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That's What You Call Love

Guest Summer2011

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Title: That's What You Call Love

Type of Story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Charlie,Brax,others

BTTB Rating: A

Genre: Drama, Romance,

Does the story contain Spoilers: No

Any Warnings: Will warn each chapter if required (L V/D SC)


This is only my 2nd fanfic i have wrote so i don’t no if you will like it or not, feedback would be good.

The fic is set 5years from now. The first chapter is quite short if people like it i will continue with the story.

Chapter one

Charlie’s alarm started beeping, she knocked it off and rolled over and snuggled into her boyfriend.

Shouldn’t you be getting up now, Maisy will be late for school. Charlie replyed in a sleepy v.

oice. “yeaah yeah im getting up now. Brax laughed as Charlie shut her eyes and went back into a deep sleep.

Brax got up and went into maisy bedroom, she was still fast asleep holding tightly onto her teddy.

He sat on the edge of the bed and slightly nudge her, “ come on princess time to get up now”

Maisy rubbed her eyes and looked up at her daddy with her big blue eyes. “ daddy i don’t want to go to school today”

Brax usually gave into all his daughters request but this was one thing he woudnt do. “Come on baby you will have fun, lets go wake mummy up and then have some breakie.

Maisy climbed into her daddys arms and went to wake Charlie up.

“Mummy wake up” maisy kept rubbing charlies arm and finally managed to wake her up.

“morning baby, youhave a good sleep? Maisy nodded her head and snuggled into her mummy.

charlie wrapped her arms around her little girl and placed a kiss on her forehead. They layed there for a few moments before Charlie looked at the clock. “ right come on baby time to get ready for school.

After bribing maisy to get up for the last 10 mintues everyone was now ready for the day.

Maisy was watching tv before she had to leave for school.

Charlie and brax were in the kitchen. “ babe i’l be home late tonight i have to do a stock take at the club”

Yeah ok il be here as usual just doind nothing as usual. Brax looked at Charlie with a confused look,

Charlie whats the matter you havnt been your self lately. Charlie replyed “oh nothing im just fed up thats all, stuck at home day in day out,Its made me think alot of back home and i miss it brax.

Charlie don’t start this,you are home this is where we belong.

No brax summerbay is my home, this isn’t, we have been here for nearly 5 years now and it still feels strange. Brax walked over to Charlie and put his arms around her, Charlie you no we cant go back there, ever. Charlie looked into his eyes, ino but i just wish things turned out different that night, and maybe we would still be there now. Brax let go off Charlie,”you no if we were still in summerbay we wouldn’t be together , no one would let us be together Charlie.

Charlie looked at brax,” i no no, its just hard to forget, brax kissed her on the forehead,” just tryed harder this is our life now mine and yours and our little girls” Charlie looked into brax’s eyes “yeah your right, its just us 3.

Brax went into say goodbye to maisy who was glued to the tv, “ you gunna give your dad a kiss before he goes then trouble?” maisy ran into her daddys arms and placed a kiss on his cheek. “ i love you daddy” brax face widened with a grin “i love you too princess”

The truth was brax really missed summerbay too, but there was no going back there now not after what happened. But when he looked at his daughter he new he made the right choices because there was nothing he woundnt do for Charlie and maisy, they were his girls and the love of his life.

Next chapter: what happened that Charlie and brax left the bay?

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Chapter 2

Brax was in the club doing the stock take but he wasn’t getting much done as he couldn’t stop thinking about summerbay and what happened that night him and Charlie had to leave.

The truth was Angelo was right there was a reason why he wanted in on the restaurant.

The restaurant was where he put all his dodgy money through, there was no questions asked then.

But once Angelo started sniffing about, the secrets were coming out, and Angelo being Angelo tipped the police off and then Charlie got involved. I never wanted her to get involved in dodgy dealings, she ment everything to me and i didn’t want to lose her.

So when me and heath went into the bush that night to get rid of everything that could send me away for a very long time. It all started from there. As we had all the drugs and the gun dug up ready to get rid off out of nowhere we were surrounded by the police. I ran further into the bush

I knew there was a copper on my trial, but i kept running. But when i heard her voice shouting me, i stopped. Everything was a mess, she had proof i was crook just like everyone suspected.

When Charlie caught up with me, the expression on her face said it all.


Brax: Charlie im so sorry i never ment for things to turn out like this.

Charlie: I knew you was no saint brax but drug dealing? What was you thinking?

Brax: Charlie i no i didn’t intend to become a drugdealer, but once i did the 1st few deals and got all that money. It seemed an easy way to get cash, with no hard work involved and for once in my life my family didn’t have to scrimp and save.

