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Bad Moon Rising

Guest Miranda

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Story Title: Bad Moon Rising.

Type of story: Short/Medium

Main Characters: Indigo, Heath, most of other cast.

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Romance, Angst, Comedy.

Does story include spoilers: Not sure, depends what the Braxtons are doing in the series.

Any warnings: Sex, language, drug references.

Summary: Good girl Indi and bad boy Heath start liking each other, which sparks off all sorts of consequences in Summer Bay.

God knows why this story came to me, it just did :D Probably due to The Flipside.

Chapter 1

Indi woke with a start. There was that weird sound again, a cross between a shriek and a cry. It must be dingoes.

She got out of bed. The moon was nearly full and its cold light lay across the floor. She tiptoed to the window, heart pounding, mouth dry. Looking out across the fields, she jumped. Were those… figures in the distance? Running across the fields by the creek? She concentrated, but they were just too far away to make out. Must be a trick of the light.

She stepped back into the room, not wanting to turn on the lamp in case anyone was watching from outside. She got back into bed and picked up her phone. Should she text Romeo? He was bound to be asleep, she couldn’t wake him for something as silly as this. He’d probably come rushing over anyway and wake everyone up. It wasn’t like he was her boyfriend anymore, they were just friends.

When she woke in the morning, everything looked calm and safe. No figures in the distance, no weird noises. She shrugged and went off to uni.

She couldn’t concentrate all day though, the lectures washed over her like a dream. Trying to catch up with her work, she stayed in the library far too late and had to wait for the bus in the dark.

Gazing out of the window as the bus waited at a crossroads, she thought she saw people in the undergrowth by the side of the road.

The bus was held up by old people alighting, its engine juddering and coughing. Please hurry up, Indi said to herself. The undergrowth rustled and she looked away, not wanting to see whatever was going on within it. It was eight o’clock. Why on earth had she stayed in the library so long? She must learn to drive and get a car, then she could have been home by now.

Getting off at her stop, she was the only one. She set off up the road, seeing the lights of the farm ahead.

The bushes next to the road rustled and shook, making her walk faster. Then someone crashed through them and emerged onto the road, startling her.

“Alright?” said the person, and she realised it was Heath.

“Are you following me?” Her heart was racing. The River Boys had a bad reputation and she’d believe anything about them.

He laughed.

“Yes, everything revolves around you, princess.” Turning, he plunged back into the undergrowth.

She glared after him, fuming.

“You’re trespassing!” she shouted into the bushes. “Get off my farm or I’ll tell my dad!” Rustles and the cracks of twigs told her that there were more people in there than just Heath.

She thought she heard someone mutter “go on then”, but no one appeared so after a moment’s hesitation she turned to leave. Then Heath fell out of the undergrowth again, as if he’d been pushed.

“I’m not trespassing,” he snapped, then came up and put his arms round her, kissing her before she could even react. It wasn’t a nice, tender kiss but more of an insistent, rough one. She could feel every inch of his body against hers, his tongue in her mouth, his teeth catching hers. He wasn’t holding back.

She managed to break free after a while, bruised lips aching, heart hammering, even a bit weak at the knees.

“Now that’s trespassing.” He laughed.

“How dare you!” she shouted, and slapped his face.

He laughed again, and re entered the bushes.

Indi stalked up the road to the farm, thoughts in a whirl. So much for Heath fending off Kieran the other day, he obviously had ulterior motives. She shouldn’t have been taken in by him, what an idiot she was.

“Hello,” said Sid. “I thought you’d be back before now. Everything alright?”

“It’s okay Dad, I just had a lot of work to do.” She grabbed a snack, then got ready for bed early, flicking through a magazine to help her sleep.

But the activities of celebrities didn’t interest her, neither did the problem pages, the stories, the quizzes. So she turned off the light. For once she had closed the curtains, worried about people looking in, so the room was pitch black.

She lay there for hours, hearing her brother, father and Marilyn going off to bed. The bedside clock ticked faintly, but in the night it sounded deafening.

She must have dozed off, because she was irritated to be woken by that noise again, the shrieking/ crying. Bloody dingoes. Then she remembered it was Saturday tomorrow and it wouldn’t matter if she was overtired.

But she didn’t dare turn the light on so read her magazine under the covers with a torch. She knew she was being silly and childish but in the darkness of night, it’s hard to be objective.

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Chapter 2

The next day, Heath had things to do. That night there would be another job, and Brax wanted to talk about changing how they worked. He’d heard of something called hydroponics, which meant more plants could be grown more cheaply. Heath didn’t really understand it all, he liked the money but the actual work was becoming more and more boring.

Brax had all these big ideas about making millions of dollars, then moving on to better things, but all Heath wanted to do was make enough to have a fun life, not become some businessman. He just went along with his brother. He half envied Casey, going to Summer Bay High and making posh friends. It wasn’t fair. Why hadn’t he had that chance?

Anyway. No point regretting it. He got ready in the evening, putting on the usual black trackies and a black hoodie. As usual they would be going past Indi’s farm on the way to the coast, where they’d meet their contacts.

“You ready?” asked Brax, barging into his room.

“S’pose.” He adjusted his top. “What do we look like, eh? Special forces or something.”

Brax laughed. “We are special forces in some ways.”

They set off the usual way, slipping through the night like phantoms, picking up their accomplices one by one.

Reaching the farm, Heath thought how cosy it looked, little lights in every window.

“Come on, stop dawdling,” ordered Brax, poking him in the ribs.

The group sneaked through the bushes, heading towards the old building with its secure greenhouses.

“When we get the hydroponics set up, all this will be so much easier,” muttered Brax.

It all went as usual, but the dark, flies and mud by the creek were as annoying as ever. Heath was sick of it. Meeting evil people in evil places was tiring him out. One time, there had been an accident and the boat had crushed someone. Brax had hurried all the River Boys away, leaving their associates to deal with the situation. Another time, one of the River Boys had been shot by someone. Fortunately not killed, but he’d lost the use of his leg and therefore his part in the business. He was now disabled and on benefits. Heath prayed that would never happen to him.

Afterwards, they returned past the farm. There was only one light in a window now. Heath managed to get separated from Brax, partly on purpose because he was fed up with being bossed around.

He trailed after the group, the little noises they made slipping through the bushes getting fainter and fainter.

A growl made him jump. An animal forced its way through the undergrowth and snapped at him. It was a dog, looked like a Doberman. Heath kicked at it, only succeeding in making it attack him more and bite his trouser leg.

