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Coming Undone

Guest Romeo&Indi Forever

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Story Title- Coming undone
Type of story-Long Fic
BTTB Rating :A
Main Characters-Indigo Walker,Ruby Buckton and Nicole Franklin
Other Characters include The Braxton brothers
Does the story include spoilers?- No
Any Warnings? (V/D)
Summary-Indi,Ruby and Nicole have been best friends for as long as they can remember but when the Braxtons arrive they put their friendship to the test will they risk it all?

Chapter 1.
Indi Walker, Nicole Franklin and Ruby Buckton have been best friends for as long as they can remember.
One day they we’re hanging out when the big bad Braxton brothers came on to the scene.
Little did they know that there friendship was about to be put to the test.
Nicole, Indi and Ruby had plans to hang out in the beach.
Indi took the bus down to the beach we’re she was going to meet up with Nicole and Ruby.
Finally Nicole and Ruby arrived
“You’re late” Indi said
“Sorry had to do something” Nicole said
Ruby just rolled her eyes.
The girls started to walk down to the beach
As soon as they we’re on the beach they found a nice sunny spot and put there towels down.
Not long after the girls settled down Casey Braxton appeared in front of Nicole
“Excuse me you’re blocking my sun” Nicole said
Indi looked up
“Oh it’s you” Indi said
Two years ago the Braxton brothers put their friendship to the test and now their back on the bay will their friendship be put to the test again?
Nicole hated the Braxton’s.
“Run along” Ruby said
“I get it you don’t want me here” Casey responded
Indi rolled her eyes.
“No you and your brothers tested our friendship two years ago” Indi said
Casey walked off.
“I swear I would never let them test our friendship again” Nicole said
“Yeah but you know they will” Indi responded

Hope this is ok and thanks to Paige (HAA) for the banner :)

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Thanks for the comments Paige,Sarah and Sandie :)

Paige this chapter is dedicated to you :P

Chapter 2

Nicole, Indi and Ruby had a nice day at the beach but sadly they had life to get back too, even if their life was kept secret from their two best friends.

As the girls we’re walking up the beach Nicole’s phone rung.

“Hello?” Nicole asked

“Hi Sweetie” Roman responded

“Dad I told you not to call me when I’m with my friends” Nicole said

“Wait you haven’t tell them about Avalon?” Roman asked

“No they don’t know about her” Nicole said

“Nicole it’s been 3 years” Roman responded

“I know Dad but how am I going to explain that Avalon was a result of a short relationship with Romeo Smith?” Nicole asked

Indi looked at Ruby who shrugged.

“Anyways Dad he left three years ago” Nicole said

Nicole hung up.

“I hate to part with us two but I really should get home to Paige” Ruby said

Indi and Nicole knew that Ruby’s daughter Paige was a result of Casey raping Ruby two years ago.

Ruby walked off.

“So what happened with you and Romeo?” Indi asked

“Oh you heard that” Nicole said

“Yep” Indi responded

“Well three years ago before all this nonsense with the Braxton brothers I had a shortish relationship with Romeo Smith and it wasn’t short enough to prevent Avalon for being born so shortly after she was born Romeo took off and I couldn’t raise her so my dad adopted her” Nicole said

Indi nodded.

Indi has a secret of her own she has a secret daughter who she gave up for adaption the good thing is she knows who adopted Marissa Miles Copeland.

Marissa was a result of Indi sleeping with Heath Braxton before she knew the Braxton’s we’re bad news.

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Thanks for the comments Phoebe,Sandie,Sarah and Paige :)

Chapter 3

Ruby had the worst night’s sleep Paige had kept her awake all night and Ruby had made plans to hang out with Nicole and Indi at her place today.

There was a knock on the door.

Ruby quickly got out of bed and got dressed.

When she answered the door she realised it was Casey Ruby was about to slam the door in his face.

Paige came up beside Ruby.

“Casey what do you want?” Ruby asked

“Can’t a guy pop around to say Hello?” Casey asked

“No” Ruby responded

“Wait is she-?” Casey asked

Ruby was hoping Casey didn’t notice Paige

“Yes’ Ruby whispered

“Can I hold -? Casey asked

“No” Ruby cut him off before slamming the door in Casey’s face.

