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New Life In The City

Guest Lisa..HomeAndAwayHolic2012

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Story Title: New life in the city

Type of story: Long Fic -

Main Characters: Charlie/Brax Casey/Ruby & Joey.

BTTB rating: Rated G/A

Genre: Romance, Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Sexual content

Summary: Charlie and Brax move into the city Charlie finds out she Pregant. Brax has a son already. Joey comes back.

Yawn’ Charlie went as she woke up in bed looking out of the window. She was lien in bed looking out of the window watching then the man she loved hang out her police clothes on the washing line. Life was perfect as she had just moved into the city with the man she loved and her daughter Ruby and Casey.

Ruby walked into the bedroom asking her if she would like a cup of tea or coffee.

“Coffee… please sweetheart” Charlie said yawning.

“Okay mom love you” Rubz went.

“Love you to babe now let is get ready” Charlie went.

“BRAX!” Ruby shouted.

“What ruby?” Brax asked.

“Want a cup of coffee cause am making mom one?”

“Yeah please Rubz” he went while hanging Charlie’s work uniform out.

While Charlie was getting ready in the bedroom she had to sit down on the bed as all of sudden she felt unwell. Feeling sick at the smell of the breakfast meanwhile Casey in Ruby were making the breakfast in the kitchen. Casey looked at Ruby In told a he had never felt better moving into the city. Charlie had never felt sick of the smell of coffee and bacon sandwiches ever she had it every morning.

‘Oo no please no I cannot be we are always careful’ Charlie thought to herself holding her head in her hands.

Darryl walked into the bedroom to see his girlfriend sitting on the bed with her head in her hands. Darryl closed the door as he walked over to his girlfriend.

“What’s up babe?” Darryl asked while pulling her in for a cuddle.

“Are nothing babe am just still tired we didn’t get much sleep last did we” as Charlie said laughing while looking up at Darryl.

“We didn’t like did we” Darryl went a smirk on is face given Charlie a kiss.

“Mom Brax breakfast is done” Ruby told them.

Charlie and Darryl walked out of the bedroom with a huge grin on their faces. Ruby in Casey looked at them in give them both the raised eye brows. Charlie and Brax knew what they had done. Darryl sat down on the chair to where he would usually sit next to the fridge so it was easy enough to get a beer out the fridge if he fancied one. Charlie sat down within two seconds late she rushed to the bathroom to be sick. Darryl Casey and Ruby all looked at each other wondering what was going on. Ruby was already finished her breakfast so she said to Darryl and Casey

“I go in check on my mom see if she okay seen as am finished my brekkie” Ruby walked towards the bathroom to where she could here Charlie been sick.

Darryl and Casey were talking about boy things in the kitchen and mainly about Sydney Kings as the match were just on last night.

“You okay mom?” Ruby asked as her head was on the bathroom door listen in.

Charlie was still been sick so she couldn’t answer Ruby.

“Mom am coming in okay” Ruby told Charlie.

Ruby walked into see Charlie still been sick. Ruby grabbed hold of Charlie hair in put it in a hair band so she couldn’t be sick on her hair. Charlie had stop been sick. She went to the sink to clean her face in freshen up. As she did she looked into the mirror in looked at herself.

“Mom what going on your never unwell?” Ruby asked.

“I JUST don’t feel well Rubz.”

“But why does it look like your hidden something from me?” Ruby asked.

“I don’t know what you’re going on about ruby am not hiding nothing sweetheart” Charlie said reassuring her.

While Charlie and Ruby were coming out from the bathroom to walk downstairs. Brax shouted to both of them.

“Me in Casey are going to open Angelo’s see you both later on love you Charlie”

“Love you to brax in okay” Charlie said.

“Love you as well Ruby” Casey said romantically.

“Love you too babe” Ruby told Casey.

Ruby walked down the stairs as her laptop pinged as she knew it would be an email from April asking what was happen about today. Charlie went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water from the fridge. Worried sick knowing that she could be pregnant she went and sat down in the sitting room. Charlie head was in bits as she looked down at her in belly in realised there could a baby growing inside her. Meanwhile Ruby was on the laptop emailing April asking if she was coming to the bay today as they never seen each other since Ruby moved to the city it only been a few days from moving from the bay. Charlie got her new IPhone. She pulled up a new message wrote and wrote

‘I need to see you Bianca it important will tell you when u see you xx’

Charlie walked into Ruby’s bedroom in asked Ruby if she fancied going to the bay today seen as they said they would go in see Casey and Darryl at Angelo’s. Of cause give me about an hour to get ready mom then we will go. Ruby emailed April saying

‘Am coming through Charlie will drop is of at yours’.

