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Liar Liar

Guest Lucii

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Story Title: Liar Liar

Type of story: One shot

Main Characters: Miles, Bianca and Brax

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Nope shouldn't be

Summary: Miles decides to leave when his past comes back to haunt him

This is just one crazy little one-shot idea which is unimaginable but I kinda just got motivated to write it. I hope you enjoy it :)

It was time to go.

Miles’s eyes glazed over the five words he’d typed on his computer screen. Sighing, he glanced around at Summer Bay house. Things had changed too much. The whole of Summer Bay didn’t know what to believe. Those that Miles lived with believed him instantly, although the choice was hard. The circumstances were terrible and the lives that were ruined because of it had caused a lot of upset.

He was too drunk to remember the night fully, after Leah and him argued so much he’d swore to himself that he’d have a good night regardless of Leah’s concerns. He vaguely remembered Brax ordering him to stop drinking, but he didn’t. Instead he threw his money away to forget about his troubles. Drink after drink was knocked back, he danced with everyone and made funny sarcastic jokes all night long to get out of going home. The constant arguments with Leah only spurred him to drink more, more than he usually would and definitely more than he would ever intend to drink in the first place. For some reason it made him feel better, as though it numbed the pain he was feeling because his relationship with Leah wasn’t going to work out. In Miles’s eyes this baby would be perfect for them, something to conceal their relationship and let them live their lives in happiness especially after what they had been through. Then when Leah sadly lost the baby things drastically changed. She shut him out and it hurt. Soon drink became his best friend while the only time Leah would speak to him was to argue. He knew she was hurting, but it wasn’t his fault and he knew what she was going through. Sometimes Miles felt that she blamed him even if she swore on his and Vj’s life that she didn’t. The way she looked at him was no longer in love but purely as though she despised him and that he made his skin crawl. Soon Miles was hitting the drink regularly but that night in the bar was one that would affect his life forever...

3 months earlier

“Mate don’t you think you should slow down a bit eh?” Brax glanced concerned at Miles who asked for another drink. Miles glared at Brax as if he was stupid.

“Leah and I had another fight” he sighed sadly looking at the bottom of his empty glass. “I need drink”

“Miles...” Brax began before they were interrupted by Bianca who had the same glum face on as Miles did.

“Vodka” she directed this at Brax.

“What straight?” Brax stared in disbelief. “Bianca are you okay?”

The girl sighed and struggled to contain her emotions much longer. “Liam checked himself out of rehab weeks ago and he’s not told me” she wiped away a few tears. “I thought he loved me”

Brax smiled in sympathy at her, as did Miles.

“He does love you” Miles slurred looking at Brax impatiently. “Just like I love Leah but she doesn’t seem to appreciate it” he slurred again. Bianca put her hand on Miles’s arm sympathetically.

“Did you guys have another fight?” she asked in concern. Miles nodded and Bianca sighed.

“I’m sorry Miles”

“Hey it’s not your fault, it always seems to be mine though” Miles’s eyes widened in glee as he saw Brax making his way with both their drinks. Holding both arms out like a baby he took the drink and knocked it back. “Same again”

“Miles” Brax sighed again but Bianca cut him off.

“I’ll look after him, he won’t cause any harm” she smiled sweetly at Brax before knocking back her drink. “Same again for me aswell”

Current moment in time

Miles turned himself to what seemed to be his only friend – the bottle. He took a swig straight from it, not wanting to bother with a glass and eager to forget what happened after that. What happened after that had repercussions, those that even now still hurt him and although most was due to his new found relationship with alcohol, he’d also lost the respect from others in the community. Miles deleted the five words he’d written on his computer screen and began to remember the rest of that night...

3 Months earlier

A couple of hours had passed and Miles and Bianca were sitting in a booth, knocking back drink after drink. Brax rolled his eyes as the pair became louder and slurred words at each other and the others they knew. But it helped them forget the pain that had been caused earlier. They danced, they sang, they laughed and at some point they cried over how much they really were hurting. April came into the bar with Ruby and rolled her eyes at the pair.

“Bianca?” April asked in disgust. “Come on it’s time to go home”

“No” Bianca tried to act firm before letting out an explosive laugh which was seemingly contagious as Miles started aswell. “No mummy”

This only set Miles of even more and the drunken pair could barely contain their laughter. April glared, obviously unamused at how she was the laughing stock. Ruby pulled her by the arm.

“Leave her be. She’s a grown up after all April” she smiled sympathetically and linked the girls arm and the pair collected their pizza. Bianca watched her sister go, leaving her isolated and that only made her feel more empty inside. Her face turned into a frown as she leant onto Miles’s shoulder.

“I hurt April” she pouted watching her sister at the bar talking to Brax and Ruby. Miles placed one of his fingers on her lips.

“She doesn’t know what we’re going through not to feel loved” he took his finger away and wriggled his shoulder free from Bianca’s head. Bianca glanced upwards into his eyes, snapping out of the dull mood she was in and plastering on a fake smile.

“Your right. Time to dance” she grinned jumping out of the booth and offering her hand out to Miles. He took it smiling as the two danced the night away. April glared from the bar and Brax turned to her.

