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I Do What I Do For My Family

Guest Summer2011

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Story Title: I Do What I Do For My Family

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Brax,Heath,Casey,Cheryl,Sean,Ellie,Charlie

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama, Family,

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: some mentions of self harm throughout the story and sucide, (A, V/D)

Summary: Based on the braxton family,

Chapter 1 Ellie

Dear diary,

My Family dont even no i exist, they never notice me. I wish i had a normal family, a family that didnt break the law, that didnt have an absent father, a mother with a gambling addication, and three brothers that stood as the hard men of Mangrove River.

I want a mum that cares for her kids and does the normal things mothers do, like ask how was your day at school, to go shopping .. but i have none of that im 15 years old and i can never remember once my mum telling me she loved me, or tucking me into to bed at night and giving me a kiss.

When i needed comforting as a child brax was the one that did that, he made the monsters disappear from beneth my bed and told me everything was going to be okay.

The last few months have got worse with everything that has gone on, the boys moving out from home, which leaves me alone to deal with mum. Casey being sent to prison for the fire at jake's place.. I feel like that little kid again afraid of the monsters underneath my bed, but only this time theres no brax making them go away or telling me everything will be okay..

So i think its time i met my dad, i dont really no much about him only that he had an affair with mums bestfriend then ran off with her, leaving mum pregenant with me and raising three boys alone..

I sometimes wonder was my mum like she is now, when she was with my dad, or would things be different?

Il never no i guess.. Anyway signing off for now, going to get ready for bed.


I get changed into my pjs, i make sure i put the long sleaves on so, no one will be able to see my scars, i only cut once today.. If they i was doing it they would go crazy but it helps and they would never understand that..

Im skipping school tomorrow so i can begin my search for dad, no one will notice that i havnt gone anyway..

Please tell me what you think? so i will no to continue or not!! :)

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Chapter two Ellie meets sean.

So im standing outside my dads house, going over in my head what im going to say to him when he answers the door.

I manage to walk up to the door and knock, a girl my age answers it, she stares at me first and then asks can she help me?

I tell her im looking for Sean Braxton, she invites me in and then i walk through the house, it was big and well furnished nothing like my house.

There he was sat at the kitchen table reading the newspaper, then the girl spoke and said "Dad someones here to see you. I didnt no he had any more kids i thought it was just me and the boys, i felt angry that she had this big house and mum and dad and all i had was house that was falling down, a mother that drank and gambled day in and day out and no dad.. The girl walked out of the room, he got up of his seat and then stood in front me and asked what i wanted?

I couldnt speak at first, did he no who i was? But then that question was answered when he said did cheryl send you here?

I managed to get my words out and said no, no one knows im here, i just wanted to meet you.. He told me i should go..

I didnt seem to be nervous now, but i explained no i wanted to meet you and i want my dad in my life.. He looked at me and said look im not your dad, i no im biogically your dad but that all, i dont want to see or any your brothers, when i left i told cheryl i didnt want nothing to do with her or the boys i have a new life with tracey and Amy..

Tears rolled down my cheek, all these years mum wouldnt speak about him, heath told me he was no good and brax told me we were better off without him..

In that moment i realised they were right, he was a mean selfish man and then i realised how mum turned out the way she did..And i was thankful i had her, she wasnt perfect but she didnt walk on us that had to mean something didnt it?

I ran out of the house, amy was sat on the couch listening to her ipod i slammed the door and ran as fast as i could, so i could get far away from him as possible.

I was sat on the beach when brax came up behind me and sat beside.

Brax: Hey trouble.. why you not out surfing there some waves today.

Ellie: Dont feel up to it today,

"I couldnt tell him the real reason why i didnt want to surf that my scars would be visible to everyone"

Brax: you oright ellie? you seem bit off lately

Ellie: yeah yeah im fine, i just miss casey

Brax: Yeah we all do.

Later that evening i went home, mum was sat in front of the tv with a beer watching deal or no deal, even when she wasnt down the club gambling she was at home watching it.. I said hello to her and went straight to my room, where i got the blade and scratched it along my upper arm. I was hurting so bad no just from the cut on my arm but because my own father didnt want to no me..

