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Thurs 16 June 2011 – Episode # 5319

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Dex Propositions The New Girl “

[ Screened in Australia on Thurs 16 June 2011 – Episode # 5319 ]


NEXT DAY – Bianca is worse for wear after last night. She won’t tell April who she was with lat night, but after April bails, its clear Irene know ADN that she’s not keen that Bianca is hanging out with Heath.


It’s a busy morn, with VJ, Leah, Rubes & & Charlie all on edge a bit, esp. Charlie & Ruby cos of their upcoming exams. All but Charlie bail, and when Leah * co have gone, Charlie texts Brax – telling him she’s alone in the house.


Brax, Heath & few of the other River Boys chat unsuccessfully bout finding a way to transport their drugs. After the “chat” is over, Brax suggest to Heath to steer clear of Bianca. Brax bails.


Xave & others, like Ruby, are stressing pre exams, whilst April is worried about Bianca. There’s curious looks tween Dex and a girl who we later find out is called Kate.


Brax is shirtless in the kitchen when Charlie [wearing his shirt] entre room. She is worried about her exams, but he thinks she’ll ace them.


Romeo [on the Blaxland] gets a phone call. The charter that was booked of today is now cancelled [clients ill].


As Rubes & co sit the exam. Dex & Kate are looking at each other. Gina instructs the 2 of them to levee the room. Dex & Kate comply.

After the exam is over, Gina calls Dex & Kate back into classroom. Both insist that we’re cheated of each other, and Gina insist ta if there’s any evidence they have, both will be in serious trouble.


Romeo tells Leah about how the charter booking that cancelled today was his ONLY booking of the week. One of the River Boys [don’t think we’ve seen him previous] overhears – as he is next in line at the counter.


Dex, April Ruby, Casey & Xave talk about the girl interested in Dex – form sound of things she used to have braces and the like. Ruby & Casey head off to have a surf, whilst April try to talk to a VERY pre-occupied Bianca [as gets nowhere].


Ruby & Casey are charting after their surf [both with surfbirds under thri arms] when Heath is keen to talk to Casey. Ruby bails [after Heath compliments her surfing], and the Heath give Casey some money – a deposit for booking the Blaxland. When Casey asks, Heath assure him the Brax is aware of all this.


Casey talks to Romeo bout Heath wanting to book the Blaxland to go deep sea fishing. Casey gives him the money – hundreds of dollars in $50 notes.


Bianca just finished a session in the gym when Heath tries to talk to her. She ignores him.


VJ is playing vid games when Casey & Ruby arrive. Ruby “suggest” that VJ should scram, to his room or she won’t give him any more lifts to school [like did this morn]. VJ complies, adn Ruby talk to Casey about what’s going on [booking for the Blaxland]. Casey insists ta he can’t say no to family, but Ruby is frustrated when Case won’t open u to her [as she want to understand whey].


Romeo talks to Miles, who also thinks that River Boys booking the Blaxland is dodgy.


Kate arrives and tells Dex [who is wearing his school tie like a headband] that she would like him to tutor her. When she says she will pay him [money], he tells her that he’ll do it if she helps him in other ways. Kate [of course] insists ta she not THÂT kind of girl, but Dex insists ta he’s not talking bout sex.


Casey, Charlie & Ruby are having a post trail HSC exams meal together. When Charlie asks, Casey is unsure bout what he wants to do post school. Casey talk to Brax at the bar bout the boat charter, but Brax has no idea what is talking about. Ruby is BEYOND shoed when Dex & Kate arrive together.


April gets a txt form Ruby about Dex/Kate. When she voice her concern/shock bout this, Irene has a go at her [ie Iren can see that April is jealous ...which seems like the whole point of Dex & Kate]


Bianca tells Dex it was a mistake they got together ADN that they are now over.


Heath arrives and Brax hits him twice in pretty quick succession. Brax insist Heath that they’ve got to keep out of all of this. Romeo arrives, and returns the deposit money.



The police raid Romeo’s boat – which has some River Boys aboard

Looks like in the coming weeks, Romeo & Indi will wed in Hawaii

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Ruby: dark [white swirls] halter bikini


Ruby: purple & white strapless knee dress


April: pink top/white lace vest


April: SBH uniform

Bianca: dark knee dress

Bianca: grey low cut top

Bianca: red [dark trim] top/dark ¾ pants

Brax: black & grey check shirt

Brax: dark t

Casey: dark shirt

Casey: SBH uniform

Casey: white [grey unknown motif] t/dark shorts

Charlie: black & grey check shirt/dark bra

Charlie: blue top/white mid thigh skirt

Charlie: red low cut dress

Dex: dark vest/marron shirt

Dex: SBH uniform

Gina: red top/grey jacket/grey skirt

Heath: dark shorts

Heath: white [dark “Pro touring”] singlet

Irene: red top

Kate: dark low cut knee dress

Kate: red low cut top

Kate: SBH uniform

Leah: grey top/dark mid thigh skirt

Miles: dark [silhouette of a face] t

Rob [River Boy]: dark [white skull] t

Romeo: blue polo

Romeo: white [dark face, blue sleeves] t

Ruby: SBH uniform

VJ: green [white unknown motif] t/bleu shorts

VJ: SBH uniform

Xave: SBH uniform

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