Then another one, a German Shepherd, crashed out of the bushes and leapt up at knee height. He felt a barb of fear in his stomach and tried to fight them both off as they snapped and bit at him. Turning, he caught a glimpse of the light at the farmhouse and headed towards it. Perhaps he could break in, or someone would come out and stop the dogs. Anything was better than being mauled to death and not even trying to escape.

He tore a branch off a tree and beat the dogs away with it, but his leg was hurting and he was hobbling from their bites.

The lighted window was ahead, and he ran for it as fast as he could, not knowing what he was going to do or say when he got there.

Luckily, Indi was peeping out of it, wondering what the commotion was. She lifted the sash window.

“Wolverine! Terminator! Quiet!” she hissed.

They weren’t going to obey though, still snapping and snarling round him.

“What are you doing here?”

“Let me in, or your dogs will tear me up. I won’t touch you, I promise!”

She bundled him in through the window and slammed it.

The dogs hit the wall below, snarling and growling. A torch light came round the side of the house.

“Terminator! Wolverine! Really! Is it possums again? You’ll have to learn to ignore those.” Sid was in his dressing gown, fussing around in the garden, then approached Indi’s window.

“Are you alright darling? These dogs were a good investment, but they do disturb us every night. We’ve all just got over the baby saga. When will we get a good night’s sleep again?” he ranted.

“Yes, dad. I’m fine, I’ll lock my window in case anyone dodgy is hanging about.” She stood at the window, her blonde hair floating loose over her shoulders, giving her the appearance of an angel.

Little did Sid know that Heath was lying at his daughter’s feet under the window ledge, trying not to look up her nightie.

“Okay, then sleep well.” Sid smiled at her and went back towards his room, still telling off the dogs, who were now docile round his feet.

When he’d gone, Indi sat on the floor next to Heath.

“Didn’t know you had dogs.”

“Dad got fed up with people stealing our stuff. Did they bite you?”

He painfully rolled up his trouser leg to show her.

“That’s a nasty wound. I’ll get something for it.”

“I’ll be alright, I’ve had worse.”

“I’m a doctor’s daughter, remember. I know what to do.” She tiptoed out and he heard her talking to Sid in the corridor. He looked round her room. It was pastel coloured, full of books and clothes, everything clean. He felt like he’d landed in heaven, the opposite of what he’d grown up with. He must behave himself.

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Chapter 3

Indi came back with a bowl of water and cloths, and carefully cleaned the wound.

“Listen,” he said before she could speak. “Sorry I pashed you yesterday. My mates saw you and bet me that I couldn’t, so I-“ He suddenly realised how bad that sounded.

“So, you kissed me for a bet ? While they were watching in the bushes? Great. That makes me feel really good about myself.”

She scrubbed at his leg.

“Ow! They were winding me up- ouch! They said-“

“Oh don’t worry, I’m used to boys treating me like dirt, you’re no different to the others.”

He felt even worse.

“So you won this bet then?”

“No, cos you slapped me. They said that meant I lost. Ow!”

“Good! Serves you right!”

“I won’t do it again, don’t worry- not that I don’t want to- but I wouldn’t ever- you’re too-“ Just stop talking, he told himself.

She watched him sceptically.

“Why were you hanging around in the bushes anyway?”

He paused.

“We were on the way to- somewhere.”

“Hm... probably best I don’t know where.” Her eyes met his. “But do you go past this farm often?”

He nodded and in a way she was relieved that the mysterious figures she’d seen in the night were real, not ghosts or something.

“This is really bad. You need to immerse it in water to clean it properly.”

“How am I going to do that here?”

“A shower would do it.” She met his eyes again.

“But I can’t have a shower with your dad around, can I?”

“You could wait til he goes to sleep.”

“You just want to get me naked.” Heath bit his tongue. She wasn’t the sort of girl to laugh at his rude comments. He must stop saying the first thing that came into his head.

She gave him a sceptical look.

“Anyway… You can’t lie on the floor. Lie on the bed til Dad goes to sleep. I’ll sit in the chair.” She helped him onto her bed. It smelled all girly and flowery. He half felt like dozing off, but the other half of him was wide awake. He watched her sitting in the wicker chair, wrapped up in a patchwork blanket, looking cosy and homely.

“Why didn’t you tell your dad I was here?”

“I don’t know really.”

Why hadn’t she? She knew Heath was doing something wrong, but she didn’t know what, and couldn’t exactly let her own dogs tear him to pieces in front of her.

“Why are you dressed like a ninja, anyway?”

“It’s a long story,” he sighed. “You tell me something.”


“Wolverine and Terminator?” He raised an eyebrow.

She laughed.

“That was Dex’s idea. He thought they sounded cool and mean.”

“O-kay...” He smiled, then winced.

“I’ll just go and see if Dad’s asleep.”

She returned quickly.

“Snoring like a- a- Sorry, can’t think of a cool simile.”

“A cool what?”

“Never mind. You need to get in the shower.”

They went off to the bathroom, Heath staggering along holding onto the wall.

“Dad’s room,” she mouthed, pointing at the door. Heath made a pretend scared face, and she tried not to giggle, as did he.

“Perhaps it’d be better if you sit on the side of the bath,” she said when they reached the bathroom.

So he did and she sprayed the shower on his wound.

There was a knock on the door and she went to answer it.

“Hello, sis!” said Dex, too loudly. “What are you doing?”

“Having a shower.”


“Because I want to, okay? What are you, shower monitor?”

“No, I just wondered-“

Heath sneezed.

“You got Romeo in there?” Dex tried to peer round the door but she blocked him.

“No!” She shoved him out of the way and went back in.

“Sorry,” whispered Heath. “Couldn’t help it.”

She smiled.

“Oh, I want a proper shower now,” he mused. “Don’t s’pose you want to-“ He bit his lip again. He’d have a scar there soon, but at least this time he hadn’t said it.

She tutted and shook her head.

“No, I’ll leave you to it.”

“But if you go out the room, they’ll wonder who’s in the shower.” His brown puppy dog eyes had a twinkle in them.

“I’ll stay in here then.” She stuck her nose in the air, trying not to laugh. What a strange situation she was in, trapped in a bathroom with Heath Braxton. Who wasn’t as scary as everyone thought.

She turned her back on him however, smiling to herself. She heard the shower running.

“ #and she’s buying a stairway to heaven# ”

Heath started to sing, but shushed himself quickly. Indi giggled. After a while the shower stopped and there was the noise of the curtain being drawn back.

“Ow. Ouch.” He sounded in pain, so she sneaked a look round to see him stepping out of the shower. His tanned body was perfectly honed, every muscle developed but not too much. The water was still running down his skin, leaving trails over his shoulders and back as he reached for the towel.

