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Ain't Them Bodies Saints

Guest standbyme

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title: Aint Them Bodies Saints

genre: drama

type of story: med/long fic

cast: Kyle, Bradley plus OC's

rating: A

spoilers: no

warnings: language, adult themes

plot: Kyle's ex Bradley shows up in Summer Bay, but what secret do her and Kyle hide?


"We're closed" Kyle as he heard some come up the stairs into Angelos

"Hey Ky" a tall emo girl with black hair big blue eyes wearing a black and white striped top that came to the bottom of her ribcage, a skin tight pair of jeans and knee high black leather boots said standing in the doorway

"You're out" Kyle said shocked to see her

"imagine my surprise when you don't write or visit and when I get out I find you're now living in a beach side town" she said walking towards him.

"Sorry about all that, I just didn't want mess you around again" Kyle replied

"Brad, we need to talk" Kyle said

"Ky, I just wanna forget about everything that happened and focus on our future" Bradley told him

"I'm seeing someone" Kyle told her

Bradley stopped smiling

"Ofcourse you are, what else did I expect" she said angrily

"I'm sorry" he told her

"I should've listened to Connor" she said turning around to walk out

"Where are you going?" he asked

Bradley smiled and shook her head

"Well do you have anywhere to stay?" he asked

"Goodbye Kyle" She told him


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