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Title: Realisations

Type Of Story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Angelo, Nicole, Roo, Sid and Marilyn plus OC’s

BTTB Rating: T/A

Genre: Drama, Friendship

Does Story Include Spoilers? Some

Any Warnings: Will warn if needed before chapters (L, SC)

Summary: Nicole has given birth to her baby and Angelo is there for her. Will it lead to more?

Part One

She could feel the baby in her arms, she didn’t know what to do, she had spent the past few months thinking that she could give the baby up and that it would have no effect on her but at this moment in time, feeling him in her arms made her realise that she can’t do it but before she gets a chance to say how she feels. She senses that Marilyn wants to hold the baby and her eagerness takes over how Nicole feels and she reluctantly hands over the baby.

‘Nicole?’ she heard a voice, it took her a few moments to realise that it was Roo.

‘Am okay, just drained’

‘That’s understandable’ Angelo added as he slipped in.

‘I know, I just…’ her voice faltered off as she saw Marilyn cooing away to her baby.

Roo squeezed her hand ‘are you okay?’

Nicole wanted to reach out and take her baby but she didn’t feel like she could. She was so intensely grateful that Roo was there but strangely she was concentrating on Angelo’s face. He had been there when she gave birth.

Marilyn was still cooing over the baby not taking a blind bit of notice of Nicole and Nicole was beginning to get angry. ‘I want to hold him’ she said surprising Marilyn.

‘I thought we agreed that I would bond with him first’

‘I want to hold him’ she said again causing Roo to glare at Marilyn.

‘Let her hold her baby, remember she is giving you everything that you have dreamed of’

Marilyn was still reluctant but when Angelo got the baby out of her arms and placed it in Nicole’s arms.

Nicole looked down at her son. ‘He’s beautiful’

Roo and Angelo looked at each other with a grin that was hidden from Marilyn; it was obvious to them that she was bonding with her son. Marilyn hovered behind her.

She was going to say something but when Roo gave her a deathly stare, she quickly backed off.

‘Can I have a moment with Roo and Angelo please?’ she asked Marilyn.


‘You heard her’ Angelo put in

‘Fine, but I will be outside’

‘Of course you will’ Roo muttered under her breath.

‘Excuse me?’ she said in her shrill voice

‘Nothing’ she added quickly, she didn’t want stress out Nicole but Marilyn wasn’t convinced.

Marilyn huffed and walked out of the room. She was scared that Nicole might want her baby back; she knew that she might not get the baby but she wasn’t going to give up, she needed that baby, she wouldn’t have a hope in hell of keeping Sid if she didn’t.

She didn’t feel complete until she was a mother, she was a mother in her heart to Byron but she wanted Nicole’s baby.

Nicole held the baby, feeling in awe of how little he was, his fingers were clasped around hers and she loved the feeling.

‘You don’t want to give him up, do you?’ Angelo voiced her thoughts

She nodded as she couldn’t tear her eyes away from her son. Eventually she said ‘I want him but I don’t know what to do’

Roo looked at Angelo and then said ‘Sweetie, whatever does happen, it has to be what you want, done let anyone stop you doing what you need to do’

Angelo nodded ‘We can see how much you love this little man, he’s yours’

‘I don’t want him to be like Penn’

‘He won’t not with you, He’ll be like Roman, strong and independent, I promise you, with support and your friends, you can do this’ Angelo urged her.

‘What about Marilyn?’ she asked them

‘what about her? She isn’t the baby’s mother, you are, your opinion counts hunni’ Roo added gently.

‘I don’t know, I don’t want hurt Marilyn’

Roo rolled her eyes. ‘You have to do what is right for you.’

‘But she has been waiting for so long’

‘That’s true but she will get over it eventually, you come first. No one has the right to take the baby from you’

‘I can’t do it to her’

‘Sweetie, is the fact that you can’t say it to her?’

‘Sort of but it feels wrong to be denying her the chance to be a mother’

‘What about you?’ Angelo added ‘You shouldn’t be denying yourself the chance to be a mother especially when you would be A great mother.

She could see Angelo’s point and she respected his view but she felt like was betraying Marilyn especially since she promised her that she would give her the baby.

‘I have to honour my promise’ she said but then added ‘The promise to myself, I always said to myself that if I fell in love with my baby then I would keep the baby’

Angelo watched her face light as she played with his fingers enthralled by him. She was a natural at it but he knew that doom was on the way and she felt sorry for her because she didn’t deserve it.