The next time there was a knock on the door it was Nicole and Indi.

“Whoa you look run down” Nicole said

“Gee thanks I couldn’t sleep last night Paige kept me awake and to top it off Casey payed us a visit this morning” Ruby responded

“Does he know?” Indi asked

“Yes” Ruby responded

Nicole had gone out to get some food and decided to take Paige with her.

There was a knock on the door, Indi answered it

“Hello Brax” Indi said stiffly

“Is Ruby here?” Brax asked

“Yes” Indi responded

Can I talk to her?” Brax asked

“No” Indi said

Indi slammed the door in Brax’s face.

Not even two second later Nicole and Paige returned with some food.

“Brax was just her” Ruby told Nicole

“Do you think Casey told him?” Nicole asked

“Well I’d say he did tell Brax” Ruby responded

Indi nodded

“I have a secret” Nicole told Ruby

“Oh spill” Ruby responded

“I have a daughter” Nicole said

“What how?” Ruby asked

“Well I was dating Romeo and we only dated for three years and after Avalon was born he took off” Nicole said

“Where is Avalon now?” Ruby asked

“With Dad” Nicole said

Finally it was Indi’s turn.

“I have a secret daughter” Indi said

“WHAT?” Ruby and Nicole said

“Well it was two years ago before I knew the Braxton’s we’re bad news I slept with Heath and a few months later Marissa was born I couldn’t look after her and Heath wasn’t ready to look after a baby so Miles Copeland adopted her” Indi said

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Thanks Red,Phoebe Sandie and Sarah :)

Here's the next chapter

Chapter 4

Ruby was getting ready go out for the day with Nicole and Indi.

Ruby was about to leave to drop Paige at Leah’s when there was a knock on the door.

Ruby opened the door

“Casey go away” Ruby said

“Can’t I just see my-?” Casey asked

“No now go away before I call the police” Ruby said

“I’m not the only Braxton who has a kid am I?” Casey asked

“No” Ruby whispered

“It’s Indi isn’t it?” Casey asked

“Yes” Ruby whispered

“She slept with Heath and gave the baby up for adoption” Casey said

Ruby nodded

“Now please go away” Ruby said

Casey left how he was going to tell Heath Indi had a child and put it up for adoption.

After Casey left Ruby managed to get out the door and take Paige to Leah’s.

Nicole, Indi and Ruby we’re hanging out on the beach.

Heath came up and started to abuse Indi.

“You had my child and didn’t even tell me or ask me before you gave her up for adoption” Heath yelled

Indi looked like she was about to cry.

“I wasn’t ready for a baby and neither we’re you and besides you have Darcy” Indi said

Heath walked away

Nicole stood up

“I have to go visit Avey” Nicole said

Indi nodded

“I might ring Miles and ask if I can see Marissa” Indi said

Ruby stood up

“I have to go get Paige from Leah’s” Ruby said

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Thanks for the comments Sarah,Phoebe,Steve and Sandie

Here is the next chapter hope it's ok :)

Chapter 5

Nicole was on her way to Roman’s to visit Avalon when she looked up and saw a familiar face.

“Hi” Romeo said

“Hello” Nicole responded stiffly

“Fancy meeting you here” Romeo said

“Romeo why are you here?” Nicole asked

“I wanted to see how you’re doing” Romeo responded

“Are you sure you’re not here to check up on our daughter?” Nicole asked

“Well that too” Romeo responded

“Look Romeo I don’t mean to be rude but I’m on my way to visit her now” Nicole said

“Oh can I come?” Romeo asked

“No you ran out” Nicole responded

“We we’re broken up and how was I supposed to tell my then girlfriend Jess I have a daughter with another girl?” Romeo asked

“Just go away Romeo” Nicole responded

Romeo walked away

Nicole continued to her dad’s house.

Indi went straight home from the beach and she breezed past Sasha.

“Um Hello” Sasha said

“Oh hey Sash” Indi responded

“What’s wrong?” Sasha asked

“Heath found out about Marissa” Indi responded

“How did he find out?” Sasha asked

“Casey has been trying to visit Paige and one day he guessed that I had Heath’s kid” Indi responded

“So what are you going to do now?” Sasha asked

“I’m going to call Miles” Indi responded

Ruby had just collected Paige from Leah’s and on her way home she ran in to Casey.