After it had stopped bleeding i put my cardigan back on and went into the sitting room and watched the tv with mum, she looked at me with a smile on her face and said that "fool ellie just lost 10,000 if that was me it would be a different story eh" i smiled back at her, that smile hid away all my pain and misery it fooled everyone but deep down i was confused, angry lost soul..

Who wanted the love and affection she never got..

Next chapter: cheryl is a drunken mess and tells Ellie some hometruths, ellie cuts again and who see's her?

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Chapter 3: The Truth unfolds

Cheryl was on her way out to go to the club when the phone rang, it was Ellie's headteacher saying that she had fallen behind with her work and that was was worried about her. This annoyed cheryl there was nothing wrong with the girl she was just like every teenager in her eyes, not bothered with school..

Ellie comes home from school and see's her mum sat at the table with a bottle of vodka beside her, as soon as she walked through the door cheryl started with the questions.. Why are you getting into bother at school? She didnt want the hassel of teachers ringing her complaining about her. Ellie replyed saying she was finding some of the work hard.. Cheryl answer to that was just tell them its to hard for you to do and tell them to out you in a lower class so they wont be bothering me. This upset ellie she didnt need to move to a different class, she wasnt dumb even though her mum thought she was.

Ellie explained to cheryl that she could catch up with the work and didnt need to move classes, this was get cheryl more angry im sick of all this, them teachers and that bloody school it was the same with casey, you kids are the A* students there looking for.. Ellie snapped we could be if you ever give us a chance mum, but you always put us down no wonder brax or heath never tried in school.. Cheryl jumped out of her chair and came closer to ellie. Ellie could smell the booze of her Ellie was nervous, cheryl screamed in her face that she was her mother and she should have some respect for her. Ellie ran out of the house to get away from her, she ended up on the beach. She couldnt stop the tears falling down her cheek.

As she looked down at her feet she seen a piece of broken glass, she picked it up and pulled up her sleeve and scratched across her arm and felt the pain flow out, then from behind she heard footsteps she jumped up quickly and there in front of her stood brax who seen what she just done. She tried to wuickly pull down her sleeve but the blood seeped through anyway and could be seen.

The expression on brax face was confused and worried, he goes closer to ellie and grabs her arm and pulls up her sleeve and see's about 20 scars all along her arm, he trys to talk to ellie. Ellies what have you done to yourself? why you been doing this? Ellie couldnt answer she looked into brax's eyes and broke down in his arms. He held her tight and told her everything was going to be alright..

He takes her to Angelo's to clean up her arm, while hes doing that they talk, he thinks she should see a counsellor. She doesnt want to, she promises him she wont do it anymore.. Brax isnt to sure she means it, and asks why she was cutting herself? Ellie didnt tell him much just that it made her feel better when things were bad cutting made her numb the pain. And that she just had an argument with mum over school.He told her that he was there for her whenever she needed him, and not to be cutting anymore because he will make everything better.. He put his arms around her to give her a hug, she felt safe in his arms and she knew once brax was there she didnt need to cut anymore...

Brax dropped ellie home, cheryl was still drinking , he stayed for a while to make sure everything was okay. He wasnt going to tell cheryl tonight she wasnt in the right state. He thought this might be the wake up call his mother needs, to realise her drinking and gambling is effecting her family and destorying her little girl..

Brax goes to see charlie and tells her about what ellie has been doing. She trys to comfort him but he thinkd he has failed her, he should have been able to protect her. charlie tells him it isnt his fault. Brax says she's a 15 year old kid, that hasnt had the greatest of upbringings who is so messed up that she cuts her self. I never wanted her life to be like this, i didnt want her to end up like me or heath or like mum. I wanted her to be a happy kid, who could go on to uni and get a career and enjoy her life. But it never works out like that

Next chapter: Brax tells cheryl what ellie has been doing? Cheryl confronts ellie which results in ellie taking drastic action!!!

Tell me what you think? :)

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Thankyou for the comment Danni :) Glad your liking it...

Chapter 4: Nothing like a mother's love.

Brax went round to see his mother, to tell her what was going on with Ellie. When he got there she was drinking beer and watching tv, but that was nothing new.

