the end to get it.

The electrical charge surged through his body, his skin shined with sweat and his veins in the neck bulged out but I was relentless. He clenched his fists and tried not to scream out but his willpower gave out.

After a few long and drawn out few moments when the electrical shock trickled down, he breathed out and panted.

‘Okay, I will tell you, I promise.’

Ten Years Ago

The wind howls, the trees groan and moan giving off what some people may interpret as a warning to anyone in the vicinity to get out and to stay the hell away from Summer Bay.

The animals in the bush hurried away from the trees and into their shelter, the shelter that would protect them from the beast roaming the woods.

‘I need to get out of here’ she mutters to herself trying to find her way back to the trail that would lead out of the woods. The flowing winds and the storm bring branches and woodland flying across the landscape hitting anything or anyone in its path.

‘I am such an idiot, why the hell did I go out walking at this time?’

She plodded along despite the intense winds battling against her body, her only intention was to get to a safe haven, and somewhere she could wait out this storm.

There was no way that anyone could have predicted that it would be the last time she ever did that. The winds changed course and hit her in the knees, she stumbled and put a hand out to brace herself against a tree bark. A branch then fell down from the tree and knocked her unconscious.

Minutes passed & she remained unconscious. Following a few hours, her body was dragged into a nearby shed. She couldn’t feel anything as the man whispers to himself.

‘This is going to be perfect and ideal. The b*tch deserves it’

He began to prepare the body by tying her to the steel bolts in the ground so that she couldn’t escape; he ripped her top off so she was just in her jeans, and her bra.

He smiled inanely to himself and got a long piece of electrical cable, with the earth wire hanging out of the bottom. She began to come around; she felt the ground underneath her and frowned for a few miniscule seconds as she tried to process what was going on.

‘You ruined my life, you deserve to pay!’

She opens her mouth to scream but he doesn’t stop throwing water all over her body, causing her to shiver. Her inner body temperature was already dangerously low.

‘With any luck, this will be very very painful.’ He chuckled to himself as he rubbed the ends of the electrical


‘The stories are rampant at the moment.’ Colleen whispers in the diner.

Irene begins to shush her whilst serving the customers.

‘Well it is true. Someone did it, how can she just be dead with no reason?’

Irene responds in a hushed voice ‘We don’t know what happened, so stop speculating for gawd sake!’.

‘There has to be a reason.’ Colleen replied with a huff and stalked off to the kitchen probably to cook something else for another customer.

A few weeks ago, there was a murder on the highway, the body was stabbed countless times and mauled with claw marks. The local police had no idea what was going on and have pretty much reached a dead end. The body had no identity. Jane Doe. Poor girl. She has no one to claim her; she will just be buried in an unnamed grave with no one to mourn her, to miss her or even to mark her passing. Her life in essence became meaningless because no one would remember her.

‘They haven’t released the body.’ Irene said in order to shut up Colleen.

‘Well Madge Wilkins said that they couldn’t identify her because her fingertips were removed and all the blood was drained from her body.’

Irene frowned, she didn’t want to encourage Colleen anymore but she couldn’t deny that was actually very curious as to what was going on.

‘What about her teeth? Surely they have dental records.’

‘Ripped out.’

Irene flinched as Colleen went to a table to take an order. Her heart went to the poor girl whose life had been ended in such a grim and brutal manner. She couldn’t imagine what the poor girls family was going through, not knowing if she was okay, or even having a clue that something might have happened.

Irene turned around and looked at the diner, there were enough customers to keep her busy but not run ragged. Everyone she knew had left the bay, there were no more youngsters around. April and Dex had moved to Paris for their education, they were married now and settled in their life. Irene smiled in the memory of watching them getting married on the beach. Indi had moved to London to pursue her dreams of her own business and had met a new man who would hopefully be good to her. Life had changed for everyone but she was still in the diner, still plodding along. Some things never change.


Present Day 2024

‘So you killed her because you could?’ I could feel the anger radiating off my body, he was a piece of scum and deserved to rot in the lowest pits of hell.

‘She ruined my reputation.’

‘She is my sister.’

Stu sneered ‘Well she’s long gone now.’

‘Yeah, same for you, only you will go in a blaze of fire.’

Stu’s eyes popped out of his socket as Felix’s words sunk in. Felix picked up a can of petrol and began to pour it all over him.

The electrical surge that rumbled through his body at the same caused the chair to rattle as Stu doubled up his efforts to get out of his chair ties but only succeeded in turning his chair over. The electrical cable and the petrol caused sparks to appear and a fire to ignite.

Felix took a look behind him and smiled as he vacated the building, the b*stard would rot in hell for Sasha’s murder and he could know that justice had been served. Sasha could now rest in peace.

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