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Take A Bite Of My Heart

Guest Jen

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Story Title: Take A Bite Of My Heart

Type of story: One-shot

Main Characters: Dex

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance/Angst

Does story include spoilers: [reaction-fic to Episode 5420] - Yes UK Spoilers

Any warnings: Sexual Content

Summary: This was definitely not how Dex planned his night to go.

A/N: Title taken from ‘Animal’ by Neon Trees.


Take a Bite of My Heart

This was definitely not how Dex planned his night to go.

He spent at least forty minutes carefully selecting his outfit; one that would be easy to take off as the night progressed, but also remained classy. But all the planning and preparation seemed to go down the toilet with very few words, and suddenly Dex was in a very depressing desperate spiral of self-loathing and moping, all because his girlfriend had a heart and wanted to care for her pretty-much-foster-mother when she was sick.

How dare she?

And if Dex thought things couldn’t get any worse, then he was sorely mistaken. Because now he’s hiding near a storage cupboard, behind a series of fairy lights and glitter trying to avoid a girl who goes by the nickname ‘The Virgin Slayer’ which sounds like she watches too much Buffy rather than being in any way enticing and Dex is darting his eyes around the room trying to make a break for it.

Xavier is by his side, being completely unhelpful and unsympathetic.

“Seriously, man. I don’t see what the big deal is,” Xavier is saying. “You go over there, let her get close to you before you tell her that you have a just as desperate and inexperienced best friend, before handballing her my way. It’s a win-win situation.”

“In what universe is that win-win? What do I get out of it?” Dex asks.

Xavier shrugs. “I don’t know. I thought you were the brains in this operation?”

“There is no operation!” Dex snaps.

He makes a break for it shortly after, but like a great cat, Dallas pounces, wrapping her arms tightly around Dex’s neck and pulling him in. They are so close, like face to face, and as she speaks Dex can tell that she's drunk.

“Why do you keep playing hard to get?” she pouts.

“I can assure you that I am not playing anything, I’m horrible at sports, except figuring out the quickest way to leave,” Dex says rapidly, as Dallas squeezes tighter.

She’s either too drunk to understand or too horny to care, because before Dex can do anything she is nudging a thigh between Dex’s legs. Immediately Dex steps back, as the heat from Dallas’ leg touches him, but Dallas just stumbles forward.

“There’s no need to be scared,” she purrs, and Dex is refusing to meet her eyes, instead scanning the room for Xavier, who seems to have conveniently disappeared.

People are dancing around them, but each and every one seems to pass them by, as Dex continues to try and wriggle free.

“See, I have this friend. You probably saw him earlier; bow-tie, suspenders, unfortunate haircut? Yeah, well, whatever limited experience you think I’ve had, he’s had less. Absolutely miniscule, barely anything at all, so maybe you should go after him instead. Wouldn’t that be more satisfying?” And Dex knows he’s babbling, but Dallas is making low moans in the back of her throat and thumbing at his buttons and kissing at his cheek, and doing everything in her power to make Dex as uncomfortable as possible.

“You know what, I really don’t feel comfortable with this,” Dex says as Dallas’ mouth hovers dangerously close to his. “There’s just so many people around,” he squeaks.

Dallas pauses, fingernails drawing lazy patterns through Dex’s shirt. For the first time she seems to actually take notice of what Dex is saying. And Dex thinks about just excusing himself politely and pretending none of this happened, but then Dallas has two hands on his chest and his steering him backwards away from the main party.

Dex can’t even see where he’s going, except for whatever is reflected in Dallas’ eyes, which isn’t much apart from the blinking white lights and his own nose. She somehow finds a dark, quiet corner before she’s pressing Dex’s back into the wall and surging forward, and it’s all a lot happening at once.

Dallas is licking and biting at Dex’s neck, right where his shirt opens, and if he’s not careful she is definitely going to leave a mark. He sucks in a breath as he feels her teeth grate his skin, and feels his face flush.

“D-Dallas,” Dex shudders, and her hands continue to roam. Not just exploring his neck and shoulders, but chest and front as well. Her fingers start undoing the buttons of Dex’s vest, snapping them open and beginning to make work of his shirt, and Dex would be impressed at her coordination -- managing to undress him in public without actually looking and being intoxicated -- except this is bad. Very bad. And Dex needs to put a stop to this immediately before she reaches his pants.

“Dallas, please,” Dex whines, trying to finds his hands -- which have been lodged and trapped behind his back -- so he can shove her off, but she takes his struggle as encouragement.

“I knew you’d beg me to do this,” Dallas says wickedly, and Dex gulps, already stuttering out a “No. No no no. Dallas, no. I have a girlfriend!”

“Doesn’t bother me,” Dallas replies lazily, kissing the corner of Dex’s mouth as he turns his head to avoid any further lip contact.

She’s pressed tight against his body, her short dress riding up as she lifts her leg and hooks it around Dex’s waist. “No, really, Dallas. You’re gorgeous and everything, but my girlfriend, April, she is at home, and I can’t do this to her.”

“She doesn’t need to know,” Dallas whispers into Dex’s ear, and he can actually feel her warmth and smell the alcohol on her breath. If possible, Dallas moves closer, pressing her hips flush with Dex and Dex feels himself react. His instinct is to surge forward as well, increase the contact, as he can already feel himself heating up, his own c-ck straining in his pants.

But he can’t. He won’t.