Charlie: Brax were not talking about a few odd deals here and there, there is thousands worth of drugs back there. And what about the gun.

Brax: The gun is just protection.Charlie you knew when you got involved with me it woudnt be plain sailing.

Charlie: I knew that,but i don’t no what to think now. Im suppose to lock people like you away not sleep with you.

Brax moved towards Charlie and put his hands around her waist.

Brax: Charlie you how much you mean to me, i don’t want to ever lose you.

Charlie: Its a bit late for that now brax, how can we ever be together. You are looking at least 8 years behind bars.

Brax: There is away. If you really did want us to be together.

Charlie: What do you mean?

Brax: We could leave together right now tonight, go somewhere were nobody nos us we would be just an ordinary couple.

Charlie: You cant be serious brax, my life is here,ruby and my job .

Brax: I think your job wont be a problem nomore once they find out about us. Your probley going be fired, they think you will have known.

Charlie: Excatly brax you have ruined enough of my life.

Tears fell down her cheeks.

Brax moved his hand up to charlies face and wiped away her tears, im sorry babe, i really am i just want to be with you. Charlie i love you.

Charlies eyes widened he had never said that to her before.

Charlie: you mean it?

Brax : Charlie i love you so much and cant bare to think about not being with you. I wanted everyone to no about us didn’t i? If i was just using you or whatever you think why would i want to tell everyone?

Charlie looked into his eyes, she could see the man that had made her smile these last 5 months, the man that deep down she knew was so important to her that the thought of not seeing him nomore made her heart ache. She knew they could be happy together and he would look after her.

Brax: so whats gunna happen now?

Charlie: Well i don’t think i have that much to lose now, my career is basically over, and ruby isn’t a kid anymore shes going to uni next year i think she will be ok without me. So i think im stuck with you.

A grin had appeared on brax’s face.

Charlie: We will go back to leahs and i will get my passport and some money and say goodbye to ruby and then we will leave. I will ring into the station and tell them i have caught you and im taking you to the station.

Brax: Sounds like a plan sergent buckton .

Once they were in leahs Charlie had changed out her uniform and packed a bag and was saying goobye to ruby. Brax had gone to the restuarnt to pick up some cash out of the safe and Charlie was to meet him there.

Charlie: Im sorry ive never been a proper mum to you ruby. I wish things had turned out different.

Ruby: Its ok Charlie its the past now, you have always been here for me even if it was as a sister most of the time.

Charlie hugged ruby and kissed her forehead, i love you ruby.

Ruby : i love you too mum.

A grin appeared on Charlie’s face, they both laughed and had one last hug.

Ruby: be safe, and by the way i always knew you has the hots for brax.

They both laughed.

And Charlie left to meet brax, Charlie headed into the restaurant, when she walked in brax and angelo were fighting.

Angelo: Charlie what are you playing at you cant seriously be running off with him. Leaving behind everything you love.

Charlie: yes angelo i am theres nothing here for me anymore, and doing what will make me happy.

Angelo: What about ruby she wont be happy with it?

Charlie: Shes fine, she wants me to be happy angelo.

Brax: Why you explaining yourself to him Charlie, it has nothing to do with the loser.

Angelo: If you don’t want me to call the station it is.

Brax pulled out an object from his the inside of his jacked and pointed it at angelo.

Charlie: Brax what do you think your doing, put the gun away now.

Brax : Im only giving angelo some friendly advice, if he shouts his mouth of to the coppers again i mite have to use one of these on him.

Charlie: Put the gun away brax, this isn’t helping. He wont say anything.

Angelo: I woundt be sure about that.

Brax moved closer to him mr clever clogs arnt ya i mite just use one of these bullets on ya just because i don’t like your attiude, always sticking your nose in where its not wanted.

Charlie: Brax stop it come on,we need to go.

Angelo looked at Charlie you really want to throw away everything you have for someone like him.

Brax shouted at angelo if you don’t shut it, Charlie jumped in between angelo and Charlie.

Charlie: Brax come on lets go before we run out of time.

Brax: We cant go anywhere until i deal with him.

Charlie: Brax don’t do anything stupid, to mess things up anymore lets just go.

Brax: How do we no he wont ring the station the minute we leave?

Charlie: He wont . He do it for me. He let us go.

Brax: Everythings messed up we wont get far, there be on our trial. Why are we bothering.

Charlie pulled brax towards her and said we are doing this because i love you and i don’t want to spend a day apart from you. Also i am carry your baby.

Brax looked shocked and dropped the gun. And then a grin appeared on his. Your pregnant!

