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Tues 7 June 2011 – Episode # 5312

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ O M G !!!!!!! Watson Out OF Uniform !!!!!!! “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 7 June 2011 – Episode # 5312 ]


Although neither Charlie or Brax are that keen on getting together in hotels like this, they both agree that it’s a waaay better option te trying to having sleepovers at each other’s house. Just before Charlie puts her police uniforn on, she tells Brax that she is going to sit tee detective’s exam. He give her a necklace for her birthday, and they kiss some more.


Rubes, Bianca, April & Casey talk bout their plans for Charlie’s surprise day morrow night. When Bianca motions Liam, Colleen jumps on it – suggest she & Bianca should start a support groups for b/f’s with drug problems. Irene suggests a colleen should get back to work. After Bianca & April bail, Ruby & Casey decide to head back to her house – as no one should be home and they’ve both been tested and are STI free.


Charlie looks at one of the pamphlets about the STI Emily & Romeo had. Casey & Red arrive kissing, but Casey sees and Charlie and they stop. Casey bails, and Charlie wonders why Ruby didn’t tell her bout all of this. Ruby tells her that ruby & Casey have been tested [and are negative] and the she tir to tell Charlie, but when she phoned Charlie’s work [where Charlie said she'd be] they said charley isn’t working today. Ruby suggest ta it’s a bit much for charley to want ruby to tell all, when Charlie is ling to rubes.


NEXT DAY – Xave & April kiss as they plant seedling to stop beach erasion. Dex sees this, and bails – saying ta he has something [undefined] to go to. Xave or April suggests they hook Dex up with Summer.


Charlie & Bianca chat bout trying to get over someone you shouldn’t like. Charlie also realises that Bianca’s’ suggestion of tee 2 of them having drinks together tonight is a ruse for a party.


April [near beach] talks to Summer about going on a double date – with Summer going out with Dex, and Xave [surf club] does t same with Dex. There’s 6 rapid fire, cutting twen both chat scenes, and April & Xave are eventually able to convince the other 2 to agree to the double date.


Charlie’s party is in full swing. The birthday girl is not here yet, but there’s a guy] [unknown] who’s keen on Leah, but she tell him she’s not interested. After he walks away, Watson [yaaaaaaaaaaay !!! out of uniform] jokingly wonder to Leah is she wants the gut arrested.

Charlie arrives, but nots beevor Ruby suggest to the many ppl there to act casual and the like [cos the can’t really hide to make it a surprise party].


Xave, April * Dex are chatting when Sumner arrives. Even after she suits with them, Dex is still looking glum.


The guy who talked to Leah doe so again, but she declines him once more. Bianca is felling “down” so she bail – and heath follows her


Heath suggest to Bianca at she should be upstairs still =- cos friends are tee best ppl to pick you up when you are down. She’s not so her suggest they play pool, and then he’ll walk her home after. As they start to play pool, a comet from Bianca prompts Heath to suggest they paly strip pool. Brax descends tee stirs – and “suggest” Heath join him upstarts, whish Heath does.


Heath takes the guy who was keen on Leah outside, whilst Morag is clearly keeping an eye on charley & Brax.


As April & co chat, Summer decide to bail. When Dex goes after her, she tells him that he’s barley spoke to her all night AND that she can see ta Dex is keen on April.


Just before Charlie is about to cut the bday cake, looks like she’s going to tell EVERYONE there bout her ‘ship with Brax. But Morag insist on speaking. He tells everyone there that Ross would no doubt be VERY proud of charley =- esp. since she is going to sit the detective exam. After that, Charlie decides against telling ppl.

Later [after everyone’s gone home], Charlie arrive – she tells Brax that she forgot her purse. She sound more that a bit drunk, and tells him ta she couldn’t tell ppl cos of what Morag said bout her dad. Charlie & Brax kiss …. Whish we see via tee place’s security camera.



Angelo sees Charlie/Brax kissing – on the security camera footage

Angelo is keen to bail from the By with Nicole – but she doesn’t want to because of George

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Watson: silver one shoulder dress


April: dark knee length skirt/pink thin strap low top


Charlie: police uniform/white bra & briefs


April: pink frilly top

April: black & white stripes tank top/white bow hairclip

Bianca: dark top

Bianca: orange mid thigh length dress

Bianca: white low cut v neck top

Brax: dark t

Casey: blue button up shirt/dark jacket

Casey: grey [dark stripes] t/olive green shorts

Charlie: white one shoulder mid thigh length dress

Colleen : darkly [pink & green floral] dress

Colleen: red top/sky blue [green leafy motrigf] [ blouse

Dex: blue t

Dex: yellow button up shirt/dark vest

Pee Wee [Dude interested in Leah]: purple t

Elijah: dark button up shirt

Heath: grey [dark motorcycle] singlet

Irene: orange top

Leah: light blue one shoulder dress

Miles: dark jacket/dark [grey unknown motif] [t

Morag: white v neck top

Ruby: dark low cut thin strapped mid thigh length dress

Ruby: white low cut v neck mid thigh length dress

Summer: dark [silver stripes] maxi dress

Summer: olive green tank top

Xave: red [white “mixomo”] t/blue & black shorts

Xavier: sky blue button up shirt

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