“No, Dallas. She’s amazing and perfect and I’m not doing anything to mess that up. In fact, I was planning on doing this to her tonight,” Dex says with as much conviction as he can muster. Finding his strength from somewhere, he pushes her back, a bit rougher than he intended, but for a girl of her size, she has impressive strength.

As soon as there is any space between them, Dex is shoving his way into the crowd with the hopes of disappearing. His head feels light and the room stuffy, and Dex finds himself grappling with the doorhandle of the men’s bathroom and gasping deep breaths as the door snaps shut behind him.

The light is bright and fluorescent and Dex catches his reflection in the mirror. His hair is tousled up from Dallas running her fingers through it, his face is flushed red all the way to the tips of his ears, all the buttons of his vest have been undone, and Dex doesn’t know when it happened, but his shirt is untucked, creased and hanging limply over his pants.

Fortunately, there is no one in the bathroom at this stage, but it can’t be long before someone needs to use the facilities, so Dex quickly steps up to the sink and splashes cold water on his face. It helps, removing the heat from his skin and relieving somewhat, the strain on his pants. That is absolutely not something he is proud of.

His eyes flick down to his pale neck, and Dex begins splashing on more water, trying to remove the pink stain of Dallas’ lip gloss from his skin. It’s then that he feels it. The tender spot just above his collar bone where Dallas had her mouth, her teeth, and now she’s left a distinct red circle.

There is a bang and the door to the mens’ room flies open. If Dex had wanted to hide out of shame, there would have been no time.

“Dude!” Xavier exclaims. “How was it?”

“Terrifying,” Dex replies.

He notices Dex’s appearance.

“Man,” he says with a chuckle. “She really went to town.”

“Don’t say that,” Dex snaps, turning back to face the mirror, trying to avoid working himself up into an even more frantic state than he already is. “April is going to kill me.”

“Yeah, well, April isn’t here right now. And I have it on good authority that Dallas is still looking for you.”

“What?” Dex spins around abruptly to face Xavier. “How can she still be looking for me? I told her that under no circumstances was I going to have sex with her.”

“Wait,” says Xavier, eyebrows knitting together in concentration. “So, you two didn’t...?” He trails off.

“No!” Dex replies, indignant. “What kind of person do you think I am?”

“Well...” Xavier says with an upward inflection that signals to Dex that Xavier actually considered it. Xavier lets out a long whistle, tugging at his bowtie and loosening his top button. It appears playing the nerd all night is also exhausting.

“Please don’t tell me anyone saw,” Dex begs.

Xavier shrugs, somewhere between bashful and cringing. “It’s certainly what it looked like.”


Sure, the applause and pats on the back, and comments of “Didn’t know you had it in ya!” are nice and all, but really. As if anyone would seriously believe that Dex would have sex with a girl who would fit in more around Jersey Shore than Summer Bay. And the one person who Dex thought would be smart enough to figure that out, is the one person who actually seems hurt by it all.

He sees the tears in April’s eyes from across the Diner. She looks so sad and lost and Dex wants to go over there and pull her into a hug, and rest his chin on her head like he used to. But before he can even open his mouth to begin to apologise, she is turning and leaving.

Dex tries talking to Indi, except she doesn’t want to know about Dex’s lack of a sex life. Or rather, fictional sex life, which all of year 12 seems to be discussing.

Dex needs someone with experience. Someone who knows how to deal with gossip, and sex, and possibly gossip about sex.

So he calls Ruby.

She eyes him warily as she walks down the jetty to meet him.

“I screwed up,” Dex states.

“Well, technically, you screwed her,” Ruby replies.

“I didn’t do it!” Dex exclaims.

“That’s not what the whole town is saying,” she says with raised eyebrow. Then she turns serious. “Why didn’t you say something?”

“I don’t know,” Dex says with a pathetic shrug. “I guess, I liked the attention. Those guys used to flush my iPod down the toilet, now their suddenly giving me high-fives. It was nice. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve never been popular.”

“So, you let everyone believe you are now a slayed virgin,” Ruby finishes.



“Technically the past tense of slay is slain, not slayed,” Dex mutters. Ruby eyes him in a fashion that screams, ‘Seriously?’ But Dex ignores it. “You’re supposed to be helping,” Dex pouts.

Ruby sighs, “Guys are so pathetic.”

“Gee, thanks,” Dex deadpans.

“Look,” Ruby says after a moment. “April’s hurt right now, and you’ve got to understand that. Whether you slept with Dallas or not, she thinks you did. And it’ll come out eventually, but for now I suggest you lay low.”

“But I need to make her listen to me! I don’t care if this entire town thinks I’m Hester Prynne, April has to know that it’s not true.”

“You can’t make her do anything, especially right now, when all she wants is to probably gouge your eyes out.” Dex winces. “Just hang tight. Something bigger and more scandalous will come along in no time, and you’ll be yesterday’s news.”

Dex looks across at Ruby as they both lean against the wooden railing.

“You’re not willing to make out with Heath Braxton in a very public place, are you?” Dex asks hopefully.

“Never gonna happen.”

“Worth a shot.”


Eventually, Dex takes Ruby’s advice. He lets himself mope around the house, and wonders how his life turned into a parallel of Easy A, except Dex wonders if he’s going to have to get a ride-on lawnmower to somehow make this better. He already has an internet blog.

A few days later, Dex has a new plan.

He rents a powder blue tux with a white ruffle collar, because he totally saw Zac Efron wear something similar once, and buys the biggest bouquet of flowers he can afford and plans to camp out on April’s doorstep until she understands.

Because Dex is nothing, if not persistent.


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