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Fri 13 May 2011 – Episode # 5295

Guest JosieTash

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My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, My UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Tomorrow When The War Began Meets Eureka Stockade “

[ Screened in Australia on Fri 13 May 2011 – Episode # 5295 ]


Bianca overhears April & Dex talking bout blowing up a bridge, and is surprised they are talking bout that as part of their history assignment.


As Miles & Elijah chat, Elijah wonders what Miles is being evasive with him. It doesn’t help when Elijah tell Miles ta he want to get back together with Leah.


After Bianca overhears April & Dex talking bout attack the diner, she confronts Lima bout THAT assignment [her description of it is my ep title]. He insist it’s been approved by Miles & Gina.


Indi arrives and talk to Romeo bout a number of tings, incl his new celebrity status, eg he’s been asks to be a celebrity judge on “yabby creek’s got talent”. Indi helps Romeo with business plans/idea of both the surf school and the boat charters.


Elijah arrives and since he is going to the city, he wonders if VJ & Leah would lie to go with him. Whilst Leah thinks it will be good for VJ, she’s too busy and the like right now.


Indi suggest to Romeo ta he should get in contact with other local businesses – and cross promote with them [to build both their business and Romeo’s as well]. Indi agrees when Romeo suggest that he tecs her through what he’s doing wit the surf school ,… giving her a lesson like he would a new never-surfed=b4 client.


Leah talks to Miles – as she feels like she is cheating on Elijah by not telling him bout Leah/Miles. Both are in a quandry bout what to do – as they not want to hurt Elijah’s’ feelings.


Miles tells Elijah that he & Leah kissed – and are now together. Miles also tells Elijah ta he had several chances with Leah but messed up each time. Miles ads he thinks Elijah should move on.


Indi likes that Romeo has chosen a secluded spot for the surf school – so you won’t feel that embarrassed when you are fall of the bord all the time when you 1st learn to surf. Indi then admits when Romeo taught her to surf, she deliberately fell off many times so she could be all “damsel in distress”. As they chat, they get steadily more friendly, but then Indi is quite surprised when Romeo heads off for a surf suddenly.


Gina talk to Miles bout THAT terrorist plot assignment, he insist that it’s wasn't his idea - and the Liam must have misread etc his instructions.


When Elijah wonder to Leah if she loves Miles, she tells him that she is enjoying their ship. Elijah thanks Leah for her honesty.


Gina & Miles speck to Liam bout THAT assignment. He insists that the kids are keen to learn because of his suggestions, Gina insist that it’s a VERY naïve suggestion – given amount of ppl killed in actual terrorist attacks. When Gina & Miles leave the classroom, Lima takes more illegal drugs.

Soon after, Miles tells his history class that the terrorist assignment ISN’T happening. He tells them to hand in the work they’ve done, but it won’t be ever marked/count. When they ask why, he repossessed with sonneting like “because I say so.”


Indi wonders whity Romeo is being so odd with her, esp. when she sensed earlier ta he was about to kiss her. Romeo tells her bout what Sid said – to not get into another ‘ship with Indi.


Dex & April are ken to protest the decisosn to ditch THAT assignment. They think its censorship – and Liam agrees.


Indi talk to Roo bout what Romeo said – and how hypocritical Sid is [given how often he’s cheated on Indi & Dex’s mum]. Roo, cos of her own past, agrees with Indi ppl CAN change.


Elijah confronts Miles bout how long he’s been infested in Leah and accuses Miles of him bad advice doing Elijah/Leah so Miles could get togtehr with Leah. Miles denies this – and Elijah bails.

In a classroom, Gina confronts Liam. She’s had more complaints from parents, and enquires from education board, bout THAT assignment, and she’s annoyed Liam didn’t disagree when April voiced her protest against the assignment being quashed. She wonders if he is “high” right now. He denies it – but she INISTS that he takes some time off work!!!!!



Angelo finds a big drug crop in the bush – the that River boys are responsible for

Angelo gets knocked out [by one of the river boys]

Charlie launches a police – and catches Heath

She also threaten to “throw the book” at Brax if he too is involved

It's a Designer Label (IADL)


Bianca: red knee dress/b+w check belt


Indi : dark top/denim shorts


Indi: olive green halter bikini


April: SBH uniform

Dex: SBH uniform

Elijah: purple polo

Gina: grey jacket/white top/grey knee skirt

Leah: white top

Liam: dark jacket/dark [white stars] t

Miles: blue shirt/red t

Romeo: 2 tone blue shorts/white singlet

Roo: dark low cut top/denim jeans

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