Brax walked in through the door, cheryl said hello to him and what brought him here? He told her he needed to talk to her about Ellie. Cheryl put down her beer she asked what law has she broke then has she set fire to someone's house. Brax said mum its serious you need to listen.

Cheryl said go on im all ears untill the ad is over then i wanna watch the rest of my show.

So he told her Ellie hasnt been dealing with everything that has gone on lately, and the way she's been copying is self-harming. Cheryl just made a mock of it saying dont be stupid she doing no such thing, Brax was get angry his mother wasnt taking this serious.

Look mum she's been feeling low and lost and to take that away cutting helped to numb the pain. Shes promised me she's not gunna do it again but i think you should keep an eye on her when she's home. Cheryl said she doesnt need to keep watch on here that she was fine, that all this is just to get attention or something because she's said she wont do it again daryl she just wanted you notice her and by doing that she got your attention, you have been fooled son.

Brax raised his voice mum are you so blind she's not doing this so we can all fuss around her, she's messed up and needs our help. Ive seen the scars on her arms and let me tell you its no petty attention seeking game.. But no wonder she does it, having a mother like you who doesnt give her the time of day.

Cheryl shouted back at brax how dare you talk to me like that, i brought yous four up on my own and it wasnt easy.

Brax was walking out through the door when he turned back and looked at his mother and said "yeah cause you did a very good job of it mum, gambling and drinking all the money, never been fed half the time, going out and leaving us alone and coming in at all hours shouting and telling us you wish dad would have took his with him, because we wasnt good for nothing.. He slammed the door behind him and left..

Later that evening Ellie returned home from school,cheryl was making a sandwhich she asked her did she want one, Ellie said yes please.

She dropped her school bag down on the floor and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water, when she put down the glass, cheryl grabbed her arm and pulled up her sleave. Ellie was shocked and asked her what was she doing. Cheryl seen all the scars on her arms and then said you silly little girl, daryl told me what you have been doing, and this stupid attention seeking thing stops now you here me, i have more things to worry about that you messing around..

Tears kept falling down Ellies face, Ellie spoke through the tears, im not doing it for a attention mum and im not doing it anymore. Cheryl let go of Ellies hand and said im going to the pub i cant be bothered with this and got her bag and left the house.

Ellie felt her heart shatter into a million pieces, she felt more alone than every, she fell to her knees and cryed and cryed her eyes out and for once in her life she wanted her mum to put her arms around her and hold her tight and tell her she loved her. But Ellie knew she was never going to get that affection of her mother, she would always feel alone and empty, so she got up of her knees and searched the cupboards and found a box of pills. Her dad didnt want her, her mother didnt care about her and porbley wish she never had her, casey was in prison and brax and heath would most likely end up there one day too.

So she swallowed one after another, she didnt want to numb the pain anymore because she didnt want to feel anything anymore she didnt want to be alive.

Ellies was sprawled on the couch and the empty box of tablets beside her..

Next chapter: Will Ellie be found before its to later? Cheryl face's the fact she hasnt been the best of mothers...

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Thankyou for the comments, hope you like this chapter :)

Chapter 5 Mummy's Angel

Brax was walking up the path to his mothers house, from the view of the patio door he could see Ellie lying lifeless on the couch, he thought she was just asleep at first then he noticed the empty tablet box beside her. He ran straight over to her and shoke her but she didnt wake up, he qucikly grabbed his moblie and rang the ambulance. He sat down beside Ellie and looked at his baby sister, and for the first time in his life Daryl Braxton asked God to help him, to save his little sisters life. The ambulance arrived and were taking Ellie away on a stretcher to the hoisptal as they were leaving cheryl arrived home.

She seen Brax and asked him what had happened. He tured to his mother and said" you think this is attention seeking and threw the empty tablet box at his mother, she's 15 years old and she tryed to end her life because she has a useless mother that couldnt give a dam about her. Just before he walked out the door and looked at his mother one last time and said " if she doesnt make it, its gunna be your fault mum" through the whole discussion cheryl never once said a word...

