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Coming Undone

Guest Romeo&Indi Forever

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So I decided to finish this fanfic after two yrs. :)

Chapter 11

Indi watched Blood go down the drain she normally didn't do self-harm but today she wasn't excepting Miles to say no to her.

There was a loud knock on the bathroom door.

"Hold on a sec" Indi called she grabbed a towel and a bandage

"Indi I'm busting" Sasha yelled

Indi opened the door and Sasha rushed in and slammed the door

Indi knew she shouldn't be doing self-harm a few years earlier after Sasha's mum had died she was so lost and cutting her wrists all the time until she met Spencer but they are not together anymore they broke up months ago.

There was a knock on the door

Indi answered it and saw Heath.

"Look Heath I'm not in the mood I just tried to see if we could see our daughter but Miles said no" Indi said

"I'm not here to cause trouble I just wanted to apologize for the way I acted the other day" Heath Responded

"It's fine I probably should of told you" Indi replied

"Yeah did Miles really say no" Heath asked

"Yes" Indi whispered

"I'm so sorry" Heath responded

Heath left and Indi closed the door.

Preview for next Chapter we found out if Casey and Paige get along.

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Thanks for the comments I was excepting a few more people to read this but oh well here is the next chapter :)

Chapter 12
Paige was still confused she looked at Ruby and then back at Casey
“Daddy” Paige said looking at Casey
“Yes Paige that’s your Dad” Ruby smiled
“I think she likes me” Casey laughed
“Come play” Paige said
“Do you mind?” Casey asked
“No she’s your daughter let her get to know you” Ruby smiled
Casey followed Paige to the lounge/play room.
“Daddy why don’t I have your last name?” Paige asked
“Mummy didn’t like Daddy very much when you were born you refused to sue the last name Braxton” Casey responded
“And now?” Paige asked
Ruby appeared in the doorway
“Mummy is working on that Paige come on lunch is ready” Ruby said
Casey and Paige followed Ruby in to the kitchen
“Paige climbed onto Casey’s lap.
“Don’t you want your own chair Paigey?” Ruby asked
“No Mummy I want to stay with Daddy” Paige responded
Ruby shrugged and served lunch.
After Lunch Ruby out Paige down for a little nap.
“Casey I was thinking maybe Paige should have both our last names like Buckton-Braxton” Ruby said
“I was thinking the same thing and I wasn’t excepting her to like me since you didn’t at first” Casey laughed

I'm going away on Holiday from Thursday May 1st-Friday May 9th so this might be the last update for a while :)

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Thanks for the comments Sarah,RR1,Jess and Pembie :)

I put a shock twist in this chapter let me know what you think

Chapter 13
Casey left Ruby’s place in a good mood.
Casey ran all the way home.
“Brax” Casey called out
“Shh Nicole dropped Avalon off she’s asleep” Brax whispered
“Sorry” Casey responded
There was a knock on the door.
“Indi’ Brax said
“Hi sorry to do this but Miles pretty much dropped Marissa on me and I have to work” Indi said
The little girl appeared from behind Indi.
“its fine Nicole left Avalon here for a bit” Brax responded
“Will Heath be home?” Indi asked
“Heath’s at work right now but yes he might be home later” Brax responded
Indi nodded and looked at the little girl who reminded her so much of Heath.
“Look Avalon is asleep so if Marissa want to play or take a nap I don’t know what little girls do” Casey said.
Indi nodded again.
Marissa followed Brax inside but not before she looked at Indi.
“I wonder how this happened.” Brax said
“I don’t know” Casey responded
Marissa went into the other room and saw the other little girl Avalon fast asleep.
Marissa lay down next to her.
“Look I have news” Casey said slowly and excitedly.
“”Well spill’ Brax responded
“Look Ruby want to make it work so we will get the papers drawn up and Paige will be a Braxton as well as a Buckton” Casey responded smiling
Brax nodded.
“Wait how come where the babysitter service today?” Heath appeared in the doorway
“I don’t know but today one of those kids is yours Miles left Marissa with Indi” Brax responded

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Thanks Sarah for the comment.

