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Wed 8 June 2011 – Episode # 5313

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ You’re TOTALLY Compromised “

[ Screened in Australia on Wed 8 June 2011 – Episode # 5313 ]


NEXT DAY - Angelo uses a ldader to access the security camera behind the bar. Brax arrives – he’s surprised that Angelo is here, but Angelo insists ta he is ft enough to work. Angelo then tells Brax that he has to bail – forgot some paperwork he meant to brig in today. Angelo bails.


After some semi friendly banter twin John & Heath, Bianca enter the room – she’\s still a little worse for wear after the party. Heath suggests an ocean swim is a good cure for that. Bianca suggests a she might do that later today.


After Roo bails, Angelo starts looking at the security camera footage.


Charlie talks to Heath bout Pee Wee – the dude who was VERY interested in Leah at party – ending up in hospital. Heath says he doesn’t know anything, but Charlie is sus – as Heath’s hands are injured.


As Angelo continue to watch the camera footage, he sees Heath & Brax talking bout harming Pee Wee AND he aloe see Charlie & Brax kissing [the lat scene in previous up]. The irony is that Angelo has initially started phoning charley bout Pee Wee when he saw the kiss. He doenl;t say anything bout the kiss, but they agree to meet up.


Heath is pleased to see the Bianca is about to take his advice and go for a swim. They flirt a bit, befor she follows him into the water.


Angelo talks top Charlie wending if she has progress on who put him in a coma. When he mentions Brax, she sys t he has an alibi. Angelo doesn’t tell charley tat he know bout Charlie/Brax.


Roo, Irene & Bianca talk bout the party – and how Colleen is worse for wear as well. Roo & Irene both warm Bianca not to get involved with Heath.


Charlie is driving her car, Wioth Angelo a little way behind her. He phones Nic – who distracts Brax, by wondering if he’s seen Angelo lealy.


Charley hears a knock on the door –and open its, only to find that it’s Angelo. He can’t believe she is in a \ship with Brax, and rally can’t believe that Brax’s alibi [for when Angelo got hit] – that he was with Charlie. Charley say at her ‘ship doesn’t affect her work, but he tells her she is TOTALLY compromised cos of this. Charlie tells Angelo ta if this ‘ship was know to ppl, it could destroy her career, and he replies “and you’re only thinking of this NOW.” Angelo bails.


Angelo punches Brax – and then demands that Brax buys him out of the restaurant or ppl will be told th he was involved in Pee Wee’s injures.


NIGHT – Brax tells Heath that they have to “dig into” their raining day money because it’s raining [ier the Angelo is going to tell on them if they don’t do as he says].


Angelo arrives, and Nic tells him ta she was VERY worried bout him today. He tells her ta Brax is going to buy is share of the restaurant – and he starts top show her the security cam footage.


Charley talk top Brax. Although she us sure Angelo won’t blab, she ads te leah & Morga is sus bout them. Charlie tells Brax that she HAS to break up with him. Charlie bails,


After Nic sees the chat tween Heath * Brax [to hurt Pee Wee], Angelo tells Nic ta he can’t use this in court [didn’t have a warrant to get it]. He tells her that he now has enough money for a fresh start somoewhere else for the THREE of them [i.e. incl George]



Penn’s granddad arrive in the bay

Nic tell Angelo she wants George to be with her always

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Bianca: dark top/red shorts/dark halter neck low cut 1 piece swimsuit


Charlie: white frilly thin strap top


Charlie: silver nightgown/white dressing gown


Angelo: dark [white crest] t

Bianca: red polo

Brax : green shorts/ dark t

Brax: dark t

Charlie: police uniform/police cap

Heath: black & grey shorts

Heath: grey [motorcycle] singlet

Heath: white [dark unknown logo] t

Irene: yellow top

John: red [blue & yellow check] shirt

Nic: orange low cut top[/dark shorts

Roo: grey vest/white top

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