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Logies 2012

Guest Freakie42

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[ Not sure where I'm supposed to post this topic so feel free to move it somewhere else.. ]

Are any of you people out here going to go to Melbourne for the Logies this year? Well for the Red Carpet anyway :)

Would love to meet other fans as I am going by myself because I'm not from Australia, I am just a Belgian girl backpacking through Oz.

BTW: I have booked a room in the Crown (Promenade) for 2 days (14th and 15th of april) and I have 2 kingsize beds so I'm also looking

for a roomie to share it with, because it's quite expensive on my own. I might look for someone on Gumtree or something like that, but

I thought I'd ask here first, as it would be more fun to share with another fan :)

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