Charlie: Yes i am, and you are going to be a daddy, with that Charlie placed brax’s hand on her stomach . Thats your baby boy or girl inside there.

Brax rubbed charlies stomach and then placed a kiss on her lips.

Brax: we better get out of here then, its just me,you and mini me now.

Hey angelo i feel like the luckiest man alive tonight which is a bit werid after everything thats happened but im gunna let you live.

Charlie: you wont say anything angelo?

Angelo: No i never seen yous. But Charlie just promise me you no what your doing.

Charlie: I no what i doing angelo, I doing the best for my baby.

Angelo gave a smile, and Charlie and brax left through the fire exit, and drove away in the car.

Back at the staion news got round that sergent buckton had been seeing brax and they were now on the run. Heath was banged up in the cell and felt let down and alone, he never thought his brother would let him take the rap.


Brax had finished at work and had just got in the door when maisy jumped into his arms and wrapped her arms around her daddy.

Brax: Miss me then princess?

Maisy replied with a yeah and snuggled into her dad for a cuddle.

Charlie appeared in the doorway, so use two going to stay out here all night or are yous coming to watch a movie.

They all were laid on the couch, maisy asleep in brax’s arms and Charlie resting her head on his chest. The film had finished.

Charlie: Well someone is out for the count. As she looked at masiy .

Brax: Yeah she needs her beauty sleep just like her mum.

Charlie looked ay brax, im sorry about today i didn’t mean it i was justing having a bad day.

Brax: Ino Charlie its fine.

Charlie reached up and gave brax a kiss, I love you mr Braxton.

Brax replied i think i love you more ms buckton, they both laughed.

Next chapter: Heath turns up and isn’t happy that his brother left him to take the rap all them years ago!

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Chapter 3

Charlie,Brax and maisy were all in the garden.

Charlie was sat on a deck chair with a glass of wine, watching brax and maisy playing footy.

She loved them both so much, but every now and then ruby would pop into her head. And she would wonder if she was still in summerbay. Was she happy.

Charlie was brought out of thoughts when maisy pounced into her arms.

Maisy: Mummy don’t let him get me?

Brax: Its too late maisy, got you now.

With that brax tickled his daughter who in return burst out giggling.

Brax then announced he had to go back to work.

Brax: Il see ya later babe. And placed a kiss on charlie’s lips.

Charlie: Ok bye.

Brax went to get into his truck, Then maisy shouted out “Love you daddy”

“Love you to princess, be good” brax replied.

In the distance was peering eyes watching brax and his family.

Charlie: maisy how bout we watch a movie until daddy comes home.

Maisy: Ok mummy, only if i can pick.

Charlie: course you can darling just please don’t pick high school musical we have watch it 4 times this week, and theres only a certain amont a mother can take of that film.

With that maisy gave her mum a cheeky grin.

Brax was just clearing away before he closed up. When he heard footprints coming from behind him.

Brax: you forget your keys again scott?

No its me.

Brax: Heath?

Heath: Hello bro.

Brax: What you doing here? How did you no where i was?

Heath: Well you see ive been doing some investigating, taken me awhile to track you down but ive managed it.

Brax: What do you want?

Heath: That no way to speak to your little brother is it brax? After all you left him to rot in jail for the last five years. I must say you do have some nerve brax, all loved up with that copper and the kid.

Brax: You been watching me? What the hell do you want heath? Im sorry i left you to take the blame, but i had to get out of town.

Heath: yeah so you can live in a nice town with your little family, while i was stuck in some poxy cell 24/7.

Brax: I had a child to think about, i wasn’t going to turn my back on my responsabilitys, not like dad did on us. And im glad i did go on the run because theres nothing i woudnt do for maisy and Charlie.

For the first time in my life heath i have a proper family.

Heath: So it was okay to turn your back on me and the boys? And mum!

Brax: Heath i had no choice i had to leave, and you no one day it would happen, it wasn’t always going to be me you and the boys. It was gunna end one day.

Heath: Yeah well i never would have done what you did, its not what a riverboy would do.

Anyway im here for a reason. I want paying back for what i did for you.

Brax: Oh yeah whats that.

Heath: Money i want paying for everyday, every year i spent in that jail while you were out here playing happy families. 50,000 should cover it.

Brax: You got to be kidding

Heath: Do i look like im laughing?

Brax: Your not getting a penny off me, i don’t have that kind of cash.

Heath: Dont give me that the day you did a runner the cash went missing the police didn’t get it, so you have it.

