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Guest Romeo&Indi Forever

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Story Title- Unfaithful (sequel to Teen Lust)

Type of story-Short/Medium

BTTB rating :A

Main Characters-Brax,Charlie, Ruby,Casey,Hayden,Claire and Darcy

Other Characters include Darcy's Gran Esther, mentions of Tegan


Does the story include spoilers?- No

Any Warnings?-No

Summary- Darcy has to deal with finding out about how her dad died and moving in with Brax and Charlie

Chapter 1

“Ready to go?” Brax asked

“Yeah” Darcy responded

“Darcy I wish you would at least think about it” Esther said

Darcy ignored her Gran.

Brax and Darcy got in to the car the drive from Darcy’s gran was short and quiet.

Brax opened the door for Darcy and was greeted by Charlie.

“What’s this?” Charlie asked

“Darcy is moving in” Brax responded

“Why?” Charlie asked

“Darcy knows about Heath she overheard me and Esther talking about it” Brax responded

“Didn’t she want to stay with Esther?” Charlie asked

“No” Brax responded

“I guess Darcy is pretty mad at Esther” Charlie said

“Charlie she’s only 9 and her gran lied to her about Heath” Brax responded

“I guess she can stay here she can bunk with Claire” Charlie said

“Charlie she’s 9 she needs her own space” Brax responded

“Ok Darcy can stay in the spare room” Charlie said

“Ok now that we’ve sorted that out I think this calls for a night out” Brax responded

“Sounds good to me” Charlie said

Hope this is ok :)

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Thanks for the comments here is the next chapter and thank you for John H. (john003au) for proofreading :)

Chapter 2

Charlie got Claire ready to go out.

While Charlie was helping Claire to get ready, Darcy grabbed a jacket.

“Uncle Brax can I please have an iPod?” Darcy asked.

“I’ll ask Charlie and if she says its fine we'll get you one tomorrow,” Brax responded

Charlie appeared at the top of the stairs with Claire.

“We’re ready to go,” Charlie said

“Ok let’s go,” Brax responded

Brax drove to a nice place in Yabby Creek.

After dinner Brax talked to Charlie about getting Darcy an iPod.

Charlie told Brax and Darcy that they would get her an IPod tomorrow and some clothes for Claire.

When they got home Darcy’s gran Esther was there.

Darcy walked straight past Esther

“Darcy!” Esther yelled out

“Leave her” Brax said

Esther pushed past Brax.

“Darcy,” Esther screamed.

Darcy chose to ignore her or didn’t hear her.

Esther finally found Darcy in the dining room.

“Get up, you’re coming home with me” Esther said

Darcy stayed put.

Esther grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out of the chair. No matter how hard Darcy resisted Esther held on tight.

Darcy tried to break free.

Esther threw Darcy against the wall.

“Esther get out,” Brax said

Esther ignored him.

“Esther if you don’t get out of our house now I’ll call the police” Charlie said

Esther ran out of the house.

Brax helped Darcy up.

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Thanks for the comments here is the next chapter and thank you for John H. (john003au) for proofreading :)

Chapter 3

Brax started to ask Darcy if she was ok when there was a knock on the door.

Charlie was too afraid to answer it, the knock came again.

Charlie answered the door it was Casey.

“We saw what happened, is Darcy ok?” Casey asked

“Yes I think so,” Brax responded

Ruby appeared next to Casey.

“We almost called the police,” Ruby said.

“We threatened to call the police,” Charlie responded.

“I hope Esther does not come back,” Casey said.

Darcy was still standing there looking frightened.

Ruby bent down in front of Darcy

“Are you ok Sweetie?” Ruby asked.

Darcy nodded

Ruby and Casey stayed for a little while longer.

Charlie got Claire ready for bed.

Darcy was still a bit shaken. Even though Darcy was 9 years old Charlie and Brax agreed that Darcy could bunk with them for one night.

Charlie was afraid Darcy would be too afraid to leave the house.

The next morning Darcy seemed fine and was excited about finally getting an iPod.

Charlie was upstairs dressing Claire.

Brax and Darcy were already dressed.