Charlie phone went off she took her phone out of her large white bag to see 1 new message Bianca. Charlie opened the message from her best friend saying

‘No bother shall you just come to Irene’s then we can go where ever?’

Charlie replied ‘Yeah but am going no were Angelo’s I can’t bear to see Brax if I am like b’.

Message sent she had realised what she put and knew Bianca would want to know what she meant. Charlie phone went straight off

‘WHAT YOU MEAN YOU CAN NOT SEE BRAX IF YOU ARE??’ Bianca sent back wondering what it had meant.

‘I’ll tell you when I see you’ Charlie wrote back.

“Ruby you ready? I need to call into the shop on the way.”

“Yeah mom am getting my coat and bag in no problem what for?” Ruby asked wanting to know what she was getting.

'Something for me” Charlie said not wanting Ruby to know she was getting a test.

Ruby and Charlie got into the car the same one Charlie has had for ages. While driving from the city to summer bay Charlie pulled into the closet Pharmacy. Charlie pulled up next to the Pharmacy. Charlie got back in the car with pregnancy test in her bag. The Car started up in then they were off to the bay to meet Bianca and April at Irene’s. They were driven towards the bay when Ruby thought Charlie was acting wired. In to top it off she never seen Charlie come out from the shop with a bag are out.

“Mom what did you get from the shop seen as you never brought a bag out?” Ruby asked her mom.

“Err… some tablets” Charlie went.

“Yeah mom what really going I know there summit you been shifty since this morning from getting up to now” Ruby knew there was something up has a mom only like this when she hiding something.

“Nothing seriously ruby I just got a headache with is been sick this morning!” Charlie said angrily.

Charlie bag was on the back seat of the car still open as Charlie thought she had closed it coming from the shop to the car. Going round the roundabout heading into James Street to where they use to live and were Irene lives. Ruby phone started Ringing which was in her jacket in the back seat of the car as she was red hot as it was the warmest day April. Little did Charlie know the green bag was on show but ruby thought they were just tablets not a pregnancy test? Ruby answered her phone as it was April ringing her.

“Hi April, were just pulling into the James Street now”

“No bother see you soon” Ruby went to April.

“Bianca there just coming down the street hurry up in the shower in getting ready” April told Bianca.

Charlie knew she couldn’t keep this from Ruby she was her daughter they could talk to each other about anything. Charlie turned the car around in pulled into the Car park that just at the top of the street.

“Mam what you doing we are meant to be going to Irene’s and we parked up here?” Ruby asked Charlie.

“I didn’t go into the Pharmacy for tablets” Charlie tells Ruby while stretching into the back of seats of the car to get her bag.

“So what did you go in there for then?” Ruby asked as she was puzzled.

Charlie couldn’t sit there while ruby opened the bag so Charlie left her bag on the seat, got out of the car in sat on the bonnet. Ruby stretched over to get her mom bag as she knew Charlie didn’t want to give ruby it. There was Charlie phone Purse make-up usual girl stuff girls put in bag. Ruby want to know what was in the green paper bag not what was it the bag itself. Ruby grabbed the green bag out of Charlie bag. Ruby was shocked to see a clear blue pregnancy test. Straight away she got out the car to give a mom a cuddle as Charlie started to cry as her head was all over with what could happen. As she could be pregnant.

“Does Darryl know you might be?” Ruby asked her mom as she cuddled her.

“No he does not so do not say anything am going to the motel with Bianca so I will do it then okay” Charlie told her daughter.

“No bother I think we best make a move to Irene’s they be wondering where we are at mom” Charlie’s phone went off.

As she looked at and it said Darryl she didn’t know what to do so she just declined the call. They both pulled up next to Irene’s. Ruby told Charlie to stay there in she would go in get Bianca as it was pointless both them going in as Charlie in Bianca was going straight back out.

How was Bianca going to react when she finds out Charlie could be pregnant?

What was the test going to come back and say?

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