She quickly turned away again, but he grinned, knowing she’d been looking at him.

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Uh oh, this chapter is longer than I thought :blink:

Chapter 4

Indi woke up the next morning very pleased with herself.

After a whispered argument, she’d made Heath sleep on the bed instead of her. He was injured, so therefore he should be comfortable. Making him do what she told him to made her feel better about the pashing incident. She’d made sure he was fast asleep before she fell asleep, just in case. Yes, she was in control again. Always the sensible girl, always doing the right thing.

With a sigh, she eased herself off the cushions she'd slept on and went out of the room to get breakfast.

“Sleep well?” Dex was in the kitchen, bright and breezy.

“Yes thanks.” She hadn’t though, she was stiff from the floor, despite the cushions she’d laid on.

He suddenly hurried out of the door, mumbling something about the bathroom. She cut some bread for toast, then gasped and ran after her brother.

She caught him backing out of her bedroom.

“What’s he doing here?” he hissed, eyes wide. “He’s a monster. Have you forgotten his henchmen nearly killed me?”

“But the dogs attacked him, he was bleeding, he couldn’t get home and-“ She had forgotten about the kidnapping. What a terrible sister she was.

“Please, please don’t tell me you had sex with him.”

“No! I didn’t! I slept on the floor.”

“Well, that proves my point. He’s no gentleman if he made you sleep on the floor. I thought Romeo was backward, but this one-“ Dex shrugged melodramatically. “He’s pre- Neanderthal.”

“What are you two whispering about?” demanded Sid, hair wild from his bed.

“Nothing,” they chorused and Indi hurried into her room, wondering what she’d been thinking last night to take Heath in.

He did look cute asleep, she thought, gazing down. He jumped, and woke up, with a scared expression for a second, which was quickly replaced by a confused one.

“It’s only me, silly.” Why did he look scared?

“Huh. Didn’t know where I was.” He sat up. “Better get going I s’pose.” He eased his leg out of bed. Indi had bandaged the wound neatly. He’d never had a wound dressed before, it was nice.

“How are you going to get home? You can’t walk on that leg.”

He shrugged. Last night seemed like a dream and daylight made him wonder what he was doing in the comfortable Walker farmhouse.

“I’ll borrow Marilyn’s car and drop you off somewhere.”

“Can you even drive?”

“No, you’ll have to help me.” She gazed at him so sweetly that he smiled, forgetting to look hard. If only he smiled like that all the time he’d look so much better, she thought. Then told herself off being so soppy.

But Marilyn left in a flap, rushing out in her car straight after Sid took Dex to school.

Indi was at the sink filling the kettle when Heath came in to the kitchen. “Looks like you will have to walk.”

“S’alright.” He drunk milk straight from the carton.

“Ugh, don’t do that!”

He put it down guiltily, wiping the spout with his sleeve.

“What’s the matter with this sink? It won’t drain.”

“Let’s have a look.” He hobbled over and peered into it. “Where’s your dad’s tools?”

“I don’t know.”

He looked in various cupboards, found a plunger and got started.

“This is like a porno movie. Howdy, ma’am, shall I unblock your sink with my big tool?” He laughed but Indi looked shocked.

“Never watched any porno myself,” he added quickly.

“You liar.” She smiled.

“This isn’t working. I’ll have to take the pipes apart.”

He wriggled under the sink and started undoing the pipes, surprised at how clean it was under there. Unlike the one at home where all sorts of weird rubbish was stashed.

Indi admired him. With a busy doctor for a father and a geek for a brother, she’d never really known a practical man. She liked the way she could see his abs under his top as he quickly and competently dealt with the problem.

“There.” He slithered out, pleased. “I’ll just get rid of this.” He took the bowl of dirty water outside to a drain.

“Better go now.” He wiped his hands on his top.

“Hang on, don’t you want some breakfast?”

She made some toast for them both and was surprised they could sit quite happily not needing to talk. Surreptitiously, she watched him chewing with his mouth open.

“You look like an ape,” she remarked.

“I am an ape.” He made an ape face, looking so funny she giggled.

“What do you actually do for a living?”

“Bit of this, bit of that.”

“So, you didn’t go to university then?”

“Me? Yeah right. Like I could afford to go. Like I’m clever enough.” He looked away and she felt guilty.

There was a pause.

“I really better go now. Thanks for- for looking after me.”

“Well, it was my dogs that attacked you, so-“

He shrugged.

“Thanks for clearing the sink.”

She stepped over and kissed him on the cheek. Sneakily, he turned at the last minute so she had to kiss him on the lips.

“There, that wasn’t for a bet.”

She smiled despite her exasperation.

“See ya then.” He set off and she watched him limping down the road, wishing she could have taken him home in the car. It was a long way, she hoped he’d make it.

When Heath got home after the tiring walk, he was annoyed to find both Brax and Casey in the kitchen. He wanted peace and quiet. The place was a mess as usual, unwashed plates around the sink, dirty clothes in the corner, the smell of cigarettes and going off food.

“Where have you been?” demanded Brax.


“What, all night? Where?”

“Somewhere, alright.”

“Aha,” said Casey. “You been with a girl.”


“Why are you cross then? Didn’t she-“

“Shut the **** up!”

“You’re slipping, Heathy. You’ve been with a girl but you didn’t-“

“I said, shut up!” They stood up and pushed each other.

“Casey!” barked Brax. “Get to school, you should have been there hours ago! Heath, sit down!”

“You mean, for the first time, I’ve got a girlfriend and you haven’t?” continued Casey.

“Doesn’t stop you being queer though!”

“Casey,” warned Brax. “Go. Now.”

“Just remember, one day I’m gonna be stronger than you!” was Casey’s passing shot to Heath as he reached the door.

Heath moved towards him so he hurried out.

“So, whatever you were doing last night, you shouldn’t have been doing it cos I wanted to talk to you about our next move.” Brax sat down, putting a beer in front of Heath.


Brax ignored Heath’s tone and started elaborating on his grand plans for scaling up the business.

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Chapter 5

That evening, Indi went to the beach after lectures and sat among the dunes, wanting to be alone.

“Hey,” said a familiar voice, and she looked up to see Romeo.

“Hi.” She smiled politely.

“Mind if I join you?”

She moved her folders to make room for him. “How’s business?”

“Great thanks.” He began telling her about his surfing, the Blaxland and all his other enterprises and her mind wandered.