Brax: Yeah i took it, but how do you think we have been living on for the last 5 years. Its not like Charlie could go out and get a job, questions would have been asked and it was too risky.l

Heath: Its even more risky now, if i don’t get any money, i might have to tell the old bill the where abouts of you and Charlie.

And then what will that cute little girl do without her mummy and daddy.

Brax: Dont you dare open your mouth.

Brax went to grab heath.

Heath: I woudnt do anything stupid braxy boy, im the one calling the shots.

With that he walked to the door.

Heath: Dont worry il be back, so make sure you get me the money.

Brax went home, he coudnt believe he was letting heath tell him what to do,But he had no choice really. Heath had his family life in jeopardy.

He walked in the front door, Charlie was asleep on the couch and maisy was snuggled into her with her thump in her mouth and her teddy bear.

He stood there for a few minutes, they looked so peacefull.

He wasn’t going to let anyone ruin his little family especially his brother, Hes sorry that heath had to take the rap but Charlie and maisy come first no matter what.

Next chapter: When heath doesn’t get what he wants, who does he go after?

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Chapter 4

It had been over a week since heaths vist. Brax had told Charlie about it, but she knew what heath was like.

Maisy was playing in the garden with her doll and pram. When someone from behind her grabbed hold of her.

Charlie went out into the garden to call maisy in for her dinner, but there was no sign of her.

She searched everywhere but coudnt find her. She quickly ran indoors and phoned brax.

He came home straight away, his girlfriend was falling to pieces and his little girl was nowhere to be seen.

Brax puts his arms around Charlie and tried to comfort her.

When braxs phone rang, on the end of the line a sharp voice said “You will get your little girl back once i get what im owed!”

Brax screamed down the phone “if you don’t bring my daughter back by this evening i will ring the police, Dont you lay a finger on her.

Heath: Now now brax don’t be using threats we no you cant do that, you go to the cops you an Charlie will be busted after all this time running. We both no your not gunna do that.

Brax: Im warning you heath leave my little girl alone.

The phone went dead.

Charlie: Whats he doing with maisy, is he going to bring her home?

Brax: He give her back until he gets the money.

Charlie: But we don’t have that kind of money brax, What we gunna do?

Brax pulled Charlie close to him,and said Il get her back i promise.

Later that night Charlie and brax was lying in bed.

Charlie: I miss her so much brax , i want my baby back.

Brax: Ino Charlie theres nothing that i wont do until shes back here where she belongs. I just have to try find a way to raise the money.

Charlie: What if he hurts her?

Brax: He wont Charlie, hes just doing this to scare us, he just after money.

Charlie: she wont be able to sleep she doesn’t have her teddy.

Brax wrapped his arms around Charlie and held her tightly.

Brax: She’s brave Charlie, just think positive.

With tears rolling down her eyes Charlie snuggled into the father of her child and hoped she would get her little girl home and safe soon.

In heaths apartment.

Maisy: If your my daddys brother how come you never came to vist us.

Heath: well me and your daddy had a falling out so thats why i never came to vist yous.

Maisy: But your back friends now?

Heath: Yeah we are, so thats why your staying with me until your mummy and daddy finish that message i told they had to go and do.

Maisy: But why didn’t my mummy tell me i was going to come and stay with you?

Heath: Ah she must have forgot.

Maisy: hmmm ok. So when will i be going home?

Heath: sometime soon,when they have finished the message, you ask alot of questions for a five year old.

Maisy started to laugh.

Heath smiled, it was a shame thinks had to come to this.she was a sweet kid and he would have like to be a part of her life and even for skye to meet her.

Chapter 5 What happens when brax and heath prepare to exchange maisy and the cash, and why does heath need the money so bad?

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Sorry i havnt been updating this but my exams are starting next week so was busy revising, but maybe writting this will help me next week in my english exam lol.. I also keep changing my mind how the story is going to go which is annoying me lol, And i also want to write a different fanfic based on the braxton family such as their past, but decided id better finish this one first.

Thankyou all for your lovely comment it means alot :)

Chapter 5

1 week later.

Today was the day of the hand over, they were going to give heath the money he wanted and they were going to get their little girl back.

It was 1pm charlie and brax was waiting in their car in the place they had arranged to meet heath, soon enough a truck pulled up and thier was heath.

Brax got out of the car with the bag full of cash, and walked over to heath.

Heath got out of his truck and in his hand he held a gun.

When thry reached each other brax wasnt surprised that heath would have a weapon.

Heath: come on then open the bag?

Brax: Wheres maisy? Im not giving you a penny till i have my daughter.

Heath: Dont worry you will have her back, once i have the cash in my hands.

Brax opened the bag which was full of cash.

Heath: Right then over to the truck.

