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Story Title: Lawless

Type of story: Long fic

BTTB rating: A

Main Characters: Natalie, Jasper, Sasha.

Other Characters: Regular Summer Bay characters.

Genre: Drama

Does the story include spoilers?: No

Any Warnings?: Adult content, language, violence.

Summary: Natalie's younger brother shows up in town and to her surprise isn't at all the little brother she remembers.


Female heads turned as an attractive male stranger walked in to Summer Bay High, it didn't worry him though he'd been used to female attention since itting puberty.

He smiled as he saw Natalie and Gina

"Hey sis" he said to Natalie

"Jas, what are you doing here?" Natalie asked partly exctied, partly confused

"Can't a guy pay his sister a visit?"

"Ofcouse, i'm just a little shocked, you know four years no word and now you're here" Natalie said hugging him

"I guess you heard about dad?" Jasper asked

"No, what happened?"

"Gran didn't tell you?"

"No, Jas please, you're scaring me" Natalie said

"He died Nat" Jasper told her looking at the ground


"A few weeks back, i wasn't there" he told her

"Where were you?" she asked

"Where was i?, you were his precious little angel"

"Ja..." she reached for him

"here, he left he money but i don't want it, so can you take it please?" Jasper asked

"He left you money and you wanna give it to me?" Natalie said frowning as Jasper tried to hand her an envelope.

"I can't accept it, i don't wanna end up like before" Jasper told her


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Natalie and Jasper walked slowly along the beach talking about when they were kids until Natalie changed the topic

"What did you mean by not wanting to go back to the way you were?" she asked

Japer ignored her question

"You remember the time when dad took us to the beach and we did those holding our breath underwater consts?" Jasper asdked her.


"Reckon i could still beat you" he said lifting his shirt over his head.

"Jas, can you not ignore me please" Natalie said

"Don't start your counsellor crap on me, it doesn't work" Jasper snapped

"Now are we gonna do this or not?" he asked her

"I'm not really dressed for swimming" Natalie told him

Jasper turned his back to her and revealed a huge tattoo of jesus nailed to the cross with the name Aurora Stoker written under it on his back.

"Never thought you'd be the religious type" she said

"It's been a rough few years" he replied noticing Sasha and April walking along the beach


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Sasha let out a scream as scalding hot coffee went down the front of her.

"You" she said staring at Jasper

"I'm sorry i honestly don't remember you" he said frowning

"You were checking me out on the beach before" Sasha said angrily

"Ah, well way to make a good first impression then" Jasper replied

she smiled

"It's ok, i think it was more shock than pain" she told him

"Yeah, but i ruined ya top. here i'll pay for it" he said

"Do you always try to picck up girls this way?" she asked

"No, it's usually dragging 'em out of the water and performing mouth to mouth, then they hit on me because i saved their life" he replied

"So you're a lifeguard"

"I used to be but then my ex's sudden death changed that" Jasper said

"Is that what you were talking to Natalie about?" Sasha asked

"Nah, Nat's my sister"

"She never said she had a brother" Sasha replied

"That's possibly because i'm a dissapointment"

"I'm sure that's not true"


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Jasper walked into Angelo's and saw Natalie and Brax together.

"So he's the flavour of the day" Jasper said

"Who are you and what does that mean?" Brax asked

"Brax this my brother Jasper, Jas this is Brax a guy who's more than just the flavour of the day" Natalie said standing between them.

"My bad, it's just the Natalie Davison i used to know never slept with same guy"

"can i see on the balcony alone" Natalie gestured to Jasper

"Hey do you know if they have any jobs goin' here, i done waitoring before but that was for my butt hungry prison mates" Jasper said

"Where do you get of..." Natalie stopped

"You were in prison?" Natalie asked

"Surprise" Jasper said

"What for?" she asked

"Doesn't matter what for" Jasper told her

"I'm sorry, i didn't know" she replied hugging him

"I'm gonna need a favor" he said

"What?" she asked

"Can i stay with you" he asked

"I'm not sure, it's a friends house and i don't if there's room" she said

Jasper pulled away from her

"Your still the same old sister you always were" he snapped at her

"What does that mean?" she asked

"You always thought you were better than me"

Natalie noticed his hand was shaking.

"Are you using?"

Jasper shook his head and turned to leave, Natalie grabbed his arm and he back handed her across the face.


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Jasper sat on the beach with his head in his knees thinking about what he'd just done.

"Give me one good reason why i shouldn't break your arms?" Brax said sitting beside him

"I screwed up, i know. Not that it's any of your business" Jasper said

"You just hit your own sister that's low mate" Brax said

"I know i promised myself i'd never do anything like that to another woman again, but here i am" Jasper said

"You've hit women before?" Brax asked

"Promise you wont tell Nat" Jasper said

"That you hit women?" Brax asked

"No, that killed my girlfriend"

"Whoa, mate. I'm sure there was more to it" Brac said

"No there wasn't, i was a violent guy and i bashed my girlfriend's head in with myy fists, well that and slamming her head on to the tiles killed her anyway" Jasper told him

"Mate, i really think you should tell Natalie this"

"Why?, so she can counsel me, no thanks she tried that once before and obviously it did no good" Jasper said standing up

"Where are you staying?" Brax asked

"No idea" Jasper answered

"You can stay at my place on the couch" Brax said

"Why would you do that?" Jasper asked

"Because i care about Natalie and your her brother" Brax said also standing up

"And you remind me a little of me" Brax told him


P.S. no the chapters aren't already written.

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