Noise in the distance made her look round to see the River Boys rampaging up the beach. As she and Romeo were among the sand dunes, she was sure they hadn’t seen her. They came closer and sat down nearby, on the flat part of the beach.

“It was a pack of dogs, I had to fight them off.” Heath boasted, to the admiring looks of his mates, as he showed them his injuries. “And this chick was so sorry for me she let me shag her.”

Lewd noises replaced looks.

Indi’s temper rose but she shuffled back a little to be out of sight.

“Then an alien abducted me and I went to live on the sun,” Romeo was saying.


“Were you even listening to me?”

“Sorry. No I wasn’t. What were you talking about?”

“Never mind. I have to go now, sorry. I’ve got a booking with the Blaxland. Coming?”

She was stuck. Either get up now and risk Heath and friends seeing her, or stay here alone and risk them finding her and doing god knows what to her. He’d been so nice at the farm, but had it all been an act?

She decided it was safer to leave under Romeo’s protection than stay, so stood up. She couldn’t resist glancing round at the gang, who stared back. Heath was gazing at her, but avoided her eyes when she returned the look.

“Come on, don’t mind them.” Romeo put his arm round her and she didn’t mind just this once as she felt all shaky inside.

They went up the path.

“I’m sorry, I have to go. See you later?”

“Okay.” She sounded deliberately bright to hide her true feelings.

Bloody Heath. Spreading rumours about her. Maybe he hadn’t mentioned her name. No one would believe she’d actually slept with Heath Braxton, would they? She suddenly felt very vulnerable as it would be her word against his.

She headed towards the Diner.

It was reassuringly the same as ever. Colleen and Irene fussing around, people talking quietly, delicious food smells. Indi went to the counter.

“What can I get you darl?” Irene’s friendly smile calmed her.

“Er, a burger, salad and a lemonade please.”

“Make that two,” said a voice behind her.

Indi glanced back quickly, knowing it was Heath. She turned back to Irene, ignoring him, but she could feel he was right behind her, like the sun on her back.

“I’m paying,” he said to Irene. “To say thanks for last night,” he said to Indi.

Irene’s eyes widened, she frowned and hurried away with the money.

“Perhaps I should’ve said that a bit quieter,” he said. Luckily, there weren’t many other diners to overhear.

“Yes, you should!” she snapped. “I heard what you said to your friends. Pretending I- we-“

He hung his head guiltily.

“Spreading lies is the worst thing you could do to me. People will think I’m like Ruby.”

She hurried to the furthest table from the counter and he followed.

“Go away. I’m meeting someone.”


“None of your business.” She turned her back on him.

Then to her relief, Romeo came in.

“They cancelled,” he said.

Heath glared at him but he didn’t notice.

“Sit down, you didn’t finish telling me about your business.”

Romeo didn’t need a second invitation and sat down next to her. She played up to him, pretending to be interested in his plans. Heath glowered for a few moments, then stalked out so she subsided.

“Are you alright?” asked Romeo. “You seem stressed.”

“Oh, don’t worry. Just stressed about people telling lies.”

He looked away and she couldn’t think of anything more to say to him.

Thinking about Ruby just now had made her realise she’d never get over what had happened. Romeo and Ruby had done the wrong thing, but he now ran a successful business with companies falling over themselves to sponsor it, while Ruby had gained a loving boyfriend in Casey. Whereas she hadn’t gained anything. What was the point of always being a good girl when the bad girls had all the fun?

After an hour of small talk, Indi made her excuses and strolled out. She could get the five twenty bus home if she hurried.

She turned the corner of the Diner and walked straight into Liam.

“Oh, hey babe.” He grinned. His eyes were red, he was puffy, unshaven.

“Are you alright?”

“Fine. Better than fine. Walk with me, babe.” He put his arm round her shoulder, but staggered, almost knocking her over.


“I’ve got him,” said Heath. He always seemed to appear as if by magic. He steadied him from the other side.

“Take care of yourself, Liam.” She strode off, nose in the air.

Heath quickly passed something to him, saying “you owe me,” and hurried after Indi.

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Chapter 6

“What do you want?” Indi demanded, still walking.

“Just to say sorry for earlier. I didn’t tell them it was you I meant.”

“That makes it alright does it?” She stopped and faced him. “You shouldn’t talk about anyone like that. All those things people said about Ruby! They were disgusting. I don’t want things like that said about me, especially when I didn’t even do anything like that!”

Two school girls stared, then Brodie and a couple of his mates sauntered by, sniggering. Heath glared at them and they hurried off, but he knew they’d realised what was going on.

“You should be thanking me!” she continued. “All I did was help you when you were hurt! I could have just let the dogs tear you apart. I will next time!”

“You look so-“ He wanted to say hot when you’re angry but he was learning not to say things like that.

“Oh! You’re pre Neanderthal!” She borrowed Dex’s phrase, feeling superior.

“I’m what? You and your long words!”

“Why the heck did you tell your friends about me anyway?”

“Dunno. Just showing off I guess. Gotta reputation to keep up.”

She gazed at him.

“Sorry.” He shrugged. “Anyway, what about you? Wetting your knickers looking at pretty boy in the Diner!” He was surprised by the sudden rush of jealousy.

“I was not!”

She realised this might be the last time she spoke to him.

“Just tell me where you’re really going when you go past our farm.”

“I could tell you. But then I’d have to kill you.” He grinned.

“You’re so childish! Pretending you’ve got some big secret when you haven’t!”

They glared at each other.

“Er- hey Indi.” Nicole was pushing baby Rob in his pram towards them. She glanced from Indi to Heath and back. “H- how are you?”

Heath snarled and strode off.

“Was I interrupting something?” Nicole asked Indi.

“No. Of course not!”

“Oh. Good. It just seemed that- never mind.”

“How are you getting on?” Indi smiled at Rob, who was just dozing off.

“Well, he’s very tiring, but I’m so glad I’ve got him.” Nicole was blooming and radiant. “And Angelo helps out all the time of course.”

“Aw, I’m so glad you’re all one happy family now.” Indi hugged her friend.

“You look like you’re miles away,” observed Nicole, relieved that Rob was now snoring. “What’s up? Romeo again?”

“No. Just some other guy frustrating me.” She gulped. “Someone I definitely shouldn’t like.”

“Oh? Who? Not the one you were just talking to?”

Indi avoided her eyes. She could see Heath in the distance, striding off somewhere, his tattoos snaking down his left arm.

“You’d better be careful if it’s Heath,” advised Nicole. “He’s real trouble. Nothing like Romeo, who’s just an idiot.”

Indi laughed at her friend’s assessment of them.

