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Story Title: Connections

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main characters:Ruby Buckton,Casey Braxton,Charlie Buckton,Brax, lndigo Walker and Romeo Smith and other characters

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings no

Summary: It's summer and the teens and Charlie and Brax have just meet and they find out what happens when you believe you have met your soul mate will they have connections?



Chapter 1

It was summer holidays and Ruby Buckton was walking along the beach thinking about the cute boy she met on the last day of school.

Ruby was not paying attention to where she was going.

“Hey” Casey protested

Ruby looked up and saw Casey Braxton

“Sorry” Ruby giggled

“It’s Ok do you run people over often?” Casey asked

Ruby giggled

“No” Ruby responded

“I’m Casey Braxton” Casey said

“Ruby Buckton” Ruby responded

Further up the beach Charlie and Brax collided.

“Oh I’m sorry” Charlie said

Charlie looked up and saw a gorgeous guy.

“You’re Charlie Buckton aren’t you?” Brax asked

“So what if I am” Charlie responded

“My younger brother just started at Summer Bay High a few days before the summer holidays” Brax responded

“Oh my daughter Ruby Buckton goes to Summer Bay High” Charlie responded

“Cool maybe they’ve already met” Brax said

“Maybe sorry to chat and run but I have to go” Charlie responded

Charlie ran off.

At Angelo’s Indi was waitressing when Romeo blew through nearly knocking Indi over.

“Hey where’s the fire?” Indi cried

“Sorry I’m late” Romeo yelled

Romeo went upstairs to the juice bar.

“Sorry I’m late Mr Stewart” Romeo said

“So late you nearly knocked poor Indigo Walker over” Alf responded

“He’s dreamy” Indi said

“Hey quiet dreaming about Romeo and clear the tables” Brax said

Indi didn’t realize her boss had arrived.

Back upstairs Romeo was messing up almost every order.

“Romeo stop dreaming about Indi” John said

Romeo had to redo all the juice orders.

Next Chapter Will the teens and Chax finally go on a date?

Hope this is ok :)

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Thanks for the comments Sarah,Phoebe and olviac9727

Here is the next chapter and thanks to Phoebe for proofreading it :)

Warning there is a tragic accident at the end.

Chapter 2

Casey was trying to enjoy his summer holidays but all he could think about was Ruby Buckton and how hot she is, with her brown curls and her cute laugh...

Back at the Bucktons house Ruby was doing the same thing thinking about Casey and how hot he is,with his smile and the way his nose crinkles when laughs.Charlie she was thinking about Brax and he good looking he is,the way the water makes his muscles shine.

Brax was thinking of asking police officer Charlie Buckton out, Brax knew that in doing this he could get him and Charlie in alot of trouble!

Casey was seriously thinking of asking Ruby Buckton out, Casey was nervous and worried about what Ruby would say! Surely she wouldn't make fun of him!

Ruby was listening to music when there was a knock on the door,she could only just hear it over the top of the music. Ruby slowly made her way over to the door.

when she answered the door she saw it was Casey.

“Hey” Casey said nervously.

“Hey” Ruby Responded with a flirty smile.

“So would you like to go on a date?” Casey asked looking down at his feet, he was certain that if he looked up he would faint!

“Sure” Ruby responded with a huge smile!

Ruby was afraid she sounded too eager but Casey didn’t seem notice.

Ruby and Casey went for a walk along the beach,taking their time so they could be together longer!

Shortly after Ruby and Casey left Brax knocked on the Buckton’s door.

Charlie answered the door and got excited when she saw it was Brax.

“Hey” Brax said as he shoved his shaking hands into his pockets.

“Hey” Charlie Responded as she stared playing with her nervously.

“So would you like to go on a date?” Brax asked.

“Sure” Charlie responded.

Brax and Charlie went for a walk along the beach,much like Casey and Ruby taking their time.

Romeo was planning something special for Indi,he could wait for her to see it!

Casey was standing on a cliff,he had no idea why,maybe to impress Ruby!

“Casey be careful” Ruby yelled,Ruby could feel the nerves building up inside her,she hoped he wouldn't do anything stupid!

Casey pretended to fall. Making Ruby gasp.

“It’s perfectly safe” Casey said.

A huge gust of wind came and Casey truly fell off the cliff.

Ruby screamed.

Romeo finally finished planning the something special for Indi.

Romeo walked to Indi’s house and knocked on the door.

Indi opened the door it was Romeo.

“Hey” Romeo said

“Hey” Indi responded

“Sorry about the other day I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me?” Romeo asked

“Sure” Indi smiled

Romeo and Indi went down to the beach.