He would do anything he could to shield her from the pain that Marilyn would surely enact on her.


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I couldn't resist posting it now


A/N: The name of the baby is not the same as the show.. without further ado! Enjoy & please comment xx

Part Two

Marilyn walked back into the room. ‘Can I hold him?’

Nicole looked up. ‘I can’t give him to you’

Marilyn misunderstood. ‘If you need some more time, that’s fine’ she said with a fake smile plastered on her face.

‘No, I mean that I can’t give him to you, I want to keep him’ she admitted holding her baby closer to her, she was afraid of what Marilyn was going to do but Roo squeezed her hand yet again to let her know that she wasn’t alone.

Marilyn’s anger began to surface ‘You can’t do that!’ she shrieked

Nicole covered her son’s ears and whispered into his ears as he whimpered at the loud startling sound. ‘Its okay baby, mummy is here’

‘Don’t shout, he’s only a few minutes old’ she said defiantly not caring about her only about her son.

‘You promised!’

‘Yes I know but I can’t deny myself the chance to be a mother, I was adamant all the way through the pregnancy that I would give it up because I didn’t want him but I do, I can’t give him to you, I won’t do it’ she added with finality.

Angelo was proud of her, she had changed so much since she came to the bay, she was so mature and she had faced her share of hard times with Belle dying, Roman going to prison and Aden leaving her. She deserved to be happy and he had the feeling that she was going to be eventually. She had her son in her arms and so many people to support her. He felt honoured to be a part of her life. She was really one in a million.

‘I won’t let you do this’ she retaliated

Roo had kept quiet up until this point ‘She has made it clear, that she wants to keep her son, she has every right to do, now go away and let this woman enjoy her son!’ Roo was getting more and more annoyed with Marilyn. All she cared about was about herself not Nicole like she claimed when Nicole was in the last few days of her pregnancy.

Marilyn glared at her but Angelo moved towards her ‘Either you go or I will chuck you out!’ he said in a tone that made it clear that he was serious.

Marilyn walked to the door. ‘You will not get away with this’ was her parting remark.

Angelo closed the door with a bang and the baby started to whimper again.

‘Sorry’ Angelo said to her

‘It’s okay; I am so glad that she has gone’

‘It’s okay’ Roo said as Nicole’s breathing calmed down.

‘So… any names?’ she asked trying to defuse the tension.

‘I don’t know’ she admitted ‘I was thinking about Charlie or Andrew.’

Roo smiled ‘Well when I was pregnant with Martha, I loved the name Ben for a baby’

‘Ben Franklin’

Angelo laughed ‘Somehow I don’t think that suits him. I think he is more of a Nate or Nathan’

‘What about Joe or Matt?’

Nicole smiled at both of them ‘Thank you’ she said with sincerity.

‘What for?’

‘For helping me realise that I love my baby’

‘You didn’t need us for that, you did that by yourself’ she looked her with admiration ‘you are stronger than you give yourself credit for’

Angelo nodded to show his agreement to that statement.

Nicole whispered to herself ‘Rob’


‘Yep. Rob Franklin’

‘Welcome to the world Rob’ Angelo said and Nicole locked her eyes on Angelo. She was so glad that he was in her life. Without him, she wouldn’t be keeping her baby. ‘Hello Rob’ she said smiling at the baby and he stared back at her with what she thought was admiration. He was hers and she wasn’t to let Marilyn take what was hers but she knew the fight was far from over.


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Part Three

Marilyn wasn’t about to roll over and let Nicole renege on her deal to give her the baby. She picked up the phone and before she had realised what she was doing, she was talking to social services ‘I want to report a negligent mother; she was willing to let me buy her baby’

‘Mhhmm. Yes she was willing to let me pay for all her medical costs in return for giving me the baby’

Marilyn for a few seconds felt a pang of guilt but then she thought to herself, ‘no, she didn’t give me what I wanted, so I am going to take her for all I can’

‘Okay, so what’s the next step?’ she asked

‘Right, okay, that’s fine; I will wait for you to contact me.’

‘Yes, that’s right. Nicole Franklin, she is currently at Northern District Hospital’

Marilyn hung up the phone and sat down on one of the hospital chairs, she felt drained but she was determined to hurt Nicole.

Sid walked up to her ‘Are you okay?’