“Heath might be too hot for you to handle. In more ways than one. But if you need to talk, I’m always here.”

“Hm. Thanks. But anyway. How’s Angelo? It looks like it’s all going well between you two?”

“Oh, Angelo.” She sighed dreamily. “All this time he’s been around Summer Bay and I never thought of him like that but now I know him and he’s so perfect, and-“

Indi let her ramble on. How different it had been when they’d started university together and had that conversation about sex. She’d been in what she thought was a loving relationship with Romeo, hoping sex was imminent, while Nicole had been single wanting a boyfriend. Now it was the other way round. She was happy that it had all worked out for her best friend, but she couldn’t help being envious that Nicole had a hot man in her bed every night.

Her thoughts wandered. How long was it since she’d had full on sex? Long before Romeo, so how many months would that be? Was it a year?


Heath went to Liam to get what he was owed. He found him sitting on the beach against a fence post.

“Mate?” said Heath, tapping him on the shoulder. He slumped forward. Heath noticed some empty beer bottles at his side.

“****!” He shook him but no response. He quickly considered what to do. It was early evening, the sky was darkening and no one was around. He grabbed his phone.

“Brodie? Get down to the beach and bring a car.”

Brodie turned up in a few minutes and Heath explained. They supported Liam between them as if he was walking, then put him in the car.

“What are we going to do? Dump him somewhere?” asked Brodie.

“I was thinking the hospital.”

“Oh, okay.”

They drove right up to the door of the hospital and bundled Liam out, leaving him in the doorway.

“Hey! What’s wrong with this man?” shouted a paramedic.

“Overdose!” shouted Heath over his shoulder as he got back into the car.

“You going soft, mate?” asked Brodie. “First you let a chick tell you off in public, then you do this.”

“No, I’m not!” Heath slapped him on the back of the head, which wasn’t very sensible as he was driving. “Can’t leave my best punter to die, can I?”

It made him feel better to do something kind though. He didn’t always act childishly, did he?


“We need to get started,” said Brax to Heath the next day. “We’ll go out to the house in a minute and I’ll show you what I mean.”

The brothers went on foot the usual way, avoiding main roads. Past the Walkers’ farm, past the creek, into the depths of the bush.

“We can run down the greenhouse and grow the plants inside with this hydroponic technology. Wish we could have done it before. We can grow loads more, sell it for more and we’ll be raking it in.” Brax was the most excited Heath had ever seen him.

“Who’s going to look after it all?”

“Me. You. Brodie and all the ones we can trust- Jonno, Rooey, Wazza.”

“What do we have to do?”

Brax started explaining and Heath tried to listen but his attention kept wandering. It all sounded very complicated.

“But it’s all on a timer, so we don’t need to get stressed.”

“Uh-huh. And it’s all indoors is it?”

“Yeah, so it’s safer. We can start right now, and it’ll be more secure.”

They went to look round the house. It was an old crumbling place in the middle of nowhere with two huge reception rooms.

“The owners of this place must have had some parties,” observed Heath.

Brax was too busy examining the space and pointing out what would go where to answer.

“Help me move all this crap.” He directed Heath to move tables and rubbish that had accumulated over the years. The River Boys used the house for sleeping or whatever when they were guarding the greenhouse, but never bothered to tidy up, just slept on the floor. So it had become a real mess.

Heath felt like a dogsbody while Brax marched about telling him what to do.

“Right, I’m going now,” he announced when he’d had enough. His muscles were aching from lifting things and he wanted food.

“But we haven’t finished.”

“I’ve finished. You’re not doing anything.”

“Come on, man, there’s loads more to do.”

“I don’t wanna do this anymore. I want out.”

“But we’re on the verge of great things. You’re my right hand man, bro.” Brax smiled winningly and patted Heath’s shoulder. “What would I do without you to scare people?”

“I’ll think about it. See ya.”

He walked away and Brax stared anxiously after him.

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Chapter 7

Today it was Indi’s job to pick the strawberries in the fruit garden. There was a bumper crop this year and they couldn’t be left to rot. It was funny how Dex was never around when such things needed to be done. But she was just as bad. The barn needed tidying up but moving straw bales in the dust was hardly her favourite thing. So strawberry picking it was.

She wore a huge straw hat to keep the hot sun off, and laughed, feeling like an ill treated peasant in some deprived country, forced to work for a few cents.

The pile of strawberries in the basket grew and she thought back to the discussion with her father.

“I hear you were spending time with Romeo yesterday. I hope you aren’t letting him charm you into forgetting his behaviour,” Sid had lectured.

She’d almost laughed at that. His behaviour had been just a one off, he was hardly a criminal.

“Don’t worry Dad, it’s definitely over with Romeo. We’re just friends.”

“Good. I don’t want to tell you how to handle your relationships but I really feel he’s not the one for you.”

She’d smiled reassuringly.

A noise in the nearby undergrowth brought her back to the present. A figure was crashing through it angrily and realising it was Heath, she just watched. He looked like a panther, all in black, stalking through the bushes. Then he glanced towards her and paused.

The dogs bounded towards him, snapping and growling. He stopped, trying not to show fear.

Indi watched for a few minutes, then thought she couldn’t actually let him be torn to pieces, and went over. Anyway, strawberry picking was so boring she needed a diversion.

“Terminator! Wolverine! This is a friend, look.” She stroked Heath’s arm and hair, as if he was an animal.

The dogs weren’t convinced, and snarled. She put her arms round him.

“Look, I wouldn’t do this if he was an enemy, would I?”

They were subdued a little by this, and Wolverine, the German Shepherd, wagged his tail slightly. Both dogs slunk off, losing interest.

“There, they won’t bite you now.”

“No, but I might bite you, grr.”

She couldn’t help smiling to herself, but scurried back to the strawberries. He followed and flopped down next to her, irritably.

“What’s the matter?” she asked. “Did your friends find out you didn’t sleep with me and your reputation’s ruined?”

He cringed.

“Sorry I lied. I’m a jerk.”

“Is that why you’re in a mood?”

“Yes- no- Brax is being a prick as usual.” He took some strawberries from the basket and ate them.

“Oi, that’s our profit you’re eating.”

“Sorry. Bloody hell, I’ve heard enough about profits to last me a lifetime.”

“What d’you mean?”

He sighed. “Brax’s business. He’s obsessed with profits.”

“What is his business? It thought it was Angelo’s?”

“You know I can’t tell you.”

“I don’t think you’ve got a business, you’re just boasting.”

He shrugged.

“Don’t believe me then. Can we go inside? I don’t want Brax coming by and giving me more stuff to do.”