I might not continue this fanfic it seems like not many people are interested anymore.

Chapter 14.

Heath was so shocked he had to sit down

"Wait what?" Heath asked

"I know this comes as a shock to you bro" Brax said sitting next to Heath

"Well yeah last time I knew Miles wouldn't even let Indi see Marissa" Heath responded

"Yeah Indi was pretty shocked too but she had no one else Sasha is at school" Brax said

"Yeah I know but what are going to do if Miles comes back?" Heath asked

"We will figure it out" Brax responded

There was a knock at the door

Brax got up to answer the door to find Miles on the other side.

"Heath Brax called over his shoulder

Brax went to check on the girls

"Hello Miles" Heath said Stiffly

"Hi look I'm sorry Marissa kept asking about her parents I know she's only 4 but she wanted answers" Miles said

"So you say no to Indi?" Heath asked

"I didn't know what to say" Miles responded

"Now you except us to get along because you dumped our daughter on us?" Heath asked

"No that's up to you but I can't look after a little girl who feels like she's not even mine" Miles Responded

"So what do we do?" Heath asked

"I know you think I legally adopted her but the truth is I never did I just fostered her" Miles Responded

"Wait does that mean you can give her back anytime?" Heath asked

"Pretty much" Miles Responded

Heath Nodded

"Well then come say your goodbyes" Heath said

"I already said goodbye at Indi's" Miles responded

"Well then feel free to leave" Heath said

Miles left nearly bumping into Indi

"Hi Heath Said

"Hey" Indi responded

"What did Miles want?" Brax asked

"Legally he only fostered Marissa he never adopted her which mean he can give her back at anytime" Heath responded

Indi Nodded

"Did you have any trouble with her?" Indi asked Brax

"No she pretty much slept with Avalon until about an hour ago they are playing now" Brax responses

Indi followed Heath to the bedroom and smiled at Avalon and Marissa playing

"Marissa it's time to go baby" Indi said

"Me want to play with Avalon" Marissa said

"Baby you can play with her another time" Indi promised

"Who's that?" Marissa asked pointing at Heath

"I'm your Daddy" Heath responded

"No Miles-Marissa started to say

Indi shook her head

"No baby Miles was just looking after you until Mummy and Daddy could get it together" Indi said

Marissa took Indi's hand

"Thanks Brax" Indi smiled

"Anytime" Brax said

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Thanks Sarah for the comment.

Chapter 15.

After carefully considering it Indi decided Heath should move in to the farm house and get to know his daughter Marissa.

The Braxton's would still look after Marissa.

The next day Indi dropped Marissa off at the Braxton's house.

Indi knocked on the door.

Heath answered it.

"Hello" Indi smiled

"Hi" Heath smiled back

"Can we talk?" Indi asked

"Sure" Heath replied

Heath followed Indi outside

"I was thinking you should know your daughter and just not by babysitting her" Indi said

"What are you proposing?' Heath asked

"That you move into the farmhouse" Indi said

"What about Dex and Sasha?" Heath asked

"Look I'll ask them" Indi said

"Okay if it's fine with them then let's do it" Heath said

Indi left.

Heath went back inside and saw Marissa playing with Avalon happily

"Daddy" Marissa said pointing up to Heath.

Heath smiled.

If it was ok with Sasha and Dex he was happy to move in to the farmhouse and spend more time with Marissa.

Heath was the only one home Casey was with Ruby officially changing Paige's name to Buckton-Braxton.

Brax as usual was MIA probably with Charlie.

There was a knock on the door.

Heath answered it to find a teenage boy on the other side.

"Is this the Braxton's house?" The boy asked

"Yes" Heath replied

"I'm Kyle I guess I'm you're brother" the boy said

"I've never heard of a Kyle"Heath said but he let Kyle in.