Darcy could not wait to look at iPods.

Claire was excited about getting new clothes and so they set off to the mall.

Charlie and Brax agreed that they would get Darcy an iPod and then look at clothes for Claire.

Darcy choose a green iPod.

After that Charlie took the girls to look at clothes.

Brax was allergic to the girls section of the mall.

Charlie chose some cute outfits for Claire then helped Darcy pick out some outfits.

Charlie was afraid Esther would be at the house when they got home but no one was there when they arrived.

Both Charlie and Darcy relaxed.

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Thanks for the comment Sarah and thank you for John H. (john003au) for proofreading :)

Chapter 4

Charlie and Brax had taken Claire out for the day.

Darcy was spending the day with Casey, Ruby and Hayden.

Darcy took her iPod just in case she got bored and she was eager to show it off.

Charlie and Brax had left after Casey had picked up Darcy.

“What do you want to do today?” Casey asked.

“Can I visit my dad’s grave site?” Darcy asked.

Casey blinked.

“We’ll see,” Casey responded.

Darcy really wasn’t sure if she could handle it. She stayed at her Gran’s when her mum Tegan was buried and Darcy had never been to Tegan’s grave.

Darcy really wanted to visit her dad’s grave.

Casey had just pulled into his driveway.

Darcy already knew she would be bored. Well maybe not, Hayden would want to play with her for a bit then maybe Darcy could listen to her iPod.

When Casey and Darcy walked in Hayden attacked Darcy.

“Come play with me,” Hayden said.

“Hayden, honey, Darcy might not want to play,” Ruby said.

Hayden pouted.

“No, its ok we can play for a bit,” Darcy said

“Yay.” Hayden took Darcy’s hand and led her to the playroom.

Somewhere between 2-3 hours later.

“It’s time for lunch” Ruby called.

“Yay wunch” Hayden said.

Darcy followed Hayden out of the playroom.

“Can we play some more after wunch?” Hayden asked.

“No sweetie, after lunch you have to have a nap” Ruby responded.

Hayden looked disappointed.

After lunch Ruby put Hayden down for a nap.

Casey had gone for a walk on the beach. He’d even asked Darcy if she wanted to come but she politely declined.

Darcy pulled her green iPod out and was about to listen to music when Ruby re-appeared.

“Won’t you get bored by yourself sweetie?” Ruby asked.

Darcy shook her head and held up her green iPod.

“Did Uncle Brax and Auntie Charlie get you that?” Ruby asked.

Darcy nodded.

Casey had just returned from has walk.

“Where did Darcy get the iPod?” Casey asked.

“Mum and Brax brought it for her.” Ruby responded.

“Seems like she’s much happier with them than she would be with Esther,” Casey said.

“Yeah, seems like it,” Ruby responded.

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Thanks for the comment Red,Sarah and Paige :)

Here is the next chapter thanks to John H (john003au) for proofreading :)

Chapter 5

Darcy had an entertaining day. Hayden had wanted to play again when she woke up from her nap and Darcy didn’t mind at least she got to listen to her iPod for half an hour.

Across town Charlie and Brax had finished doing all the things Claire wanted to do and were heading home. They decided to stop for a juice.

Brax went up to order when he nearly ran into Xavier. He was about to apologize but realized who it was.

“Oh it’s you,” Brax muttered.

“I’m sorry,” Xavier said.

Brax ignored him. Xavier had caused the accident that killed Heath and every time he saw him he wanted to punch him.

After they had finished their drinks Brax and Charlie drove to Ruby and Casey’s house to collect Darcy.

Ruby sent Claire, Darcy and Hayden up to Hayden’s room so the grownups could talk.

“I’m a bit concerned about Darcy today. She asked me if she could visit Heath’s grave,” Casey said.

“It’s probably not a bad idea. She needs closure before she gets to 14. Otherwise when she hits fourteen she will hate us,” Brax responded

So it was settled. Darcy could visit her parent’s graves, both Heath and Tegan’s, in the next couple of days.

Charlie went upstairs and got the girls and they said goodbye to Ruby, Casey and Hayden.

