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Guest JosieTash

Tues 24 May 2011 – Episode # 5302

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ We Have To Trust Each Other “

[ Screened in Australia on Tues 24 May 2011 – Episode # 5302 ]


Brax & Heath chat, as Brodie has been busted by tee police in posession of drugs.


NEXT DAY – As Sid, Nic, Irene & Roo chat, Nic & Roo comet on hw they will be heading of to the hospital to see angel today. It’s also suggested, given Nio'cs current stitch, that maybe the naming ceremony shouldn’t be today.


There’s lotsa of yellow tings [flowers, balloons etc] and Maz tells Dex that it’s a very soothing kinda color. Sid arrive, and sugest to Maz ta they should postpone the naming ceremony. She disagrees – urging that they will be it today.


Heath & Brax talk bout what's to happen t their drug crop. Brodie arrives, and Brax has a go at him for “borrowing” some of tee drug stash. Brodie says that it wasn’t form their crop – but in tee end has to admit it was. When Brodie says he\ll do anything to make it up to them, Brax or Heath hands him revolver.


When Roo & Nic arrive a nurse tells that its family only, but Angelo’ mum invited them into tee room. His mum suggests that they pray for Angelo to get better.

When talk turns to how this happened, Angelo;’ mum comets on how this a [god way] typical =- Angelo doing thing his own way. His mum also comets pnm how strong a woman that Angelo thinks Nic is. Nic & Roo bail – to go to the naming ceremony.


Nic tells Roo tya she is surprised that Angelo didn't tell his mum ta Nic gave up her baby. Roo wonders if Nic should actually go to tee ceremony – but Nic insist that she HAS to do this.


Before tee naming ceremony, colleen comments on how she’d rather this be in a cutch, whilst Leah isn’t ken t hear it when VJ say he haerd [FOM tee river boys] that Angelo got “whacked”. Leah initis that VJ stays way from the river boys. Maz is keen from the ceremony to begin, but Sid urges her t wit till Nic gets here.


Charlie & Brax talk bout their sitch – incl him telling her that they need to trust each other, as they’ve got no other choice [given the predicament they are both in]. Beefier Brax bails, he hands Charlie a piece of paper ,,, when she unfold it, she looks sursise and impressed.


Brodie is doing a drug deal with 2 ppl we’ve not seen before, whne MANY police arrive, incl Charlie. Many of them have guns pointed at him, but Charlie & co is far enough awauy that Brodie is Abe to run and escape [despite charley giving chase]


As Maz [with George in her arms] give a speech that’s the centrepiece of the naming ceremony, Nic looks BEYOND forlorn.


After Charlie tells Watson that Brodie escaped, she tells makes a phone call to Brax, but he syas t he is busy right now. When cal ends, we see that Brodie has Heath & Brax at gunpoint, insisting he was set up. Brax convinces Brodie to give him the gun – insisting someone has to take the fall for what’s happened.


Although Maz & even Colleen quite enjoyed the naming ceremony, Sid does' look convinced bout all the “new age” stuff involved, whilst Nic bails before the ceremony is totally finished.


Nic is all but in tears by Angelo’s side, whilst Heath doesn’t look impressed with Brax, and the police arrest Brodie.


On back patio, Brax looks etc surprised that Charlie vow to keep digging re the drugs case and when he kisses her, its not the feriry kinda kiss we are use to form these two … looks like Charlie is really ‘waking up” to him.


Sid arrives and talk to Roo, he comets on how the whole “new age” Maz kinda stuff isn’t him, and it seriously looks they are going to kiss, but they hold bask and don’t. Sid bails.



Ruby & April see Liam standing precariously at the top of a cliff

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


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