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# 1 Crush

Guest standbyme

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title - # 1 crush

type of story - long fic

genre - drama

rating - a

cast - Kyle, Abbey plus oc's

spoilers - no

warnings - language, violence, adult themes

plot - Kyle meets a girl at Angelo's, she's sweet, funny, spontaneous and outrageous, however Kyle will discover there's a fine line

between love and obsession.


Kyle was clearing plates and glasses from a table when out of the corner of his eye he noticed a blonde girl standing on the balcony.

"Excuse me, are you ok?" he asked her

"If I was to jump from here, how hard do you think I would hit the ground" she asked him


"Did I stutter?" she asked

"Are you here with anyone?" he asked a little concerned

"Jack" she answered

"Ok, and where is he?" he asked looking around for a guy sitting by himself

"Right here" she said holding up a bottle of Jack Daniels

"Ok, come on, i'll make you a coffee" Kyle reaching out to her

"Irish coffee?" she asked walking toward him

"Sit here" he told

"You're really sweet" she told him

"Ah, thanks" he replied, a little uncomfortable

"I'm Abbey" she said

"Kyle" he said

She shook his hand really fast

"I'll be right back with that coffee" he told her

He walked around to the coffee machine

"Who's your friend?" Brax asked

"Abbey apparently" Kyle answered his question

"You might wanna put that in a take away cup" Brax said smiling

Kyle looked up and saw Abbey sleeping at the table where he left her. He grabbed his keys

"Where are you going?" Brax asked

"Making sure she gets home ok" Kyle said waking Abbey up


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Kyle pulled into Abbey's driveway where he saw another standing at a car. She walked to wards Kyle and Abbey

"Abbey, where the hell have you been?" The other girl said

"Sam this is Riley, Riley this my older sister Sam who does not know how to have fun" Abbey said almost falling over. Kyle caught her.

"It's Kyle actually and I was only making sure she got home ok" Kyle told sam.

"Isn't he just gorgeous" Abbey said to Sam while rubbing her thumb along Kyle's bottom lip

"Yes, Adorable however you have an early shift" Sam told her

"I gotta go, nice meeting you" Kyle said

"Thankyou for looking after her" Sam told him


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Abbey walked into Angelo's

"Your girlfriend's back" Brax said to Kyle pointing Abbey

"Hey Kyle" Abbey said a little unsure

"So she does know my name" he replied

Abbey looked down Kyle could see she was a little embaressed

"How are you feeling this morning" he asked

"Not that great, took a sicky. I came say both thankyou and sorry" she told him

"Thankyou and sorry?" he asked

"Thankyou for driving me home and sorry that you had to put up with me" she said

Kyle smiled

"It's fine, what are you doing later?" he asked

"I don't know, why?"

"I think we have dinner together" he said

"Ah, um..." she replied

"I'm sorry, you probably have a boyfriend"

"I don't actually, I just wasn't expecting that" she told him

"Ok, is that a yes?" he asked

"Sure" she said


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