Indi was surprised by Romeo’s beach picnic.

Ruby had rung the ambulance it only took them 10 minutes to get down to the beach now she was waiting.

Ruby realized that no one had told Brax about Casey.

Ruby quickly called Charlie.

“Hello?” Charlie asked

“Hi Mum it’s me” Ruby said

“What’s wrong?” Charlie asked

“Casey is in the hospital” Ruby responded

“What WHY?” Charlie asked

“He was mucking around on a cliff when a huge gust of wind knocked him over” Ruby responded

“Ok stay at the hospital Brax and I are on the way” Charlie said

Ruby sat down next to Casey’s bed tears streamed down her face would they really take her first real crush away from her?”

That thought made Ruby cry harder.

Next chapter Will Casey make it through?

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Thanks for the comments Paige,Sarah and Sandie :)

Here is the next chapter and thanks to Phoebe for proofreading :)

Chapter 3

Brax, Charlie and Ruby waited for news about Casey all night ,you know what hospitals are like! They never tell you anything! finally around 4am a young nurse told them that Casey had woken up and was asking for Ruby.

Ruby went in to the hospital room,she hoped Casey was Ok! when she entered the room she instantly hugged Casey“Don’t ever do that again” Ruby said sternly.Casey was still in a lot of pain but at least he was alive.

“Is Brax here?” Casey asked,his voice was so quiet Ruby could only just hear him!

Yes he’s outside with Charlie would you like me to get them?” Ruby asked kindly. She didn't know how to act around Casey at the moment.Casey shook his head.

Later that morning the doctor delivered some bad news.

“Casey you may never walk or surf again” the doctor told him.

Ruby loved to watch Casey surf but she may never ever get to see him surf again.

A lone tear slide down Casey’s face.

Casey would be in hospital for months.

Brax I don’t want Heath or Darcy to see me like this” Casey told his older brother.

I haven’t even told Heath yet” Brax responded.“Maybe we should go and let Casey get some rest we’ve been here all night” Charlie suggested.Ruby nodded then she leaned down and kissed Casey.

They all left the hospital room. Hoping everything turns out Ok!5 hours later.

Ruby went back to the hospital while Charlie and Brax we’re on a romantic date “how could they think about going on a beach picnic with Casey in hospital?”

Ruby shook her head and continued on to the hospital.

The moment Ruby entered his hospital room Casey’s face lights up.

Ruby kisses him.

Next chapter will Casey ever walk again?

Edited by Romeo&Indi Forever
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Thanks Sarah,Paige and Sandie :)

Thanks to Phoebe for proofreading :)

Here is the next chapter

Chapter 4

Finally the day had come Casey was getting out of hospital and Ruby was going to try her best to help Charlie and Brax look after him.

Casey was still taking it pretty hard that he may never walk or surf again.

“There’s a chance the doctors we’re wrong and you may be able to walk and eventually

surf again” Brax said trying to cheer Casey up.

Casey nodded he refused to believe it until he saw it with his own eyes.

Ruby helped Casey to the couch. Thats how badly hurt Casey is, he can't even walk to the couch.

“You didn’t have to stay with me the whole time after the accident” Casey said to Ruby, seeing how tried she was.

“I was worried about you and I wanted to” Ruby responded to Casey with a yawn.

“I would of just walked off it was a pretty stupid thing to do” Casey told Ruby.

“I know but you we’re trying to impress me” Ruby responded.

“Note to self never try to impress a girl by standing on top of a cliff” Casey said jokingly.

Ruby giggled.

“Will you be ok with Brax?” Ruby asked

Casey nodded

Charlie and Ruby we’re going to the shops to buy Casey all his favourite things and maybe a laptop.

2 hours later

Brax went to check on Casey.

Casey was asleep.

Ruby and Charlie had just gotten back from the shops.

“Shh” Brax said

“Aww he look so cute” Ruby said

“Yeah poor kid” Charlie responded

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Thanks Sarah and Sandie

Here's the next chapter thanks to Phoebe for proofreading :)

Chapter 5

Charlie, Brax and Ruby tried to be extra quiet so Casey could sleep.

Chax couldn’t handle being quiet for long.

Casey woke up to the sound of Ruby’s voice telling Charlie and Brax to be quiet.

Casey tried to move but ended up crying out in pain.

“Oh Casey let me help you” Ruby said

Casey yawned,the past couple of days has drained the poor guy!

“Where do you want to go?” Ruby asked.

“Bedroom” Casey responded quietly.

“Can we do this?” Charlie asked worriedly.

“Sure we can” Brax responded enthusiastically.

