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Fri 27 May 2011 – Episode # 5305

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ I Don’t Want To Turn This Into A Romeo And Juliet Sitch “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 27 May 2011 – Episode # 5305 ]

NOTE – the ep guide also includes the IADL results for ep 5302


John, Xave & Gina are celebrating Xave’s 18th birthday – incl them giving him backstage passes to the music festival. Vanessa arrives – and gives Xave some very strong alcohol for a pressie.


Romeo & Indi are trying to get intimate [in her bedroom] but they arte mushly interrupted – by the likes of Sid calling out to Indi & them hearing George cry on the baby monitor. Romeo has the perfect idea for when they won’t be interrupted.


Gina and co continue t9o celebrate Xave’s bday – incl john being quite impressed that Vanessa & Gina met aC/Dc front man Bon Scott.


With Romeo having bailed now, Sid voices his views to Indi bout how he thinks this is a bad idea. She noted the irony she doesn't want be in a Romeo & Juliet sitch, but she insist on seeing Romeo.


Vanessa is keen to go to the beach on the party for Xave, and suggest Gina come too, but Gina insist she’s got a staff meeting bout drugs morrow and turning out after partying all night isn’t a god look.


NEXT DAY – Sid is jogging when he sees Romeo talking to an unknown blonde woman. Sid is worried when Romeo gives her his phone #.


Sid tells Indi what he saw. She “goes off” at Sid, but he wonders if she is angry at him of telling her or cos she’s knows he is right bout Romeo.


Gina tells Xave tet she’s got a big report to do for school, so she can’t chaperone him to the music festival.


Indi talks to Maz bout Romeo and the girl Sid saw him with. Maz suggest that she should talk to Romeo bout it.


Xave is talking to Romeo bout the whole Gina-can’t go to the music fest thing with Indi phones Romeo. When call ends, Romeo is worried that she wants to talk face to face. Xave sees Vanessa – and tells her about how Gina can’t go to music festival.


Gina says no when Vanessa over to take Xave to the music fest. The 2 clash – with Gina tells Vanessa to grow up, whilst Vanessa tells Gina that she’s all stitched up and boring these days.


Roo & Romeo are taking business when Sid has a go at Romeo fore what’s happening with Indi. Romeo waaaaaaay stands up to Sid tough, before Romeo bails.


John suggests to Gina ta she should live a little, and when Xave arrive, she tells him he can go to the festival on his own. When Xave bails, John eagerly reminds Gina that this means they’ll have the house to themselves.


Gina & Vanessa admit that they the other was right before [with what they said at SBH during theri clash].


Roo tells Sid that the girl Romeo was talking to was a journo form the coastal news – Roo arranged the interview. She in it’s ta Sid will lose Indi is he keeps acting the way he is. Roo insist that Sid should talk to Indi.


As Indi approaches Romeo, she gets a phone call from her did – but she doesn’t answer it. She talks to Romeo, who gives with Indi’s thought that the journo was hideous looking. They agree to ALWSY talk to each other AGAIN, and the kiss.

Soon after, Sid arrives – and can see a romantic set up lunch on the Blaxland but there’s no sign of Romeo or Indi. Romeo [dressed with a towel it looks emerges from the cabin, as does a similarly dressed Indi, its cler ta they've slept together ADN that Sid is NOT impressed.



Charlie gets a tip off from Brax, but is it a trap ????

It's a Designer Label (IADL) - 5305


Indi: blue halter kini top/red waaaay low cut top/denim shorts


Vanessa: leopard print top


Gina: red top/dark suit


Coastal News Journo: blue [white dots] thin strap dress

Gina: dark l/s top

Indi: dark [white broken lines trim] top

John: brown [white check] shirt

John: pink shirt/dark jacket

Marilyn: dark [lacy trim] cardie/dark dress

Marilyn: red cardie/dark scoop dress

Romeo: dark polo

Romeo: dark shorts

Romeo: dark t/blue shorts

Roo: dark top

Sid: blue [dark stripes] shirt

Sid: dark [Nike logo] t

Sid: purple shirt

Vanessa: dark top/dark jacket/silver necklace

Xave: green [white “red wing”] t

Xave: maroon shirt

Xave: SBH uniform


It's a Designer Label (IADL) – ep 5302


Nic: white lacy [dark bow trim] dress


Dex: grey suit/maroon shirt/silver tie


Roo : blue thin strap top/denim jeans


Angelo‘s mum: mustard top

Brax: blue t

Brax: dark t

Brodie: grey hoodie/gren t

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap/bullet proof vest

Charlie: orange top

City Nurse [Angelo]: blue [dark blue squares] blouse

Colleen: pink & black fascinator/pink [white floral] top/pink & black full-length skirt

Dex: red t

Elijah: dark vest/red shirt

George: white hat/white jumpsuit

Heath: dark singlet

Heath: green camo long pants/white [bikini girl] singlet

Indi: dark low cut dress

Irene: dark [white dots] top

Irene: pink floral top

Leah: blue knee dress

Marilyn: green, blue & purple v striped top

Marilyn: white [zebra stripes] jacket/dark knee dress

Miles: denim shirt

Sid: dark shirt

VJ: white shirt

Watson: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap/bullet proof vest

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