“Don’t worry kid, they’ll both be getting chucked out and they’ll be home soon”

“Yeah you reckon?” she sounded rude but she didn’t mean to. “I’m sorry it’s just I worry about her and it makes it harder”

“I’ll look out for her” he smiled as he handed over the pizzas. “Rubes tell Charlie I’ll be home later”

“Yeah no problem” Ruby smiled at her mum’s boyfriend. “Come on April we’ll go back to mine”

“Okay” she glumly replied and turned out of the restaurant. Bianca was too busy dancing to see her sister walk out. April’s eyes followed Bianca’s every move until she was out of eye sight. But she never did stop worrying.

Meanwhile Bianca and Miles had attracted the attention of the larger group of river boys and girls. They all danced the night away as a worried Brax kept a very guarded eye on them. He wondered whether to call Charlie but decided against it. Now Brax thought that if he did call Charlie, the outcome would be a little better.

“Miles I love you” Bianca grinned as she wrapped her arms around his neck and started moving her head in the rhythm of the music. Miles grinned, rocking his body to the rhythm as well. Too confused by the amount of drink he’d consumed, he leant in to kiss her. Bianca hesitated, even pulling away but then continued. Brax glared in disgust at the mistake they were both making. He walked over from the bar and pulled them apart.

“Don’t do this guys. You’re both drunk and you’re both taken”

“It doesn’t feel like we’re taken anymore. Besides it’s a bit of fun” Miles slurred in return and Bianca collapsed in giggles.

“Yeah and I’m sure Leah will see it as a bit of fun, or Vj when Leah has to explain why your relationship has failed”

“Well maybe she should be more fun” Miles pushed Brax out of the way and wrapped his arms around Bianca’s waist who was in no fit state to say anything to anyone. “Come on we’ll go to a different bar”

The pair walked out, bumping into everything and everyone possible on the way out. Brax desperately wanted to follow them, he was close to both of them and he didn’t want to see them ruin their lives over some stupid mistake for a lousy act of revenge. But they made it clear they didn’t want him to get involved so Brax had to pray that nothing went further.

Miles and Bianca walked in the night time air, Bianca too drunk she even began mistaking Miles for Liam as he walked ahead.

“Liam...Liam don’t leave me” she pleaded with Miles as he slowed down so she could catch up. “Liam I love you...Liam” she cried as she clung to Miles for comfort. But Miles mistook this for her flirting and turned around to kiss her. Being lost in the moment she responded once more, both of them forgetting about the ones they loved as this crazy passion over took them. They went down the back of an alleyway with Miles unbuttoning his jeans as he did so. Backing Bianca against the walls he kissed her again with so much force, his hand making his way up her skirt and removing her knickers. He didn’t hear her murmur stop, didn’t feel her trying to push him off her and tell him that this was wrong. Desperate to shut her up Miles placed a hand over her mouth and continued. It had been so long since he’d ever been intimate with another woman. He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t miss it. Bianca stood paralysed with fear, the guy she thought she knew had been overtook by a completely different person. He scared her. He became angry and violent keeping on hand firmly on her mouth telling her to shut up whenever she managed to muffle her screams. He thought she wanted this to go ahead. She didn’t have the power to fight him off instead just lay there and took it praying that the guy she thought she knew wouldn’t hurt her. After he’d finished he’d buttoned up his pants, grinning at Bianca who sobbed quietly although he couldn’t see her tears or hear her cries. Her entire body throbbed with the pain for what had turned out to be a simple mistake of a kiss had turned into an unforgivable crime. Miles held out his hand to Bianca.

“Let’s go to that bar”

Bianca whimpered pulling her skirt down and running off home, Miles hearing her cries in the night. Miles was confused but too drunk to realise that what he did was wrong. He called after her but she ran faster desperate to be free from the monster that he'd become

Current moment in time

To this day he’d swore he never raped her, he swore that Bianca consented. But that didn’t make much of a difference to the impact it had on his life. Her “allegations” cost him his job, his friends, his relationship with Leah, the respect f Vj. Although people found it hard on who to believe they saw the mess that Bianca was in. Too scared to go back to work, to go out in the Bay incase he was there. She became a social recluse, getting April or Irene to go out for her whenever possible. But recalling his story made Miles realise that what he did was unforgivable. He did it, he raped her. Miles smashed the mirror in disgust at himself, his knuckles beginning to bleed and the tears slowly falling from his face. He couldn’t live with himself, not here especially now he’d realised she wasn’t lying. He cried into his own hands the blood going onto his face and he glared at himself in the smashed mirror wondering who he was anymore. He knew he changed when he drank, but what started out as a bit of fun turned out to have serious repercussions on Miles, Bianca and their community. He couldn’t live here any longer, knowing that the few friends he had left would support him for something that he and Bianca both knew he had done. He packed his bags, his vision blurred because of the tears he cried. Hurriedly packed clothes incase someone returned and questioned him. He wondered whether to see Bianca, to apologize but he knew he’d scare her. He scared himself not knowing what the effects of alcohol could do. Instead he typed another five words on the computer screen.

Please tell Bianca I’m sorry

He walked out of Summer Bay House, his head all over the place. What he’d done was unforgivable to everyone including himself, he just didn’t want to face the consequences now he realised the extent he’d gone to. He switched off the light, leaving the computer to blare brightly for the first person to return home, to find that he was truly gone forever...


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