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Character Review for 2012 Leah Patterson


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Character review for 2012 - Leah Patterson - Baker

Leah ( Ada ) is currently on maternity leave.

How has Leah developed as a character this year?

What did you see are the strengths of Leah this year?

What did you see are the weaknesses of Leah this year?

What has been your favourite storyline/s involving Leah this year?

What has been your least favourite storyline/s involving Leah this year?

What would you like to see happen with Leah in 2013 storyline wise? Assuming that she returns at some stage.

Please feel free to speculate, as it is most welcome but please remember that spoilers need to have spoiler tags placed around them.

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Leah was once one of my favourites, but in the past couple of years, she's moved down the list and I actually didn't like Leah much this year, so I didn't really have a favourite storyline with her in it.

My least favourites though, was having her falling for Brax, which I thought was one of the more ridiculous storylines. She never really trusted him or wanted him around the house because of the danger someone like him brings, so Charlie's death in her house at the hands of one of his enemies should have just reinforced her feelings, instead it made her forget everything and it became all about poor Brax. And the way they had her acting around him at times was embarrassing to watch.

The other least favourite was the way she handled Ruby at times. I didn't like the way she put Brax before Ruby. Sure, it was her house, so when Ruby got upset about having Brax at the house, which under the circumstances, was completely understandable, while Leah had a right to not let Ruby dictate who comes around and who couldn't, I just think that with Ruby's feelings still so raw, this one time Leah could have relented. I mean, why was it so important for Leah to be able to have Brax around the house when she could so easily see him at any other place? Ruby should have been her focus, not Brax, who at least had his brothers as support while Ruby had no family and so I hated the way Leah let Ruby move out and became one of the growing number of Brax groupies, there to remind us what a good guy he is, usually after his latest disgusting behaviour. I liked her when she saw him for what he was and so this about face and letting Ruby move out at such a tragic time when she really needed her more than ever, just didn't sit right with me.

Another storyline I didn't like was her exit. It just felt contrived, rushed and totally unnecessary when there were other family related options which could have been used, ie. her mum or someone got sick and needed her. Jamie was too obvious and by rushing the storyline, there was no real suspense and considering all the unpleasant characters and criminals these days, I wished they'd chosen a non-psycho/crime storyline to write her out - after all her years on the show, she deserved a far better treatment than what she got.

Ada may be back filming this year, but I think it will be later in the year, so I'd be surprised to see Leah on our screens at all next year, but hopefully the break will give the writers time to come up with some fresh ideas and maybe introduce a new character as a long-term love interest. It's time Leah had some happiness in her life and for this show to have another family, ie. mum, dad and kid.

With Gina's possible demise, that will leave Roo and Harvey as the only married couple and complete family once they start fostering, which is rather a scary thought, when you consider how immature they've been to get this far, so I'd definitely like another long-term couple.

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