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Pieces Of Time

Guest Zetti

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Story Title: Pieces Of Time

Type of Story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Casey, Heath, Brax and others

BTTB Rating: Teen/Adult: 15+

Genre: Angst, Drama, Violence, Language and Sexual Content

Does the Story Include Spoilers? Probably not

Any Warning: Sexual Content, Violence (Abuse) and Language

Summary: Casey’s past is revealed.

This is only going to be a very short fic, its just to provide some background knowledge to Mirror Of Love.

Thanks to Miranda for helping me with this chapter :)

9th November 2009

Until a few months ago, I was living in Mangrove River with my two brothers. Both of them are annoying but to be honest without them I wouldn’t have survived the past few months.

I've never been able to talk about my past but I feel ready now especially since I have the support of my family to reveal what happened to me.

1 year ago

I could hear Steve in the distance talking to someone, it was obviously about me, he was doing the whole gesturing towards me subtly thing or at least he thought it was subtle.

He had me kept prisoner in a small dusty room with a single bed, a small nightstand that had mouldy bits on it. I didn't want to know what they were. I didn’t want find out. The room had a musty smell that made my stomach churn but at the time I had no idea what to do or how to get out of there.

Every night, Steve came into my room. At first I was so shocked that I tried to stop him from touching me but he didn’t even register my resistance, he just ploughed on regardless. His slimy hands from his food kept on touching me.

Every time he touched me, I switched off; I just went into thinking mode. I remember him saying to me ‘Do you like this?’ I never answered but that never bothered him.

Once he had finished, he jumped off me but this time instead of leaving me alone, he comes out with ‘You will be getting customers soon.’

‘What?’ I asked raspily.

‘Customers, you’re talent is too good to waste.’

I didn’t answer.it was too much of a shock.

‘Your first customer will be in 10 minutes.

Once he had said that, he ordered me into the shower and to make myself look smart.

I didn’t know what to do.


Steve popped his head in the door ‘He will be here soon’

I nodded ‘Okay, should I come out?’

‘No, I will send him in.’ Steve walked out of the room and yet a few seconds later I heard him walk back in

‘Don’t act lifeless like you do with me, be lively otherwise I will not be happy’

I gulped but Steve didn’t even notice. He didn’t really care as long as he got the money at the end, my feelings or thoughts didn’t even come on the radar. I should have been angry but how could I? At the time I didn’t even know that it was wrong.


‘Mmm.’ I moaned in pretence so that this old guy with wrinkly skin would finally come and get off me. I had been enthusiastic as I could but I was getting sick of it.

I had been sleeping with ‘customers’ for the past few months. Steve wouldn’t come near me anymore, thank god for that; I didn’t need him anywhere near me.

I could just about cope with the men and the freaks on me but Steve scares me but yet I still feel like I need to make him content.

About 10 minutes later, Steve comes in whilst I am getting dressed. ‘You’re moving up’

‘To what?’ I say with annoyance in my voice

If Steve had noticed, he didn’t say anything ‘Well, I have decided you don’t need to be in here, I want you out there by my side helping me with the other parts of my business. Obviously you won’t be with me 24/7 as I have to uphold my reputation.’

‘What do you want me to do?’ I heard myself say to him.

‘You are going to be a drug dealer, I don’t care if you don’t take drugs but you will be on the front line, making sure other dealers stay away from our turf’

At the time I felt so proud that he had trusted this to me. I felt like he cared about me and so I didn’t even realise that it was going to be the most dangerous part of my life to date.


14th December 2009

People seemed to respect me on the streets maybe it was because I was associated with Steve.

At the time I thought nothing of it; it was simply because I really didn’t understand what to do and how to be anything other than Steve’s lapdog.

I met Lilly today; she was one of the drug runners transporting drugs from one location to another. She seemed a bit naïve in hindsight but then I was naïve in hindsight.

‘How long have you been working for Steve then?’ I asked Lilly who was wearing this unbelievably short skirt and crop top.

She was turning me on and she knew it ‘Well, not long’

She walked into this alleyway and I followed her. I knew what she wanted and despite the fact that I was barely 16 and she was like 15. I didn’t actually care, I just wanted her.

She stood up against the wall, smiling seductively at me. I signalled to the guys to keep watch out for anyone but not to disturb me. The past few weeks had led me to be so fully invested in the drugs ring.

Maybe it was the relief from not being kept prisoner in that small awkward space.

I put my hands under her crop top and moved upwards, she pushed herself up against me, silently begging me to touch her more roughly

I kept on rubbing her chest and my fingers traced the outline of her breasts.

‘Case!’ one of the boys hissed ‘Steve’s coming!’

My hands moved away and I grimaced ‘Sorry’

‘Your loss’ she said as she straightened herself and disappeared down the other end of the alleyway.


I was sitting on the sofa in this new flat Steve had ‘given’ me. As long as I gave him what he wanted, he didn’t care about anything else.

‘Casey’ said Steve ‘I need your help’

‘What with?’ I asked.

He walked into the room. ‘I have a drug deal that needs someone I trust there’

I beamed with pride when he said that.