‘No’ she said simply

‘What’s wrong?’ he asked as he sat next to her

‘Nicole has reneged on our deal’

Sid calmly replied ‘We knew that was a possibility’

‘I know but I bet it’s not even her that wants it, its Roo’ she spat out in disgust.

She was too angry to see reason when Sid replied ‘Roo is just looking out for her’

‘And I am not?’

‘I am not the enemy!’ allowing his emotions to get the better of him.

‘Neither am I!’

‘Stop it. You know what Nicole has gone through’

Marilyn was getting more and more angry now and she said something to Sid that she wished she could take back. ‘Well you probably just want to sleep with her again and have the baby for yourself’

Sid’s face did all the talking for him. He could hardly believe that she said that to him.

‘Sorry.. I..’

Sid just stood up ‘I want you out of my house’ he said with anger festering on top of his shock that she would even entertain the idea of him being with Nicole.

‘No, Sid…’ she tried to talk to him but he walked off and she knew it was a bad idea as he walked off with a forlorn yet angry expression etched onto his face.


Nicole reluctantly let the nurse place Rob in the cot, she just wanted to hold him for hours and never let him go but she was no good to him falling asleep.

She wasn’t sure if Marilyn was going to come back and she was scared that she might take him while she was asleep, she wanted to keep her eyes open but she couldn’t.

She heard footsteps and then she instantly knew that it was Angelo just by the smell of his aftershave, she couldn’t explain it but she felt safe knowing that he was there. He would protect her and she was intensely grateful for that.



‘You sleep, I will just watch him’

‘Don’t let Marilyn near him please’ she asked him as she drifted to sleep

‘I wont, I promise’

Angelo watched Rob sleep in his cot, he was such a handsome baby, most people said that babies look the same but he could see Nicole in him.

Marilyn walked into the room looking at Angelo.

‘What do you want?’ he said stepping in front of the baby so she couldn’t get to him.

‘I wanted to see him’

‘No, she made it clear that she didn’t want you near him’

‘She promised him to me, she owes me the chance to hold him’

Angelo crossed his arms and looked at her with steely eyes. ‘Over my dead body will you hold Rob’


‘Yep, she named him Rob’

Marilyn frowned ‘Can I at least look?’

Angelo was going to say no but he saw how much Marilyn was suffering for a moment and then he wavered but before he answered, Sid walked in.

‘Is she asleep?’ he asked Angelo

‘Yes, she is so tired’

‘Understandable’ Sid said ignoring Marilyn. Angelo could sense the tension but he put that to one side. Nicole was his main priority and he knew Marilyn wasn’t going to give up any time soon.


Please comment xx

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Thanks MrsRosetta


Here we go :) Enjoy. I wont get a chance to update till at least Thursday :) x

Part Four

‘I just got a phone call from DOCS’

Angelo frowned ‘What did they want?’

‘To talk to Nicole.’

‘About what?’

‘Well about her being a negligent mother’

Nicole hadn’t fully drifted off at this point and she opened her eyes ‘What?’

‘Nicole. There is a lady called Susan who wants to talk to you’

‘Negligent?’ Angelo said in disbelief ‘She’s just given birth’

‘I know, she won’t say anything else, she is waiting outside, I can tell her to come again another time.’

‘No. I want to talk to her’

Marilyn’s face flushed with guilt and Angelo realised at that point ‘It was you’ he said quietly still processing it in her head.

Nicole looked at Marilyn, she didn’t believe Angelo at first but when she saw her face, she realised that Angelo was right; she was still in a state of shock that Marilyn would even contemplate reporting her, she didn’t even know on what basis.

Sid ushered Angelo out but Nicole stopped him ‘Can you stay?’

‘Of course I will’ Angelo lowered his lips down towards her forehead and kissed her. ‘I am here for you’

‘Thanks’ Nicole was shaking with fear, ‘Can you pass him here please?’

Angelo picked him up and handed him to her just as Susan walked in.

‘Miss Franklin?’

‘Yes, that’s me’

‘And you are?’

‘He’s a close friend, he helped me give birth’

Susan smiled ‘don’t look so worried, I just need to ask you some questions.

Angelo was sitting next to her and interlocked his fingers with hers. He wasn’t going to desert her now.

‘I have been notified of a complaint against you’

She nodded when she said that, Susan continued ‘We heard that you ‘devised’ a contract’

Nicole frowned in confusion but then clicked on ‘Marilyn made that, she wanted to make sure that I was taken care of’

‘So you didn’t object?’