Hayden hugged Darcy tight and wouldn’t let go for what seemed like forever.

Casey pulled Hayden back

“Honey they have to go now,” Casey told Hayden

Hayden started to cry.

Brax, Charlie, Claire and Darcy got into the truck and drove off home.

When they arrived home Charlie and Claire went up to Claire’s room.

Brax sat down with Darcy.

“We have all talked it through and you can go to your parent’s graves in the next couple of days and either Charlie or I can go with you,” Brax said.

Darcy smiled and jumped up to hug Brax

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Thanks for the comments Red,Sarah,Sandie and Paige and thanks to John H, (john003au) for proofreading :)

Chapter 6.

Darcy was on cloud nine after her chat with Brax, she practically skipped to her bedroom.

After Darcy and Claire had gone to bed Charlie and Brax settled down on the couch and shortly after they cuddled up and started kissing.

“Don’t mind me,” Darcy said.

Charlie and Brax sprung apart.

“What are you doing up?” Charlie asked.

“Just getting a drink,” Darcy responded.

Darcy opened the fridge and got a bottle of juice out.

Brax giggled.

Well that was embarrassing,” Charlie said.

The next day Darcy seemed to forget what had happened the night before.

Brax and Charlie had decided last night, after they got caught making out, that Darcy could go see her parents’ graves today.

Darcy was sitting at the table eating her breakfast.

“Darc, would you like to go visit your parent’s graves today?” Brax asked.

Darcy smiled.

“Yes,” Darcy responded.

“Charlie’s taking Claire out so I’ll go with you,” Brax said.

Darcy quickly got ready.

Charlie and Claire had already left.

Brax and Darcy got into the truck and drove to the cemetery.

“Whose grave would you like to visit first Mummy’s or Daddy’s?” Brax asked.

“Mums,” Darcy responded.

Brax took Darcy to visit Tegan’s grave.

“I miss you,” Darcy said.

A tear slid down her cheek.

Brax then took Darcy to visit Heath’s grave.

“Dad, I never really knew you but I will always have you in my heart I miss you,” Darcy said.

Another tear slid down Darcy’s cheek.

Brax could tell Darcy had seen enough.

“Do you want to go home now?” Brax asked.

Darcy nodded.

Brax and Darcy got back in the truck and drove off.

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Thanks for the comments Sarah,Paige,Red and Sandie and thanks to John H. (john003au) for proofreading :)

Chapter 7

Brax had planned a special day for Charlie.

Claire and Darcy were to spend the day with Ruby and Casey.

Brax waited for Casey to pick the girls up before he went and got Charlie.

Finally Casey arrived and picked up the girls.

Brax went to find Charlie.

“There you are,” Brax said.

“What’s up?” Charlie asked.

“Just come with me,” Brax said

“Why won’t you tell me what’s going on?” Charlie asked,

“It’s a surprise,” Brax said.

Charlie shrugged and followed Brax down the stairs.

Back at Casey and Ruby’s house Casey had just pulled in to his driveway.

The girls got out of the car.

Hayden made her way to Darcy before she realised Claire was with her dad.

All three girls went to the playroom to play for a bit.

Casey and Ruby decided to take the girls out to a nice restaurant for lunch.

Charlie couldn’t wait much longer for her surprise.

“We’re almost there, you’ll love your surprise," Brax said.

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Charlie said.

“We’re here,” Brax said.

Charlie opened her eyes.

Wow it’s beautiful,” Charlie said

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Thanks for the comment Red here is the next chapter and thanks to John H (john003au) for proofreading :)

Chapter 8

Ruby and Casey drove to the restaurant and parked the car.

Ruby took Claire and Hayden out of their car seats.

Darcy and Casey got out of the car.

They all walked in to the restaurant.

Ruby ordered Hayden and Claire Spaghetti.

Darcy ordered a Chicken Schnitzel.

Casey and Ruby ordered a big juicy steak.

They didn’t have to wait long for their food.

Hayden and Claire almost instantly started making a mess with their Spaghetti.

Darcy instantly ate the chips first.

“Don’t eat the chips first sweetie,” Ruby said.

Darcy started in on the chicken Schnitzel.