Avalon and Marissa where still playing.

"Cute kids" Kyle said

"Thanks Marissa is my daughter and Avalon is a friends daughter" Heath responded

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Thanks RR1 and Sarah :)
Chapter 16.
Heath was so confused.
Brax had just gotten home from work.
"Who's the kid?" Heath asked
"That's Kyle when you we're off trying to get Indi to keep Marissa three yrs ago Kyle helped a struggling Casey after he found out about Paige" Brax answered
"So you knew he was our brother?" Heath asked
"In a sense yes" Brax responded
At that exact moment 17 yr old Casey came home and saw Kyle their eyes met and Kyle stood up to hug Casey.
Flash back
15 yr old Casey had just found out his girlfriend 16 yr old Ruby Buckton was pregnant.
He didn't want to go home he couldn't face Brax.
So Casey sat down by the dumpster outside Angelo's.
17 yr old Kyle was sitting on the other side.
Brax had found him earlier and said sometime Casey does the same thing.
So when Kyle hard a loud thud on the other side he got up.
Looking up Casey saw a teenage boy not much older than 17.
"It's okay I'm you're long lost brother" Kyle said
End of flashback.
Casey let go of Kyle wow you're what like 19 now?" Casey asked
Kyle nodded before finally replying.
"Yes" Kyle said
"Casey's 17 now" Heath added
"I know" Kyle said quietly
The two older boys left Casey and Kyle to catch up.
"I haven't seen you since I found out about Paige" Casey said
"Yeah sorry about that so how is everything?" Kyle asked
"Well we're finally getting on all three of us but for a while there everything was coming undone" Casey answered
"So are you back with Ruby or just friends raising you're daughter?" Kyle asked
"I actually don't know but now Paige has both our last names" Casey responded
Flash back
Danny hadn't told Kyle about his three other kids but Kyle did some digging of his Own.
Danny's arm connected with Kyle's face.
End of flashback
Kyle screamed.
Casey knelt in front of Kyle.
"Hey are you ok?" Casey asked
"Yeah just a bad memory" Kyle answered

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Thanks Sarah :)

Chapter 17.
Kyle Bennett-Braxton had been living with his brothers for 2 months now and he had gotten to know Paige and little Avalon and Marissa.
He still got flashbacks of Danny but he knew he was safe with Casey, Brax and Heath.
Heath had moved into the farmhouse with Indi.
Ruby and Paige had moved into the Braxton’s house a month ago.
They were one big happy family and so they thought..
“Where they really safe?”

An explosion happened at Angelo’s about a month ago ‘was Danny really behind it?”
Kyle couldn’t help but wonder but he was having a great time at the park with the kids and Casey.
Paige really enjoyed hanging out with her Uncle Kyle.
“Uncle Kyle come play” Paige said tugging on his sleeve.
Kyle got up from the park bench.
Nicole and Avalon had just arrived at the park.
“Play” Avalon said to Nic.
“Yes go Play” Nicole said
“No play with Kyle” Avalon said pointing
“Kyle’s busy playing with Paige” Nicole responded
Kyle was uneasy he kept looking over his shoulder.
“It’s okay he won’t find us” Casey said
“How do you know?” Kyle asked
“Because he’s in jail Brax found out it was Danny that set up the explosion at Angelo’s” Casey responded
“Now please enjoy playing with Paige that girl loves you” Ruby added
“Yeah but I think Avalon and Marissa want to play” Kyle said
“its okay girls you can play with Paige and Kyle” Casey said.
Kyle stopped trying to look over his shoulder.

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Thanks for the comments Sarah and RR1 :)

Chapter 18.

Georgina Bennett Kyle's half sister was sitting on the park bench watching Kyle with his new family.

Danny had asked her to check on Kyle and try to make amends at first she was against it but Danny offered to set her up for life.

Kyle was walking away from the three little girls leaving Casey to play with them.

Kyle sat down on the bench unaware his half sister was watching him.