‘No, but then I was struggling, at first I wasn’t sure that I was going to be a good mother but now I have my baby, I know that I will be.’

‘Is there anyone that can corroborate your statement that it was Marilyn that created this contract’ she asked

‘Yes, Morag Bellingham’

‘And where will I be able to locate her?

‘Summer Bay Caravan Park’ Angelo said as Rob began to whimper.

‘Thank you... Mr.?’

‘Angelo Rosetta’

Susan smiled ‘Thank you, I will be in touch’


‘So you can say that Marilyn devised it?’ Susan asked Morag

‘Yes, I have the contract somewhere’

‘Did it get filed?’

‘No I advised Marilyn and her partner Sid Walker that it was against the law and tantamount to ‘buying’ the baby.

‘Right, but did Miss Franklin object to it?’

‘No, but she didn’t understand the implications of it’

‘So she agreed’

‘Not really’ Morag replied ‘She just wanted to give her baby to Marilyn, but she was avoiding the real issue’

‘Which is?’

‘Does this have anything to do with the complaint?’ Morag asked suspicious.

‘Of course, we have to investigate this complaint from all aspects’

She narrowed her eyes ‘Well, Nicole wasn’t sure at first if she would be a good mother’


‘You will have to ask her that, I can’t answer that for you’

Susan closed her books ‘Okay, thanks for your time’

Miles walked in ‘I will show you out’

‘Thank you’

Morag felt uneasy, she wasn’t sure what Susan’s motives were and she feared for Nicole. She shook her head in annoyance, Marilyn just wouldn’t let go of the hate she felt. She just infuriated so many, including Sid, who she had heard had chucked Marilyn out. Morag was tempted not to give Marilyn a caravan but she decided to, especially after Nicole said that she’s already lost everything, she has nothing more to lose.


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I really couldnt resist posting this




I dont want to damage anyone :P:lol::wink:

Part Five

A few days later, Nicole was settling in to motherhood. She was staying with Roo and Angelo. She didn't feel right about going home and with Marilyn in the caravan park, Angelo refused to let her.

She didn't want to be so dependent on him but she had Rob to think about and Liam had gone to rehab so they had the space, she wasn't sure about how she felt about anything, her hormones was taking over her life and how she felt about anything was not clear cut.

Marilyn had stayed away but Nicole still felt uneasy about the complaint. She didn't want to lose her son to Marilyn. She loved him.

'Has he gone to sleep?'

'Yep, bless him. He fell asleep as soon as the milk finished'

Roo smiled 'He really is a good baby, hardly cries just sleep'

Nicole smiled at the irony; she hardly slept and was always crying. This Marilyn situation was affecting her more than she was willing to admit.

'Okay, well I have to go, surf carnival beckons'

'Go, I don't want to stop you working'

'Oh doesn't worry, I won't be long'

Nicole smiled 'its okay, he's going to be asleep for a while and I want to lie down'

'Angelo will be here soon. I don't think you should be alone with Marilyn on the warpath'

'It's sweet of you but I am fine. He's mine and it's been a few days, I don't think she will come near me.'

'I am not sure, the woman from DOCS been sniffing around and I don't trust her'

Nicole sighed to herself. Her worst nightmare was to lose her child. Her maternal instincts had kicked in and she never took her eyes off her son, she couldn't bear the thought of losing her son.

Angelo let himself in 'Sorry, Brax was kicking up a fuss'

Roo shook her head 'Don't worry, I will sort him out' she said jokingly.

'I am sure you will!'

Roo smiled and waved goodbye as she walked out of the house closing the door behind her.

Angelo came out of the kitchen 'Ice cream?'

Nicole closed her eyes. 'I really just want to sleep'

'Go and lie down. I will listen out for Rob'

'You sure?' she said as she walked to her bedroom.

Angelo followed her and watched as she lay in the bed. She closed her eyes and he smiled. He walked towards the crib and Rob was fast asleep. Somehow he looks even more handsome when he was asleep. He watched him for a few moments and then made sure that the baby monitor was on.

He tiptoed out of the room and before he closed the door, he looked at Nicole. She looked like an angel when she slept.

'Angelo?' she asked as she opened her eyes

'Hmm? Sorry did I wake you?'

'I was never asleep. I don't think my mind wants to switch off' she sat up.

'Come and sit' she said patting the space next to her.

Angelo placed himself next to her. 'So how do you feel about the whole DOCS case?'

