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Finders Keepers

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Story Title: Finders Keepers

Type of Story: One Shot

Main Characters: Brax, Martha and Amelia.

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Psychological thriller, Mystery

Spoilers: No.

Any warning: No.

Summary: Brax and Martha's family shopping trip comes to an abrupt end when their daughter vanishes.

Originally titled The Girl from Tomorrow as it features Amelia, Martha’s and Brax's daughter from my fan fiction series. I decided on Finders Keepers because it related better to the story.

If you guys like this, I may write a sequel some time.

Hope you enjoy the read.

The mall was filled with the sound of the Jingle Bell Rock song as it played through the overhead speakers. Shoppers were thrust into the festive chaos below, perusing the shelves for the last of their holiday shopping.

At the back of the store, the line to see Santa had gotten quite long. The children were hyped up, high on sugar and ready for Christmas.

Brax stood in line beside his daughter. His arms were tired from all of the shopping bags Martha had made him carry.

“Mummy, when’s it my turn?” Amelia asked as she tugged Martha’s hand.

“Don’t worry shorty, you’re next. You just have to wait till this little boy’s turn is over.” Martha reassured.

“But he’s been there forever!” She wined. “Shoo boy shoo!”

“Amelia Rose Braxton.” Martha scolded. “We don’t talk like that to others. There’s a good girl.”

Brax looked at Amelia and laughed.

Martha gave a sour face. “Don’t encourage her.”

Three year old Amelia was the spitting image of Martha. She had the same sparkling blue eyes and long, dark brown, wavy hair, though hers was decorated with little coloured beads.

“And I want the Thor action figure.” The voice came from the little boy sat on Santa’s knee. “Also a Mighty Morphine Power Ranger, but not the pink one cos that’s for girls. I want some Hot Wheels cars, and also a big tub of Lego.”

“Doesn’t ask for much does he?” Brax whispered to Martha.

Martha smiled. “Do you think they’ll be anything left in Santa’s factory after him?”

“Nah.” Brax smiled back.

The blonde haired boy continued. “I want the new Sonic Hedgehog game, and some sweeties.”

The man in the Santa suit sighed. There was a kid like this every year. “Ho, ho, ho.” He bellowed. “That’s quite a list there kid.”

“I’ve not finished telling you what I want for Christmas.”

“Well, how about you make a list for me and pass it on to one of my elves? Say cheese.”

The Canon camera flashed.

Amelia smiled at the way the boy trotted away. Then she hopped up into Santa’s lap. “Hi, Santa!”

“Ho, ho, ho!” Santa bellowed once again. “Aren’t you a pretty little girl? And what’s your name?”

“Amelia.” She said sweetly.

“Well that’s a nice name. Now tell me, Amelia. Have you been a good girl all year?”

She nodded. “Yes, Santa, I’ve been very good. Daddy says I’m his little angel.”

“An angel? Well then you must be especially good.”

Brax and Martha smiled at each other.

“Do you know what you want for Christmas?”

“Uh huh!” She said excitedly. “A pony!”

“A pony? That’s an awfully big pressie for such a little girl.”

“I’m not little. I’m big enough to ride a pony. I’d take really good care of her and I’d ride her every day!”

“You know, ponies are a very special kind of pet. They need a big paddock to run around in. Are you sure your garden is big enough for a pony?”

Amelia thought for a moment. “Hmmm, my mummy has a farm with lots of space. Maybe she’ll let me have one now.”

“Maybe you should ask her if it’s ok first.”


“Now what else would you like under your Christmas tree?” The man asked in a jolly voice.

“I’d also like a dollhouse. Not one of those like Barbie, but one that looks like a real house, with furniture and people.”

“That’s more like it. You keep being such a sweet little girl and I will put a dollhouse under you tree on Christmas morning.”

Amelia moved closer to Santa and whispered in his ear. “Santa, can you still bring me a pony? I really want one.”

Santa looked into her big blue innocent eyes. “I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thanks Santa.”

“Ho, ho, ho! Smile for the camera, Amelia.”

“Cheese!” Amelia said, grinning widely at the elf with the camera as she sat in Santa’s lap.


“I’d like to have a quick look at the boots. I need to find new ones.” Martha said to Brax. “Can you watch Amelia for a few minutes? I won’t be long.” She then headed for the nearest shoe shop.

“Sure.” Brax replied. “We’re not going anywhere, eh shorty?” He turned around to find Amelia, gone.

Brax pounded the clear tiles of the mall in search of her. “Amelia! Amelia!” She couldn’t have gone far he thought, she was by his side a moment ago.

Then he saw the outlandishly dressed clown with a blue wig, and whose face was plastered with makeup. “I bet she went to see the clown.” He said to himself.

Amelia stood in her purple coat with white cuffs, looking up at the array of balloons attached to the string in the clown’s hand.

“There you are!” Brax raced over toward her. “You shouldn’t wander off like that. There’s a lot of people here.”

“Can I get a balloon? I’d really like one. Please!” She asked.

“Ok, let’s buy a balloon.”

“Hey Champ. What’s your name?” The clown beamed.


“Which balloon would you like Amelia?”

“I just want to pick yellow.”

The clown unattached the yellow balloon from the string and handed it to her. “Here you go. That’ll be two dollars, sir.”

Amelia walked over to the water fountain with her balloon.

“Just wait for me Amelia.” Brax told her while he opened his wallet. He placed the coins in the clown’s hand and turned back to Amelia, but he couldn’t see her.

“It’s impossible to try on a pair of boots in this crowd.” Martha said. “Where’s Amelia?”

Brax bit his lip. “She was here a minute ago. I bought her a balloon and when I turned round she had disappeared.”

Martha blew up at him. “Disappeared? What do you mean disappeared? All it takes is a minute Brax. She could be anywhere. Anyone could have taken her!”

“She couldn’t have gone far. The yellow balloon I bought her should make her easier to spot.”

“Well quit talking and go look! The longer you stand around the further away she could be!” Martha cried hysterically. “You should never have taken your eyes off her.”

“I’m gonna go look. Just stay here.” Brax demanded.

Tears streamed down Martha’s face. “Just find her, because if you don’t I’ll never forgive you.”


Minutes later Brax raced down the escalator. He could see a yellow balloon bobbing up and down amongst the hundreds of shoppers. He heard a little girl cry that sounded just like Amelia, and then he saw her hand in hand with a stranger, heading out of the mall. He ran after them, but there were too many people in his way.

He ran out into the busy street. Amelia and her yellow balloon were nowhere in sight. Brax was about to backtrack inside when he noticed Amelia’s purple coat, with a piece of paper half tucked inside the front pocket.

Brax opened it and read: Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers.


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