“Can we talk?” Casey asked

“No” Ruby responded

Nicole knocked on Roman’s door.

Roman opened the door.

“Nicole what a nice surprise” Roman said

“It’s not so nice for me” Nicole muttered

“What sweetie?” Roman asked

“Oh nothing I just encountered Romeo on the way here “Nicole responded

“Mummy” Avalon said

“Hey Avey” Nicole responded

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Thanks Jess,Sandie,Steve and Sarah :)

Here is the next chapter it's more based around Nicole and Romeo trying to work together and a small mention of his ex girl-friend :)

Chapter 6.

Shortly after Nicole arrived Roman had to put Avalon to bed.

“Sorry honey you didn’t get to spend much time with Avalon” Roman said

“It’s fine can I stay here tonight?” Nicole asked

“Yes but you’ll have to sleep in Avalon’s room “Roman replied

“That’s fine it’s just if I go home I know Romeo will be there waiting for me” Nicole responded

“Why do you think he’s back?” Roman asked

“My best guess is he dumped his girlfriend Jess who I bet has no idea he even has a daughter” Nicole responded

“Well I guess that’s a good enough reason for me to let you stay” Roman joked

“I’ll help with Avalon if she wakes up too early or in the middle of the night” Nicole responded

“Honey if you’re ready to start helping me with your daughter then maybe you should just move back home” Roman told Nicole

“Maybe I’ll think about it” Nicole responded

Roman was right to let Nicole stay.

Romeo waited outside Nicole’s place all night but when it was clear she wasn’t coming home he left.

The next morning Romeo’s worst nightmare came true.

“Hey” Jess said

“I thought I made it pretty clear that I never wanted to see you again” Romeo responded

“Why?” Jess asked

“Just go away Jess” Romeo responded

Nicole was approaching the beach with Avalon close to where Romeo and Jess we’re standing.

Jess noticed that the little girl looked like Romeo.

“Wait you have a daughter” Jess said

“Yes he does and lucky for you he broke up with you now run along” Nicole responded

“You didn’t have to help me” Romeo said

“I Know but since we’re both single again and Dad is willing to let us both move in to his place that is if you want to help look after Avalon or better known as Avey” Nicole responded

The little girl looked up at her name and she instantly recognized Romeo.

“Daddy Avalon said

“So what do you say?” Nicole asked

“I’ll give it a go” Romeo responded

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Thanks for the comments Steve,Sandie and Sarah :)

Here is the next chapter.

Chapter 7.

Nicole took Avalon home.

Romeo had gone home to get a few things.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door.

Roman wasn’t very happy to find Romeo on the other side of the door.

“Let him in Dad” Nicole said

“Why?” Roman asked

“Well we’ve decided to try and raise Avalon together so please be nice” Nicole responded

“Fine” Roman responded

Roman let Romeo again.

“Nice to see you again Roman” Romeo said

“If you ever hurt Nicole and Avalon again I’ll kick you out” Roman responded

“Understood “Romeo said

Romeo went up the stairs.

“There she is” Romeo said

“Shh I just got her to go to sleep” Nicole responded

“Goodnight Princess” Romeo whispered

Ruby had just put Paige to bed.

There was a knock on the door.

Ruby opened the door and wasn’t surprised that Casey was on the other side.

“Can we talk?” Casey asked

“No” Ruby responded

“Just hear me out” Casey said

“I said no “Ruby said

“But…” Casey said

Ruby was getting annoyed at Casey.

Ruby punched Casey then slammed the door.

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Thanks for the comments Steve,Sarah and Sandie.

Here is the next chapter not to sure about this one :blink:

Chapter 8.

“Um Ow” Casey said before he walked off he knew Ruby couldn’t hear him.

Casey walked to Angelo’s

“Whoa what happened to you?” Heath asked

“Ruby punched me” Casey responded

“Here” Brax said as he passed Casey an ice pack.