Georgina got up and walked over to him.

"Ky" The girl said

Kyle looked up and recognised his half sister

"Georgie I thought you ran out when I was like twelve" Kyle said

"I did I'm only here because Danny wanted me to check on you and he offered me a lot of money" Georgina responded

"Is still locked up?" Kyle asked

"Yes" Georgina responded

"Good he abused me and two months ago he set up an explosion at my brothers restaurant" Kyle said

"I know Ky he abused me two" Georgina whispered

"I still get flash backs" Kyle said

"Me too" Georgina responded

Kyle looked at his half sister then back at his brothers who where walking towards them.

"Kyle let's go" Casey said

Ruby noticed the girl

"Sorry my boyfriend has forgotten his manners " Ruby said

"It's okay I'm Georgina Kyle's half sister" Georgina responded

"What brings you to Summer bay?" Casey asked

"Danny asked me to check on Kyle" Georgina responded

"His not?" Casey asked

"No he's very much locked up" Georgina responded

Paige tugged on Ruby's top.

"Mummy I'm hungry" Paige said

"Sorry Georgie I have to go" Kyle said

"It's fine Ky I have to get home" Georgina responded

The Braxton's,Nicole and Indi went on to Angelo's.

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Thanks Sarah and RR1.

Chapter 19.

Two months later.

Kyle was helping Brax at Angelo,s.

Casey had since moved in with Paige and Ruby.

Heath and Indi had since got there own flat.

Kyle was serving Nicole drinks when Georgina walked in with two little boys.

"Ky" Georgie said

"Hey sis" Kyle responded

"You know her?" Nicole asked

"Yeah she's my half sister" Kyle responded

"You have a sister?" Nicole asked

"Yes"Kyle replied

Nicole gets up to leave.

"Ky these are my sons Tobias and Jerry." Georgina said

"Georgie I'm working can we do this later?" Kyle asked

"Sure" Georgina replied

"Do you want to order some food?" Kyle asked

"Two cokes, white wine for me and meat lovers pizza" Georgina responded

"Got it coming right up" Kyle smiled

"Mummy who is that?" Tobias asked

"That's you're uncle Kyle we only just found each other again" Georgina replied

Kyle set the two cokes in front of Tobias and Jerry before setting a white wine in front of Georgina.

What do you guys think of Georgina and Kyle reconnecting?

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Thanks RR1 and Sarah :)

Chapter 20.

Kyle had just finished his shift at Angelo's and was in his way home.

Someone was lurking outside Angelo's unknown by Kyle.

The person was waiting for his time to strike but was caught by Sasha before he got the chance.

Kyle arrived home to find Brax,Casey,Heath and Georgina with her two boys.

"What?" Kyle asked Brax.

"It would of been nice to know that we had guests for dinner" Brax responded

"Look it just happened this afternoon I had no time to tell anyone" Kyle said coolly

"Look next time if you have a spare minute text me" Brax responded

"Okay" Kyle said

"Okay let's get started" Ricky said

"Do you need help?" Georgina asked

"Yeah that would be great" Ricky responded

"Mummy can we have a coke?" Tobias asked

"Ask Brax or Kyle" Georgina said to her son.

Tobias looked at Kyle "can we please?" Tobias asked

"Yeah sure buddy" Kyle responsed

"Can you get it or do you want me to?" Casey asked

"You get it please" Tobias responsed

Casey got up to get the two cokes for the Little boys.

"Here you go mate" Casey said handing a glass of coke to Tobias and another to his brother Jerry.

"Thank you Casey" Tobias said

"Yeah thanks Casey" Jerry said

"Boys can you help us?" Georgina asked

"Yeah okay what can I do?" Kyle asked

"Set the table please" Ricky responsed

Kyle set the table for eight people.

"Put this on the table" Georgina said handing Kyle a plate of salad.

"Brax you could help too" Ricky said.

Brax grumbled to himself.

"Yes dear" Brax muttered

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