“Okay. I’ve got other jobs to do and it is pretty hot out here.”

“I’ll help you, but can I have something to eat first? I’m starving.”

She sighed melodramatically.

“Anything else? TV? Cigar? Whisky?”

“No, just food please.” He smiled.


After he’d eaten the doorstep ham sandwiches she’d made, she led him to the barn. The straw bales were all over the place so she rolled up her sleeves and set about piling them up neatly at the side. He joined in but she quickly became tired and sat down for a breather. She watched his arm and back muscles bulging out of his t shirt and smiled.

“I think we’re heading into your porno movie territory again.”


“Spunky farmhand helps lonely farm lady.”

“Just doin’ my job, ma’am.” He got on with moving the bales. “We should make a real porno and put it on the internet, we’d make millions.”

“Do you realise you just said that out loud?” she giggled.

He glanced at her and seeing she wasn’t shocked, laughed.

After an hour, the barn was the image of tidiness, with all the straw bales piled neatly up at the side.

“Thanks for that. Come and have a drink, you must need one.”

She led him into the kitchen, brushing straw stalks and dust out of his hair.


Dex was sitting on the sofa, typing on his laptop.

“Oh, hello.” He eyed their straw covered appearance. “Been for a roll in the hay?”

“No!” said Indi.

“I’m glad you’re back. Have you heard about Liam?”


“He’s in hospital. Drink and drug overdose.”

“Oh my god!”

“You know anything about that?” Dex asked Heath.


Dex and Heath glared at each other.

“I better go,” said Heath at last. She followed him into the hall.

“Well, did you have anything to do with Liam?”

“I sold him the drugs.”

“You sold him- God! That’s terrible! Poor Liam!”

“I didn’t force him to take them or give him the drink, did I? At least I took him to hospital!”

“That makes it alright does it? You shouldn’t have sold him drugs at all!”

“You think me selling him drugs is bad? You should see what else is going on in my life!”

“That’s no excuse.” She shook her head disapprovingly.

“You live here in your safe little life and say that? You need to see the real world, princess!” He took her hand and marched her out of the front door.


He led her through the bush, almost dragging her. Branches hit her arms and legs, caught in her hair, she tripped numerous times and clung onto him. She felt scared but a bit turned on.

“Where are we going?”

He didn’t answer til they reached their destination.


The huge, crumbling old house with attached greenhouse was in the middle of nowhere. He led her towards it.

“Stevo.” Heath nodded at the River Boy on duty.

“What’s she doing here?”

Indi realised with shock that Stevo held a gun by his side.

“She’s alright. She’s only looking.”

He led her up to the greenhouse and they peered in. Indi gasped. Tall fern leaved plants as far as the eye could see.

“Are those what I think they are?”


“That’s you and Brax’s business?”

He nodded.


Her shocked face made Heath suddenly wonder why the hell he’d brought her here, but before he could say anything, there was a bang and Stevo fell to the ground, dead.

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Chapter 8

Indi was about to scream, but Heath put his hand over her mouth and hustled her inside the house.

“****, what was that?” he exclaimed, leading her up some stairs. He didn’t really know what was on the first floor, but it must be safer there than with an unseen sniper outside. He found a bathroom and hurried her into it.

“Stay in here and lock the door. Don’t let anyone in unless it’s me.”

“But- but- what-“

“It’s alright.” He gave her a quick hug, she was trembling with fright but he couldn’t hang around to comfort her.

After he’d left, she took a deep breath, trying not to panic. The shabby, crumbling bathroom had a small window so she went to look out.

The view was of a clearing surrounded by undergrowth. There was a movement behind one of the trees. As her eyes accustomed to the shadows, she saw it was a person. She wondered where Heath was.

Someone rattled the door, but remembering his advice, she didn’t answer and they went away.

Waiting was agonising. She didn’t dare walk away from the window in case the floorboards creaked. She looked out of the window again. Was that Heath, creeping round the corner of the house? Yes, it was. The figure behind the tree raised something, was it a gun?

What could she do? She had to cause a distraction. Looking quickly round the bathroom, she saw the broken toilet roll holder falling half off the wall. She pulled it as hard as she could, wriggling it about. It abruptly gave way and she was thrown to the floor.

She ran to the window. Heath was still edging round the wall, the figure in the trees was still aiming at gun at him. She opened the bathroom window as wide as she could and threw the toilet roll holder out. Fortunately it fell loudly, crashing through the bushes. The figure turned, and so did Heath. He hurried back round the side of the house and disappeared out of danger.

Indi sighed with relief. Now what?

There was another rattle on the door a few minutes later.

“It’s me.”

Indi dithered. Was it really Heath?

“It’s the ape man.”

She suppressed a laugh and let him in.

“I saw someone with a gun outside.”

“Yeah, so did I. Its another gang trying to take our stuff. We need backup.”

He took his phone and called Brax. Keeping his voice down, he told him to get here and bring reinforcements with guns. She gulped. Why had she let him drag her out of the farmhouse? She could have been safe at home at this moment instead of involved in gang warfare.

“He’s coming,” said Heath. “You alright?”

She nodded, biting her lip.

“I went to check on Stevo. Luckily he died instantly, the killer was a good shot.”

Indi smiled weakly.

“We should keep a look out.” He went to the window and peered out.

A slow ten minutes later, he stood up.

“There’s Brax. I better go.”

“Do you have to?”

“Yep, sorry. I’ll be back, don’t worry.”

“Be careful.” They hugged each other, then he left and she felt her fear rising.

Shouting outside made her jump. She saw Brax stepping out into the clearing, his hands raised, but a bullet whistled past him and he hastened back into cover. Shadowy figures appeared and disappeared, fighting and running.

More gunfire rang out and she felt like she was trapped on a movie set. She was helpless stuck upstairs, but there was no point going out into the fight and getting killed. She chewed her nails and her stomach tightened into knots. How would she find her way home if Heath was killed? Her stomach churned even more at that thought.

A megaphone announcement made her jump.

“This is the police! You are surrounded! Drop all your weapons and put your hands up!”

A frantic rapping at the door made her jump again.

“Quick blondie!”

She rushed to let him in.

“We gotta go now.”

She didn’t waste time asking questions and they sneaked down the stairs. Luckily it was getting dark and the house was shadowy. Sounds from outside: shouting, arguing between police and the gang members, and sounds from inside: creaking floorboards and doors, covered any noise they made.

They crept out hand in hand, Heath indicating the way they would go. What had he been thinking to bring her along? He’d only done it to show off and shake her up.