At the hoisptal brax and heath were waiting in the family room for news of Ellie, the door opened and cheryl walked in.. Brax didnt say anything to her, she asked was there any news yet.. Heath was the one to tell her no and went and gave his mum a hug and said " dont worry mum, she'll pull through she's a braxton after all.

Thats when brax spoke up " we all no who to blame if she doesnt" Heath was angry with his brothers response " shut it man we dont need any of this right now"

Brax replied " yeah we do , our 15 year kid sister is lying in that bed with 4 docters trying to save her life and its all her fault. Its time she had a wake up call because things have gone to far, she's been a useless mother once dad left i was the one that made sure we were fed, and i was the one who raised Casey and Ellie. She has never been a proper mum to Ellie, to any of us in matter of fact. She was low and needed help i told you, but you just pushed it off as attention seeking, you didnt want to be taken away from your precious drinking time and the pokies ay mum..

Cheryl had tears running down her eyes she said im sorry brax i no im good for nothing but i really am sorry. Brax repled " im not the one yocu should be saying sorry to"

Half hour had passed and finally the docter had come to tell them the news, they all stood up then the docter spoke " Ellie is one very lucky girl mr braxton if it had been 5 minutes longer she would never had made it. She's hasnt woke up yet, but will very soon, we will need to keep her in for a few days..

They all were relieved she made it through.. As the docter was leaving he said "Oh another thing i was suppose to ask you we seen scars on Ellie arms and legs it look like she has been self-harming some of the wounds seem fresh.. Heath was confused what youc talking about doc he asked.

Then brax spoke yeah she has been i found out a few days back but she said she had stopped. The docter recommened Ellie to see a councellor..

Brax went and sat beside Ellies bed, she looked so peacefull he thought. He could see all the scars on her arms as she was in one of the hoisptal gowns, he stroked his fingers over them, there was loads he wanted to take away all her pain and suffering and make her feel better, he would do anything.

He held her hand and looked up and said " ay God looks like i owe you one ay, then he kissed Ellies hand...

He was going to get a glass of waterc, the docters said it would probley be a few hours before she woke up...

Next chapter: Ellie wake's up and whos the first person she sees?


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Thanks for the comments :) love getting them :)

Chapter 6 unbreakable bond

Ellie woke up in her hoisptal room, she looked around her wondering where she was she knew someone must have found her she wondered who it must have been. She shuffled in her bed a little bit that woke the person sat beside her on the chair. Ellie looked beside her and seen her mother staring back at her.

She didnt move and inch and then cheryl leaned towards her on the bed and placed her hair behind her ear and asked her how she was feeling.

Ellie replyed with not to good, cheryl picked up her daughters hand and spilled her heart out to her little girl.. Ellie i'm really sorry about everything for not knowing something was wrong before now for not being the mother you needed me to be. Its just im not strong i couldnt deal with all this, when your dad left i just fell apart and its hard to go back to the old me.And because of that you have suffered and so have your brothers. I know im no mother of the year but i do love you kids more than anything.. Ellie spoke for the first time and said no you dont the drinking and gambling come's first it always has, and you love the boys more than you do me.. Cheryl felt ashamed she knew ellie was right she did put the drink and polkies before her kids but she couldnt help it, she tryed to beat her addication but it was just too hard at times, i know i have done in the past ellie but from now on im gunna stay well away from the polkies no more gambling... And i dont love the boys more than you i love you all the same, matter of fact you actually have a special place in my heart because your my only girl, my baby girl..

Ellie was shocked that her mother actually was opening up about all this, then asked but why do you always ignore me, like you dont want me around.

The thing is ellie before your dad left when i was pregenant with you we said we would love a little girl after all the boys, we talk for hours about the perfect name for our princess, how we would decorate your nursery.. We didnt no you were a girl by then and we still had all these plans...

I was so happy i felt like my family would be complete...

Ellie couldnt beileve that her parents wanted her that much it made her smile inside..

Then on the day of the scan to see if you were a boy or girl i got the good news i wanted but it was the worst day of my life too, i went to drop the boys to school when i came home i seen note he was gone, left his family for that suppose to be bestfriend of mine.. I cried and cried, i had the scan appointment to still attend and i went and the midwife told me i was having a baby girl.. I was happy but sad at the same time, we both wanted you so much so why did he leave..