They were now standing at heaths truck as heath went to open the side door, brax pounced on him knocking the gun out of his hands.

They both fell to the ground both punching and kicking each other, with each one them shouting something at one another.

The door of the truck was slightly open a little hand pulled at the door and struggled to open it, but eventually manged to open it.

The two men were still struggling.

Charlie got out of the car and decided to see what was taking so long, as she walked over standing at the door of the truck was her little princess.

Charlie shouted maisie in a scared but delightful tone.

Maisy's face lit up and run into her mothers arms.

Maisy: I missed you mummy.

Charlie: I missed you too baby, so much. And planted a kiss on maisy's forehead.

There reunion was broken up when charlie heard brax and heath shouting, she walked around to where they were and seen them both fighting.

Charlie screamed at them both too stop.

They both were shocked, they had forgetten all about charlie being in the car and about maisy.

When maisy seen her dad she ran over to him calling daddy.

Brax lifted his daughter into his arms and hugged her for dear life, he was so happy to see his baby girl.

Maisy told him she missed her mummy and daddy loads but she had fun with uncle heath and skye and wanted to go and play with skye soon once she was better and out of the sick place that she had to stay in with all them wires and machines.

Brax was happy that his little girl wasnt harmed and that she didnt no what really happened.

But he was confused about who this skye girl was.

A smile appeared on heaths face when masiy talked about skye, he was sorry he caused pain and worry on his brother but he had no choice he needed that money. He knew how much brax loved maisy even though he hadnt seen him in 5 years but he knew how much he loved his own baby girl skye so much and would do anything for her.

Brax: whos skye thats she's talking about?

Heath: She's my daughter.

Brax: What? You a dad heath thats something i thought id never see you taking care of someone.

Heath: yeah well things change brax just look at you.

Brax: Yeaah you have a point, but if you have a child to look after why have you done all this if we did report you to the poilce your daughter would have lost her dad, what you playing at man?

Heath: I didnt no what else to do brax, i need that money i really need it. skye needs it.

Brax: What you mean?

Heath: Skye shes sick, very sick and she needs treatment and it costs alot, and i dont have that kind of money. My own wage wont cover it and since skye mum walk out on us once she found out skye was sick it was left to me.

Brax: Ahh man im sorry, but why didnt you tell me this at the start. Were family you no i would have helped.

2hours later

Heath had gone back home with brax and charlie, they had dinner and brax decided to give heath the moeny to help his brother out, afterall he did owe him but his nieces life was at state here and he would do anything to help.

Charlie wasnt happy with the way heath went about all this but even she felt sorry for heath now, she knew how much pain she wass feeling when he had maisy but knowing your daughter is very ill and could die without this treatment would have made charlie do anything aswell to save her child.

Heath apolgised for causing all this trouble and thanked braxs for giving him the money. Heath was going to the hoisptal to see his daughter. Brax asked could he come and meet his niece.

Heath told him it would be great, when they arrived at the hoisptal the nurse greated heath and said skye had been fine all day but had been sick a few times and didnt take a lot of her bottles during the day.

They enterd into the room and there laying in a cot with a machine beside and wires coming in and out everywhere, was a beautiful baby girl laying down looking up at the moblie.

Heath walked over to her and looked down at his precious baby, he twickled her chin and spoke to his little girl. Who in return gave the the biggest gummy smile.

Brax looked at this sight before him, he couldnt believe that was his brother in front of him, for once in his life he could see heath actually cared for someone and loved this little girl alot.

Brax returned home it was late and charlie was in bed. He enjoyed seeing his niece, she was perfect and deserved more than what she was going through right now, she certainly made and impact on her uncle brax he already loves the bones of her, that gummy smile she gave made his heart melt.

He went into his and charlies bedroom, maisy was lying beside charlie and charlie had her arms wrapped around maisy. Brax coundnt believe how lucky he was, he loved his girls so much, even skye was part of that now, and he really hoped she was going to be ok.

He climbed into bed and charlie woke up, She asked was everyhting ok, brax told her about skye.

Charlie said she sounds adorable and it looks like she already had her uncle brax wrapped round her little finger just like your daughter does.

Brax let out a laugh. Yeah they do, maybe one day there will be a mummys boy brax said woth a grin. charlie said ermm maybe one day but i think im happy with us 3 for now. But you no if we did have a little boy maybe you could take him fishing and digg the gardens for worms because i would rather my daughter played with makeup instead of muck. With that they both laughed.

Charlie placed a kiss on brax's lips and said i love you brax.

Brax replied i love you too. He then cuddled into his precious girls and wrapped his arms around them, he had the perfect family.

