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Never Forget You

Guest Lucii

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Title of story: Never forget you

Type of Fic: One shot

BTTB Rating: G/T

Main Characters: Charlie, Brax, Ruby

Genre: Tragedy, Drama and Family

Does it contains spoilers: No just a crazy theory of mine!

Warnings: None

Summary: After Charlie is shot by Jake she realises she can never return to the life she used to live to save the one's she loves.

BANG – the shot rang out, Charlie Buckton lay on the ground unconscious. Jake smirked blowing the gun a little, laughing as he walked out the door. Her blood spilled out all over the kitchen towels as she lay there helpless, no one there to save her.

She felt her eyes flicker heavily, but with all her strength couldn’t do anything to open them. The light she could see increasing as she squinted her eyes hurt her head and she moaned in agony. Everything looked white, confusing Charlie for a few seconds as she forced herself to open her eyes fully she realised she was in the hospital. A young assistant in the room yelled for the nearest doctor as her eyes began to flicker open. Charlie tried to sit upright but she couldn’t. Instead she lay there helpless, her body in total agony whenever she tried to move it. What happened next she couldn’t really remember? The doctor explained how she’d been shot and had drifted into a coma for a few weeks. Suddenly the whole showdown with Jake became flooding back to her. He was dangerous, Brax warned her about what she already knew. Oh Brax – Charlie tried to say his name but she couldn’t find her voice to do so. Instead she lay there motionless, obviously not paying attention to the doctor instead going into cop mode and trying to figure out what she could to make sure he was behind bars.

”We also found out-“ Suddenly Charlie became attentive as the doctor’s sentence came to a halt. She darted her eyes towards him, signalling for him to go on.

”We found out that you’re 8 weeks pregnant. Luckily the shot was nowhere near your stomach so the baby’s okay”

Charlie gasped trying to clutch her stomach to cradle the baby she knew nothing about. Tears formed in her eyes, wishing she could do something more than blink. It took her time but she found the strength. Her words began to form although not in sentences, more the things she had on her mind.


The doctor smiled sympathetically, seeing how shocked she was.

”You’re daughter and boyfriend are at home Miss Buckton. It took them a lot of persuading to go home but they did eventually. We’d said we’d call them if you woke up so we will do so now”

”No” a voice came from the door as Inspector Joyce came in through the door followed closely by Watson. ”Thank god your alive Charlie we really thought we’d lost you”

Charlie smiled weakly as the pair came beside her bed. The kind doctor left the room leaving the police to talk.

”So I guess you’ve been filled in on what happened”

Charlie nodded, her head was throbbing as she did so but she fought it to keep nodding. The Inspector smiled once again.

”I...I know wh-who did i-it sir” Charlie forced the words out eventually. ”Jake...Jake-“

She became breathless not even attempting to pronounce his last name. Her inspector nodded.

”We know Sergeant” He tired avoiding looking her in the eye.

”Tell her Inspector” Watson spoke from the other side of the room. Charlie’s eyes widened a little more, encouraging the inspector to go on.

”Jake Pirovic has yet to be found which means you are still very much in danger whilst you are living in the bay. We...I feel that it is best for you to go under witness protection. It’ll be the only way to ensure your safety Sergeant”


”I’m sorry but we can’t risk all three of you. Not even your daughter in these circumstances. If you want them to be safe as well as your own self then you’ll do this for everyone’s sake”

”But...but they will k-know if I just got up and left the hospital”

The inspector nodded once again. Watson rolled her eyes.

”We thought that through Charlie and the only way this could possibly work is if we were to...”

”Were to what?”

”Fake your death”


Brax sighed behind the bar at Angelo’s. It was his first day back at work since Charlie’s accident. He hadn’t slept, he hadn’t eaten. The doctors had to force him and Ruby out of the hospital to go home and get some rest. Ruby didn’t look much better. Her smiley face had disappeared, leaving her with bags under her eyes. Her normally wavy hair was scrunched up in a bun and she wore all black, permanently crying. She sat with her head rested against a booth at Angelo’s. Somehow being with Brax made her feel better, he was the only one who knew what she was going through. He walked over to where she was sitting and sat beside her.

”Do you really think she’ll be okay?” Ruby asked, using her sleeve to wipe away more tears that came. Brax put an arm around the girl. He wanted to tell her everything would be okay, her mum would be fine and everything could go back to the way it was before hand. The last few weeks had been perfect. Just the three of them playing happy families oblivious to anything happening around them. Now she lay in a hospital bed as Brax and Ruby clung to each other for emotional support.

”I hope so Rubes” He blinked back a few tears he could feel forming in his own eyes and began to breath heavily.

”I’m going to go back to the hospital Brax I can’t sit around while mum’s lay in there”

”The doctors said they’d call us if there was any news Rubes. Go home, get some sleep, some food and we’ll go later. I promise” he tried to smile as a tear rolled down his cheek. He withdrew his arm from around Ruby’s shoulders and offered her his hand to stand up. Smiling weakly she made shaky steps towards the door. She hadn’t been eating properly and her weight began to plummet. Wearing black only made her look more gaunt and washed out. Brax could feel his body weight sinking against one of the chairs. He felt guilty for closing his eyes, every time he did he saw her before the accident. That perfect day when it had just been them like they hadn’t a care in the world. Brax never believed in God, but he hoped and he prayed that she would be okay. Why? Because he loved her. It was as simple as that.


”What?” Charlie stared in shock. ”You want me to fake my own death?”

”It’s the only way to make sure your safe-“

”No I have a daughter and another on the way. I’m not leaving I’m not doing it”

”If you stay here you’ll get yourself killed. You, you’re baby and your daughter. If Jake tings he has succeeded in killing you it’s a possibility that he won’t try to cause any more harm especially to Ruby”

”And if I leave and she gets hurt?”