'I am scared but I need to be strong for Rob'

'I can't see them taking him away' he said but in the back of his mind, he couldn't get away from the feeling that maybe she would lose him.

'Hmm… all we can do is wait and see'

She sniffed as she contemplated that moment, she could picture it in her mind and she honestly didn't like the feeling.

Angelo hugged her 'don't cry. Everything will be okay'

She looked at him and found herself leaning in towards him. Angelo leant towards her as well as their lips met. Her lips felt so soft. They edged closer as they enjoyed the feel of each other until Rob started to cry.

Nicole pulled away but had a smile on her face. Angelo stood up. 'I'll get him' he said.

He walked to the cot and saw Rob's scrunched up face. He gently picked him up and rocked him in his arms 'Shh… its okay, Uncle Angelo is here'

Nicole smiled at the scene. She had been so surprised at how well Rob took to Angelo but then he won over her heart.

Angelo was whispering to Rob who had stopped crying, Angelo looked so content holding him. She couldn't help but grin when he tried to put Rob back in the crib and he started to cry again.

'Okay little man, I think we need to have a cuddle with your mummy' he cooed to the baby as he walked back to the bed and sat down. Nicole kissed Rob's forehead.

'Aww, I think he is getting attached to you'

Angelo smiled at him as Rob closed his eyes 'He's going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up' he heard a voice from the hallway.

Nicole gasped and took Rob from Angelo's arms. He stood up and crossed his arms 'How the hell did you get in?'

Satisfied Amy? :P

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Thanks! I love reading your comments


Sooo no one likes Marilyn?? :ph34r: That might continue :P

Here is the next chapter :)

Part Six

‘It’s not hard to pick a lock’ she stated but then she looked at Nicole and Rob. Her heart broke; it should have been her with Rob and not Nicole. Nicole was an unfit mother and she would treat him so much better.

‘What do you want?’

Marilyn picked up a knife from her bag, it was clear to Angelo and to Nicole that she wasn’t thinking straight but at that point, all three of them wasn’t thinking about anything apart from Rob.

Nicole recoiled in fear and Angelo stood his ground. ‘You wont get him like this’ he said.

‘I don’t care what you think, he is mine’ she hissed, she pointed the knife at Nicole ‘She promised me. She said she would give him to me. I have lost Sid because of this and I will be damned if I lose Rob as well’ she said edging closer.

Nicole got off the bed and walked towards the cot. She wanted to keep the distance between them. Rob was her main priority.

‘Give him to me and no one will get hurt’

Nicole was shaking and Angelo placed himself in between the two of them ‘No, you will have to get through me first’

‘Fine, I want the baby and I don’t care who I hurt along the way’

She lunged and there was a blood curdling scream as the knife penetrated the skin and blood flew out.

Stunned silence filled the air before Nicole grabbed the nearest thing to her side which was the lampshade and swung it.


Marilyn fell back as her eyes rolled. She collapsed onto the floor and Nicole placed a crying Rob into the crib as she scrambled towards Angelo.

‘Its okay, she grazed my arm, I am okay’

Nicole was shaking with fear. She picked up her phone and dialled for the emergency services. ‘Ambulance and police please’

‘Hey. Its okay’ he said as he moved up towards her. ‘I am okay’

‘Is she?’ she asked as she dropped the phone on the floor. She looked at Rob who had started to calm down.

Angelo growled in Marilyn’s direction ‘I can’t believe she would do that, she needs help’

Nicole sobbed as she heard voices ‘Hello? It’s the ambulance service’

‘In here’ Nicole said as she picked up Rob. She needed him near her.

‘Okay, what happened?’

‘Err’ Nicole pointed at Marilyn ‘She tried to stab him, I don’t think she actually did any damage’

Angelo had got his voice back ‘She grazed my arm, it just stings’ he winced as the paramedic peeled back his sleeve ‘Ah. That will need stitches. You will have to come to the hospital’

‘No, I am not leaving them both here’

Nicole rolled her eyes ‘You’re going, don’t argue’

‘And leave you here on your own?

‘You need to go to hospital. We are not arguing about this’

The paramedics looked at each other bemused. ‘So?’

‘He’s going’ glaring at Angelo when he tried to protest

‘Fine, I will go, but you’re not staying here on your own’

At this point Marilyn had come around. The paramedic checked her over and gave her the all clear ‘She is fine, a bit woozy but fine’

‘Okay, I am arresting on charges of assault’ Watson recited the charges to Marilyn who looked dazed but she didn’t resist.