“Thanks” Casey said

“Maybe you should stop trying to be involved in Paige’s life because I think from now on every time you try Ruby will punch you” Brax responded

“Yeah but she’s my daughter” Casey said

“By blood not by choice and that’s why Paige has the last name Buckton and not Braxton” Brax responded

“Yeah I guess you’re right I can’t afford to get punched every time I go around there” Casey responded

“Now you’re thinking “Heath said

“At least Indi didn’t punch you when you abused her” Casey responded

“No but trust me she was thinking about it” Heath responded

At Roman’s.

Romeo turned the TV on.

“Hey Nic can Avey watch this?” Romeo asked

“What is it?” Nicole asked back

“It’s a TV show called Austin&Ally” Romeo responded

Nicole appeared in the lounge room and took a closer look at the show.

“Yeah it should be fine” Nicole responded

“Yay thanks Mummy” Avalon said

Flip a switch

Turn up the lightning

Get it right

Show 'em how it's done

Free it up

No matter how you dress that song

Girl you know you got a number one

Go with it

You got 'em where you want 'em

Drop the beat

They need to hear your sound

Play it up

It's coming down to you right now

They wanna know know know

Your name name name

They want the girl girl girl

With game game game

And when they look look look

Your way way way

Your gonna make (make) make (make) make

Make 'em do a double take

They wanna know know know

Your name name name

They want the girl girl girl

With game game game

And when they look look look

Your way way way

Your gonna make (make) make (make) make

Make 'em do a double take

What up?

Avalon got up and started dancing.

Romeo and Nicole couldn’t help but laugh.

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Thanks for the comments Sarah,Sandie and Steve :wub:

Here is the next chapter

Chapter 9.

Ruby was walking along the beach with Nicole and Indi.

“Hey is that Casey?” Indi asked spotting a figure walking along the beach.

“Yeah I think it is what happened to his face?” Nicole asked

“I punched him “Ruby admitted

“What why?” Indi asked

“Well I know he is related to Paige by blood and he kept trying to see her one day I got feed up and just punched him” Ruby responded

“I have to admit when Heath abused me a few weeks I wanted to punch him” Indi said

“What’s up with you and Romeo?” Indi and Ruby both asked

“Well we’re trying to be a family but I’m not sure dad likes the idea just yet” Nicole responded

Casey was about to duck when he realised he was approached Ruby.

“It’s alright I won’t hurt you “Ruby said

“Are you sure?” Casey asked

“Yes I’m sure if you want you can come over for lunch tomorrow” Ruby responded

“Are you sure you know I…. Casey trailed off

“Yeah I know and yes I’m sure Paige should know her father” Ruby responded

Nicole and Indi we’re watching from a far.

“Ok I will see you tomorrow at your place” Casey said

“Yep be there at 1pm” Ruby responded

Casey walked off.

“Way to go “Nicole said

“Well if you and Romeo can be a family then I guess Casey and I should try to be a family” Ruby responded

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Thanks for the comments Sarah,Sandie and Steve.

Here is the next chapter :)

Chapter 10

Ruby was doing her best to make the place look nice before Casey came over.

Ruby was cooking.

Paige was looking out the window

“Mummy who’s coming?” Paige asked

“You’re Daddy” Ruby responded

Paige frowned

“I don’t have a daddy “Paige said

“Yes you do it’s just mummy’s doesn’t like him very much but she’s trying that’s what today is about “Ruby responded

Just then there was a loud knock on the door.

Paige took Ruby’s hand and together they answered the door.

“Hi Casey thanks for coming” Ruby said

“Hi no problem thanks for inviting me” Casey responded

“Paige this is your father Casey” Ruby said

“No” Paige responded

“Yes I’m your dad” Casey told Paige

“Shall we?” Ruby asked

“Sure” Casey responded

“Mummy’s been busy” Paige said

Casey nodded

“Looks good” Casey said

They all sat down at the table and had lunch.

After lunch Ruby put Paige down for a nap.

“Sorry about Paige she’ll get used the idea of a father soon enough” Ruby said

“What so you want me to be involved in her life?” Casey asked

“Well Yes” Ruby responded

“What made you change your mind?” Casey asked

“Well I saw Romeo and Nicole trying to be a family and thought that Paige should know her father” Ruby responded

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