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Fri 10 June 2011 – Episode # 5315

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Not A Legal Leg To Stand On “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 10 June 2011 – Episode # 5315 ]


When Sid wonders what the fresh perspective that has made Nic charge her mind is, Nic tells him that she realises that she’s rally no longer alone [she has Angelo]. After Nic & Angelo bail, Dex talk to Sid – wounding if he thinks is happening, is actually happening.


Xave is keen to go for a surf with Romeo, but the latter’s just had 3 students at his surf school, and he’s off to hang out with Indi. Romeo suggests that Xave should teach April how to surf.


Maz [holding George[ talk to Sid, but she’s annoyed that he seems to have given up [with comet like that don’t have a legal leg to stand on. Maz insist to Sid ta she hasn’t given up on keeping the bub.


Morag is intrigued that Angelo *& Nic doesn’t want 9 leave a forwarding address, and that they want to get FAR way form tee bay. Romeo enters – and hers them taking bout Nic reclaiming George & leaving the bay.


Romeo tells Indi, and she’s really annoyed. Colleen tells them bout Penn’s grandfather being in town yestday.


Sid wants Roo to talk to Nic about her deciosn, but Roo doesn’t want to keep a mum away from her child. Whilst Sid comets ta Nic has change her mind soooo many time s bout George, Roo tells Sid ta he has a habit of telling ppl what he thinks that want to hear [rather than the blunt truth].


Maz tries to get Irene on her side bout the bub – but Irene is of tee same opinion as Roo.


Dex is surprises when April aired. She is keen to talk bout what’s happened. He’s rather blunt with her, so she bails.


Morag tells Maz that she hasn’t got a legal leg to stand on, and Nic isn’t an unfit mother. Roo arrives, and tells Maz that Sid tried to convince her to convince Nic to give up Gorge – whish Roo disagrees with.


Dex & April chat, and he admits she was right – that he will miss George.


Xave phone April looking of her – but it goes to her message back. Maz sees Nic sand wonders why she cahnged her mind. Nic tells her she has more stability in her life, now that Brax bought out Angelo;s share of the restaurant. When Nic bails, Maz phones Sid – initosng they need to talk.


Maz tell Sid ta the courts might be one their side cos Angelo is involved in some way with the River Boys. Sid thinks that’s a long bow, but they will find a way to keep George. He gets a txt msg or the like – there’s an emergency at the hospital, so he has to bail.


April & Dex talk about her parents – and how they don’t know about her OCD, and how it was hard enough to tell the likes of Bianca. April remember she is to meet up with Xave today. She bails.


April apols to Xave for being way late. He gets an extra kiss for that. He suggest he tah her how to surf, but she declines.


Indi & Romeo talk about what kind of parents they’ll be, and both don’t ant to be anything like theri own parents. Maz arrives, and eagerly holds George, whilst Romeo & Indi bails.


After Nic agrees to let Maz & co has 1q more night with the bub, Sid bails. Nic wonder to Roo if she is doing the right thing, and when Roo ask Nic if she think she is, Nic says that NOTJING in her whole life has felt more right.


Sid arrives, and Dex & Indi tell him that Maz is in bedroom with the bub. When he goes to speck to Maz, she’s not there – and neither are George or many of his things.



Maz tries to take the baby to London

Rubes is shocked – as it looks like Dex & Summer are out on a date together

Heath & Bianca kiss

Angelo [with Nic & George beside him] says goodbye to the Bay

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


April: sky blue [white trim] thin strap mid thigh dress


Dex: pink t/white [red & blue trim] shorts


Nic: sky blue [light blue stripes] low cut maxi dress/silver necklace


Angelo: white t

Colleen: blue [yellow floral?] top

George: white beanie/white jumpsuit

Indi: grey top

Irene: dark top

Marilyn: dark knee dress/white [dark mosaic?] top

Morag: red elbow sleeves top

Romeo: dark tropical motifs singlet/blue shorts

Roo: olive green [dark dots?] maxi dress

Sid: dark shirt

Xave: red [“soda pop”] t/rainbow shorts

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