She was led out of the room and a few moments later Roo came in ‘What happened?’

‘She stabbed Angelo’

‘She didn’t stab me, she just grazed my arm’

Nicole shook her head. She was surprised at how calm Angelo was, she was a mess and she hadn’t even been hurt by Marilyn.


Angelo was lying on the bed as the nurse finished his stitches. ‘Wait here, I will get the doctor to formally discharge you’

He nodded as she walked out. A few moments later Roo walked in. ‘Hey, how do you feel?’

‘Numb but it’s not that bad’

Roo smiled. ‘You scared the hell out of us all’

‘How’s Nicole?’

Roo smiled again, she knew that Angelo liked her but she didn’t realise till that moment in time just how much. It was quite clear that he was falling in love with her and what’s more, Nicole felt the same. Angelo was good with Rob and he had won over Nicole’s heart, she really hoped that it would work out between them

‘Is she here?’

‘No, she’s with Irene. I think Rob was feeling a bit restless and I don’t think that Nicole wants to set foot in this hospital yet’

‘Don’t blame her’ he pulled himself up ‘I hate them as well’

Sid walked in ‘Okay, You are clear, just sign here’ he pointed to the form and gave him a pen’

Angelo signed it ‘Now I can go?’

‘Of course’ Sid smiled at him and Roo before leaving the room/

Angelo and Roo walked out of the room and down the corridor. ‘Have you got a car?’

‘I called a taxi. You get that though, I need to deal with a few things first and then I will see you at home’




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Here we go

:) Enjoy and comment x

Part Seven

Angelo lay on the sofa when he got home. Nicole had texted him.

Am staying at Irene's till Roo gets here, rest and I will see you later xx

Angelo smiled at the text, he was still in shock at how easily he had fallen for her, he had barely noticed her the past few months but ever since she was nearing the end of the pregnancy.

He thought about how beautiful she was and the kiss they had shared, it was so unreal. His reminiscing was disrupted by an abrupt knock on the door.

He groaned as he stood up and walked to the door.

'Is Miss Franklin here?' Susan asked

'No, she will be here a bit later'

'Can you contact her and ask her to get here?'

'Sure, is there a problem?' he asked with dread in his stomach

'Call her please?'

'Okay, please come in' he gestured towards the sofa


Angelo went to pick up the phone 'Would you like a drink?'

'I am okay thank you'

Angelo nodded and dialled the number for Irene's'

Nicole picked up 'Hello?'

'Its Angelo'

'Hi, are you okay? You sound strange'

Angelo didn't know how to word it at first, he was so scared for her and Rob. 'you need to come home'

'Okay, what's wrong?'

'Susan from Social Services is here'

Nicole sucked in her breath. 'How did she seem?'

'I don't know, I am not sure, just come home'

'Okay, I will be there soon' she said and she hung up.

Angelo walked back into the lounge 'She will be here soon'

'Thanks' she said

'Can I get you something?'

'No, I am okay, you don't have to look at me, I don't like having to do this'

'So you are taking Rob?'

'I can't say anything until Miss Franklin gets here' she said


Nicole placed Rob into the pram and walked across the beach. She looked at him, he was asleep with his thumb in his mouth.

She smiled at the image. He really was a handsome baby but despite everyone saying it, she couldn't see himself in her.

Her thoughts went to Susan who was waiting for her. She desperately wanted to hold onto her baby but she didn't know what was going to happen.

She approached the house and edged the door open with the pram. A few moments later, Angelo came up and opened the door.

Susan stood up. 'Miss Franklin'

'Hi, sorry, I was at a friend's house'

'No problem.'

'Is there a problem?'

Angelo took Rob from the pram; he had started to cry and began to rock him. Nicole looked at him, he was such a natural.

'I have been investigating the complaint and I have enough evidence to corroborate the claim#

'Are you aware that Marilyn tried to stab me?' Angelo said

Nicole looked at him. She didn't want to bring that up, it was hard enough watching him in that pain, feeling completely helpless.

'I am here to inform you that due to the investigation, I have been instructed to take Rob out of your custody and into a temporary foster home.

Nicole gasped and she nearly collapsed onto the floor. Susan didn't move but she did say to Angelo.

'Please give him to me'

He looked at her with disbelief but he reluctantly handed him over.

She placed him in the pram 'I am sorry to have to do this. We will be in touch' she then pushed Rob out of the room.