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So i have an english exam 2marrow i thought writting the next chapter of this might help me in the essay question somehow :/ lol

Chapter 6

Heath was at the hosiptal with skye, she had a bad turn in the middle of the night her heart had stopped and the docters struggled to get her back, but they managed it. Skye was laying in the cot with more wires and machines hanging from her than every before.

Heath hated seeing his little girl going through all this, he couldnt describe how much he loved this little girl. He still couldnt understand how bianca could have walked out and left them both. How could she leave her little girl when she needed her the most? When she was fighting for her life? She had brought her into this world how could she turn her back on her?

Brax walked through the doors and brought heath out of his thoughts, brax asked how she was? The reply was the same though. Nothing had changed she was still just hanging in their. Brax tried to reassure heath that skye would pull through but he was having trouble convining himself. Heath asked brax why does all the bad fall on the innocent one's, skye had never done anything wrong she was just a baby, his perfect baby. Was it payback for the bad things he had done.

3 Hours later......

The docters came to talk to heath, the news wasnt good. The docter explained that the only thing that was keeping skye alive now was the machines, she wasnt strong enough, it was all a matter of time before she gave up.

Heath didnt want to believe a word they were saying he couldnt lose skye she was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

His eyes filled with tears he thought he was living in a nIghtmare, and he wanted to wake up.

The machines that was keeping skye alive would be switched off later this evening and heath and the rest of the family would say goodbye to baby skye.

Heath wanted to take his babys place so much, but he knew that want a posabilty he had to let her go. Go to a place where she was free, away from pain.

Charlie and brax and maisy had come to the hosiptal to see skye, Heath went out to make a phonecall.

He dialled the number, but noone picked up, only that was heard was "hey its bianca, cant take yout call right now im too busyhaving cuddles with my gourgous little missy". She still had that voicemail heath thought, she had done it the night skye was born when everyone was ringing.

Heath left a message " Bianca please pick up the phone, its urgent its skye we have to say goodbye to our baby girl, she needs her mummy"

Heath went back inside charlie and brax where standing beside skyes cot, maisy in her daddys arms talking about all the things her and skye could do when she was bigger, she was too young to understand. heath joined them, the docter walked in, it was time.

The docter explained that when he turned off the machine skye might breathe for a few moments by herself but then her heart will be under too much pressure then she will go to sleep. Charlie gave skye a kiss and spoke "sleep tight with the angels baby".

Brax walked over to skye and explained to maisy she had to say goodbye to skye because she was to sick to stay with us, but she was going to a nice place where she could sleep with no more machines and wires. Brax looked at his daughter as she had a sad and lost look on her face, and he watched as his little girl gave her baby cousin her special teddy bear to sleep with. Maisy told her daddy "my teddy will look after skye and she wont cry" Brax was filling up with tears. He planted a kiss on his nieces forehead for the last time.

Heath was finding it hard to see with all the tears rolling down his face he went and stood beside his little girl,he stroked her cheek just like he use to when she couldnt sleep and wanted comforting and spoke the last words he would ever say to her. "Sleep tight princess, i wish things could have been differnet, but i no one thing for sure i would never change being your dad because your the best thing that ever happened to me, and i will always love you" I always wanted to teach you how to surf, to ride your 1st bike but im never going to get to do any of that now, but one day baby we will be together again. With that he planted his final kiss on his little girl. The machines bleeped, you could see skye breathing,then the little girl gave her daddy one last smile before she took her final sleep.

Moments after skye was gone, she was too good for this world she had gone to the angels.

The hosiptal room was filled with such loss and saddness.

All of a sudden they could hear a lot of noise coming from outside the room, someone shouting.

Then she burst in through the doors, and looked at everyone in the room there faces told her the news she didnt want to hear,she was too late she missed the chance to say goodbye to her little girl, the little girl that brought her so much happiness when she arrived into this world, the one who she loved smothering in kissed and cuddles.the little girl who she was proud to say she was the mother off was gone, she was too late. She no longer was a mother because her baby had left this cruel world and gone to sleep forever :(

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Chapter 7

It had been a week since skye had died and everyone was still coming to terms with it,heath had gone to vist of friend for a while to get around the fact his daughter no longer was with him.Bianca had gone back to summerbay, her and heath hadnt parted on good terms he hated that fact she left skye when she needed her mother.

It was a saturday morning and brax, charlie and maisie were going to spend the day at the beach, they had the bucket and spades,a pincinc and towels.

They arrived at the beach there was a few familys there aswel taking adavantage of the lovely day.

Charlie sat down on one the towels and looked on ad father and daughter played footie on the beach.