“If you need me I’ll be close” Ruby said.

“No stay” Casey protested.

Ruby layed down next to Casey.

An hour later Charlie checked on them.

“Aww they look so cute” Charlie said.

“Yeah Ruby’s good for him” Brax responded.

Romeo tried to visit Casey.

“I’m sorry Romeo you can’t see Casey” Charlie told Romeo.

Romeo left he didn’t really want to visit Casey he wanted to see how Ruby was doing before Indi Ruby and Romeo had a thing.

Casey woke up realizing his face was wet.

Ruby was still fast asleep.

Ruby rolled off.

“Hey its ok you’ll be ok” Ruby said

Casey wiped his eyes.

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Thanks for the comments Sandie and Sarah and thanks to Phoebe for Proofreading :)

Chapter 6.

Brax and Charlie had gone out for an hour.

Ruby and Casey we’re asleep when they left.

Romeo was trying to decided if he should knock on the Braxton’s door again.

Ruby was only half awake because she had to go to the toilet.

Ruby carefully got out of bed and when to the toilet and washed her hands.

A few minutes after she was done in the bathroom there was a loud knock on the door.

Ruby looked over at Casey who was still fast asleep she carefully slipped out of the room.

When she opened the door she was surprised to see Romeo on the other side.

“Romeo Charlie already told you that you can’t see Casey” Ruby said slightly annoyed at the fact that Romeo didn't listen the first time.

“I don’t want to see Casey I want to see you” Romeo responded in a soft voice.

“We’re over and you’re supposed to be with Indi now please leave” Ruby responded nastily.

Ruby slammed the door in Romeo’s face.

Ruby carefully slipped back in to Casey’s bedroom she was surprised that Casey was still asleep.

Ruby layed down next to Casey and within minutes she was asleep again.

Charlie and Brax had arrived shortly after Ruby went back to bed.

Brax opened Casey’s door a crack.

“Well look at that there still fast asleep” Charlie said

“Yeah she’s good for him” Brax responded

“Summer holidays are almost over Casey can’t go back to Summer Bay High and Ruby won’t want to leave his side so what are we going to do?” Charlie asked

“I was thinking we could home-school them” Brax responded

Casey tried to move but ended up crying out in pain.

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Thanks Sarah and Sandie :)

Here's the next chapter thanks to Phoebe for proofreading it :)

Chapter 7.

The house was dead quiet until about 6am when there was a rather loud knock on the door.

Brax got up to answer it and was shocked to see Romeo in the other side.

“Romeo do you know what time it is?” Brax asked

“Yes its 6am” Romeo responded

“Then why are you here?” Brax asked

“I want to see Ruby” Romeo responded

“Well she doesn’t want to see you she told us about your stunt yesterday” Brax responded

Brax tried to close the door but Romeo blocked it with his hand.

“Please take your hand off my door” Brax said

Romeo didn’t budge.

Brax was getting feed up.

“You have a girlfriend Indi so leave Ruby and my brother alone” Brax said

“Doesn’t mean I stopped loving Ruby” Romeo responded

“Well she stopped loving you” Brax replied

Romeo still wasn’t budging.

“I’m going to ask you one more time take your friggin hand off my door!” Brax said

When Romeo still didn’t budge Brax punched him then slammed the door.

Casey came hobbling out of his room.

“What was that about?” Casey asked

“Romeo has been trying to see Ruby ever since your accident” Brax responded guiding Casey to the couch.

“But isn’t he with Indi Walker?” Casey asked

“Yes but he clearly still his feelings for Ruby” Brax responded

Ruby had just woken and started to panic because Casey wasn’t beside her but then she heard voices in the lounge.

Charlie had just gotten out of bed.

“Morning” Charlie muttered

“Morning sleepyhead “Brax said

“You look better Case “Charlie said

Ruby had got gotten up.

“Morning Case” Ruby said smiling

“Morning Rubes” Casey responded

“You seem better today “Ruby said

“Summer holidays are nearly over what are you doing about school?” Casey asked

“We’re going to be homeschooled”Ruby responded

Casey looked at Brax and Charlie who both nodded

“Are you sure?” Casey asked

“Yes we’re sure” Brax responded

“It’s not like you can walk around Summer Bay High all day everyday” Charlie said

“Yeah that’s true I only just barely made it out of bed and in to the lounge and all because I heard Brax trying to get rid of Romeo” Casey responded

“Romeo was here again?” Ruby asked

“Yes but don’t worry Rubes I punched him” Brax responded

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Thanks for the comments Sarah and Sandie :)

So sorry for the wait was busy then christmas here is the next chapter hope it's ok :)

Chapter 8.