Nicole was still in a state of shock. Angelo gently picked her up and put her on the sofa. 'It will be okay' he stroked her hair and pulled her close to him 'We will get him back'

'Will we?'

'Yes, you are not alone. I will support you every step of the way!'

'I know' she admitted honestly as she snuggled up to him. He was her rock. She honestly didn't know how she was going to cope without Rob but she had Angelo.


:ph34r: I am living in hiding now :ph34r:

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Part Eight

Nicole lay on her bed that night, she had woken up at 4am, as normal ready to feed Rob, for a few moments she thought that she could hear him but when she realised he wasn’t there, her heart broke.

She wanted to reach out and touch the cot but she didn’t want to cry anymore than she already had.

She decided her mind wasn’t going to let her sleep so she might as well get up and get some ice cream.

She rubbed her eyes in annoyance as she walked towards the kitchen. She saw Angelo looking into the fridge.

He hadn’t noticed her yet.

‘Ice cream?’ she asked as he waved her forwards.

She smiled so he did hear her then.

Angelo laughed as he brought it out ‘Great minds think alike’

Nicole tried to laugh but she just ended up in tears.

Angelo held her and let her cry out her tears.

‘Sorry hormones’

‘Its fine, you’ve given birth, you are bound to be

‘Come on’ he led to the sofa. ‘Sit down. We’ll watch some gory movie that will make us sleep in seconds’

‘Nah, I think I might go and lie down and try to sleep, I can’t concentrate on anything at the moment, but thanks.’ She added with a smile.

‘Sure, I will be out here for a while if you still can’t sleep’ he said as he turned the television on,

Nicole was a bit disappointed as she was hoping that he was nto going to take no for an answer but as she walked back into her room and got under covers, she realised that he wasn’t going to.

Maybe the fact that she didn’t have Rob meant that he wanted nothing more to do with her.

her mind wouldn’t switch off but she didn’t want to go back out to the lounge, she didn’t think she could face any more rejection. The tears began to fall as she cried herself to sleep.


Angelo cursed himself. He must have come across as an insensitive jerk. He didn’t mean to make her think that he didn’t want her there or that they had to watch a gory movie.

All he wanted was to take her mind off everything; he wanted her to feel safe with him. Angelo turned the television off and walked to his room.

He wanted to talk to Nicole and clear the air but he decided against it, he got under the covers and placed his hands behind his head and looked up at the ceiling.

He could feel the sadness reverberating through him but he closed his eyes and within moments, he was fast asleep.

A few moments later, there was a bang and he jumped out of his skin. He could hear Nicole screaming and he ran to her.

‘Sorry’ she said as Angelo held her

‘It’s okay; it was probably just kids messing around’

She nodded ‘Probably’

‘What time is it?’ she asked


‘Might as well get up and have a shower’ she stood up and waited for him to leave the room.

He walked out and went back to his room. He wasn’t sure exactly what he had done wrong but he didn’t have time to think as his phone rang.

‘Brax, what’s up now?’ he said focusing on the restaurant for the first time in a long time. Maybe he and Nicole are not meant to be together? Only time would tell.


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Warning: Use of a swear word.

Enjoy and comment xx

Part Nine

Marilyn hated this cell; she knew that she was an idiot for trying to stab Angelo. She mused to herself.

How can I get Rob without making myself look deluded? She had to think and tread carefully. She knew that everyone’s defences were going to be up and that unless Angelo dropped the charges, there was no chance of her getting out of this place.

‘Still thinking about him?’ her cellmate asked

‘Yes, I mean she doesn’t deserve him’ she said allowing her anger to take over.

Julie said ‘Relax, what goes around comes around. She will lose him because she caused you to lose him’

Julie didn’t actually think that Marilyn deserved the baby but she was in here for 4 months and she had served 3 months, she was up for parole in 2 weeks, she wasn’t going to rock the boat.

Marilyn sighed and then decided to talk to a prison guard.

‘I need to make a phone call’

‘Go ahead, but don’t let people know it was me’


She walked to the phone.


'Angelo’ she said curtly

‘What the f*ck do you want?’

‘To see Rob’

‘You are locked up, like hell you are seeing him’ he said not holding back on his anger

‘I want to see him’ she repeated

‘You are deluded’

‘Fine, you come and see me’

Angelo frowned ‘WHY?’

‘Tomorrow at 1pm’ she said before she hung up


Angelo frowned.

