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Fri 17 June 2011 – Episode # 5320

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Just When It Looks Like Casey Was Breaking Free ……“

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 17 June 2011 – Episode # 5320 ]


NEXT DAY – Morag calls out t Romeo who is working on the Blaxland. She is ken to book the boat today, but he says ta the he’s herd the weather wont be so good. She disagrees, sp he says she musta heard a later weather report. When Morag ask, Romeo insist ta he’s just doing standard maintenance on et bat – rather that telling jeer bout tee engine issue that have been mentioned in recent eps.


Casey isn’t so ken to go to school today, given that that won’t ally be doing anything post tee trail exams, but she suggest that they both should go. Rob [one of tee river boys] suggests to Casey to go surfing with hi, and rubes is annoyed with Casey “caves in” to the river boys.


Romeo & Roo chat bout Morag chartering the boat – and its engine trouble. Romeo insists he can’t work on it all day as he has a lifeguard shift toady. Roo tells Romeo that she will work on tee bat -= as she’s learnt a few things form Alf bout such things.


Ruby is VER cagey when Miles asks her where Casey is.


Roo suggest t Romeo to ease his money issues [and how he is spread himself tween 3 jobs] that he should g a business loan from the bank. Romeo isn’t confident they would give him one, but Roo tells him that he isn’t confidant in self, what should others be.


John’s VERY annoyed that Romeo is late for work.


Morag is intrigued ta Roo clothes are a bit grubby so she tells Morag ta she was fixing someone’s car. When Leah wonders who Morag is taking out on tee Blaxland, Morag tells Leah t mind her own business.


Indi talk to Romeo – wishing ta Sid & Maz would verbally fight like Sid died with Indi & Dex’s bio mum – as that way Indi would know what Maz & Sid are thinking. When Indi goes to get a drink at surf club, she harassed by Rob. Casey come to Indi’s defence – and he & Rob start actually physically fighting., anther of tee river boys joins in – as does Romeo, trying to get Casey out of there. When the fight is over, Romeo sees that [in his “watch”] someone has been pulled form tee water unsconscious it looks.


John tells Romeo tat he’s suspended form duties as a lifeguard for tee time bang. Romeo tells him bout the river boy’s scuffle [not that Indi was involved though] but john says the river boys aren’t there concern.


Indi thanks Casey for helping her today, but he responds by telling her that he rally didn’t need Romeo’s help[.


Romeo is pleased when Roo starts the engine and its totally working again/. She suggests, with all on his plate, that he should prioritise thing in life, Roo bails.


Ruby & Casey [with a black eye now btw cos of the fight] are in class. Miles tells them it’s a good idea to do as many trail exam papers twen now & real HSC.

The class ends and after tee studants have bail from class, miles talks to Casey – and he doesn’t “buy” the lame excise bout the black eye. Miles initis that a lot of ppl have put a lots of effort into Casey at school – and its going to get harder & harder to straddle the lien twen the river bys and another [better] life.


Morag & her guests are aboard and Romeo is pleased when the engine does start. They don’t get too far before its stops again though.


Casey knocks furiously at et back door, and Ruby insist she don’t tall Miles where Casey was today. Casey insist to Ruby tat he’s no good at school and that he wants t belong – whish is why he’s going all totally River Boy again. Rubes tells Casey that he’s a great b/f and at surfing, but its not enough for him. Case bails.


Morag has a go and Romeo AND Roo [when he finds out she try to fix the engine of the boat] for what happened today.


NIGHT – Morag tells Roo ta the ppl n tee boat today were form a law firm in tee city – wanting to recruit Morag. Morag insist ta she’s going to go for it – as living here in tee bay was only a thing whilst Alf is away. Roo insist she REALLY will miss Morag.


Leah, Miles & Ruby are in tee kitchen – talking bout Casey. Leah totally understsnds the mentality Casey truing to prove himself t his bothers.


Casey & Rob and some of tee other Rivers are a bit rowdy as they play pool. John “suggest” tat they should keep it done, but Casey challenges him [which Rob likes].


Indi is about to close up for tee night but Romeo isn’t keen on going either home [to face Morag] or her place [sid]/ Romeo is worried Roo is right – he is spreading himself to thin, but Ind think it’s a god ting that he is living live to the full.


Romeo arrives and when John wonders, he insists he isn’t her to get his job back. Romeo talks to Casey – he’s ken on the Rivers fishing trip IF they pay all the money up font. Case sys he will arrange things/.



The police raid Romeo’s boat – which has some River Boys aboard

Looks like in the coming weeks, Romeo & Indi will wed in Hawaii

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Roo: aqua & white top


Ruby: blue & white strapless maxi dress


Leah: hot pink top


Casey: aqua t

Casey: green & bleu shorts

Casey: SBH uniform

Danny [river boy]: dark shorts

Indi: light pink top/denim skirt

Irene: red top

John: brown [white check] shirt

John: Lifeguard uniform/wide brim hat

Miles: blue shirt

Morag: grey hoodie

Morag: red cardie

Rob: dark t

Rob: white, red & blue shorts

Romeo: blue polo

Romeo: lifeguard uniform

Romeo: white singlet

Roo: olive green top/dark shorts/ wide brim hat

Ruby: SBH uniform

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