Someone grabbed her arm and she shrieked. The man’s face was hidden by a hood pulled completely forward. A blade flashed in his hand and he moved it towards her throat.

“Get your brother, Braxton, or this chick-“

Heath didn’t let him finish the sentence. He slapped the hand away from Indi, knocking the knife out of it. Then he pushed him, making him let go of Indi and fall into the bushes, but he struggled up and they started fighting.

Indi couldn’t see what was going on among the shadows and she cowered against a broad tree, shaking. All she could hear were grunts and the sound of fists hitting flesh. Shouts from other people echoed among the undergrowth, lights flickered here and there.

“Come on.” Heath appeared in front of her, breathing hard.

“Where’s that man?”

“Out cold. Come on.” He grabbed her hand and they zigzagged through the bushes again. She thought she heard footsteps and rustling behind her, was someone following? She struggled through the undergrowth, which grabbed at her feet, tripping her.

An explosion!

Looking back, they saw the greenhouse on fire, glass shooting everywhere.

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Chapter 9

Glass shards rained down and Heath pushed Indi to the ground in front of him, lying on top of her to protect her from the blast. Luckily they were a good distance away.

“****!” he exclaimed, twitching.



She didn’t see him pull a bit of glass the size of a dollar out of his arm, then he got off her and helped her up. Hurrying away, the flames behind them, police and various others milling about, sirens screeched and smoke shrouded everything.


They reached the Walker farmhouse at last and Indi unlocked the door. The dogs cavorted around but Heath sat down on the sofa abruptly, and she noticed his arm was bleeding.

“What’s happened?” She hurried to inspect it.

“It’s nothing.”

“Here we go again. What did you do before you had me to see to your wounds?”

“Dunno.” He smiled up at her. “When’s your dad coming back?”

“He’s on night shift, so he could look at it tomorrow. You might as well have a shower again.”

While he was doing so, she saw a note on the fridge.

--xx Indi xx--

Dex and I have gone to Irene’s for dinner. There’s cold chicken and salad in the fridge if you’d like it


She gratefully arranged two plates of food, then glanced out of the window. What were those movements and lights in the twilight outside? Were they…? She gasped and without thinking, ran into the bathroom.

“Changed your mind?” he laughed.

“No. There are people outside, I’m scared.”

“I’m nearly finished. I’ll take a look.”

“Walker farmhouse. This is the police,” blared a megaphone. “You are surrounded. Come out with your hands up.”

The dogs barked wildly.

Heath hopped out of the shower and Indi handed him a towel, too worried to check him out.

“What do we do now?”

He thought aloud.

“Okay. If I go out there, the police would arrest me, no question. That guy who grabbed you, I knew him, he’s one of the other gang. So his mates could shoot me or something. So I’ve got to stay in here. We’ll leave the lights off and they won’t know we’re here.”

“I could go out and tell the police I’m here alone.”

“They won’t believe you. They must know I’m here to have brought all that hardware. Bloody hell.”

She stared at him, heart sinking.

“Don’t worry babe. Something’ll turn up.” He didn’t look despairing, more determined. “I’ll keep an eye on them while you have a shower.”


She bandaged his arm, then they ate their meals in thoughtful silence. It grew darker and darker, neither of them went outside and the police made announcements every hour. She washed his t-shirt for something to do. The blood wouldn’t come completely out but at least it was cleaner.

“How much food have we got?” he asked. “In case we’re stuck here.” They went through all the cupboards to check, finding all sorts of old tins and packets which were out of date.

“Can’t you phone someone? Like Brax?”

“No, the police might’ve got him. Or he could be hiding somewhere. ****. But I’ll think of something.”

She felt even more worried. Thinking wasn’t exactly Heath’s strong point.

“What about Dad? And Dex? And Marilyn? They’ll be worried.”

“They’ll be alright.”

Time ticked on. It was now midnight and she was tired.

“Is it okay if I go to bed?”


“You could wake me up later to- to- be a look out or whatever.”

“Be a look out? This isn’t the Girl Guides!”

She flinched.

“Sorry, but I hate being trapped.”

“You’re not the only one!” She stormed off into her bedroom, slamming the door. It was a relief to be able to release some anger. The faint, comforting light from her bedside lamp wouldn’t show out of the window so she left it on. She threw herself onto the bed, intending to just close her eyes for a few minutes.


When she woke up, Heath was asleep on the floor under her patchwork quilt. So she got out of bed, forgetting she’d been cross and stroked his hair to wake him.

“It’s alright, it’s me,” she said when he flinched.

He sat up and naturally put his arms round her. The shower had obviously removed all the sweat and blood so he just smelled of him, which she liked. He’d just decided to kiss her when they were interrupted by another announcement from the police and a volley of barking.

“Bloody pigs,” he muttered. “Passion killers.” He shouldn’t be kissing her anyway, she was far too classy for the likes of him.

“Sh! What are they saying?” She didn’t know whether her heart was pounding due to the sudden noise or the fact she wanted to kiss him. She knew she was far too boring and conventional for him though.

“The same as usual. Ignore them.”

“You’re acting very calm.”

“You make me act calm.” He hugged her tightly. “Most chicks would be panicking.”

“Remember I live with Dex and Marilyn. I’m used to drama all the time.”

“Didn’t realise they were growing drugs as well,” he laughed.

Everything was quiet and dark.

“It’s late, shall we just go to bed?” asked Heath. “To sleep,” he added quickly. “I didn’t mean- what I meant was it would be better than the floor-“

Indi smiled, forgetting he couldn’t see her in the half dark.

“Do you trust me?” he continued.

“Well, you did just save my life about three times. Come on then.”

They got into Indi’s bed and snuggled down. She felt safe. A few weeks ago she’d never have imagined she would be in bed with Heath Braxton, but it felt natural now.


Waking up slowly, she felt relaxed and comfortable. It was getting light. She knew she should check on the police but didn’t want to get out of bed, cuddling up to Heath instead.

He stirred, muttering, then awoke with a start, but she stroked his chest and he smiled.

“Sleep well?” she asked.

“Better than usual.”

“How do you usually sleep?”

“I have bad dreams sometimes. Don’t tell anyone.”

“Shall I tell you something? So we’re even?”


“You know Romeo cheated on me with Ruby? Well, the boyfriend before that hooked up with my mother.”

“What? Your own mum? That’s- that’s just- can’t think of a word.” He hugged her.

“So I never want that happening again.”

“Too right. If I ever saw that guy, I’d-“

“Never mind that. Just wanted to tell you.”

He felt like kissing her again, then remembered the police and went to look out of the window.