Brax was such a good dad, and maisie adored him just like she was the apple of her daddys eye. They looked so happy, with smiles on their face and the sound of laughter.

Charlie looked in her handbag, staring back at her was the pregencey test, she had to do it today, she left it too long it was about time now.


Brax was putting maisie to bed before he and charlie enjoyed the rest of the night together.

Maisie gave her mummy a kiss and climbed into her daddys arms, he tucked her to her bed. Since she gave her teddy to skye to take with her to heaven she found it hard to get to sleep so brax had to wait a while before he could leave her, she usually asked for a bedtime story.

After 15 mintues of the bedtime story brax had just made up in his head, he gave her kiss goodnight. "Love you daddy" maisie called out. Brax replied back "love you more princess". With that maisie snuggled into her blankets and fell asleep.

Back downstairs charlie was sat on the couch, brax asked did she want a glass of wine. Charlie said no.

Brax thought it was strange charlie hadnt had a drink all week, normally she would have a glass with dinner.

He asked her was she ok. she said yeah but there is something.

I think i might be preganant, i havnt taken the test yet because of skye and everything i didnt think it was the right time.

Wow charlie, im gunna be a dad again. Charlie responed with " dont jump the boat i havnt taken the test yet.

Brax couldnt take the grin of his face. Well lets do it now and find out if where gunna have a mim brax or a mini charlie.

Charlie had taken the test and they had to wait 5 mintues for the result show up, Brax kept asking had why wasnt showing up, charlie said it had to take a while. charlie looked at the clock right its time, brax looked at her, charlie said he could cheek it as he missed all this part with maisie. Brax lifted it up and it showed up postive.. Where having another baby charlie.

The biggest grin ever had appeared on charlies face, and she threw her arms around brax, he held her in his arms. she looked up at brax and said " i love you so much brax." Brax replied " i love you too and our little family, your the best thing to ever happen to me charlie."

With that he planted a kiss on her lips and moved his hands across her stomach and smiled.

A few days had passed and they had told maisie she was going to be a big sister soon, she seemed to take it well and was quite excited.

She kept asking questions like how the baby got in mummys tummy? And why is she not coming now? which brax and charlie had to answer a dozen times.

Next chapter... Brax gets a vister and goes back to some old roots? But what will the outcome be?

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Sorry i havnt been updating much, but my exams are over now so hopefully i can do more now... Thankyou all for reading and leaving comments it means alot :) Im happy your enjoying reading it :)

Chapter 8

Brax's phone had beeped for the 5th time and charlie asked who it was? Brax told her it was a new supplier for the club giving him some qoutes.

Charlie went to get maisie ready for school, he picked up his phone and read the message which said "Brax please get in touch with me i need to talk to you mum"

Brax wonder what his mother wanted, but he couldnt go back there not now after everything.

Once maisie was ready her and charlie left for school. Brax's phone beeped again, it was another message from his mum.

He knew she wasnt going to give up till he spoke to her, so he knew he would have to go and see her.

He got into his car and drove back to his old roots, back to the place that he desperatly tryed to escape from and finally did.

He arrived outside his old house, the house he grew up in, the house that held many memories some good and some bad, well mostly bad.

Brax sat in the car for a few mintues thinking about the time when they all lived there all 5 of them, when things were normal when his mum didnt turn to gambling and drink everyday, when heath didnt get into trouble with cops and when brax was truly happy.

He walked up the path and knocked on the door, cheryl opened the door and when she see brax she threw her arms around him, he didnt respond back straight away but eventually did, he forgot how his mums hugs felt. He remebered when he was little and she use to tuck him and heath into bed and tell them stories of how one day they would live in a big house with a swimming pool and big garden. A place that would be so different to mangroove river.

They were in the sitting room, brax got straight to the point, what is it you want?

Cheryl looked at her eldest son and said its your dad hes back in town and he wants our help.

Next chapter: Braxs father sean arrives what does he want? can brax forgive his father and help him out?

Sorry this was short but im very tired tonight.

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Sorry havnt been updating again :o but been really busy this week, theres only 3 more chapters left after this one anyway.. Then im hoping to write a different braxton one :)

Chapter 9

Brax was sat in the house where he grew up, where he struggled to grow up with his mother and two brothers. This house had seen all the troubles the family had gone through.

There was a knock on the door, and in walked the man that had walked out on his family 12 years ago, when he cheated on his wife with her bestfriend.

Brax couldnt understand how his mother could let him back in so easily after everthing he had done to the family. He hadnt changed much, just looked older, brax thought.