“Hayden, Claire stop playing with your spaghetti and just eat it,” Casey said.

As soon as Ruby and Casey got the girls sorted they were able to enjoy their big juicy steaks.

Back on the beach.

“It’s lovely,” Charlie said.

“Glad you like it,” Brax responded.

“I’m not sure what it is,” Charlie giggled.

Brax slapped her arm.

“It’s a surf board. I thought I might teach you to surf and Claire when she’s older,” Brax told Charlie.

Charlie giggled.

Back at the Restaurant.

By the time everyone had finished eating the two little girl were covered in Spaghetti and the highchairs were a mess.

Casey paid the bill, then they all got into the car and went back to Ruby and Casey’s place.

Shortly after they got home Brax and Charlie arrived to pick up the girls.

“Well little Claire you’re a messy little girl,” Charlie said.

“I’m not messy,” Darcy said.

“No but you’re a big girl,” Brax responded.

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Thanks for the comment Red Ranger :)

Here is the next chapter and thanks to John H (john003au) for proofreading :)

Chapter 9

Once Charlie and Brax arrived home, Charlie gave Claire a bath and washed Claire’s clothes.

After Charlie gave Claire a bath she put Claire to bed.

“Darcy sweetie I think it’s time you went to bed too,” Brax said sweetly.

Darcy hugged Brax and Charlie before going upstairs.

The next day.

Brax was supposed to be looking after the girls while Charlie and Ruby had a mother daughter day out.

Darcy and Claire were playing quietly in the play room.

About an hour later Darcy comes in to the lounge room.

“Darcy, why are you covered in blood?” Brax asked.

“I-It’s Claire,” Darcy responded

Brax quickly followed Darcy and saw his little girl. She wasn’t responding at all.

Brax called Charlie

“Sorry Rubes,” Charlie said as her phone rang.

“Hello?” Charlie asked.

“Charlie it’s me,” Brax said sounding panicked.

“Brax what’s wrong?” Charlie asked.

“It’s Claire. Something happened. I think you should come home,” Brax responded.

Charlie hung up. Ruby could tell something was up.

“Mum what’s wrong?” Ruby asked.

“Something happened to Claire,” Charlie responded.

Charlie met Brax at the hospital.

I don't think I'll kill little Claire off it may be a minor set back

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Thanks for the comments Red,Sandie and Sarah :)

Here is the next chapter and thanks to John H (john003au) for proofreading :)

Chapter 10.

Brax and Charlie were still waiting on news about Claire.

“You should take Darcy home and let her get cleaned up,” Charlie said.

“What about Claire?” Brax asked.

“I’ll let you know if I hear any news,” Charlie responded.

Brax took Darcy home. He had been so freaked out the first time that he completely forgot that Darcy was covered in blood.

When they got home Darcy quickly took a shower and got changed.

Darcy was only going to be 5 or 10 minutes but Brax started to pace.

By the time Darcy came back downstairs Brax was still pacing up and down.

“You’re gunna put holes in the floor Uncle Brax,” Darcy giggled.

Brax took Darcy’s blood stained clothes and put them in the laundry sink. He tried to rinse them the best he could.

“Darc, I have a feeling this outfit may be ruined,” Brax said.

Darcy shrugged.

“It’s not like it was my favourite,” Darcy said.

Brax and Darcy got in the truck and headed to the hospital.

“Any news?” Brax asked Charlie.

Charlie shook her head.

“Look, there’s Sid,” Brax said.

Sid was indeed walking towards them.

“How is my baby?” Brax asked.

“She’s fine but somehow when Charlie and Claire had that freak accident last year we didn’t pick up on Claire’s injuries and now a year later they are showing up,” Sid responded.

“But you said she would be fine,” Charlie shouted.

“She will be fine but we are going to keep her here for a couple of days,” Sid responded

Charlie nodded and apologized to Sid.

Brax stayed with Claire and Charlie for a bit before he had to take Darcy home and stay with her.

As soon as they got home Darcy went upstairs to bed.

“Good night Uncle Brax,” Darcy said.

“Night Darc,” Brax responded.

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