“Can’t see ‘em. Can’t see anyone. They’ve gone.”

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Sorry if this isn't what people were expecting, but it just is :P

Warning: Sexual Content.

Chapter 10

The early morning sun had taken away the sinister mood of last night and the blue sky promised another hot day.

Heath switched the radio on. After a few minutes of music, the news began.

“Police have arrested the leaders of a gang farming marijuana in the bush near Summer Bay. Yesterday the site was the location of a stand off between two drugs gangs and police officers before the plot was blown up. They are not looking for anyone else but if you have information, please phone this number anonymously…

In other news, Liam Murphy, the former rock singer, is recovering in hospital after a suspected overdose. His ex wife Bianca, who has been at his bedside since his admission, said he would’ve died if it weren’t for passers by taking him to hospital. She would like to pass on her thanks to them.”

“So that’s why the police have left,” said Indi. She smiled to herself about the news of Liam.

“So Brax didn’t dob me in then.” Heath grinned.

“You don’t think he’s- he’s“


“Been- been- killed?”

He frowned.

“Nah. He’s immortal.”

There was a loud knock on the front door. They exchanged glances.

“If I go into my Dad’s room, I can see out of the window who it is,” she whispered.

“Go on then.”

She sneaked into Sid’s room, avoiding the floorboards she knew creaked. Charlie and Watson were standing in the porch, in uniform.

“What shall I do?” Indi whispered to Heath when she returned to her room.

“Answer it and act normal. I’ll be right behind you.” He quickly put on his now dry t-shirt.

Indi got up, smoothed down her clothes and hair, and went to the front door.

“Are you alright?” asked Charlie. “We had reports of a fugitive hiding out at your farm.”

Heath appeared behind Indi and Charlie eyed him suspiciously. She noticed, however, that the dogs didn’t react to him.

“No, there was no fugitive. We didn’t see anyone, did we?”

Heath shook his head.

“Why have you got a bandage on your arm?” asked Charlie.

“He was helping me move the straw bales in the barn and caught his arm on one of the meat hooks,” explained Indi.

Charlie had no idea about farm equipment so nodded.

“So how long have you both been here?”

“Since yesterday afternoon.”

“And he’s been here all night?”


Charlie and Watson exchanged glances.

“So you must have heard the explosion out in the bush?”

“I think so, didn’t we?”

“Yeah, it was early evening I think. What was it?”

“It seems someone was farming marijuana out there and blew up the farm to prevent discovery. Know anything about that?”

Heath shook his head. He couldn’t have looked more innocent.

“Anyone hurt or killed?” Indi asked anxiously.

“No one, luckily, apart from minor scratches. But we arrested everyone at the scene.” She watched Heath for a reaction but there was none.

“What are you doing here anyway?” she asked him.

“He’s my boyfriend,” interrupted Indi. “He just came round to see me.”

“Heath Braxton’s your boyfriend. Oh, right.” Charlie and Watson exchanged glances.

“He is!” she said indignantly, not wanting him to be arrested.

She stepped up to Heath and kissed him. Stubble grazed her face, he tasted smoky, reminding her of when he’d kissed her by the roadside. He was gentler this time but she could tell he wanted her. She felt delicate and fragile against him: normally she felt tall and lanky next to her petite girl friends.

Charlie watched disbelievingly. As time ticked on though, her expression changed. She looked at her watch as the kiss went on and on. Feeling like a voyeur, she glanced at Watson, who shrugged.

Charlie coughed meaningfully, but Heath and Indi carried on kissing, oblivious. She put her hands under the back of his t-shirt, he was more compact than Romeo and less awkward. Charlie coughed again much more loudly, and Watson hid a laugh.

“Oh! Sorry.” Indi was flushed and bright eyed.

“Forgot you was there,” mumbled Heath.

“Yes. So we noticed. Well, Indi, I may need to speak to you again, but for now I’ll- er- Bye.” She and Watson bustled off.

“So, can we tell the Walkers they can go back to the house now?” asked Watson.

“We could give those two a breathing space before Sid barges in.” Charlie smiled. “Looks like they’ll need it.”


“So, I’m your boyfriend now am I?” asked Heath, pushing Indi’s hair back from her face.

“If you’ll have me.” She smiled up at him and he chuckled.

“Better start acting like a boyfriend then.” He lifted her up into his arms and kissed her, carrying her towards her bedroom.

“Not this door, the next one.”

He pushed the correct door open with his shoulder and sat down on the bed with her, kissing her.

“You definitely want me then?” She’d lost confidence in herself after past boyfriends’ cheating.

“Yep. If you want some lowlife River Boy like me.”

“Who’s also totally hot and heroic.”

She smiled and pulled off his t-shirt, running her hands over his muscles. She’d wanted to do that for a while now but hadn’t truly believed he liked her. Pushing her back on the bed, he kissed her, half on top of her, filling her mouth with his tongue. Her flimsy top tore a little as he quickly undid it and she giggled. He started kissing her neck and down towards her breasts. His lips felt like fire on her skin, making her shiver with anticipation.


Some time later, they lay next to each other. Indi was so relaxed, she felt as if she was sinking into the mattress. She hadn’t felt this content since… she couldn’t remember when. Glancing over at Heath, she was pleased he was gazing back at her.

“Well, aren’t you the expert,” she purred.

“Just had loads of prac- er- um- but not with anyone as beautiful as you.”

“Good save.” She smiled lazily.

He put his arm round her and she cuddled up to him, lying there in thoughtful silence for a while.

“So, you and Brax’s business is finished?”

“Yep. Looks like I’m out of a job.”

“You don’t sound sad.” She stroked his chest.

“I’m not. I wanted out anyway.”

“D’you think they caught Brax?”

“Knowing him, they didn’t and he’ll have a cast iron alibi.”

“What job could you do now?”

“Dunno. Farm labourer? Film star?”

She burst out laughing. The front door opened and they heard Sid, Marilyn and Dex stomping in, all talking irritably. Indi noticed her alarm clock.

“It’s nearly lunchtime,” she whispered in surprise. “We should get dressed. Where are your clothes?”


In the sitting room, Sid was not happy.

“So, Charlie said they’d made a mistake. It wasn’t a fugitive, it was Indi’s boyfriend. How many times did I tell her not to get back together with Romeo?” he ranted. “He isn’t to be trusted.”

“He’s alright,” mused Dex. “There are far worse boyfriends she could have.”

His father didn’t take any notice.

“I’d like a word with Romeo. And Indi.” He turned to go to his daughter’s bedroom. “This is my house, they should respect my rules.”

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