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Marni's Family don't fear for her...

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THE mother of Marni Little believes her daughter is completely safe with Home and Away bad boy Dan Ewing despite police charging the actor with assaulting his fiancee after a night of partying.

While frustrated police are pushing ahead with the domestic violence case against the actor, Marni is sticking with her man.

And her mum, Julianne, backs her decision not to testify against Ewing. Asked if she feared for her daughter's safety, Mrs Little told The Sunday Telegraph: "No, of course not."

Police have a different view, alleging in court last month that Ewing had assaulted Marni, 28, at their Fairlight home on the northern beaches after attending the opening of a new Darling Harbour bar.

Marni was allegedly found by police at 10.45pm in a "distressed state" and suffering injuries to her arms. Ewing was arrested and charged with common assault.

Despite the drama, Marni's parents welcomed Ewing into the family home in Artarmon over Christmas.

Mrs Little said the family supported her daughter's decision not to testify against Ewing, who has pleaded not guilty to assault.

"Of course we support her," Mrs Little said. "We had them both here for Christmas. The whole family was here. Marni is one of four - family is very important to us.

"Her father was here, my brother and his kids." Mrs Little said the celebrity couple was "putting everything behind them".

"Things are fine," she said.

Police sources told The Sunday Telegraph they will pursue the case against Ewing, who will return to court on January 31. "We're collecting other evidence and information in the event that she refuses to co-operate with us," a source said.

Mrs Little said the family trusted Ewing, 26. "We've known Dan for a long time, Dan is Dan. He's just him and not what we see on the television. He went to high school with our son. We know what he's like," she said.

With domestic violence skyrocketing over summer, Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch said it was frustrating victims did not pursue charges.

"A large number of women will report domestic violence and often for their own good and valid reasons, they reflect and say they don't want to go on with it," Mr Murdoch said.

"If the woman comes to court and says: 'No, I've no fears', then it gets chucked out; that is frustrating. On average, it (domestic violence) happens 24 times before a woman makes a complaint. Our cynicism is born out of experience."


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Is Marni Little a "celebrity"? I've never heard of her till now.. I just thought she was Dan's girlfriend and thats all.

Something must have happened to make the police do something about it. If there is evidence and stuff then he must have done something to her. I wouldn't stay with a person if they did that to me and I would defiantely tell the police what had happened and get extra security and stuff. She should cooperate with the police.

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