So 5months later i gave birth to you, known of the names me and your dad talked about seem to suit you so i let the boys pick, daryl wanted poppy which was a defo no, heath wanted ocean because he said you was great just like surfing in the ocean and casey wanted ellie, so as ellie was the best of the three i went with that.. A smile appeared on her face..

That night when it was just me and you in the hoisptal room just like now, i knew you deserved more than this, you deserved to have a father, and i looked down at your big blue eyes you tightened your hand around my fingers and i fell in love with you even more, sean wasnt there like i wanted but i did get what i wanted a perfect baby girl, my little girl..

She looked at ellie and said ive never stopped loving you and never will im just not good at showing how i feel because deep down i still have a broken heart.

But i think after today its perfectly fine because i could have lost my little girl today but i got a second chance..

If you will give me one that is.

Ellie smiled at her mum and cheryl leaned in and held her little girl and kissed her head.

Ellie felt safe in her mothers arms but most of all she felt loved.


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Chapter 7 You can't always be untouchable

5 months later

Ellie had been seeing a counselor to deal with everything that had been going on in her life, and it seemed to be going really well.

Her and Cheryl were starting to build up a proper mother and daughter relationship. And recently ellies celebrated her 16th birthday it was the best birthday ever she thought, apart from casey wasnt there.

Casey still had two more months to do in juvie, but recently the cops had been hasseling Brax and Heath about some Warehouse robbery..

I was going to Angelo's i was doing some waitressing while i was on my school hoildays, charlie and another cop had just walked in through the door.

They went over to Brax and Heath who were sat at the bar, then charlie arrested them both as new evidence had come to light. Brax told me to shut the resturant and to go home, that he would be round later on, then one of the cops said with a big grin on his face i highly doubt he wont be going home till at least 10 years..

I was sat at home waiting for news on the boys, they still hadnt been home and an hour had passed now, i decided i would go to the station and see what was keeping them.. As i was walking Hammer drove past and winked at me and said "Hey Gorgeous". I carried on walking i actually found Hammer quite Hot but i couldnt let my brothers Know that are they would probley break my legs..

I arrived at the station charlie was at the desk, i asked her what was going on and why Heath and Brax hadnt been let out yet, She said she couldnt discuss anything with me but i could see Brax for a few minutes. I went into the interview room, by the expresssion on my brothers face i knew things wasnt good..

I sat down in the seat oppoiste him and asked what was going on. He said Im sorry Ellie but me and Heath we cant get out of this one, its not looking good were looking at 10 years inside. Tears began to stroll down my face and i said no you can get off you always can sort it out, he looked in my eyes and said not this time, im not untouchable after all. I started to cry, he told me everything was going to be okay. I asked him how was it, what was me and mum suppose to do now we were on are own, what if she goes back gambling i cant deal with that Brax you always fix are problems you always take care of me and our family.

He got up of his seat and pulled me towards him and hugged me and said you will be fine your a Braxton nothing can get us down, just stick at school, keep an eye on mum and if things get bad dont do anything stupid promise me Ellie? I replied through my sobs i promise Brax.

Charlie walked through the door times up your been taken away now, she put the handcuffs of brax and walked out into the station heath came out from another room and i heard him shout take care sis and be good, and then i seen my two brothers been taken away for a very long time.

I left the station heartbroken i didnt want to go home yet and tell mum so i went to the beach, i sat on the rocks looking into the water and remebered how many times i had surfed them waves with my 3 big brothers and now they all was gone. It made my heart ache tears kept coming from my eyes like water from a waterfall. I heard of voice behind me saying "Hey you okay" He came and sat beside me, he put his arms around me and held me, i pulled away and looked into his eyes and then the next thing i knew my lips were planted on his and it felt so good, but it shouldnt have it was wrong.

Things were bad Heath and Brax wouldnt be around anymore and now i just kissed their no 1 enemy Hammer pivoric..


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Chapter 8 Behind Bars

Today was Brax and Heaths day in court, there was so much evidence against them there was no way they were getting off the charges.