‘Tonight at midnight’


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The second part of this fic, like I said before, there will be one more part to this fic :)

Chapter 2

I heard the clang of the door as Steve and I walked into the warehouse. ‘You will be fine’

‘I don’t even know what it is I am supposed to do?’

‘Just to hand the drugs over and collect the money, that’s it. No hidden agenda’

‘And that’s it?’


I was not convinced but I didn’t have time to question his motives any further, time wasn’t on my side then.

Two people walked into the room, one was skinny and looked like he was about to collapse onto the floor.

However the other person took me completely by surprised, as it was Lilly. Even Steve hissed under his breath.

She avoided eye contact with me. She had spent the past few months by my side helping me to do my drug runs and it was all because she wanted information!

At that point, I was very very annoyed but there wasn’t much I could do. She did look like she didn’t want to be there but then again I didn’t want to be there neither.

Both of us reached the middle of the room. There was a table with the drugs on there. Steve gestured for me to open the briefcase and show the man the money.

As I did, a phone rang in the distance. Steve didn’t look worried at all. He just took it in his stride and waited for the exchange to happen.

‘Count it’ the man said to his partner who was already stood at the table. I remained stood there as he counted it.

‘We agreed on $2.5million’ Steve added once the man had finished counting

‘Yes but there’s only $2million here’

The colour drained out of Steve’s face, I was tempted to move back but I knew that if I made one wrong move then I would be pounced on

‘Where is my money?’

‘It should be there’

It was clear to me Steve was out of his depth, he didn’t even know what to say.

The man pulled out his gun; it was only a few centimetres away from me. The next few moments were absolutely terrifying.

As soon as the gun came out, Steve froze. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Lily flinch. I managed to have a bit of sympathy for her.

‘Where is it?’

A few seconds later, I had the barrel of the gun pointed at my neck. Steve somehow managed to get his voice and said to the guy holding the gun to my neck

‘He is expendable, so go for it’

I don’t know why I was surprised, deep down I knew it, and he wasn’t going to help me. I was just a toy to him.

I smiled once the gun had moved away ‘Thanks for the heads up’

‘No problem. He took the case of money and walked away from the table but before he made his way out ‘I want one more thing’

Steve looked at me with relief and confusion but I wasn’t going to save him.

‘Lily comes with me’

The man frowned.

‘Okay, fine, have her’

I gestured to Lily to come with me.

Once we had got to safety, she stopped shaking. I made my way back to my flat, packed my things.

‘Where are you going?’

‘We’ I said

‘Fine, where are we going?’

‘Back home, where we belong’

‘I don’t belong anywhere’ Lily said to me.

‘You belong with me, stop arguing’


Next and Last Chapter: Casey arrives in Summer Bay, how will Heath & Brax react when he tells them about Steve?

What happens to Lily?

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This chapter is dedicated to all my readers! Without you I wouldnt have wrote this fic! :)

Chapter Three

I walked out of the bus station with Lily in tow.

‘I don’t think we should do this’ Lily said to me

‘Trust in me. It will be fine’

‘Your brothers will not like it!’

‘So… they abandoned me with Steve, they can lump it’

She looked at him ‘What? I thought that they knew but couldn’t do anything’

‘Nah, I made that up, I wanted people to see me as someone who was worth saving and not alone which is what I was’

‘So what’s changed then?’ She asked me

‘Everything, Life dealt me some cruel blows but I need to move on from it. I can’t dwell on the past, that isn’t fair at all on anyone!’

She smiled at me ‘For a city boy, you are quite well developed’

‘Well developed?’ I asked with surprise creeping into my tone.

‘Forget it’ she said

‘No go on tell me’ as we both walked towards the beach.

‘You grew up in the city and you know everything about how to survive in the city and then you live in a small town like this and you are so at ease here..’

‘I know, part of life is adjusting to these things’

Lily looked at me. ‘I have always known the drugs scene; I don’t know how to do anything different’

i walked her to the picnic table and sat down ‘You will adjust’

‘Will I?’ I could sense the hesitation in her voice’

‘Yes. Life is too short to dwell on the past’

‘But you can’t ignore the past, can you?’

I pondered that for a few moments as Lily looks out onto the sea.


I saw Heath sitting on the doorstep squinting at me. Lily held onto my hand ‘Relax’ I said to her ‘Its going to be fine’

Heath got up and walked towards me ‘Casey?

‘Hey bro’ I let go of Lily’s hands and walked towards him.

‘What the hell?’

I turned around to see Brax stood there.


A few hours later

‘He did what?’

‘You heard right’ I said to Brax

‘You cant be serious’

‘What a jerk and disgusting perv!’

Casey breathed in ‘Its done. I just want to move on with my life. I cant hold on to the past’

Heath nodded ‘Where’s Lily?’

‘In my room sleeping.’

Heath shook his head ‘I just went past there not long ago, door was open, there’s no one in there.

Casey walked to the room and looked inside.

He found a note

Dear Casey

Thanks for everything; I haven’t had such a good friend in ever.

It means so much to me that you cared about me.

I have to leave.

I am bad news.

I am going to check myself into a clinic and in time maybe I can be a part of your life.

I haven’t known you for that long but hopefully one day I can be with you.

Love Lily x


Thanks to all who have read this :) It means so much to me and I hope you all carry on reading Mirror Of Love :)


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