He looked at brax and a big smile appeared on his face, you've turned out a fine young man. Brax didnt say anything at first but then said the same thing he said to his mother "What do you want"?

His father replied with i wanted to see you, its been too long. Brax replied with yeah its been 12 years, its took you 12 years to see if your wife could manage to bring your three kids that you left when you went of with tracey and your new little family. "what you left lily now" Cant you hack bringing up your kids.

Sean didnt say much at first he let brax get out his anger and frustration, He then said lilys the reason im here, brax just stared at him. Lily has kidney failure and she needs a transplant, and i... Brax cut him off before he finished his sentence, and what you thought i would want to give one of mine, so after all these years you only come back to safe your precious daughters life..

Sean said no no i wanted to see you so many times before but i couldnt come back not after what i had done.

Brax was very anger now, you have a nerve to come here asking me for help, when you left, our whole lifes fell apart, you left mum to look after me and heath and a newborn baby. She turned to drink and the gambling, she tried her best but when it got to much, we were in so much debt we were lucky to still have the house.

Sean was about to say sorry but brax said dont even bother its too late now.

Brax left and went home, he told charlie what happened.

They were both cuddled up on the couch, and charlie said "I Know what your dad did was wrong, but this is a young girls life on the line, your half sisters life in fact, she cant be blamed for any of this, she didnt ask to be borni. You cant blame her for wrcking your family brax, your dad did that.

Brax looked at charlie and he knew what she was saying was right, she was only 17 she has her whole life ahead of her.. Brax said to charlie yeah your right i have to donate one of my kidneys to lily i dont think i would ever forgive myself.. Charlie smiled at brax, your just the best darryl braxton always thinking of others, brax placed a kiss on charlies lips.

He pushed her hair behind her ears, and then said anyway theres no point living in the past, i have a beauitful family here, and then rubbbed charlies stomach,.

Brax rang sean that evening and told him he would donate his kidney, sean explained they will have to see if there a match first and if he was they could go ahead straight away, Brax agreed with it all, before sean hung up he said thankyou to brax, brax replied with im not doing it for you im doing it for lily.

2 days later

Brax got the results back, he was a match the transplant would go ahead.

chapter 10

The transplant goes ahead, but tradgy strikes who dies?? will lily get to no her brother or will it be too late or will brax be risking to much then he thought??

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Chapter 10

It was 3am and brax couldnt get back to sleep he just layed there with everything running through his mind. H looked at charlie and masie who were both beside him fast asleep. They looked so peacefull. Then he started to think about the transplant and what if something went wrong. But then skye came into his thoughts, he didnt want to say goodbye to another family member so soon, he was brought out from his thoughts when maisie started to winge abit. He turned around to face her and rubbed the side of her cheek, she put her thumb into her mouth and curled into her daddy and fell back asleep.

Brax was back awake again at 6.30am so he got up and made himself a coffee,charlie got up not long after him as she had been getting alot of morning sickness lately. They both cuddled up on the couch,when charlie suddenly jumped, brax asked charlie what was wrong, was the baby ok? She said everything was fine, but a certain someone was saying goodmorning, brax put his hand on charlies stomach and felt his baby kick for the first time. brax had the widest grin on his face, he looked at charlie and gazed into her eyes and said im the luckiest man alive you and our babys mean the world to me, i love you so much, charlie leaned in and kissed him, and told him she didnt ever wanna lose him.


It was the morning of the transplant, maisie had gone to stay in her friends house as it was too long for her to wait in the hospital.

Brax was lieing in the hospital bed ready to go into theatre , charlie gave him a kiss and said she loved him and that she would see him when he got out.

He placed his hand on her very big bump and stroked it and told her not to worry everything would be fine.

Just before going into theatre lily and brax were beside each other on the trollys, lily spoke to her brother for the 1st proper time. She thanked him for doing this and that she would like to get to no him and charlie and maisie after all this was over. Brax said he would love that.

They went into theatre and everything seemed to be going well, lily was out in recovery, but brax was still in theatre getting closed up, the surgent was almost finished when suddenly the machines beeped, Brax's heart was stopping, every minute it got weaker and weaker. The surgent tired everything he could but nothing seemed to work, he tried for the final time hoping this would work, but nothing happened, He looked at the clock and said time of death 2.15pm.

Darryl braxton had gone, he had left this earth leaving behind his loving partner who was carrying his unborn child and their little girl..

Next chapter : Charlie finds out about brax's death.

Sorry i know some of yous didnt want him to die, but i thought he had to coz i couldnt take the storyline anywhere else really. But theres 2 or 2 chapters left.

Hoping to have the next chapter up 2day sometime.

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