The verdict was heard both Braxton boys were sentenced to 10 years in prison. Cheryl and ellie left the court, once they arrived back in mangrove river Cheryl said she was going to the pub she couldnt take it anymore she needed to let her hair down. Ellie expression on her face made Cheryl explain "its just a one off ive just lost my two sons to the nick".

Ellie sits alone in the house she decides to get out, to get her mind of things, she sits on the bench overlooking the beach, Hammer walks towards her and says "We keep bumping into eachother" Ellie gave him a smile. Hammer says i heard about your brothers cant say i feel sorry for them but i hope your doing okay. Ellie says im not okay but im gunna have to be arnt i..

Hammer said ive got something that might cheer you up im having a party at my place tonight come along. Ellie refused at first, but hammer persuaded her.

Later that night.

She arrives at the party wearing a long sleve leopard print dress and black high heels, Hammer walks over to her and says " You made it, and you look beautiful" Ellie shly said thankyou. Hammer brought ellie to get a drink he handed her a beer and then they started chatting. Ellie danced with Hammer the whole night, they went to sit in the garden to get away from all the noise, Ellie said my feet are going to kill tomorrow, Hammer laughed.

He then placed his hand on her face and stroked her cheek, he leaned in closer to her and ellie responded and before long they were in a passionate kiss, more people had arrived by then and was out in the garden, hammer grabbed ellies hand and said come on lets get out of her.

They were in his bedroom, hammer had got some more beers for them. They were sat on the end of the bed and they were kissing again this time Hammer started to take of ellies dress she didnt stop him she felt excited and wanted him. He stopped kissing her when he seen her arms, he stroked his fingers over the scars and looked into ellie's eye's, he could see the tear welling up in them, he placed his hand on her face and said your beautiful and kissed her..

They were lying in bed Ellie was cuddled into hammer and he asked her about the scars, ellie explained to him that she use to self harm when she didnt no how to deal with things and wanted to numb all the pain, he looked down into her big blue eyes and said you dont ever have to feel like that again not now you have me your my special girl and planted a kiss on her forehead. Hearing them words made her heartmelt.

Heath and Brax had arrived in the prison at 9am that morning and soon discovered that they were banged up withy jake pivoric.

They were in their cell when the door banged closed in walked jake and said i have a little present for you boys and holds up a moblie phone with a picture of Hammer and ellies kissing at the party, with a big smirk he said dont worry about ypur little sis boys, my brother will look after her now.

Brax warns him to leave her alone, jake takes pride saying he cant so much about it being banged up in her for the next 10 years..

Brax always tried to protect ellie from this kind of world of gangs but he couldnt do it from behind bars.


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This chapter is quite a short one, but im hoping to post another one after this... Thankyou for your comments :) espcially Danni you have left one after every chapter thankyou :D And also big thanks to everyone that reads this fic :)

Chapter 9: Brother's know Best

Ellie was sat in the visting room in the prison waiting to see Brax, he walked through the door with the rest of the inmates and be escorted by two prison officers.

He looked terrible she thought he gave her a qucik hug and sat down, start away he asked what the hell you doing hanging out with Hammer?

Ellie didnt know how he found out, she denied it first but then Brax explained that jake was in the same prison and he showed him the picture of her and Hammer kissing at a party. Ellie was stunned and asked how did he get the photo i didnt see anyone taking any pictures.

Brax explained to Ellie that it was a setup Jake told Hammer to go after her to get at him, jake knows i cant do anything from inside here.

Ellie stay away from Hammer he's bad news you hear me? Ellie was upset and saddened to hear what Hammer had been doing, she said he told me i was special. The bell rang visting time was up,as the police officer came towards Brax he gave Ellie a hug and said again please stay away from Hammer.

Ellie nodded tears visible in her eyes.

After Ellie left the prison she went round to Hammers place, he opened the door and said "Hey princess cant stay away eh?.She didnt answer him, but said have you been playing all this time, Hammer asked what she was talking about. Ellie told him she just been to see Brax in prison and that she knows about jake and the picture. He slumped down to his chair and put his head in his hands, Ellie raised her voice " you said i was special and i thought you really liked me"

Hammer said yeah i do, He walked over to her and grabbed her hands and said Yes maybe in the beginning i went along with Jake's plan but things changed i didnt think i'd end up falling in love with you. Ellie looked into his brown eyes and said ive fallen in love with you two.

