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Guest JosieTash

Fri 20 May 2011 – Episode # 5300

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ OMG !!! Ruby’s Obeying Charlie For A Change “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 20 May 2011 – Episode # 5300 ]


NEXT DAY – Morag is pleased when Romeo tells her he has a booking [thru Indi] for the Blaxland today. She’s not so impressed when she hears it’s a divorce party.


Miles is ken for he & Leah to go on a picnic today, but she tells him she can’t cos of work. Ruby [also in the room] hears that, an when Casey arrives, she tells Casey she can’t cos she is helping Leah out at the diner.


Indi talk to Romeo. When she wonders why he hasn’t got a deckhand, he tells her he can’t afford one and that he’s shaken over the whole hiring Billy thing. The 4 women for the divorce party [incl one of the lecturers at Indi’s uni] arrive.


Ruby is surprised/not impressed that Indi is also working at diner today. Colleen is worried bout her ‘shop with Keith, but doesn’t like that idea of kissing him to fwd their ‘ship – as she doesn’t want to be seen as a floozy. Colleen acepts with Leah suggest ta she & Keith can go on a picnic toady with Leah & Miles.


Casey talks to Miles bout how Ruby is avoiding him. Miles suggest Casey should find a way to show Ruby that he is her b/f – and not just a someone’s brother.


Ruby & Indi have a minor clash over what someone ordered. Elijah, Maz & Sid talk bout the naming ceremony, before Maz bails. Sid & Elijah agree to so something together today.


Romeo looks concerned as the drunken women dance at the front of the boat.


Colleen arrives and talks to Morag, as Colleen is worried she will “lose” Keith.


Casey arrives with a bunch of flowers for Ruby, but she insist ta she is working. Indi thanks Casey for the gesture and say ta she will put them in water. After Casey bails, Indi & Ruby have a BIG verbal stoush = whish Irene isn’t impressed by their squabbling and assigns that Both to the washing up.

Keith talk to Leah & Miles. They are worried that colleen isn’t here. Leah ends up phoning Morag [as Colleen didn’t answer].


After Morag gets Colleen to calm down, Keith arrives. Morag bail, ands colleen tells Keith that she thought he’d gone off her. Keith kisses Colleen.


Ruby & Indi both apologise for what's happened tween them of late – but they know that things will never be as good tween them as it was before Ruby slept with Romeo.


Whilst Romeo tends ton one the woman who has just vomited, another full throttle the boat, causing Lesley to go overboard. Romeo stops ta boat and then dives in and rescues Lesley.


Leah is worried bout Colleen, but soon after she & Keith arrive, and Leah, miles, Keith & colleen bail to go in their picnic.


Sid arrives home and it’s clear that he is drunk. Maz doesn’t mind tough – since Sid is in an amorous mood. Their kissing is stropped when George starts crying -= so Maz tends to him.


Romeo tells Indi ta today was a disaster. He ends up agreeing with her suggestions ta he should do everything she suggests,


Ruby & Casey chat – she admits she’s been avoiding him since Angelo went missing. Ruby tells Casey that can’t se him atm – as Angelo is like a step dad to her [and that Charlie “suggested” that Rubes should be careful]. Casey bails.


Colleen & Keith decide to go for a walk – to build up an appetite – before they eat on their picnic with Miles & Leah. As Colleen & Keith walk, they are SHOSKED when they come across a fresh shallow grave.



Looks like the police are MUCHLY on the hunt for the River Boys

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Indi: red [black cat] top/dark ¾ pants


Irene: sky blue blouse


Ruby: olive green top/white latticed crop jacket/denim skirt


Casey: blue [white unknown motif] t/dark & silver shorts

Colleen: multi color floral blouse

Colleen: red [white unknown motifs] dress

Denise: dark [white unknown motifs] dress

Elijah: yellow shirt/dark vest

Ingrid: orange low cut top/light blue cardie

Keith: white shirt

Leah: frilly pink top

Lesley: multi colour floral top/maroon cardie.

Marilyn: black & pink top

Meg: 2 tone blue top

Miles: yellow [dark forest] t

Morag: brown cardie/white top

Romeo: 2 tone green singlet

Romeo: blue polo

Sid: grey hoodie

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