‘You plan on doing any work today?’ Brax asked

‘Jeez, relax, you are doing fine on your own’ he replied

‘Just go home; you are in no fit state to be here. Take some leave, I will hold the fort’

Angelo looked at him and decided not to argue with him and picked his keys up and made his way to his car.

Roo approached him ‘Did you get a phone call?’

‘From Marilyn?’


He nodded ‘She wants to see me…’

‘At 1pm tomorrow?’


Angelo and Roo looked at each other with a confused look on their face. ‘What does she want?’

Angelo shrugged ‘Beats me, but she isn’t going anyway near Nicole’

‘How are you and Nicole?’

Angelo didn’t answer and opened the car door ‘Want a lift?’

‘Nah’ she said understanding that he didn’t want to talk about it.



‘I want you to drop the charges’ she said to Angelo

Roo narrowed her eyes but she didn’t say anything


‘The only reason she lost Rob was because of me, I can easily say it was all me and get her back with him’

‘Why would you do that?’ Roo asked

‘Because, I never wanted Rob to get caught in the crossfire, I love him’

Angelo pondered her request ‘How do I know you will do it?’

‘You don’t, you have to trust me’

‘Fine, I will drop the charges’ he said before he and Roo stood up and left.

Marilyn smiled. She knew Angelo would drop the charges but she wouldn’t hold up her end of the deal. She wanted Rob and she was going to do whatever she could to get him.

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Part Ten

Angelo felt so confused constantly, she wanted to be close to him at one point and the next she was distant.

In a way he understood that Nicole wanted Rob and nothing else mattered but she hadn’t even come anywhere near him since they kissed.

He knew that he shouldn’t be trying to get close to her especially when she is close to falling apart.

He didn’t want to be a jerk but what was he supposed to do? He was so lost and he didn’t know if he could get back to where he wanted to be, with her.

Roo interrupted his thoughts, ‘You going to go work today?’

He sighed ‘Nah, Brax can cope’

‘Am sure he can, but all you are doing is moping’

‘I don’t mope’

‘Oh come on, Nicole went back to Miles’s today, you have been like a bear with a sore head ever since she told us’

He groaned ‘I don’t know why she is pushing me away’

‘It’s really infuriating’ Roo said ‘but she is struggling, just go and hold her, she will open up to you eventually’

‘Will she?’ he asked disbelievingly

‘I am not going to prop up your ego’ she rolled her eyes at him.

‘Fine, I will go and see her’


Nicole was in her room. She could hear the bustling noises of the caravan park but she didn’t care, all she thought about was Rob and how much she wanted to hold him. He was her life and she couldn’t even be there for him.

‘Nicole?’ Romeo called

‘What is it?’ she asked

He came to the door and peeked in. ‘Someone wants to see you downstairs’

She looked at him with confusion ‘Who?’

‘Come down’ he said with a hint of a smile.

She followed him, and as she walked into the kitchen, she froze ‘What are you doing here?’

‘I got out and I wanted to see you, what’s been going on?’ Roman said with a grin on his face.

‘Dad, too much has gone on, has anyone told you anything?’

‘No, I just came straight here’

Romeo stepped in for a moment ‘Do either of you want anything?’

Roman shook his head ‘No, but thanks

‘Am okay thanks?’

Romeo smiled. ‘Will you be okay if I just go out?’

‘Go, its fine’

‘You sure, I don’t think Angelo will be too chuffed if I leave you alone’

‘Its fine, my dad is here, more than enough for me’ she smiled

Roman frowned ‘Angelo?’

Nicole ignored him, she didn’t want to talk about Angelo, it just made her feel even sadder. She should be with him instead of here but he didn’t want her. She had spent the last night pining for him.

She wanted him just to hold her like everyone wants their boyfriend to when they are feeling like they are alone with nothing to look forward, she didn’t even have Rob, she knew that she must be an awful mother not to be able to hold him every day and make him feel better whenever she needed him to.

‘Okay, be careful though, Marilyn is out’

She shuddered forgetting all about Angelo for a few moments.

‘I know, she isn’t allowed near me anyways but I will watch out for her’


Angelo was approaching the caravan park, he walked to the house and he knocked.

Roman walked to the door. ‘Can I help you?’

‘Is Nicole there?’

Nicole heard him ‘Come in’

Roman stepped aside and let him in ‘Am gonna go and look around, will you be okay?’

‘I will be fine’

Angelo smiled at her

Roman gave Nicole a parting glance before walking out.


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