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Video Request for my Fanfiction

Guest ~JarlieFanEver~

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I am wondering if anyone can please make a video for me? It's that I want a video made for my fifth fanfiction Life Goes On-about the the Summer Bay gang (Xavier, Sasha, Dexter, April, Casey, Ruby, Rosie, Oscar, Browny the dog) and their lives/adventures in Summer Bay.

(NOTICE: Browny is a German shepherd dog)

And I don't mind a few pictures of Xavier/Sasha, Casey/Ruby, Dexter/April kissing and etc... :)

And I want the title for the video 'Life Goes On' And I don't mind a song for the video (something about friendship or whatever...) :)

Short description for the video: The video is about eight teenagers (Casey Braxton, Ruby Buckton, Xavier Austin, Sasha Walker, Dexter Walker, April Scott, Rosie Prichard, Oscar Maguire) and their dog Browny including their lives in Summer Bay. They would go on hoildays together and get catch up in middle of a adventure...

It would be really appreciated if someone can make it for me please. Thanks! :)

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