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Tues 14 June 2011 – Episode # 5317

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Farewell Nicole, Angelo & George/Ben “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 14 June 2011 – Episode # 5317 ]


As Laura & Elijah, they wonder who is flirting with who tee mots.

Elsewhere, Roo talk to Maz who is holding the bub. Maz insists ta Nic never wanted that baby, but Roo reminds Maz that what she is doing is kidnapping the bub.


Sid is on the phone. When he gets off, he tells Indi tat it was Roo, who found Maz & bub at the airport, Sid isn’t sure when Indi wonders if Nic will press charges. Indi agree to help Sid gather all the baby tings of Nic.


After Laura gets of the phone, she tells Elijah tat it was Roo [about Maz]. She ads that Roo will no longer be going got Melbourne, so Elijah agree to go there with Laura to help her make the pitch to the investors.

Meanwhile, Maz isn’t ken to face everyone back home, but she’s mushily encourage when Roo say ta she will be by Maz’s side when she does.

Also, Laura is getting cold feet doing the presentation – but Elijah assure her that they CAN do this.


Indi & Sid arrive with all the baby tings, but Nic tells Indi ta won’t need help constructing the ct -= and Angelo, Nic & bub will be leaving town not long after Maz returns Nic’s son to her.,


As they wait for the flight, Elijah & Lora agree to face thri fears in Melbourne. They hear the announcement of the fight t boards so they head off.


Maz, Roo & the bub arrive – and Maz is a little shocked the all the baby tings are gone. Maz asks Roo to take the baby to Nic, as Maz just can’t. Maz sys her goodbye – insisting the baby t be brave and kind and to never forget how mush Maz love him.


Roo arrive with Nic’s baby. Nic is overjoyed to se him again. Nic & Angelo tell Sid & Indi ta they are leaving the bay today – with Nic telling Indi to take care of Romeo [who is like a brother to Nic].


Colleen is ranting on bout Maz, which makes Indi cry even more than she was.


Sid arrives and is very stern with Maz cos of what she did. He softens though – when Maz [in tears] tells him that, for the SECOND time in her life, she’s “lost” a little boy.


Colleen delivers a casserole for Nic & Angelo but there are about to bail – without a big farewell – as seeing everyone [Ruby, Leah etc] would be too much. Colleen comets on how mush Nic has changed from when she 1st arri8ved in the bay.


Nic [with the baby in her arms] and Angelo look at the beach one last time, beefer they head off out of the Bay.


NIGHT – Roo is at the bar when Laura *& Elijah arrive. They got a better deal that they wanted for the inventors in Melbourne for ter African hospital ting. Roo bails and Elijah tell Lautra ta he is going to go back to the church. He ads he’s an Anglican minister – so no issue continuing their ‘ship.


Things are icy twee Maz & Sid as they eat. Maz heads off t bed, and Sid send a text top Roo – thanking her. She responds – “no worries [or something of that ilk].


Roo thinks bout texting him again [to do with her feelings fom him maybe] but decides against it.



Colleen sees Laura & Elijah together

Bianca & Heath are getting VERY close

Marilyn has a go at Roo

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Nic: dark mid thigh dress/silver belt


Indi: dark blue thin strap dress/gold earrings


Colleen : red floral top


Angelo: grey [white trim] t

Elijah: red shirt

George: white beanie/white jumpsuit

Laura : dark dress

Marilyn: pink & back top/dark knee skirt

Roo: white top/white [various fruit motifs] scarf

Sid: grey hoodie

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