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  1. I know it's late but Happy Birthday BTTB I'm relatively new as I only joined late 2012 when I was pretty depressed at the time and spent a lot of time looking at what other people were saying and tending to stay mostly in the background myself. I think BTTB has been a great place for me to come when I have been feeling down as it has been a great atmosphere and everyone here seems to be very warm and welcoming. I look forward to enjoying another 10 years of BTTB
  2. Hey how are you doing?? :) Looking forwards to see the video :P But take your time to make it. Plenty of time-no rush! :) Do you have Facebook?

  3. I'm really glad that you liked it Pembie, I did have a great christmas thanks, I hope yours was good too and thank you everyone else for all the positive feedback on my first fanfic I will be putting up a new fanfic which I have just started work on today
  4. thanks QA for letting me know where to find them, I really appreciate your help
  5. I'm a fan of Peter and Clare and was wondering if someone would either be able to direct me in the direction of a fanfiction about them or write one for me? and I would also like on about Jazz, because she was also my favourite character ever since she came into the show
  6. I think I heard that it was actually Axle Whitehead, although I'm open to correction. Thanks Red Ranger. It was really bugging me because I was trying to figure out who was singing it, so I checked the main H&A site but it didn't say.
  7. I was just wondering does anyone know who sang the Home and Away theme at Bianca and Liam's wedding earlier this year?
  8. I thought that I would ask this in here since it might get more of a response here then anywhere else, I was watching my dvds of The OC today and I thought that Ben Mckenzie/Ryan Atwood looks a bit like Nicholas Bishop/Peter Baker. Does anyone else here think that they look alike?
  9. ^thanks for answering my question, that has cleared things up for me and I only just realised that I think I posted it in the wrong section, but I didn't realise at the time that I wrote the question. Sorry
  10. would someone be able to make me some icons of Jazz and Peter together?
  11. I was reading through Jazz, Peter and Drew's character profiles today and I noticed that at the start of Drew's one it said that he is: I was wondering would anyone be able to clear up why it refers to her as being called "Christy" when her name is Jazz? Thank you for your help
  12. Thanks for commenting my artwork and just to let you know I have updated it :)

  13. Hi :)

    Can you please check out my artwork?

    I've only just started and am not that good.

    also please check out my fanfics.

    Kristen xo

  14. Hi Steve, thanks for the comment you left me :)

  15. Thanks for letting me know Natasha I guess it will be quite some time before we see his episode on 7TWO then
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