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Guest JosieTash

Mon 23 May 2011 – Episode # 5301

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Yaaaaay !!! A Ruby-Nicole Scene !!! “

[ Screened in Australia on Mon 23 May 2011 – Episode # 5301 ]


Charlie can see that Ruby is “down” and rubes tells her bout what is going on caused Ruby & Casey to fight. Charlie gets a phone call – the looks on her face suggest bad news.


Nic has a bad dream bout the Angelo stich, when she wakes, Roo tri to calm her down. Ruby arrives, and tells sombrely Nic that she’s got some news.


Charlie & Watson have cordoned of tee scene, and although Colleen thinks they will want her to sty here [to give a statement etc], Charlie tells her that they don’t.


Cos of what she found, Colleen mouths off bout tee river boys to Irene & Ruby, whish Casey hears as well. Casey is calely annoyed and bails – ruby goes after him.


When Ruby cashes up to Casey, she tells her ta she’s been tense found him cos of what's going on and that she shouldn’t have taken it out on him. What she said was pretty heartfelt and they kiss. Casey tells ruby he’ll meet up with her later – he’s got things to do.


The forensics police are slowing shifting through the dirt to find out what’s in the grave. Nicole arrive, as although Charlie suggest that she will tell Nic what’s on there when they find out, Nic insist on staying her [to find out 1st hand]


John tells Brax unless there’s 2 signatures on the lease [brax and Angelo] thet club won’t renew the lease. Aftr5e john bails, Casey arrives and he tells Brax bout what ppl are saying bout Angelo’s dispeaernmce.


Brax tells Casey ta he doesn’t know ANYTING bout Angelo’s disappearance. He also tells Casey that he [Case] is the only one who really has a chance of gety8ing out of the typical Mangrove River life.


As the forensics ppl continue to dig, Nic gladly think of the night ta she & Angelo kissed. The police find what’s buried …. lots of asbestos !!!!!


When Charlie tell Colleen what the police fond, Colleen is stressed that her health might be affected, whilst everyone else [incl Keith &* Irene] is juts pleased that it wasn’t Angelo. Keith suggests to Colleen ta the 2 of them getaway from the bay for a bit.


Nic verbally attacks Brax – wondwering where Angelo is. Charlie arrives and Nic bails. Charlie asks Brax bout his whereabouts on the day that Angelo disappeared and he tell her he went home for a shower and they “got together” at Leah’s. Charlie sternly tells Brax that he better not be involved with what’s gone on.


Watson tells Charlie t the construction site worker who dumped the asbestos said he didn’t know you could de this kind of thing [dump the asbestos].

Talk turns top Angelo – there’s been no usage of his phone or bank account since he went missing. Charlie ^& Watson bail – top talk to9 Heath.


When Colleen arrives, she is surprise to se Keith talking to Heath. Keith tells her te Hath & Brax regularly help out at the mission.


Heath hands Casey a bulging envelope and the police approach. Casey bail and Charlie & Watson tell Hath they like to talk him some questions.


Casey hands Brax the envelope – there’s lots of money in it, and Brax agree when Casey suggest in the takings [for the restaurant?] Brax give Casey $100 – to do sopemti9ng special with Ruby with. After Casey bails, Brax phone an unknown someone – he is mushlt looking of someone [brax doesn’t actually say anyone ‘;s nem though].


Nic arrive and Roo is talk to Elijah, Roo wonders if Nic would like to talk to Elijah bout all of this. Nic doesn’t – she just wants Angelo back.


Charlie, Watson & heath are all in a police car. As the 2 officers ask him questions, Watson; phone rings. She gets out of car to answered – but when she’s back in the car, she whispers to Charlie ,,,, who then tells Heath the Angelo has been found ALIVE.


Watson & Charlie are beside Angelo’s bed. He’s in an induced coma cos of the hit to the back of the head that he copped. Both cops are pleased that they had a pic of how dumped Angelo at ET hospital [courtesy of a security camera].


Charlie talk to Brax – showing him the security camera pic and insisting ta they both know who it is. Brax tells Charlie the person in question can’t be located at the moment. When Charlie bails, Brax tell Heath that THEY’VE gotta get in contact with BRODIE before the police do.



Looks like Brax & Heath do a deal with police to set up Brodie

Brodie has a gun pointed at Brax & Heath

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Nicole: denim blue scoop dress


Ruby: olive green top/white lacy crop top/denim skirt


Irene: sky blue low cut v neck top


Brax: dark t

Casey: purple [white unknown motif] t/black & silver shorts

Charlie: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

Coleen: mostly blue floral top

Colleen: red [white unknown motif][ dress

Elijah: yellow button up shirt/dark vest

Heath: green camo long pants/white [bikini girl] singlet

John: white [dark vert stripes] button up shirt

Keith: white long sleeve top

Roo: olive green low cut v neck top

Watson: light blue police shirt/dark blue long pants/police cap

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