Hammer smiled and said well forget what jake wants i want to be with you, Ellie said Brax wants me to stay away from you but he cant stop me with that they kissed. There brother's wasnt going to stand in the way of their love for one another..

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Chapter 10: Goodbye


Ellie was sat in the bathroom staring down at the white stick, Cheryl opens the bathroom door and see's Ellie she grabs the test of Ellie it reads postive.

Cheryl face is red with anger she yells at Ellie " Your pregnant, How could you be so stupid and who the hell is this rat that knocked you up"

Ellie was shaking her mother was so angry she told her it was Hammer that she had been seeing him for the last four months, Cheryl got worse "How could you sleep with one them pivoric boys you know the history between them and your brothers, well once he finds out he will dump you and you will be left to deal with this mess on your own and dont think im going to help you. You need to get to the docters and get this aborted as soon as possible.

Ellie is crying and cant beileve her mother would want her to kill her own baby, through the tears he tells her mum she's not having an Abortion, she's keeping her baby. Cheryl looks at Ellie anger and fury all over he face " Well you can pack your bags and get out of my house im not having no sprog of Hammer pivoric here.

Ellie walks off into her bedroom and packs her things with tears falling down her checks.

She goes over to Hammers place, she knocks on the door and he answers.

He asks "Hey whats wrong whats with the tears and the bags, she falls into his arms and in return he holds here, through the sobs she says mum's kicked me out.

Hammer asks did she find out about us? Ellie said yeah but there's something else i have to tell you im pregnant, Hammer let go off her and looked shocked, Ellie muttered on she found out and wanted me to get rid of it but i said i wasnt going to..

She noticed he didnt say anything about the news, she looked at him "Hammer i know we didnt plan this baby but i cant get rid of it, i cant kill my own baby.

He then grabbed her arms No no i would never want you to do that, its just i cant believe it im going to be a dad,where actually having a baby.

Ellie smiled at how happy he was " I know its crazy. Hammer put his hand on her check and looked into her eyes and said it just shows how strong are love is we made a baby a part of me and you, and im going to look after you and our baby you dont need your mum or brothers we are own little family now. He planted a kiss on her lips and hugged her tight.

It was 9.00 am on friday morning and Casey cBraxton had just been realsed from juvie, he couldnt believe he was finally free. It saddened him that his two brothers wouldnt be home but he was glad he would see his mum and little sister.

When he arrived home cheryl throw her arms around him and said "oh god arnt i glad your back" Casey replied yeah me too mum.

He asks where Ellie is and Cheryl tells him about Hammer and being pregnant, Casey couldnt believe it she was still a little girl in his eyes but he had been gone awhile and suppose she would have grown up. But Hammer pivoric was the wrong guy for her. Cheryl says ill make you some breakfast i better you havnt had any decent grub in there.


Casey went round to Hammers place, Ellie answered the door she was surprised to see him and didnt want to let him in she knew he wouldnt be happy about her and hammer. But he pushed his way in anyway and found hammer in the kitchen making a sandwhich, start away he yelled at him " What the hell do you think your foing with my sister, shes only 16 are you trying to get back at us or something" He began to punch Hammer who defended himself, then Hammer said dont worry mate your not gunna keep us apart were having a baby together im always going to be part of Ellie's life and your never going to see your niece or nephew, Ellie doesnt need you braxtons she has me i love her more than yous ever did.. This made casey more angry he punched him again but Hammer flung him back, Ellie started shouting stop just go home Casey, but this time he grabbed the Bread knife on the side of the kitchen bench and stabbed Hammer with it. Ellie screamed and ran over to Hammer who fell on to the kitchen floor and blood splattering everywhere.Ellie screamed his name through her tears, hammer placed his hand on her stomach and said "I love you and baby pivoric" With that his body went lifeless and Harmen pivoric drew his last breath.

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