Romeo was walking along the beach he was planning his next move he didn’t even notice Indi come up.

“There you are” Indi said

Romeo jumped

“Sorry didn’t mean to scare you” Indi said

“Yeah sorry I was lost in thought” Romeo responded

“What happened to your face?” Indi asked

“Nothing” Romeo responded

“You tried to see Ruby again didn’t you?” Indi asked

“Yeah” Romeo responded

“Did Ruby punch you?” Indi asked

“No Brax did” Romeo responded

“I guess you won’t be going back there in a hurry” Indi said

“No I just want Ruby to know we can still be friends” Romeo responded

“Well she may consider it if you stop stalking her” Indi said

Back at the Braxton’s

Ruby and Casey we’re working at the kitchen table.

When there was a knock on the door.

Ruby got up to answer it.

“No don’t” Brax said

“Ruby it’s me” Indi said

Ruby looked to Brax

“Ok I guess you can open the door” Brax said

Ruby opened the door.

“Hi” Ruby said

“Hi” Indi responded

“Romeo didn’t send you did he?” Ruby asked

“No he doesn’t even know I’m here” Indi responded

“I wish he would just leave me alone we’re over” Ruby said

“Romeo knows that he just wants to be friends” Indi responded

“Well stalking me isn’t the answer” Ruby said

“Yeah that’s pretty much what I told him” Indi responded

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Thanks for the comment Sarah here is the next chapter thanks to John for proof reading :)

Chapter 9.
The next day after Ruby’s talk with Indi.
Romeo didn’t show up at all.
Casey was still asleep Ruby slipped out of the house and took a walk along the beach.
Ruby hadn’t been gone that long when she received a text from Brax all it read was s.o.s.
Ruby took that as a sign something was wrong and started to head up the beach.
Ruby reread the text, she didn’t really understand it but it had to be important. Ruby was in such a hurry she didn’t see Romeo at first.
“Hey are you ok?” Romeo asked.
“Oh Sorry, I didn’t see you there. I thought I could go for a quick walk but it only lasted like 15 minutes before I got a text so I must go. Sorry Romeo” Ruby responded.
“How’s Casey?” Romeo asked.
“He’s getting stronger every, day now I really must go,” Ruby responded.
Ruby walked off thinking, that was weird, he didn’t even try to hit on me or anything.
Maybe Indi had a talk with Romeo.
Ruby couldn’t stop thinking about it as she hurried up to the house.
“Brax, what’s wrong?” Ruby asked as she burst into the house.
Ruby was expecting something to be wrong but instead she saw Casey standing on his own; well not quite on his own but with a bit of support from Brax.

Ruby wasn’t quite expecting Casey to be able to walk on his own but Brax let go and Casey took his first steps towards her.
“Wow Case you’re starting to get better,” Ruby said.
Casey was only able to make it over to Ruby. He wasn’t quite ready to go back to the other side of the room.
Casey sat down on the couch.
“Brax, how long do you think it will be before we can start taking walks together on the beach?” Ruby asked
“Not for a little while yet,” Brax responded.
“You’re forgetting I’m right here,” Casey joked.
Ruby laughed.

Edited by Romeo&Indi Forever
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Thanks Sarah :)

Here is the next chapter and thanks to John for proofreading :)

Chapter 10.

A few months had passed Casey was starting to get on his feet again.

Every day Ruby took Casey for a 15 minute walk on the beach.

“I’m glad you’re ok,” Ruby said.

“I’m sorry I was so stupid I just wanted you to like me,” Casey responded.

“Casey Braxton I liked you the minute I laid eyes on you,” Ruby giggled.

Back at the Braxton/Buckton house

“I worry about Casey,” Brax said.

“Brax, Casey has made a remarkable recovery there is nothing to worry about,” Charlie responded.

“I know,” Brax said.

Ruby and Casey returned from the beach.

“Hey how was your walk?” Brax asked.

“Fine,” Casey responded.

“So you’re doing ok?” Charlie asked.

“No, I’m fine really you don’t need to babysit me and anyways I think I should go back to school,” Casey responded.

“Are you sure it’s not too soon?” Brax asked.

“No, Casey needs normal activity and so do I,” Ruby responded.

At the gym.

“I know we don’t have the money but I think we should buy the gym,” Romeo said.

‘My dad could help,” Indi responded.

“I don’t want to just ask Sid for a handout,” Romeo said.

“You’re not, I’m happy to help,” Sid responded.

“Well let’s buy the gym and it will need some doing up,” Romeo said.

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