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Sucker Punch

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Title: Sucker Punch

Type of story: Med / long fic

Rating: A

Genre: Drama

Characters: Kyle, Mia plus OC'S

Spoilers: No

Warnings: Adult themes, language

Plot: Kyle's mother Mia is up for parole but, why Kyle so against attending her parole hearing.


"Haven't you got a shift at Angelos" Brax asked Kyle as walked past him

"I'm going, just getting changed first" Kyle answered

"Any Calls" Kyle asked

"Nah, but there is a letter on the table for you" Brax replied

Kyle read the letter before screwing it up and throwing it in the bin

"Junk mail?" Ricky asked

"Yeah" Kyle replied

"Don't you hate that?" she laughed

Kyle gave a faint smile

"I'm outta here" he said smelling a t-shirt then changing

Ricky waited until he was gone then grabbed the letter out of the bin.

"Do you like junk mail" Brax asked her

"He lied" Ricky said

"Yeah what makes you say that"

"Because he went pale when he read it" she said flattening out the piece of paper

"Do you really think we should be sticking our noses in his business"

Ricky ignored him

"What is it?" Brax asked

"Who's Mia Valentine?" she asked

"Never heard of her, why?"

"Beacause she's coming up for parole and they want Kyle to make a victim impact statement"


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Brax walked into Angelo's

"Can we talk?" Brax asked

"Kinda busy" Kyle replied

"Fine, i'll be quick, who's Mia Valentine and does this involve anyone else in this family?" Brax asked

Kyle smiled

"You read my mail that I threw in the bin"

"You didn't answer my other question"

"Relax, you don't know her and be thankful for that"

"Look, I know we're not really the sharing kind of family, but if you want to talk about anything. I'm here" Brax told him

"I'll keep that in mind" Kyle replied

Brax turned to walk away

"Brax" Kyle said

Brax turned to look at him

"She's my mother" Kyle told him

"You never talk about your mum" Brax said

"Nothing to say, it's not like we have a relationship of any sort and she deserves to rot in jail" Kyle told him

"Do you wanna talk" Brax asked

"No" Kyle answered


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