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Love Will Tear Me Apart

Guest bronie1992

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Title: Love will tear me apart

Author: Bronie1992

Category: One shot

Genre: romance

Main Characters: Sasha/Xavier/Casey

Does story include spoilers?: No

Any Warnings: No

Rating: G

Summary: Xavier comes back from the police academy and Sasha is unsure on to how to tell him that she is seeing Casey.

“You’re joking right? Indi asked, Sasha had just finished explaining to her about the message she had just gotten from Xavier telling her that he would be coming home from the police academy for Christmas and wanted to meet up with her.

“No I’m not joking, Indi I’m serious. What am I supposed to do about this?”

“Well do you still like him?” Indi asked with a twinkle in here eye.

“Yeah…I guess…I don’t know...”

“How can you not know if you like him or not?”

“Well it’s different this time, I mean I like him, but I’ve also got to think about Casey. Indi what should I do? I don’t want to hurt either of them.”

Indi laughed “oh poor you, you have two guys in love with you, it’s only every girls dream” she teased.

“If you’re not going to help me then shut up” Sasha retorted as she laughed and threw a pillow at Indi.


Xavier had only just finished packing and made himself some lunch when he heard a knock at the door; he threw down his sandwich and raced to open it.

“Sasha! Hi!”

“Hi…” Sasha said nervously.

“Come in! I’ve wanted to catch up with you ever since I got back.” Xavier exclaimed as Sasha walked inside and awkwardly stood near the door not wanting to say anything.

“You don’t have to stand. You can take a seat if you want. I won’t bite I promise.” Xavier said.

Sasha nervously followed him and sat on the couch with him.

“So, tell me about the police academy.” Sasha said.

“You don’t think I’m going to believe for a second that you came here to just talk about the police academy do you?” Xavier asked.

“What do you mean?” Sasha asked quickly, afraid that Casey had been speaking to Xavier about spending time with Sasha.

“I mean, I’m sure that we have better things to do then to talk about me and the police academy all day” Xavier said as he leaned in to kiss Sasha, but it was all too much for her so she quickly pulled away.

“You know what? I’d really like to go to the diner and get a coffee or something.” Sasha said.

“Yeah, um, ok.” Xavier said, not quite sure of what had just happened, and before he knew it he was quickly following Sasha out the door.


Sasha was seated at a table with Xavier at the diner listening to a story about him and some of his friends from the police academy. She was only half listening though, because she was keeping one eye on the door to make sure that Casey didn’t come into the diner for anything.

“Sasha…Sasha…” Xavier said, urging Sasha out of her deep worries.

“What?!” Sasha snapped.

“I just asked if you wanted to stay at my house for dinner tonight.” Xavier said, just as Sasha saw Casey coming into the diner with a bunch of his friends from school and looked directly over at Sasha. She turned a deep shade of red as she turned away to answer Xavier.

“Um…tonight isn’t really a good night for me, I’ve got a lot of homework to do.”

“But it’s the first week of the school holidays, how could you have homework to do now?” Xavier laughed.

“I just do alright?” Sasha snapped.

“Sorry,” Xavier said looking at her shocked.

Sasha quickly glanced at Casey and then looked at Xavier and said, “look I’m sorry, I don’t know why I snapped, I just…I guess I’m not really in the mood for some reason today.”

“It’s ok,” Xavier said, still a bit unsure about Sasha’s strange mood.

She could see this so she said, “I really want to get home, but maybe I can come over to your house for dinner tomorrow night, if the offer still stands that is.”

“Of course it does.” Xavier said.

“Thanks for being so understanding Xav” Sasha said as she got up from her seat to leave.


Sasha had barely been home five minutes when Dex and April bounded in the house all loved up.

“Oh sorry,” April said. “I hope we weren’t interrupting anything.”

“I thought you’d be spending every waking minute of your time with Xav, now that he’s back from the police academy,” DE said.

“Just because everyone thinks that I would be doesn’t mean that I have to!” Sasha shouted at him.

“Sorry, I just tho…”

“Well you thought wrong!”

“Dex, why don’t you get us something to eat? I want to have a talk with Sasha” April said

“Why can’t I be her while you talk with her?”

“Because it’s private, uh…girl stuff,” April said.

“Oh I see. And that’s my calling card to leave the room,” Dex joked.

As soon as she was sure that Dex was out of ear shot April sat down on the couch next to Sasha and asked, “Does this have anything to do with your liking Casey?”

“Indi told you didn’t her? And I thought I could trust her, cause she’s my sister, obviously I was wrong, that’s the last time I tell her about anything.”

“No it wasn’t Indi,” April laughed.

“If it wasn’t Indi, then who was it?”

“It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, I’ve seen you two spending time together, ever since that whole thing with him being held captive by his brother out in the desert.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“And how does Xavier fit in to this?”


“well I know he likes you. You’re the reason he came back for Christmas anyway.”

“No, he said he was coming back to spend Christmas with his mum.”

“Yeah and why would he tell you that he was coming back if he didn’t like you?”

“Oh god. April, what am I supposed to do?”

“I don’t know the answer to that one. Only you do, but I do think that you should tell Xav about Casey, it’d be better coming from you then seeing you and Casey together for himself. Now excuse me, I’d better go make sure that your brother isn’t about to burn down the house.”

“Yeah, thanks April.”

“It’s ok, anytime.” April smiled.


Sasha was walking along the beach thinking about how to explain everything about what had happened with Casey to Xavier, when Casey ran up to her.

“Hey Sash!” he exclaimed

“Hey Cas,” Sasha smiled.

“I saw you at the diner with Xavier before, so what’s the deal there?”

“He’s just a friend, there’s nothing for you to worry about, alright?”

“Yeah, alright. But it didn’t look like he thought it was nothing.”

Sasha smiled and said, “aww Cas, you’re not jealous are you?”

“Me jealous? Pfft, as if!”

Sasha laughed and put her arms around him and kissed him.

“Does that make you feel better?” she asked.

“Hmm, I don’t know, I think I still feel a bit jealous.” he joked.

Sasha smiled and kissed him longer and more passionately. While she was kissing him she didn’t notice Xavier walking towards her along the beach until he was almost right on top of them. She pulled away from Casey and turned to see Xavier just staring at them as if his heart had been ripped out.

“Xav…” Sasha began, but before she could finish Xavier was already running away from her.


“Xav! Please! Open the door! It’s me Sasha!”

Xavier just stood stony faced glaring at the door not moving to answer it, to hurt from seeing the girl he love kiss a river boy. A ‘river boy’ he thought bitterly.

“Xav! Please! I can explain!

Xavier stormed over to the door and opened it.

“How can you explain how your tongue just happened to be down his throat?!”

“Xav…I’m sorry….”

“Yeah, sorry that you got caught!”

“No, I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you when I first saw you this morning.”

“I bet you had a real good laugh to yourself, seeing me act like a fool in love with you.”

“No! I wasn’t laughing at you, I promise.”

“Yeah right. A river boy? A river boy? Anyone else would’ve been alright but a river boy?”

“Is that what this is all about because he’s a river boy?”

“No! It also has to do with the fact that you didn’t even give a single thought to my feelings!”

“Xav I didn’t mean to hurt you honest.”

“Look, just go back to your river boy and I’ll go back to the police academy and you can live happily ever after!”

“Xav! Don’t be like this please!”

“Sasha! I really don’t want to hear or see your voice ever again and I mean it!”


Xavier didn’t even answer he just closed the door in her face and Sasha stared blankly at the door. Knowing that in that at the same time that she had found love with Casey, she had lost one of the best friends in her life forever.

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