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In The Company Of Wolves

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Title - In The Company Of Wolves

Genre - Drama

Type Of Story - Meg Fic / Long Fic

Rating - A

Characters - Brax / Coby / Heath / Casey / Kyle / Heather / Sasha

Spoilers - No

Warnings: - Violence, Language, Adult Themes

Plot - The Braxton's cousin arrives in Summer Bay looking for his father, bringing secrets, lies and deceit with him.


Brax woke to loud pounding on his door

"This better be good" he said opening the door and sliding a t-shirt over his head.

He looked at his cousin who was about the same age as Casey with and sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and very well built for his age

"Coby" Brax said

"We need to talk" Coby said as he pushed passed Brax

"We don't talk, period" Brax replied

"Well dad was coming here four days ago and now he's nowhere to be seen. His ute was found in the middle off the bush it was burnt out. So unless you want cops here instead I suggest you start talking" Coby told Brax giving him the death stare

"He never showed" Brax said

Coby gave a slight laugh

"Then where else woud he have gone?" he asked

"He's your father, not mine. I'm sorry mate, but I can't help you I don't know what happened" Brax said

"Thanks for nothing, I guess blood really doesn't matter to you, then again after what you guys did to Danny" Coby sneered and spat at Brax's feet

Brax threw him up against the wall.

"C'mon, big man. Hit me" Coby urged "But just so you know if something's happened to dad Heather will probably be taken off me seeing she's only 13 but as long you boys are good the everythings ok" Coby snapped at Brax.

Brax let him go

"So I just need your help to know whether he's alive or not, so I can protect my family" Coby told him


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Coby got in the car and slammed the door before taking his frustrasion out on the steering wheel.

""What did he say?" A young blonde girl around 13 asked sitting the passenger seat, she was Coby's sister Heather.

"He hasn't seen him" he replied

"So what's next?" Heather asked

"I dunno, but I promise nothing's gonna happen to us" Coby said

"They only gave us three days" Heath said, she was concerned for their safety.

"I can handle Rod" Coby assured his sister "Maybe" he said much more quietly

"I'm sure if Brax knew everything, then he'd help" Heather said

"Are we talking about the same Brax here?" Coby asked

Coby thought for a moment then started the car.

"Hungry?" Coby asked Heather

"What?" Heather asked

"I remember dad said Brax owned a restaurant around here" Coby replied with a smile "So i'll ask again, are you hungry?"


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Coby sat watching Heather play with her food

"What's up?" he asked her

"You're actually asking me that question" Heather replied

"I was wondering how long it was gonna take you to become a smartass again" he said

Coby got up and moved towards the counter

"Keep Heath busy" he told her

"What are you doing" Heath asked

"Robbing the till" Coby replied

"Your what?" she said grabbing his arm

"With Rod off my back, I can get back to looking for dad. okay" Coby told her shaking her off his arm

Why do I have to keep him busy?" Heather complained

"Just lay on the floor and pretend your having a seizure, he's stupid, he'll believe it" Coby said

Heather Sighed

"Hey, Heath congrats on the wedding cuz, I hear ya missus is a total c**t" Heather said loudly

Coby stopped and shook his head with a smile

"Too much, Heather" he said to himself

"What are you two doin' here" Heath asked Heather

"Robbing your till" Heather said staring him into Heath's eyes daring him to look

Heath looked Towards the counter

"Bill's payed" Coby said to Heather standing behind Heath

"Made you look" Heather said to Heath

"Made you look" Heath mocked

"Walk fast" Coby said

"That was quick" Heather rreplied

"I took all the notes"


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Sasha noticed Coby sitting in the surf club on his own staring at her

"Ir's rude to stare" she said flattered that he was staring

"I wasn't i was looking at the clock behind you" Coby replied

Sasha noticed his watch.

"So what's with the watch?" she asked

"Busted" he lied

She smiled

"I'm sasha"


"Nice to meet you Coby" she said sitting down

"So why are you sitting alone?" Sasha asked

"I'm waiting on somebody" he told her

"I'm sorry, I thought you were single"

"whatever gave you that impression" Coby said

"There my date over there" he said and pointed to a bald guy with a big build and lots tattoos

"I'll see you around" he said her

"She's nice" Rod said to Coby looking at Sasha

Coby ignored the comment

"Where's my dad?" Coby said to Rod hoping to get a reaction

"Where's my money?" Rod replied

"your money is safe, for now. But remember money burns" Coby told him

Rod ran his fingers through Coby's hair

"Your pretty Coby, but you're not very bright" Rod told him

"You're not getting your money until I find my dad"

"I had nothing to do with your dad's disappearance. You should be talking to Darryl, he's the one who threatened to kill him.


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Sasha opened the fridge in the middle of the night looking for something to eat.

She heard the front wire door shut but paid no attention, She grabbed an apple out of the fridge and turned and shutting the fridge door

She saw Coby standing there

"What are you doing here?" she asked

"I followed you home, how come you're still awake" he replied

"I couldn't sleep" she told him

He walked walked closer and took the apple out of her hand and took a bite

"Well, maybe I can help with that" he said

"Yeah, how exactly?" she asked

You see, I don't know about you but I always sleep better after sex" he told her as his lips met hers

Sasha was shocked

"My brother's asleep and I just you, so I don't think this is a good idea" she said

"Hmmm, lets see what you really think about that" he sais putting his hand down her pants

Coby smiled

"A little moisture down there" he said kissing her neck"

"Look I'm not so..." she started to say but put his finger

"It's ok, I want you to shut up" he told her and lifted his shirt over his head.

Sasha woke, her heart was beating fast and she was a little sweaty but she knew she had to find out more about this guy


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