”We’ll be there to provide for Ruby” Watson chipped in. ”I will personally make sure myself that she gets the best protection from the force”

”Can’t she come with me. Brax too?” Charlie sounded hopeful but the inspector shook his head.

”If you all go you all die” he sighed while adjusting his shirt. ”This is the only other option”


Later that night, Brax was woken rudely by a phone ringing. Truth be told he hadn’t slept a great deal, the tired eyes were evident of this. His heart raced as he bounded towards the phone.

”Hello?” his voice sounded gruff, like it was obvious to everyone else how he was feeling.

”Mr Braxton could you come to the hospital please” Brax vaguely remembered the voice from somewhere before realising it was the doctor himself. His voice had an urgent tone to it.

”Is it Charlie. Is she okay?”

”Please just come to the hospital. And Miss Buckton’s daughter as well please”

Brax could feel his heart pounding, he knew that this was bad. Not bothering to say bye he hung up and dialled Ruby’s number. She answered quietly, unlike her usual self.

”The hospital want to see us” Brax wished he could make it sound better than what it did but he couldn’t He could her Ruby sob a little on the other end.

”It’s bad news isn’t it?”

”I don’t know sweetheart. I’ll pick you up and we’ll go down and see” he tried his best to sound positive but that didn’t stop the tears falling as he hung up the phone.


”I can’t believe I’m doing this” Charlie rolled her eyes in disgust as two staff helped her out of the bed. Watson tried to smile as Inspector Joyce filled the hospital staff in on the witness protection scheme and the part they had to play in it. Charlie’s eyes welled up with tears as she thought of Ruby’s and Brax’s reactions. The doctor nodded at the inspectors words, he didn’t seem to happy about the lies he was about to tell but looking at how serious the matter was, he knew he had no other choice.

”Sid...he’ll see me leave he’ll know I’m alive”

”He’s at a course in Melbourne for a few days so he’s not going to see you” Watson informed Charlie. The inspector finished his conversation with the man and pulled out from under the bed a small bag.

”What’s that?”

”Money to begin you’re life elsewhere. There’s a nice place up in Perth that is ready for you where you will live the remaining days of your life as Kate Grundy. The money’s to help you find your feet especially with a baby on the way”

”You think money’s going to ease this? I have to leave everything, everyone behind it’s not fair”

”It’s not fair if you stay either come on Kate it’s time to go”

Watson clutched her hand as they led her out the door and out of the hospital’s back entrance where no-one could see her. Just incase she wore dark sunglasses, brought by Watson. Her steps were shaky and her body hurt but the doctor said she was okay to go so long as she rested. Her eyes closed once more as she was helped into the back of the car.

”You don’t have to go to Perth just now. We can sort out a few days in protection here but under no circumstances are you allowed to be sighted in Summer Bay. Do you hear me?”

”Okay” Kate was grateful for the few extra days, her heart was already breaking at the thought of Ruby’s and Brax’s reactions. But she had to stay to get her head round the whole idea, so she could secretly say good bye to them one last time without them even knowing.


Brax and Ruby ran through the hospital doors ten minutes after Kate’s car had left the hospital. Their hearts were pounding and they hadn’t the energy to run but fear paralysed them and they found themselves running and praying it was good news. The doctors grave face said it all.

”What’s going on where’s my mum I want to see my mum” Ruby’s voice increased until she was shouting at the doctor. Brax pulled her away as tears fell from her eyes as she yelled out for her mum.

”Please tell me it’s good news” Brax found himself saying but he knew that it wasn’t. He clung to Ruby for support.

”Please take a seat” the doctor spoke in a calming gentle tone which warned Brax that bed news was to follow.

”Just tell us”

”I’m afraid that Miss Buckton’s life support machine was switched off earlier. I’m afraid that she passed away. I called as soon as I heard. I’m so sorry”

The doctor walked away as Ruby collapsed onto the floor yelling inconsolably. She cried mum, mum over and over although she couldn’t believe she had gone. Her face was bright red and the tears weren’t controllable. She couldn’t breathe, her chest tightened due to emotion taking over her. Brax walked around his head in his hands, not even being a bit ashamed to cry. She was the only woman he’d ever loved and now she’d been cruelly snatched away from him. He collapsed on the floor next to Ruby. They only had each other now.


A few days later, Charlie’s funeral arrived. The residents of Summer Bay gathered to remember a loved one. Ruby, Brax, Bianca, Miles and Leah sobbed uncontrollably, each clinging to one another for support. Flowers were arranged to spell out her name as the empty coffin was lowered to the ground. Ruby and Brax held hands, Ruby clutching a white rose, and Brax a red. The residents of Summer Bay watched as the rose’s were delicately thrown on top of the coffin. Ruby wrapped her arms around Brax as Elijah began to talk. Even he found it difficult to blink back the tears. A long way back in a small black car where the windows were dimmed, Kate Grundy watched her own funeral taking place. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she watched the ones she loved most grieve for someone they thought they had lost. She clutched her stomach cradling the baby that should have been a joyous celebration for their little family, instead she realised she’d raise it on her own. Breathing heavily she found the strength to speak.

”I’m ready” she told the taxi man.

”Someone you know?” he glanced over at where the funeral was taking place and smiled sympathetically at the locals although they could not see him.

”Something like that” Kate dried her eyes using a tissue the driver passed to her. He smiled, showing concern for her tears but seeing that she didn’t want to be asked anything more about it.

”Where to love?” he returned back to his normal cab driving duties. Kate glanced once more out of the window, at the locals crying remembering Charlie Buckton. She watched Ruby and Brax for a few moments, her heart aching to run after them and show them she was okay but to keep them safe she knew she had to do this.



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